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Maud Ophelia  DRAKE
Born 1880 in Antrim, Duncan Twp., Tioga Co., Pa.
Died 1978 - place not given 
Buried ??? - info not given.
raised in Elmira, Chemunga Co., NY.
Mother:  Ida Clarissa DECKER, 1856 - 1945, 
of Mansfield, Richmond, Tioga, Pa
Father  Dr. Emery Gaston DRAKE, 1852 - 1916 
of Granville, Bradford, Pa..
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd Surname Name of Child Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occ./Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
9/6/1898 Vogel Warren M W William Jennie S. Center St. Laborer 6/27/1898 S. Center St., Canton Boro
12/1/1898 Vetter Thesesa (?) F W John Barbara Wilawanna Laborer 7/15/1898 Wilawana
12/8/1898 Vanhorn Lester Loomis M W E. F. Grace E. Troy Farmer 7/26/1898 E. Troy
12/8/1898 Vroman Merion F W L. O. Mildred E. Troy Farmer 9/29/1898 E. Troy
11/11/1898 Vanderpool Nellie F W Lemuel Anna Bridge St. Laborer 5/2/1898 S. Towanda
12/6/1898 Vogel Charles C. M W George Mary Packer Ave Laborer 10/20/1898 S. Towanda
11/14/1898 Vangorder Ellen F W John Manerva Homestead Farmer 6/23/1898 Towanda Twp
6/4/1898 Vandermark Maggie F W John Sarah Long Valley Laborer 6/4/1898 Long Valley
11/12/1898 Vincent Fred M W Burton Mary Terrytown Laborer 9/28/1898 Terrytown
11/12/1898 Vanscice Terry M W Irvin Emma Terrytown Farmer 9/5/1898 Terrytown
12/3/1898 Vanderpool Martha A. F W Clark Lizzie Terrytown Laborer 5/14/1898 Terrytown
12/6/1898 Vose Mamie E. F W Wm. Emmie Wilmot Farmer 2/20/1898 Wilmot Twp
11/24/1898 VanKurnie Cloyde M W John Lettie Asylum Laborer 11/7/1898 Asylum
12/10/1898 Vandemark Vesta F W Albert Minnie B. Stevensville Mail Carrier 4/12/1898 Stevensville
12/17/1898 Vermilya Russel M W C. E. Ida V. Grover Clerk 8/7/1898 Grover
12/8/1898 Vannoy John Howard M W Wm. Sarah W. Burlington Farmer 7/31/1898 W. Burlington
5/1/1899 Vargason Anna Laura F W W. D. Anna L. Terrytown Farmer 2/23/1899 Terrytown
5/8/1899 Vanderpool Olin M W Lewis Lotta Terrytown Farmer 3/14/1899 Terrytown
5/13/1899 Vargason Edna F W Wallace Elizabeth Terrytown Farmer 2/5/1899 Terrytown
5/12/1899 Vannoy Harry  M W M. S. Hattie W. Burlington Farmer 2/2/1899 W. Burlington
5/22/1899 VanHorn Lula F W Benj. Clara Columbia Laborer 3/27/1898 Williamsport
5/11/1899 Vosburg Ray M W William Dora Brink Hill Farmer 5/18/1899 Brink Hill
5/11/1899 Vosburg Jay M W William Dora Brink Hill Farmer 5/18/1899 Brink Hill
6/10/1899 Vanness Ira S. M W F. W. Doty, Ella E. Towanda Carpenter 2/17/1899 E. Towanda
5/4/1899 Vandevelde Lillian F W Cornelius J. Nellie Elmira St. Laborer 6/10/1899 Athens Boro
5/2/1899 VanHorn Marion E. F W Lester G. Mary E. Troy Farmer 2/4/1899 E. Troy
5/2/1899 Vroman Harold M W Fred  Mame Kellogg Burlington Boro Laborer 12/13/1898 Burlington Boro
6/1/1899 Vanover Clara Bell F W Jerry  Stella Elwell Laborer 12/11/1899 Elwell
11/21/1899 Vanderpool Martin M W Perry Ida Terrytown Farmer 6/18/1899 Terrytown
11/24/1899 Vanderpool Sophrona F W Enos Amanda Terrytown Farmer 10/1/1899 Terrytown
11/25/1899 Vanderpool Dewey M W Johnathan Emma Terrytown Laborer 6/19/1899 Terrytown
11/25/1899 Vanderpool Lucy F W Johnathan Emma Terrytown Laborer 6/19/1899 Terrytown
  Vanfleet Paul M W Wm. Nellie River St. Fireman 10/5/1899 Sayre
12/7/1899 Vosburg Edna F W Chauncy Almira Main St. Barber 10/2/1899 Towanda
11/27/1899 Vanderpool Guy M W George Serena Guy Hollow D. L. 11/24/1899 Towanda Twp
