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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd Surname Name of Child Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occ./Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
12/4/1893 Tuttle Not Named M W Byron H. Edith Wysox 2 Dist Farmer 8/2/1893 Wysox 2 Dist
12/5/1893 Thomas Adelbert Shepard M W Charles Ellen Jane Powell 102 Lombard St. Laborer 10/9/1893 102 Lombard St., Towanda
12/9/1893 Tanner Florence Elizabeth F W Asa E. Minnie A. Main St. Janitor 8/17/1893 Main St., Towanda
12/4/1893 Turner Leroy C. M W Isaac H. Rosa A. Monroe Boro Wagonmaker 10/20/1893 Monroe Boro
12/4/1893 Tate Katie F W Samuel Myrt Keystone Ave. Brakeman 11/8/1893 Sayre
12/8/1893 Tracy Leon R. M W Fred W. Alice River Street Brakeman 8/13/1893 Sayre
12/2/1893 Throp Fred M W Wm. Jenny Columbia Laborer 11/29/1893 Columbia
12/19/1893 Terry Walter M W Dr. A. J. Mary Terry Twp Vet. Surgeon 10/29/1893 Terrytown Twp.
12/8/1893 Travis Fred M W S. W. Lydia Orwell Laborer 12/3/1893 Orwell
12/19/1893 Tuttle Lulu F W James E. Annie B. Litchfield Farmer 8/5/1893 Litchfield
5/7/1894 Terry Not Named M W Jno. E. Flora Albany Farmer 4/17/1894 Albany Twp
5/7/1894 Teetor Archie M W Fredric Minna Albany Farmer 1/9/1894 Albany Twp
8/13/1894 Thompson Bertha May F W William James Angie Paulene 31 South St. Mason 5/2/1894 Athens 
8/16/1894 Tozer Caddie F W Arthur Anna Athens Carpenter 12/18/1894 Athens 
5/10/1894 Thompson Robert D. M W Howard Elmer Columbia Farmer 2/18/1894 Columbia
8/30/1894 Tillson Not Named F W Denton Minda Granville Laborer 8/2/1894 Granville
9/4/1894 Tice Ada V. F W Wallace Dora Granville Machinist 8/17/1894 Granville
5/30/1894 Thomas Eva Frances F W Alvin Ellen F. LeRoy Farmer 5/13/1894 LeRoy
5/19/1894 Thornton Clarence M W Charles Clara Sayre Brakeman 12/15/1893 Sayre
5/19/1894 Tud Gertrude F W Edward Lucie Sayre Cigar Maker 1/19/1894 Sayre
5/22/1894 Towner Leonard C. M W G. E. Eva   Stone cutter 12/29/1893 Sheshequin
5/10/1894 Thomas Hazle F W Mahlon Martha Smithfield Farmer 2/8/1894 Smithfield
5/21/1894 Talada Gladys B. F W Julius Mary 28 Mechanic St. Mechanic 4/4/1894 Pratt Ave., Towanda
5/4/1894 Talliday Gladys B. F W Julius Mary 35 Pratt Ave. Laborer 1/4/1894 Towanda
5/17/1894 Thomas L. Florence F W Ray Carrie Towanda Twp D. L. 1/7/1894 Towanda Twp.
  Thompson Not Named F W William James   Troy Barber July 2.  
