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Ambrose Milan DRAKE
Born 1889 in Antrim, Duncan Twp., Tioga Co., Pa.
Died 1980 
Buried ??? - info not given.
raised in Elmira, Chemunga Co., NY.
Mother:  Ida Clarissa DECKER, 1856 - 1945, 
of Mansfield, Richmond, Tioga, Pa
Father  Dr. Emery Gaston DRAKE, 1852 - 1916
of Granville, Bradford, Pa..
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd Surname Name of Child Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occ./Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
12/7/1893 Wright Margaret E. F W Nelson J. Hattie LeRoy Farmer 11/8/1892 LeRoy
12/1/1893 Walker Mary Melinda F W Charles Nancy Herrick Twp. Farmer 7/12/1893 Herrick Twp
12/18/1893 Wildrick Not Named M W Edward   Sugar Run Labor 12/6/1893 Sugar Run
12/9/1893 Williams Beatrice Margaret F W Joseph B. Belle M. 205 Second St. Barber 8/8/1893 811 Church Ave. Scranton
12/4/1893 White Elizabeth Alice F W Elmer Allen Mollie M. 215 N. Main St. Postal Clerk 8/13/1893 Towanda
12/4/1893 Wickham Helen F W Ezra Florence Kingsbury Ave. Labor 10/22/1893 Towanda
12/4/1893 Wilcox Leora F W William Lilly 204 N. Main St. Labor 1/6/1893 Towanda
12/4/1893 Ward Harold See M W Wellington Carrie M. Monroe Twp Farmer 11/30/1893 Monroe Twp
12/'7/1893 Warwick (h?) Matilda May F W G. J. Mary Monroe Twp Labor 6/18/1893 Monroe Twp
12/5/1893 Wright Arden C M W S. Watson Lena R. LeRoy Farmer 7/22/1893 LeRoy
12/7/1893 Wright Margret E. F W Nelson J. Hattie LeRoy Farmer 11/8/1893 LeRoy
12/8/1893 Wright Andrew P. M W Lawrence Lena R. LeRoy Farmer 7/22/1893 LeRoy
12/8/1893 Williams Anson M W Sidney Hattie LeRoy Carpenter 6/17/1893 LeRoy
12/11/1893 White Jennie Mable F W C. .c Ann Evergreen Farmer 10/5/1893 Evergreen
12/11/1893 Williams Not Named M W Geo. B. Ella New Albany Farmer 10/16/1893 New Albany
12/12/1893 Ward Cecil R. M W Guy Frankie W. Burlington Farmer 8/7/1893 Magie Farm
12/9/1893 Wigstein Ella F W Frank Katie Springfield Farmer 11/6/1893 Springfield
12/12/1893 Wynne Harry P. M W M. F. Marion L. Center St. Carriage Dealer 7/15/1893 Canton Boro
12/4/1893 Wheat Minna F W theadore Jenny Maria Canton Labor 11/21/1893 Canton 
12/7/1893 Williams Lena Fredrika F W Sorn Gregory Mamie Canton Farmer 7/20/1893 Canton
12/20/1893 Warner Ayre Bradly M W Manny B. Ada Wells Farmer 12/3/1893 Wells
12/18/1893 Wood Fordham M W William Clara First St. Labor 10/19/1893 Sayre
12/4/1893 Westbrook Florence F W Jacob G. Edith Athens Farmer 7/2/1893 Athens Twp.
12/7/1893 Weller Ethel May F W Birney Margret Lehigh Ave. Fireman 10/8/1893 Sayre
12/8/1893 Welch Gertrude F W John Lydia G. S. Waverly Boss 9/14/1893 S. Waverly
12/9/1893 Williams Cass M. M W J. M. Abbie S. Col.X Rds. Farmer 7/9/1893 Col. X Roads
12/8/1893 Whiting Lena E. F W Geo. W. Halena Troy Twp. 2d Dis. Farmer 8/17/1893 Troy Twp 2d Dist.
