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  Twins Carl Amos and Clara Marian Eleanor Oliphant. 
 They were born Feb. 12, 1894 in Ulster, Pa.  Their Mother was Bertha
 Killey/Kelley and their father was Lantie Alanson Oliphant.  Carl died Jan.
 18, 1895, and is buried in Thomas/Christian Cemetery.  Clara died January 14,
 1984, and she is buried in Ulster cemetery with her husband LeRoy Smith. 
 Clara was my grandmother.
         Pat Raymond
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd Surname Name of Child Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occ./Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
12/16/1893 Vandermark Lewis M W J. B. Mary Sugar Run Farmer 9/7/1893 Sugar Run
12/16/1893 Verbryck Not Named M W Edward Ludora Sugar Run Farmer 10/17/1893 Sugar Run
12/14/1893 Vanderpool Jeremny (?) M W Henry Mary Monroe Laborer 8/26/1893 Monroe
12/4/1893 Vangorder Lena F W William Rachel 509 WilliamSt. Toy Fact.Laborer 6/11/1893 Towanda
12/5/1893 Vanderpool Florence F W Dewitt Lucy Monroe Twp Laborer 7/14/1893 Monroe Twp
12/11/1893 Vandyke Benjamin Joseph M W F. A. Ella Albany Twp Farmer 11/13/1893 Albany Twp
12/16/1893 Vannoy Earl R. M W M. S. Hattie W. Burlington Farmer 8/10/1893 Vannoy Farm
12/7/1893 Varner Raymond M W Joseph Bessie Hayden St. Brakeman 9/6/1893 Sayre
12/9/1893 Verbeck Emma Jane F W Daniel Stella 24 Bridge St. Policeman 6/19/1893 1st Ward Athens
12/5/1893 Vanness C. J. M W F. C. Emma West Valley Farmer 8/11/1893 West Valley
12/7/1893 VanKuran Roy M W George Mary Rummerfield Farmer 10/27/1893 Rummerfield
12/6/1893 Vought Carrie F W W. M. W.M. Pike Twp. Farmer 7/19/1893 Pike Twp. 1 Dist
12/6/1893 Vargason John S. M W Geo. S. Mary Ellen Wysox Twp Laborer 8/26/1893 Wysox Twp
12/6/1893 Vancise Lena Mable F W William Riley Huldah Main St. Laborer 7/18/1893 Sheshequin Twp
12/6/1893 Vaness Emily Gertrude F W Chas. O. Mary A. Cherry St. Laborer 9/21/1893 Cherry St.
12/5/1893 Vargason Pearl V. F W William D. Laura New Era Farmer 7/6/1893 New Era
12/5/1893 Vanderpool Clarence M W Ranseler Marion E. New Era Farmer 9/18/1893 New Era
12/4/1893 VanScoten Pauline F W Geo. S. Harriet Paine St. Merchant 12/1/1893 Athens
12/4/1893 VanBuskirk Jud M W Wm. Elizabeth Paine St. Laborer 11/20/1893 Athens
12/8/1893 Vought Mary A. F W Edward M. Sarah A. Sheshequin Farmer 10/31/1893 Ghent, Sheshequin Twp
5/23/1894 VanKurin Bently May F W Jud Stella Asylum Laborer 4/25/1894 Asylum
5/17/1894 Voorhis Perry M W John Vroda (?) Grover Farmer 3/22/1894 Grover
9/7/1894 Vangorder Claud Towner M W C. O. Eleanor Litchfield Farmer 1/23/1894 Litchfield
5/11/1894 Vanness L. W. M W David Loretta Standing Stone Farmer 12/14/1893 Standing Stone
5/11/1894 Vanness Not Named F W G. L. Ella Standing Stone Farmer 3/11/1894 Standing Stone
5/15/1894 Vanderpool Thomas Delos M W Chester Nora Spring Lake, Terry Twp Farmer 8/15/1893 Spring Lake, Terry twp
5/7/1894 Vanderpool William M W Raymond Debbie Spring Lake, Terry Twp Laborer 4/28/1894 Spring Lake, Terry twp
5/14/1894 Vanderpool Floyd Willis M W Peter Ellen Norway Ridge, Terry Twp Stone Mason 2/15/1894 Norway Ridge, Terry Twp
5/24/1894 Vanderpool Teressa F W Wilson Debbie Towanda Twp D. L. 1/21/1894 Towanda Twp
5/8/1894 Varney Verda F W H. M. Mariah Wells Farmer 3/17/1894 Wells
5/8/1894 Vaarney Verla F W H. M. Mariah Wells Farmer 3/17/1894 Wells
5/7/1894 Verbeyck Mark M W Ira Hattie Sugar Hill Farmer 4/17/1894 Sugar Hill
12/14/1894 Vanduzer Ella F W LeRoy Emma Litchfield Laborer 9/25/1894 Litchfield
12/6/1894 Vanderpool Dasy May F W Samuel Emma Monroe Laborer 9/22/1894 Monroe
12/11/1894 Vanness Not Named F W Orin Isabell Sayre Laborer 7/31/1894 Sayre
11/23/1894 Vargason Ella Blanch F W Wm. D. Anna L. Terry Twp. Farmer 10/31/1894 Terry Twp
11/21/1894 Vincent Arthur M W Joseph  Josephine Bridge St. 742 Laborer 5/7/1894 Towanda
12/7/1894 Vanderpool Lewis M W Elias Lizzie Jane Towanda  D. L. 9/15/1894 Towanda
  Vanderpool Laura F W George Violetta Sugar Run Farmer 8/19/1894 Sugar Run
12/4/1894 Vanderpool Daphen (?) M W Edward Hattie Wysox 2 Dis. Laborer 5/29/1894 Wysox 2 Dis
12/5/1894 Vargason Grace F W J.(?) W. Mary A. Wyalusing Laborer 7/27/1894 Wyalusing
5/6/1895 Vannoy Foster Clinton M W J. W. Mertie Gerould W. Burlington Farmer 12/5/1894 W. Burlington
5/14/1895 Vannoy Catherine Harriet F W M. S. Spencer, Hallie W. Burlington Farmer 12/20/1894 W. Burlington
5/7/1895 Varney Ruby Pearl F W Glen E. (?) Anna L. Franklin Farmer 9/11/1894 Elkland Twp. 
