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Ambrose Milan DRAKE  and dog Miget 
Born 1889 in Antrim, Duncan Twp., Tioga Co., Pa.
Died 1980 
Buried ??? - info not given.
raised in Elmira, Chemunga Co., NY.
Mother:  Ida Clarissa DECKER, 1856 - 1945, 
of Mansfield, Richmond, Tioga, Pa
Father  Dr. Emery Gaston DRAKE, 1852 - 1916
of Granville, Bradford, Pa..
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd Surname Name of Child Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occ./Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
5/1/1896 Vanauken Clarence M W James  Ada Standing Stone Farmer 4/17/1896 Standing Stone
5/6/1896 Vanderpool Macy F W Charles Matilda Terrytown Farmer 4/7/1896 Terrytown
5/11/1896 Vaughn Nelson Wells M W Walace Alice Terry Twp. Laborer 8/20/1895 Terry Twp.
5/11/1896 Vanluvence Rachel F W Edward Florence Terry Twp. Farmer 12/14/1895 Wilmot Twp
7/17/1896 Vanderpool Sarah  F W Jerry Jr. Lorinda Terry Twp. Laborer 5/31/1896 Terry Twp
7/25/1896 Vargason Georgia F W Wm. D. Anna L. Terry Twp. Farmer 7/8/1896 Terry Twp
5/4/1896 Vincent Francis M W Oliver Agnes Bridge St.  Laborer 5/4/1896 Bridge St., Towanda
5/13/1896 Vangorder Lottie F W J. H. M. H. Towanda Twp Farmer 3/30/1896 E. Towanda
9/2/1896 Vanderpool Edith F W George Serena Towanda Twp Farmer 6/2/1896 S. Towanda
5/12/1896 VanHorn Harriet Gertrude F W Edbert Grace Troy Twp Farmer 3/13/1896 Troy
5/27/1896 Vanoven Not Named M W N. E. Ella Tuscarora Farmer 4/21/1896 Tuscarora
5/16/1896 Verbeyck Birney M W Ira Hattie Sugar Hill Farmer 2/17/1896 Sugar Hill
5/6/1896 Vanaukin Pearl F   Edward Malisie Wysox Laborer 12/18/1895 Standing Stone
12/1/1896 Vantine Frank W. M W Frank Emma Athens Barber 7/26/1896 Athens
12/9/1896 Vangorder Dorris M W C. E. May Athens Farmer 1/24/1896 Athens
12/2/1896 Vannoy Edwin M. M W Milton Spencer, Hattie W. Burlington Farmer 9/24/1896 W. Burlington
12/10/1896 Vanderpool Nellie May F W Samuel Julian Monroe Twp Laborer 4/12/1896 Owego, N.Y.
12/17/1896 Vibberts Neta Izetta (?) F W Emmerson Adria Sayre Brakeman 10/8/1896 Sayre
12/8/1896 Vannorman Richard M W James Pearl (?) Lehigh Ave. Brakeman 8/8/1896 Waverly, N.Y.
12/7/1896 Vanauken Armenia Ester F W Eugene  Lillie #4, Bridge, Towanda Brakeman 6/21/1896 Athens
12/9/1896 VanHorn Luther M W L. G. Mary E. Troy Farmer 9/30/1896 E. Troy
12/8/1896 Vanness McKinley M   Frank E. Clarrie Wysox Coal Dealer 10/6/1896 Wysox
12/11/1896 Vosburg Nellie  F   Isaac Jennie Mercur Farmer 8/13/1896 Mercur
11/24/1896 Vancise Ethel F W Wm. R. Huldah Vanderbilt St. Laborer 6/5/1896 Athens
5/12/1897 Vaughan Mildred F W E. W. Jessie Camptown Laborer 3/31/1897 Camptown
  Vanaukin Ester F W Eugene Lille Main St. Brakeman 6/21/1897 Athens
3/10/1897 Vroman Julia F W Grant Dora Troy St. Laborer 1/23/1897 Canton Boro
  Vose Lucy F W William Emma Wilmont Farmer 11/16/1896 Wilmont
5/17/1897 Vannoy Alfred J. M W George Dunbar, Henrietta W. Burlington Farmer 5/5/1897 W. Burlington
  Vought Iva B. F W Edw. M. Sarah Ghent Farmer 3/21/1897 Ghent, Sheshequin Twp
6221897 Vargason Bernard M W Wm. Gertrude Hugh St. Brakeman 4/12/1897 Athens
6/24/1897 Vanness Arthur C. M W Chas. Mary A. Cherry St. Laborer 2/22/1897 Athens
5/16/1897 Van Norstran Ralph Ellis M W jOHN Mary  Pitney St. Brakeman 12/24/1896 S. Waverly
5/7/1897 Vanness Harold W. M W Fred W. Ella E. Wysox Laborer 3/28/1897 Wysox 2nd Dis.
5/5/1897 Vancise Not Named M W Dennis P. Minnie B. Rome Farmer 4/7/1897 Rome
  Vought Lyman C. M W Wilson Eugene Mary Lucy Rome Boro Farmer 4/22/1897 Rome Boro
5/15/1897 Vanderpool Richard Daniel M W Chester A. Nora Spring Lake, Terry Twp. Farmer 2/20/1897 Spring Lake, Terry Twp.