12/9/1893 Welch Paul E. M W F. P. Lura Towanda Farmer 11/5/1893 Towanda
12/5/1897 Wheaton Ruth F W F. M. Lizzie Pike Twp. 1 Dist. Farmer 10/14/1893 Pike Twp 1st Dist
12/5/1897 Wolcott Berton V. M W Frank P. Mary F. Elmira St. Carpenter 6/9/1893 Elmira St.
12/5/1897 Wright Mary Laura F W George A. Lydia G. Willow St. Labor 6/7/1893 Willow St.
12/5/1893 Wells Boyd M W Frank M. Jennie New Era Farmer 10/26/1893 New Era
12/14/1893 Waldo Gertrude F W E. A. Alice  Front St. Marchant 10/12/1893 Wyalusing
Dec.1893 Wheeler Mirvie (?) M W Peter Helen Homestead Day Laborer 6/20/1893 Towanda Twp
12/5/1893 Ward Lottie F W James Lillie North St. Labor 9/4/1893 Athens Twp.
12/18/1893 Wells See H. M W B. M. Amelia Orwell Farmer 7/19/1893 Orwell
Dec.1893 Wilson Henry A. M W John N. A. Burlington Twp. Labor 8/22/1893 Burlington Twp.
Dec.1893 Wagner Not Named F W Joseph    Troy    8/14/1893?  
Dec.1893 Woodworth Mary F W B. F. Grace   Painter Sept. 9 Troy 
Dec.25 Wilson Gavin M W Gavin Mary Long Valley Miner 6/20/1893 Long Valley
12/14/1893 White Not Named M W Augustus Minnie Litchfield Farmer 12/11/1893 Litchfield
5/8/1894 Waltman Not Named M W L. J. Anna Albany Farmer 4/19/1894 Albany Twp
9/3/1894 Wheeler Stephen M W Ezra Adda Athens Labor 5/22/1894 Athens 
5/19/1894 Warden Harriet M W Willie J. Estella Spruce Labor 4/28/1894 Athens
5/18/1894 White Ellen F W Patrick, Jr. Mary C. Pine St. Labor 4/9/1894 Athens
9/6/1894 Watkins Chas. Meegs(?) M W John Hoyt Katharine Hoyt Farm Farmer 2/11/1894 G. M. Hoyt Farm
7/31/1894 Wiles Letta May F W W. B. Carey P. Athens Labor 6/3/1894 Athens
9/6/1894 Woodworth Isaac L. R. M W William S. Clementine D. Riverside Farm Farmer 5/11/1894 Riverside Farm
5/11/1894 Worden Elva Rhemminas (?) F W C.B. Lyda Jane Canton Teacher 4/20/1894 Canton
5/15/1894 Welch Sarah H. F W Ellis Ellen Columbia Labor 1/29/1894 Columbia
5/18/1894 Wood Pearl F W J. C. Valina Columbia Labor 4/6/1894 Columbia
8/30/1894 Warren Ruth A. F W LaMarr Nelly P. Granville Farmer 5/16/1894 Granville
8/30/1894 Webster Howard J. M W F. F. Flora Granville Labor 5/4/1894 E. Canton
9/6/1894 Warburton Hugh M W Eli George Granville Farmer 3/10/1894 Granville
5/19/1894 Wells Elizabeth Melvina F W Lester Ella Herrick Twp. Farmer 4/11/1894 Herrick Twp
5/9/1894 West  Martha B. F W Wilmot A. Alberta LeRoy Farmer 3/15/1894 LeRoy
5/8/1894 Wooster Ora M W Purley Lena (?) LeRoy Barber 5/23/1894 LeRoy
5/7/1894 Wilcox Theron M W F. C. I. D. New Albany Boro Farmer 3/20/1894 New Albany Boro
5/21/1894 Worden Myrtle C. F W Frank Fannie Stevensville Blacksmith 5/20/1894 Stevensville
5/11/1894 Walker Not Named F W William Ada Sayre Cigar Maker 3/4/1894 Sayre
5/15/1894 Watkins Ethel J. F W Edward Martha Sheshequin Farmer 3/18/1894 Sheshequin
5/19/1894 Watts Fred M W Richard Mary Springfield Farmer 3/7/1894 Springfield
5/12/1894 Williams Clarence M W Frank Maggie Standing Stone Labor 9/9/1894 Standing Stone
8/31/1894 Williams Midred F W James R. Anne E. Sylvania Labor 1/4/1894 Sylvania
5/7/1894 Wheeler Uriah M W Grant Mary Viall Hill, Terry Twp Labor 3/25/1894 Viall Hill, Terry Twp
5/8/1894 Winters Mildred L. F W George B. Ella Towanda Blacksmith 2/28/1894 Towanda
5/9/1894 Weyman Ester Anna F W John C. Bertha Towanda\ Carver 2/29/1894 Towanda
5/4/1894 White Not Named F W Charles Julia 508 William Railroader 4/26/1894 Towanda
September Wilcox Not Named F W William   Troy Farmer April.25 Troy
  Weigster Not Named F W William     Stone cutter Jan.19  
  Wood Eva May F W S. W. Sarah Ann Watkins Troy Twp. 2d Dis. Labor 5/3/1894 Troy Twp 2d Dist.
