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Joseph Herman UPDYKE
Born 1898 Elk Run, Sullivan Township, Tioga County PA
Died 1979, Michigan
Son of Myrtle McCONNELL and Foster UPDYKE
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd Surname Name of Child Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occ./Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
12/2/1895 Woodworth Donald M W Burt Grace Troy Twp, Dist. 1 House Painter 7/10/1895 Troy Twp.
12/12/1895 Warren Joe Evan M W B. J. VanHorn, Clara J. Troy Twp. Dist. 1 Farmer Oct. 27 Troy Twp.
12/12/1895 Williams M. B. M W Bruce Ella Troy Twp. Dist. 1 Farmer Oct. 6 Troy Twp.
11/22/1895 Whipple Earl M W J. M. Anna Tuscarora Farmer 10/12/1895 Silvara
12/4/1895 Winslow Ernest M W Fred Angie Tuscarora Farmer 7/30/1895 Spring Hill
11/20/1895 Watkins Earl C. M W Chas.   Ulster Labor 1/7/1894 Ulster
12/8/1895 Waples James Henry M W John Anna Wilmot Farmer 10/9/1895 Wilmot
9/8/1895 Waldo Gertrude F W Edward A. Jennie S. Marsh St. Merchant 9/1/1895 Wyalusing Boro
12/7/1895 Walker James M W Steven Maggie Brewer Valley Labor 8/3/1895 Brewer Valley
12/2/1895 Wells Ora M W James Emma Wyalusing Twp. Labor 8/6/1895 Wyalusing Creek
12/4/1895 Wells Mildred F W E. F. Seanie (?) Old Camp R. Labor 9/22/1895 Old Camp Road
12/4/1895 White Harlow E. M W Fred C. Susan Pond Hill Farmer 6/3/1895 Pond Hill
12/5/1895 Webb Olive F   Andrew K. Lizzie  Pond Hill Farmer 6/6/1895 Pond Hill
12/5/1895 Wurtenberg Fannie M. F W George Edna Wysox 2nd Dis. Gardener 3/13/1895 Wysox 2nd Dis.
5/5/1896 Woolsey Mina F W Henry  Rosa E. Albany  Farmer 2/9/1896 Albany
9/1/1896 Wright Francis E. M W George Mary Hugh St. Labor 7/27/1896 Hugh St.
9/2/1896 White Mildred F W Patrick Mary Pine St. Labor 5/20/1896 Pine St.
5/5/1896 Watkins Clarence Ray M W John K. Katie Athens Twp. Farmer 1/30/1896 Athens Twp.
5/8/1896 Weller Ralph Nathan M W McWeller F. Allie Athens Twp. Farmer 2/20/1896 Athens Twp.
7/11/1896 Wilson Thomas M W Gavin Mary Long Valley Miner 7/6/1896 Long Valley
5/5/1896 Walborn Jennie F W James Lois Burlington Twp Farmer 1/25/1896 Burlington Twp
5/11/1896 Ward Laura Viola F W Guy Frankie W. Burlington Farmer 3/16/1896 W. Burlington
5/11/1896 Ward Frank E. M W Mark Edna W. Burlington Farmer 1/8/1896 W. Burlington
5/13/1896 Ward Elmer O. M W Allen F. Beatrice Canton Farmer 11/13/1896 Canton
5/5/1896 Warren Marion F W LaMar Nelly P. Granville Summit Farmer Jan. 25 Windfall
5/12/1896 Webster Ardell D. M   F. F. Flora Farmer   Feb. 21 Windfall
5/5/1896 Wells Earl M W Lester Ella Herrick Twp. Farmer 4/28/1896 Camp Dist.
