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Caroline Gray McCONNELL (1887 - 1959)
daughter of Elisabeth WEAVER & Joseph B. McCONNELL
of Sullivan Township
Buried Oakwood Cemetery, Mansfield
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd Surname Name of Child Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occ./Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
5/20/1897 Thurston Loyed M W Frank L. Emma Smith Greenwood Laborer 11/28/1896 Greenwood
12/13/1897 Talada Archie G. M W R. G. Eva Monroe Twp Farmer 8/8/1897 Monroe Twp
12/10/1897 Thurston Leon F W Claud S. Bell Greenwood Laborer 8/21/1897 Greenwood
12/10/1897 Thurston Edwin M W Frank Lyman Emma Greenwood Laborer 11/9/1897 Monroe Twp
  Thomas Harry A. M W Alvin Ella LeRoy Farmer 6/27/1897 LeRoy
12/8/1897 Truesdale Nina F W Daniel Ella Smithfield Farmer 9/3/1897 Smithfield
12/8/1897 Tuttle Viola Marie F W Homer Mabel Smithfield Physician 11/12/1897 Smithfield
12/13/1897 Thomas Liza M. M W   Mary S. Waverly Laborer 3/2/1896 S. Waverly
12/7/1897 Thomas Alfred Clinton M W Fred Mary Sayre Engineer 7/5/1897 Athens 
12/14/1897 Tule Chas.Edward M W Millard Julia Sayre Laborer 7/3/1897 Sayre
  Tate Not Named F W Saml Myrtie Orchard St., Sayre Brakeman 11/23/1897 Sayre
12/15/1897 Taylor Marguerite F W Alton Lyda Taylorville Farmer 12/12/1897 Taylorville
12/14/1897 Tanner Wm. A. McKinley M W Brown, Walter Lottie M. Armenia Hostler 8/30/1896 Armenia
12/10/1897 Towner Andral D. M W Almerion S. Lotta M. Rome Twp. Farmer 7/20/1897 Rome Twp.
12/8/1897 Tillison Oscar A. M W Denton  Minnie  Franklin Twp Laborer 5/23/1897 Franklin
12/8/1897 Tillison Orrie M. F W Denton  Minnie Franklin Twp Laborer 5/23/1897 Franklin
12/6/1897 Tuttle Julius Dewitt M W Anson W. Edna L. Orwell Laborer 6/16/1897 Athens 
12/9/1897 Fanner Pearl E. (?) F W George O. Fitch, Hattie Second 205 Laborer 7/2/1897 Townada
5/12/1898 Thurston Edwin W. M W Frank L. Emma J. Powell Laborer 11/9/1897 Powell
5/26/1898 Travis Mildred Pauline F W H. W. Angeline Watts St. Laborer 10/22/1897 Towanda
5/26/1898 Thompson Henry Barstow M W Ethel Louise York Ave Traveling Salesman 2/17/1898 Towanda
5/7/1898 Taylor Jennie May F W Willis Jennie N. Towanda Laborer 12/19/1897 N. Towanda
5/10/1898 Talada Lewis M W N. A. Mary N. Towanda Laborer 2/14/1898 N. Towanda
5/24/1898 Thompson Mary Ruth F W William James Johnson, Helen #124 Ward Ave. Laborer 12/18/1897 Towanda
5/4/1898 Tuttle Nina F W Byron H. Edith  Sheshequin Farmer 12/10/1897 Sheshequin
5/4/1898 Towner Hazel F W Gerald  Eva Sheshequin Stone Cutter 4/19/1898 Sheshequin
5/5/1898 Towner Ellen V. F W Edwin Elizabeth Tuscarora Twp Laborer 1/13/1898 Overton
5/11/1898 Taylor Julia M. F W W. G. Linna Grover Farmer 1/22/1898 Grover
5/17/1898 Turner Frank S. M W C. H. Lily Grover Farmer 5/11/1898] Grover
4/19/1898 Taber Louis H. M W Mott B. Nettie Minnequa Ave. Mechanic 12/2/1897 Canton Boro
5/12/1898 Thompson Clara B. F W Howard Eleanor Springfield Farmer 4/6/1898 Springfield
12/8/1898 Thurston Raymond Paul M W Perry L. Emma C. Monroe Twp Laborer 6/24/1898 Monroe Twp
12/15/1898 Teed Alice Mae F W Edwin W. Susan W. Sayre Cigar Maker 10/7/1898 Sayre
12/9/1898 Thomas Sherman Mead M W Mead Lizzie  Troy Twp Farmer 10/5/1898 Troy Twp
11/12/1898 Taylor Nellie F W Virgil  Lizzie 5th St. Agt. 6/25/1898 Towanda
11/20/1898 Thayer Howard M W Fred Alice  Main St. Fireman 10/23/1898 Towanda
12/9/1898 Taylor Not Named M W F. L. Emma B. New Albany Editor 10/26/1898 New Albany
12/14/1898 Tuttle Hazel F W Jefferson Clarinda Grant Hill Farmer 7/21/1898 Grant Hill
12/7/1898 Thompson Ray M W Frank Georgia Sugar Run Farmer 5/19/1898 Sugar Run
11/30/1898 Tilliston Vina F W Emory C. Maggie Smithfield BlackSmith 11/28/1898 Smithfield
12/8/1898 Thompson Stewart M W H. L. Conklin, Cora Ridgebury Farmer 5/7/1898 Ridgebury
6/3/1899 Taylor Marion F W James  Blennie Spring Hill Farmer 1/2/1899 Spring Hill
5/3/1899 Tallada Percy M W James  Lodeska South Branch Stoneman 10/27/1898 Towanda Twp
5/15/1899 Thomas Chas. Harold M W C. A. Mattie Smithfield Farmer 2/28/1899 Smithfield
5/16/1899 Thomas Florence J. F W Wm. J. Emma J. Wells Farmer 12/14/1898 Wells
5/2/1899 Thomas Floyd  M W Chester Dora Milan Well Driller 11/17/1898 Milan
  Tyrrell Guy M W Monroe Alice Warren Farmer 2/15/1899 Warren
5/6/1899 Thayer Howard Francis M W Fred C. Alice Towanda Stationary Eng. 10/23/1898 Towanda
8/15/1899 Tuttle James  M W A. W. Lillian N. Towanda Fireman 8/1/1899 N. Towanda
5/4/1899 Theetge Claud  M W Frank Huldy Sayre Laborer 1/8/1895 Chemung,N.Y.