  Thomas Albert M W Meade Lizzie Newell Troy Twp Farmer 3/16/1894 Troy Twp
  Treusdale Not Named F W George Maggie Harris Troy Twp Farmer 6/9/1894 Troy Twp
1894 Taylor Harriet F W James  Blennie Tuscarora Farmer 2/4/1894 Spring Hill
9/6/1894 Thomas Mary F W Wm. Nettie Wells Farmer 7/4/1894 Wells
9/8/1894 Taylor James Ennis (?) M W James Edwin Clara E. Taylor Ave. Laborer 6/15/1894 Wyalusing
12/5/1894 Thurston Myrtle F W Claude Belle Powell Laborer 10/8/1894 Powell
12/15/1894 Thompson Oliver R. M W E. R. Elmira Powell Laborer 11/27/1894 Powell
12/20/1894 Thompson Not Named F W George L. May Rushville Farmer 10/19/1894 Rushville
12/11/1894 Taladay Flora F W Diton Aliza Orchard St., Sayre Laborer 10/28/1894 Sayre
12/6/1894 Thornton Clarence E. M W Charles E. Clara A. Sayre Brakeman 12/15/1893 Sayre
12/14/1894 Turk Andrew A. M W Charles Anna Marry Sayre Fireman 5/25/1894 Athens 
12/3/1894 Tanner Florence  F W A. E. Minnie A. 2nd Ward, Towanda Lawyer 8/17/1893 2nd Ward, Towanda
12/12/1894 Thomas Mary F W Wm J. Emma J. Wells Farmer 7/4/1894 Wells
12/2/1894 Tiffany Ervin S. M W H. R. Agusta Wyalusing Laborer 6/27/1894 Merryall
9/5/1894 Taylor Harold Percy M W David Mary Athens, Frederick St. Laborer 7/12/1895 Athens 
9/6/1894 Taylor PearlElsie F W Charles H. Lottie (?) A. LeRaysville Laborer 11/5/1894 LeRaysville
5/8/1895 Thurston Leah F W Claude Belle Powell Laborer 10/8/1894 Powell
5/9/1895 Thompson Oliver R. M W E. R. Almira Powell Laborer 11/27/1894 Powell
5/23/1895 Tillman Floyd Edward M W Edward Ruth Overton Laborer 4/18/1895 Overton
5/8/1895 Tompkins Charles J. M W Oscar Eda L. Sayre Conductor 4/25/1895 Sayre
5/8/1895 Tracey Earl Edwin M W F. W. (?) Alice C. Sayre Brakeman 4/18/1895 Sayre
5/13/1895 Tule Effie F   Samuel Myra (?) M. Sayre Brakeman 5/2/1895 Sayre
5/9/1895 Tuttle (?) Mildred F W Byron H. Edith  Black Farmer 12/3/1895 Black
5/9/1895 Towner Theresa Evangeline F W G. E. Eva Hornbrook Farmer 4/27/1895 Hornbrook
5/15/1895 Terry Paul M W W. H. Gussie Terry Twp Farmer 2/7/1895 Terry Twp.
9/1/1895 Travis Not Named M W Nate Orchard N. Main Wholesale 8/11/1895 Towanda
5/25/1895 Towner (?) Willard C. M W William James ??? Harriet L. (?) Troy Twp Laborer 3/21/1895 Troy Twp
5/11/1895 Taylor Ralph S. M W Alton Ludia (?) Taylorville Farmer 1/8/1895 Taylorville
12/2/1893 Teetor Emory M W Fredric Minnie A. Albany Twp. Farmer 9/27/1895 Albany Twp.