5/6/1896 Woodburn Rupert M W John Mary Herrick Twp. Farmer 12/8/1895 Cold Creek
6/15/1896 West Lester Andrew M W Andrew  Maggie LeRoy Farmer 3/13/1896 LeRoy
6/19/1896 West Amelia V. F W Wilmot Albirta LeRoy Farmer 3/27/1896 LeRoy
5/22/1896 Wilcox S. Arthur M W Cora May LeRoy Farmer 5/10/1896 LeRoy
7/8/1896 Wheaton Leon Elmer M W Clarence E. Maggie Litchfield Farmer 12/30/1895 Litchfield
  Walters Anna F W Emile Minnie Pike Twp. Farmer 2/13/1896 Pike Twp
9/7/1896 Warner Albert Cecil M W L. W. Permilla R. Birney Farmer 12/8/1895 Birney
9/7/1896 White Edith Evangeline F W M. L. Margaret Stevensville Farmer 6/10/1896 Stevensville
5/18/1896 Wright Singerly J. M W Theodore Meng (?) Rose Bently Creek Dr. 2/19/1896 Bently Creek
5/7/1896 Whaling Not Named F W Scott Viola Rome Twp. Blacksmith 4/31/1896 Rome Twp
5/6/1896 Westbrook Jesse  M W Charles Minnie E. Orchard St. Labor 4/29/1896 Sayre
5/12/1896 Watkins Grace M. F W Edward  Mattie Sheshequin Farmer 2/25/1896 Sheshequin
5/21/1896 Whipple Edwin M W Clarence Adaline Springfield Farmer 5/2/1896 Springfield
5/23/1896 Wigstein Nellie F W William  Martha Springfield Farmer 10/27/1895 Springfield
5/6/1896 Warring Paul Sherwood M W James Eunice New Era, Terry Twp. Farmer 4/10/1896 New Era, Terry Twp.
5/12/1896 Wells Mildred F W Frank M. Lydia Terry Twp. Farmer 2/26/1896 Terry Twp.
5/4/1896 Wilcox Geo. E. M W Sherman Ella Bridge St. Labor 7/20/1895 ArcadeBlock Towanda
5/4/1896 Watkins Kitty F W Mahlon Goff, Cora Troy Twp.  Stone Cutter 2/19/1896 Troy Twp.
5/13/1896 Willcox Celia E. F W S. P. Mira Troy Farmer 1/18/1896 Troy 
5/15/1896 Warner Orin D. M W G. W. Nettie Troy Farmer 1/8/1896 Troy
5/15/1896 Weller Harry R. M W B. H. Marriett Troy Farmer 2/13/1896 Troy
5/15/1896 Wilber Leslie M W L. E. Annie Troy Labor 3/25/1896 Troy
5/15/1896 Whiting Orin  M W George Abbie Troy Farmer 12/8/1895 Troy
5/27/1896 Walker Daniel M W E. F. Susan Tuscarora Labor 1/8/1896 Tuscarora
5/7/1896 Walker Murvin M W Ira S. Regina Windham Labor 2/6/1896 Windham Centre
5/15/1896 White John E. M W Frank Nellie Windham Farmer 3/27/1896 Windham Centre
5/25/1896 Willson Eva  F W William Minnie John St. Agent 1/13/1896 Wyalusing Boro
5/25/1896 Willson Cecle F W George Catherine Church St. Clerk 4/27/1896 Wyalusing Boro
5/25/1896 Welles Charles M W Nelson May Church St. Dealer 1/17/1896 Wyalusing Boro
5/5/1896 Waite Bennie M W Geo.F. Ettie Homets Ferry Conductor 1/20/1896 Homets Ferry
5/4/1896 Weeks Webster M W Philip Anna Camptown Labor 8/17/1896 Madison Co., N.Y.
12/16/1896 Weaver Eva F W C. M. Lydia Albany Twp. Farmer 9/25/1896 Albany Twp.