5/6/1895 Vosburgh Fern Annibilla (?) F W C. P. Nina Jerushu Rome Boro Barber 3/6/1895 Rome Boro
5/10/1895 Vought Winifred F W Eugene E. Mary L. Rome  Farmer 1/2/1895 Rome Twp
5/6/1895 VanWhy Pearl Erna Jane F W Henry Carrie Maud Sayre Brakeman 11/17/1894 Sayre
5/8/1895 Vanness Edna F W B. S. Susie Standing Stone Farmer 3/19/1895 Standing Stone
5/8/1895 Van Keuren Audie F W Dorsey Lidice (?) Standing Stone Farmer 3/20/1895 Standing Stone
5/22/1895 Vanderpool Nellie May F W Clark Lizzie Jane Terry Twp. Laborer 1/16/1895 Terry Twp
5/22/1895 Vincent William M W Burton Marey (?) Terry Twp. Laborer 7/15/1895 Terry Twp
8/7/1895 Vanderpool Lilly May F W Peter Ellen Terry Twp. Stone Mason 7/25/1895 Terry Twp
8/21/1895 Vanderpool Pearl F W Jonathen Emma Terry Twp. Laborer 6/6/1895 Terry Twp
5/18/1895 Vansickle Hallie Louise  F W Peter Hallie Louise Oak Street Laborer April. 1895 Towanda
7/1/1895 Voce Girlie F W Wm Emma Hollenbeck Farmer 5/6/1895 Wilmot Twp
5/6/1895 Vanderpool Lester M W Audrus Ida Homets Ferry Farmer 7/26/1895 Homets Ferry
5/6/1895 Vargeuson Grace Leona F W H. F. Anna L. Wyalusing Twp. Carpenter 1/31/1895 Wyalusing
5/9/1895 Vargason Fredie M W George L. Mary Wysox Laborer 5/5/1895 Wysox
12/6/1895 Vandyke Ellen F W F. A. Ellen Albany Twp. Farmer 8/16/1895 Albany Twp
12/5/1895 Vibberts Stanley Ray M W Chas. M. Eva H. Litchfield Carpenter 6/18/1895 Litchfield
12/2/1895 Vanderpool Agnes F W Chester A. Nora Terry Twp. Farmer 7/2/1895 Terry Twp
12/3/1895 Vincent Helen E. F W Joseph Josephine #715 Bridge St. Machinist 9/25/1895 Bridge St.
12/6/1895 Vanderpool Bessie F W William Mary E. Towanda D. L. 2/3/1895 Towanda Twp
12/8/1895 Vanderpool Walter M W George Violetta Sugar Run Farmer 9/28/1895 Sugar Run
12/8/1895 Verbryck John Muruel M W Edgar Dora \Wilmot Farmer 8/31/1895 Wilmot 
5/3/1896 Vankurin Mary  F W John Stella Asylum Laborer 5/18/1896 Asylum
5/18/1896 Vargison Francis M W Wm. Gertrude Spruce St. Brakeman 2/22/1896 Spruce St.
5/27/1896 Viter Francis M W John Barbary Willawanna Laborer 5/12/1896 Willawanna
2/17/1896 Vandermark Sarah Jane F W John Sarah  Long Valley Laborer 2/11/1896 Long Valley
9/2/1896 VanFleet Not Named F W Chas. E. Mildred E. Union St. Carpenter 4/30/1896 Canton Boro
5/22/1896 VanFleet Not Named F W Will Lucy LeRoy Farmer 5/15/1896 LeRoy
7/8/1896 Vought Carrie B. F W James G. Fula   Farmer & Agent 4/26/1896 Litchfield
  Vanhwance (?) Clara F W Chas. O. Rose Pike Twp. Farmer 3/1/1896 Pike Twp. 
5/5/1896 Vansice Robert O. M W Dennis P. Minnie Rome Twp Farmer 12/4/1896 Rome Twp
5/14/1896 Vanness Tessa Pauline F W Orin F. Isabell Sayre Brakeman 2/22/1896 Sayre
5/1/1896 VanKuren Fred  M W George Mary Standing Stone Farmer 12/11/1896 Standing Stone
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