8/21/1897 Vanderpool Anna F W Peter Ellen Norway Ridge, Terry Twp Laborer 5/5/1897 Norway Ridge, Terry Twp
8/21/1897 Vanderpool Bertha F W Peter Ellen Norway Ridge, Terry Twp Laborer 5/5/1897 Norway Ridge, Terry Twp
8/24/1897 Vanderpool Hannah F W Geo. Violletta Terrytown Farmer 7/10/1897 Terrytown
5/20/1897 Vanderpool Mary  F W Edward Harriet Towanda Twp D. L. 3/22/1897 Towanda Twp
5/19/1897 Vermelya Not Named F W Orville Ella Grover Farmer 2/1/1897 Grover
12/11/1897 Vansice Not Named M W A. L. Ada J. Litchfield Farmer 11/18/1897 Litchfield
12/6/1897 Verbick Sarah Alvira F W Charles Sarah Elizabeth S. Waverly Clerk 6/20/1897 S. Waverly
  VanWhy Lewis M W John Ella South St. Fireman 10/17/1897 Sayre
12/8/1897 Vanderpool Arline F W Andrew Ida Homets Ferry Farmer 11/21/1897 Homets Ferry
12/10/1897 Vanderpool G. M. F W U. G. Hellen Wyalusing Twp. Laborer 10/7/1897 Wyalusing
10/20/1897 Vargason William Henry M W Wm. D. Anna L. Terry Twp. Farmer 8/25/1897 Terry Twp.
12/7/1897 Vandermark Corine F W J. B. Mary L. Sugar Hill Farmer 9/11/1897 Sugar Hill
12/15/1897 Vanover Rodney M. M W Jerry Jr. Stella Sugar Run Farmer 8/30/1897 Sugar Run
12/11/1897 Vandyke Not Named F W F. A. Ellen Albany Twp. Farmer 9/27/1897 Albany Twp
12/10/1897 Vought Mable F W Myron L. Hester Rome Twp Farmer 9/6/1897 Rome Twp
12/9/1897 Varney Ira D. M W Glen  Anna  Franklin Twp Farmer 4/28/1897 Franklin
12/9/1897 Vought Ethel Frances F W T. M. Frances West Valley Farmer 9/6/1897 West Valley
12/9/1897 Vanness Edward M W Joe Netty Rummerfield Farmer 3/8/1897 Rummerfield
12/9/1897 Vargson Willis M W George L. Mary E. Rummerfield Laborer 8/7/1897 Rummerfield
12/2/1897 Vincent Harold  M W Joseph Josephine Bridge St., Towanda Laborer 9/21/1897 Towanda
12/9/1897 Vosburgh Lloyd C. M W Chauncey Mainard, Myra J. Main 107 1/2 Barber 9/4/1897 Towanda
  Vincent Harry L. M W Oliver Agnes Wm. Street Laborer 8/22/1897 Towanda
12/9/1897 Vanderpool Horace M W Willson Debby Towanda Twp D. L. 7/3/1897 Owego, N.Y.
5/12/1898 Vanderpool Leslie M W Samuel Emma Monroeton Farmer 2/1/1898 Monroeton
5/24/1898 Vandermark Pearl F W Clarence Chamberlin, Ida Bentley Creek Farmer 12/28/1897 Bentley Creek
5/3/1898 Varmoy Alfred John M W George Henrietta W. Burlington Farmer 5/6/1897 W. Burlington
5/26/1898 Vanamburg Ellen F W Truman Ellen Pratt Ave Laborer 12/6/1897 Towanda
5/24/1898 Vanderpool Harrey M W Wilson  Delby Mary Newton D. L. 7/3/1897 Towanda
9/5/1898 Vaughn Margaret Lucy F W Wallace Alice Moxie, Terry Twp Laborer 8/7/1900 Terry Twp
5/18/1898 V Pool Leroy M W Steward V. Deliah  Asylum Sal 5/17/1898 Asylum
5/10/1898 Vail Matilda F W James Matilda S. Waverly BarTender 3/17/1898 S. Waverly
12/1/1893 Walker Mary Melinda F W Charles Nancy Herrick Twp Farmer 7/12/1893 Herrick Twp
5/16/1898 Vibberts Bessie F W Chas. M. Eva Litchfield Farmer 5/2/1898 Litchfield
May. 1898 Vanness Mary L. F W F. C. Emma West Valley Farmer 3/4/1898 West Valley
May. 1898 Vanness Bertha F W Merton Mary Standing Stone Laborer 12/31/1897 Standing Stone
5/3/1898 Vanderpool Goowin M W Moses Cora Silvara Laborer 2/9/1898 Silvara
5/26/1898 Vanness Dana James M W Orrin T. Isabel Sayre Brakeman 5/10/1898 Sayre
5/28/1898 Vanderpool Carl Ransen M W Ira Elizabeth Sayre Carpenter 4/20/1898 Sayre
5/19/1898 Vanderpool Nellie F W Lemuel Anna Grover Farmer 5/2/1898 Grover
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