11/30/1895 Taylor Austin J. M W J. C. Mertie R. LeRoy Farmer 6/20/1895 LeRoy
12/5/1895 Tompkins Lillie May F W J. A. Marion Litchfield Carpenter 7/8/1895 Litchfield
12/6/1895 Towner Samuel Elias F W Edwin Ruth E. Overton Laborer 10/19/1895 Overton
12/2/1895 Timmens Mary M. M W Arthur Mary Lehigh Ave., Sayre Boiler Maker 7/22/1895 Sayre
Dec. 1895 Taylor Raymond M   W. B. Lydia Standing Stone Farmer 1/16/1895 Standing Stone Twp
12/5/1895 Talada James  M W Casper L. V. 1st Ward Laborer 3/18/1895 Main St., Towanda
12/13/1895 Taylor John M W Jas Blennie Tuscarora Farmer 12/7/1895 Tuscarora
12/2/1895 Taylor Clifford C. M W Chas. H. Nellie K. Windham Farmer 11/5/1895 Windham
12/5/1895 Turner Gladys M. F W William  Eva D. Windham Farmer 6/11/1895 Windham
5/16/1896 Tyler Guy M W Martin Clara Athens Boro Laborer 4/25/1896 Athens 
9/1/1896 Taylor William H. M W Fred S. Cora Athens Boro Foreman 7/5/1896 Athens 
5/11/1896 Titus Perry M W James R. Phebe Herrick Twp Farmer 1/5/1896 E. Herrick
5/6/1896 Thurston Floyd Edward M W Claude Belle Foster Monroe Twp Laborer 1/8/1896 Monroe Twp
9/7/1896 Tumbler (?) Essa Lettie F W Wm. H. Harriet Pine Glen Laborer 4/10/1896 Pine Glen
5/13/1896 Teed Mabel Utler F W Edwin W. Susie M. Sayre Laborer 3/13/1896 Sayre
5/9/1896 Towner Howard M W Joseph Emma  South St. Laborer 11/16/1895 Sayre
8/30/1896 Tallada Lizzie L. F W Chas.  Avis Cayuta St. BlackSmith 8/1/1896 Sayre
5/6/1896 Terry Harry M W W. H. Gussie Terrytown Farmer 12/28/1895 Terrytown Twp.
5/16/1896 Tanner Eva  F W George Hattie Sugar Run Laborer 4/1/1896 Sugar Run
5/13/1896 Thomas Wm. Henry M W Wm. J. Emma J. Wells Farmer 5/9/1896 Wells
5/18/1896 Tanner Claud Seamon M W Frank Emeline Wells Farmer 12/25/1895 Wells
11/23/1896 Territon Hazle Dell F W Stephen Lillian Asylum Farmer 10/19/1896 Asylum
12/10/1896 Tompkin Mellie V (?) F W N. G. Mandy Athens Laborer 11/5/1896 Athens 
12/15/1896 Tallman Jennie May F W Sidney L. Maud Tannerytown Laborer 11/30/1896 Canton Boro
12/12/1896 Titus Helen Elsie F W Charles B. Jennie E. Herrick Farmer 8/20/1896 Herrick Twp
12/2/1896 Tice Hazel F W I.  Jennie Litchfield Farmer 7/16/1896 Litchfield
12/2/1896 Tice Herbert M W I.  Jennie Litchfield Farmer 7/16/1896 Litchfield
  Tuttle Myron M W Byron H. Edith  Sheshequin Farmer 5/11/1896 Sheshequin
12/9/1896 Taylor Sarah E. F W W. B. Lydia Standing Stone Farmer 9/24/1896 Standing Stone Twp
12/7/1896 Taylor Charles David M W Virgil J. Lizzie Newell #300 Poplar St. Agent 9/1/1896 Townada
  Taff Thomas M W Richard Catherine Wilmont Farmer 8/9/1896 Wilmont
  Tinton Buyde (?) M W Lewis Anna Wilmont Farmer 7/27/1896 Wilmont
  Towner Daisy B. F W Gerald E. Eva Hornbrook Laborer 1/20/1897 Hornbrook
5/5/1897 Tyrrell Not Named M W V. M. Estella Orwell Farmer 3/18/1897 Orwell
5/6/1897 Thomas Lizzie May F W Thomas L. Mary Sayre Laborer 3/2/1897 Sayre
5/6/1897 Taylor William Stanley M W B. H. Mary E. Sayre Fireman 4/23/1897 Sayre
5/17/1897 Teel Arthur Laverne M W Oscar Lillian B. White Haven Laborer 5/6/1897 Sayre
6/26/1897 Tomkins Mary F W S. A. Marion Litchfield Laborer 4/22/1897 Litchfield
  Taylor William M W J. H. Catherine Standing Stone Depot Agent 4/12/1897 Rummerfield
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