5/4/1899 Theetge Barnard M W Frank  Huldy Sayre Laborer 7/2/1898 Chemung,N.Y.
5/19/1899 Teed Pauline F W Utley Maud Lenora Sayre Merchant 12/27/1898 Sayre
5/2/1899 Talada Mary C. F W Charles  Avis Cayuta St. BlackSmith 3/11/1899 Sayre
5/1/1899 Thetgee Florence E. F W A. H. Golda Wilawana Laborer 12/17/1898 Wilawana
9/4/1899 Taber William M W Demott Jeannett Canton Supt. 2/8/1899 Canton 
5/4/1899 Taylor Fannie Elizabeth F W John Dora Herrick Farmer 8/19/1898 Herrick 
5/4/1899 Tillitson Milo D. M W Denton  Minda LeRoy Farmer 10/24/1898 LeRoy
11/20/1899 Talada Fredie F W Juell Mary N. Towanda Laborer 9/12/1899 N. Towanda
12/4/1899 Tallada Not Named F W Tracy Nancy Kelloggville Farmer 12/3/1899 Kelloggvill
12/20/1899 Thomas Edward M W M. J. Harriet Troy St. Mason 12/11/1899 Canton Boro
11/23/1899 Taylor Helen M. F W W. L. Jennie Saco Farmer 6/2/1899 Ulster Twp
12/1/1899 Tillman Mildred Pauline F W Geo. Eva Litchfield Farmer 11/12/1899 Litchfield
12/5/1899 Tuttle Ellen  F W Byron H. Edith Sheshequin Farmer 4/24/1899 Sheshequin
12/1/1899 Taylor Edwin Ralph M W W.B. Lydia S. Standing Stone Farmer 5/18/1899 Standing Stone 
12/9/1899 Twilligar Mildred  F W Henry Anna Wells Farmer 6/18/1899 Wells
5/5/1900 Timbel Essie Letta F W Wm. J. Hattie Main St. Laborer    
5/11/1900 Thurston herman C. M W Claude Belle Powell Com. Labor 3/24/1900 Powell
5/14/1900 Taylor Geo. B. M W Maynard Esther Colombia Farmer 10/9/1899 Colombia
5/18/1900 Tillinghast James C. M W James D. Anna M. York Ave Minister 3/21/1900 Towanda
May. 1900 Thompson Arthur J. M W Howard Eleanor G.O. Holcombest (?) Farmer 11/20/1899 Springfield
5/10/1900 Talida Wayne M W Casper Caroline Athens Laborer 5/5/1900 Athens 
5/15/1900 Torrbey (?) John Manning M W John Alice Sayre Saloon Keeper 2/12/1900 Sayre
  Teed Miriam F W Utley Camp, Maud L. Sayre Merchant 3/23/1900 Sayre
8/15/1900 Thorp Floyd  M W Adelbert Darma (?) Athens Laborer 12/18/1898 Athens 
9/27/1900 Thomas Jacob A M W W. J. Emma J. Wells Farmer 9/21/1900 Wells
12/3/1900 Teeter Edna F W John Eunice South Branch Laborer 7/9/1900 South Branch
12/6/1900 Talada Debbie L. F W James Logesta Brocktown Laborer 8/9/1900 Brocktown
12/11/1900 Thurston Pauline M W Frank Emma Powell Laborer 4/7/1900 Powell
  Tress Tony M W Paul Anna Third St. Laborer 12/2/1899 New York City
12/19/1900 Thomas Lozell M W M. J. Harriet Canton Boro Mason 12/18/1900 Canton Boro
12/19/1900 Trippe Marshall Paine M W W. M. Frederika C. Canton Boro Merchant 12/18/1900 Canton Boro
12/8/1900 Talburt Samual Jr. M W Samual Hattie O. Sayre Car Inspector 7/12/1900 Sayre
10/20/1900 Terwilager Asa M W Edward Kate South Creek Laborer 10/25/1900 Gilletts
11/3/1900 Tobey Tracy Claude M W Ben Birthy South Creek Farmer 12/13/1900 Fassetts
12/18/1900 Twek (?) Cora F W Richard Cora South Creek Physician   Gilletts
12/18/1900 Terry Mildred F W W.H. Gusia Terrytown Farmer 9/29/1899 Terrytown
12/18/1900 Titchen Lela F W Martin Gusta Terrytown Farmer 8/1/1900 Terrytown
12/14/1900 Tillman Mary F W Geo Mary Litchfield Farmer 10/10/1900 Litchfield
5/13/1901 Taylor Grace F W Virgil Elizabeth 5th St. Agt. 3/10/1901 Towanda
5/8/1901 Trumble John W. M W George O. Eva Asylum Farmer 11/29/1900 Asylum
5/25/1901 Talada Not Named M W Jewell Mary N. Towanda Laborer 5/9/1901 N. Towanda
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