  Williams Jacob M W Burton Beth Manley Troy Twp. 2d Dis. Farmer 5/18/1894 Troy Twp 2d Dist.
5/17/1894 Wilbur Walter L. M W L. E. Addie E. Troy Lumbering 2/28/1894 Franklindale
4/19/1894 Winslow Harvey L. M W Fred Angie Tuscarora Farmer 2/20/1894 Spring Hill
5/17/1894 Whitaker Mildred  F W Milton  Bertha Warren Farmer 2/12/1894 Warren
5/12/1894 Williams Winford Anna F W Chas. J. Rosa A. Windham Farmer 3/27/1894 Windham
5/12/1894 White Harold A. M W Frank Nellie E. Windham Farmer 1/27/1894 Windham
5/10/1894 Wells Jennie M. F W Jas Emma J. Camptown Day Laborer 12/23/1893 Wyalusing
5/14/1894 Williams Harry Raymond M W Wallace B. Emma H. Wysox 2nd Dist. Labor 1/14/1894 Wysox 2nd Dist.
12/6/1894 Wiles Howard  M W Agustus C. Ellen Athens Labor 6/8/1894 Athens
12/6/1894 Wood Viola F W Nathan Julia Athens Twp. Labor 10/30/1894 Athens Twp.
  Whitman Not Named M W J. C. Mary Center St. Druggist 6/29/1894 Canton Boro
12/21/1894 Warburton Florence E. F W Frank Mary Troy St. Labor 7/22/1894 Canton Boro
  Walburn Hellen S. F W E. W. Ida Tannery Town Labor 9/28/1894 Canton Boro
12/3/1894 Walls (?) Macelette (?) F W Cora A. Clara Ellen Canton Farmer 8/12/1894 Canton Boro
12/5/1894 Ward Ruth F W William Harry Jessie Belle Canton Farmer 10/19/1894 Canton Boro
12/6/1894 Wheeler Wm. Stephen M W Wm. Isaac Lucinda Hileman Canton Carpenter 11/19/1894 Canton Twp
12/17/1894 Williams Mable Martha M W Thomas Earl Frances E. Canton Labor 5/10/1894 Canton Twp
11/25/1894 Watkins Mabel Louise F W Walter Belle Columbia Farmer 10/28/1894 Columbia
12/7/1894 Willson Ralph M W John Emma Columbia Farmer 9/8/1894 Columbia
12/20/1894 Wells Frank M W James Octavia Columbia Farmer 2/28/1894 Columbia
12/5/1894 Wells Nina F W Grove (?) Flora Herrick Twp. Farmer 6/27/1894 Herrick Twp
12/6/1894 Wells George Henry M W Alonzo Flora Herrick  Farmer 8/9/1894 Herrick Twp
12/17/1894 Wheeler Mary Luanna F W Levi Sara C. Litchfield Labor 9/10/1894 Litchfield
12/17/1894 Waterman Helena F W A. Hellena F. Litchfield Farmer 8/28/1894 Litchfield
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