11/27/1899 Vanderpool Oria (?) M W Samuel Louise Mrs. Newton D. L. 6/28/1899 Towanda Twp
12/9/1899 Vanauken Jerold Emerson M W James Della Pike Farmer 4/23/1899 Pike
11/23/1899 Vansice Margery Ione F W Amos Anna Rome  Farmer 10/16/1899 Rome Twp
11/25/1899 Vought Fred Martin M W Fred  Stella Rome  Farmer 10/18/1899 Rome Twp
12/1/1899 VanDyke Guelda E. F W Frank G. Edna Ulster Farmer 6/25/1899 Ulster
11/25/1899 VonWolffradt Ada F W Herman Stella Milan Farmer 9/13/1899 Milan
11/25/1899 Varney Blanch G. F W Emery Florance Franklin  Farmer 10/13/1899 Franklin
11/15/1899 Verbeck Ethel May F W Joseph May Sheshequin Farmer 8/23/1899 Sheshequin
12/1/1899 Vought Helen May F W W. E. Mary West Valley Farmer 8/13/1899 West Valley
12/1/1899 Vanness Blanche F W Murton Mary E. Standing Stone Laborer 2/27/1899 Standing Stone
12/1/1899 Vanness Marion E. F W Harry Hattie West Valley Farmer 6/22/1899 West Valley
12/1/1899 VanKuren Letha F W George Mame Kellogg Rummerfield Farmer 10/1/1899 Rummerfield
11/28/1899 Vroman Allen G. M W O. D. Dora Granville Farmer 9/29/1899 Granville
  VanSyckle Madaline M. F W Robert Josephine Pomeroy Canton St. Clerk 9/12/1897 Troy
  VanSyckle Robert E. M W Robert Josephine Pomeroy Canton St. Clerk 12/14/1899 Troy
5/14/1900 Vanderpool Jennie F W Peter Ellen Terrytown Farmer 3/13/1900 Terrytown
5/16/1900 Vanderpool Joel M W Alfred Laura Terrytown Laborer 12/13/1900 Terrytown
5/16/1900 Vanderpool Not Named M W Merton Ruey Terrytown Farmer 3/11/1900 Terrytown
5/10/1900 Vargeson Not Named F W Homet V. Ida M. Wysox Laborer 4/25/1900 Wysox
5/21/1900 Vergallits Frankie M W John Mary Colombia Laborer 12/12/1899 Columbia
5/18/1900 Vandermark George M W Clarence Chamberlain, Ida Bentley Creek Farmer 2/8/1900 Bentley Creek
5/19/1900 Vallilee John Francis M W James Maggie Ulster Farmer 4/21/1900 Ulster
5/14/1900 Vannoy Wesley G. M W Jacob W. Mertie W. Burlington Farmer 2/28/1900 W. Burlington
5/18/1900 Verbeck C. F W Charles Sarah S. Waverly Clerk 7/11/1900 S. Waverly
5/15/1900 Vanlooven Not Named M W Unknown Elizabeth Barckly   3/31/1900 Orwell
1900 Vanderpool Wilis F W Wilson  Debbie Wilts Prop. D. L. 4/8/1900 Towanda Twp
??.16/1900 Vosburg Ellen F W William Bunn, Lulu Ridgebury Laborer 6/31/1900 Ridgebury
12/6/1900 VanderPool Clark  M W Cornelius  Emma Brocktown Laborer 9/27/1900 Brocktown
12/3/1900 Vincent Dora F W Joseph Josephine  Bridge St. Laborer 9/29/1900 Towanda
12/10/1900 Vosburg Frances E. F W Fred  Nellie M. N. Main St. Laborer 10/2/1900 Towanda
12/3/1900 Verbryck Emma F W E. S. Dora Homets Ferry Farmer 3/19/1900 Wilmont
12/20/1900 Vanriper Louella F W Harry Myrtle Third St. Carpenter 10/14/1900 Sayre
12/18/1900 Vanluvance Cecil M W Lewis Bernice Terrytown Farmer 5/29/1900 Terrytown
12/18/1900 VanSturen Howard M W C. M. Lizzie Terrytown Farmer 7/22/1900 Terrytown
\12/18/1900 Vargason Robert  M W W. D. Anna L. Terrytown Farmer 5/27/1900 Terrytown
12/15/1900 Varney Rena M. F W Glen Anna Franklin  Farmer 9/26/1900 Franklin
Dec. 1900 Vananken James M W James Ada Standing Stone Farmer 10/8/1900 Standing Stone
12/18/1900 Vandemark Luella F W J. B. Mary L. Sugar Run Farmer 7/29/1900 Sugar Run
12/7/1900 VanHorn Curties Calkins M W Edbert F. Grace Loomis E. Troy Farmer 6/14/1900 E. Troy
12/10/1900 Vancise Wm. Jennings Bryan M W Wm. R. Huldah Athens Laborer 7/14/1900 Athens Boro
12/18/1900 Vanderpool Dora F W Wallace Mary Homestead Farmer 7/19/1900 Towanda Twp
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