  Wilcox Not Named M W Wm. Bessie Albany Twp Clerk Aug. 22  
12/12/1896 Wood Edwin Francis M W Seebe Daisy Armenia Twp. Farmer 10/14/1896 Armenia Twp
12/15/1896 Walburn Howard E. M W E. W. Ida W. Union St. Labor 12/10/1896 Canton Boro
12/9/1896 Warberton Not Named M W Frank F. Cora Canton Twp. Carpenter 11/12/1896 Canton
12/7/1896 Wetherbee John  M W George Lottie Grover Blacksmith 8/10/1896 Grover
12/9/1896 Wilcox Leon  M W Nathan Gertrude Grover Labor 7/18/1896 Grover
12/9/1896 Watts Clara Beatrice M W Charles Jennie  Grover Labor 7/18/1896 Grover
12/16/1896 Williams John M. M W Lester Lotta Franklin Labor 5/21/1896 Franklin
12/17/1896 Wilcox Clark B. M W Kimberly Mina Granville Summit Farmer Aug. 24 Granville
Dec. 7 Wilcox Lester  M W W. W. Minnie LeRoy Farmer 6/29/1896 LeRoy
Dec. 15 Wooster Anna F W John L. Ella LeRoy Farmer 11/21/1896 LeRoy
12/16/1896 Wheeler Joseph M W G. M. Jessie Monroe Twp. Labor 12/16/1896 Monroe Twp.
12/9/1896 Wildes Bessie F W Will Cora Overton Farmer 10/17/1896 Overton
12/8/1896 White Edith Evangeline F W M. L. Margaret Stevensville Farmer 6/10/1896 Stevensville
12/8/1896 Walker Hazel F W C. H. Nancy Stevensville Labor 4/1/1896 Stevensville
  White Harry H. M W Andrew E. Alice E. Sayre BaggageMaster 10/'14/1896 Wilkes Barre
  Williams Beatrice Helene F W Merton J. Lottie B. Sayre TypeWriter 12/8/1896 Sayre
12/11/1896 Winlack Madeline F W Richard Cecilia Elmer Ave. Labor 8/9/1896 Sayre
12/12/1896 Williams Stanley E. M W J. R. Ella Lockbert St. Clerk 5/15/1896 Sayre
  Wolf Blake M. M W Peter Jr. Eva Sheshequin Farmer 11/18/1896 Sheshequin
12/4/1896 Wickham Homer F W Daniel  Susan S. Waverly Carpenter 11/8/1896 S. Waverly
11/16/1896 Wheeler Guy M W L. V. Ella Springfield Blacksmith 10/24/1896 Springfield
11/23/1896 Wells Lillian F W Charles Delphine Springfield Farmer 1/5/1896 Springfield
11/27/1896 Ward Hazel F W B. E. Martha Springfield Farmer 11/2/1896 Springfield
Dec. 15 Whipple Pearl F W Judson Anna Standing Stone Farmer 8/25/1896 Standing Stone
  Williams Winnie F W Frank Maggie Standing Stone Labor 10/6/1896 Standing Stone
11/24/1896 Wheeler Leslie M W Grant Mary Terrytown Labor 8/28/1896 Terrytown
12/8/1896 Wolf Hellen F W Ford Catharine Towanda Boro, 3rd St. Clerk 7/14/1896 Towanda 2nd St.
12/9/1896 Walker Mary Russell F W Edward Frank M. Towanda Boro. 3rd St. Clerk 10/18/1896 Towanda 3rd St.
12/7/1896 Wood Florence E. F W Austin Smith, Lillie No.26, Mechanic Painter 10/17/1896 Towanda
  Williams Irene J. F W Frank Howland, Linda Troy Twp., No.1 Dist. Machinist 10/31/1896 Troy Twp.
11/10/1896 Wilbur Lloyd M W James Martha Tuscarora Labor 4/20/1896 Tuscarora
12/4/1896 Watkins Adelbert M W Chas.  Rose Ulster Labor 8/19/1896 Ulster
12/9/1896 Wiggins Viola C. F W George F. Jr. Mary Windham Farmer 6/9/1896 Windham 
12/10/1896 Welch Boyd M W Thomas Fildy Taylorville Painter 7/10/1896 Taylorville
12/11/1896 Wood Willie M W Charles L. Ella Mercur Farmer 5/16/1896  
12/21/1896 Wood Alta F W H. E. Bertha A. South Creek Twp. Farmer 3/17/1896 South Creek Twp.
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