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Mary Hannah LAY  1890 - 1993
Buried Gray Valley Cemetery
of Sullivan Township, Tioga County PA
Daughter of Emily Charlotte SQUIRES and Orin E. LAY
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd Name of Child Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occupation/Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
5/7/1897 Strope, Cline A. M W Strope, Frank Strope, Allice Windham Farmer 4/17/1897 Windham
8/31/1897 Sabin, W. C. M W Sabin, M. K. Sabin, Alice New Albany Laborer 3/26/1897 New Albany Boro
5/7/1897 Smith, Grace Blanche F W Smith, Perry Smith, Agnes Albany Twp Farmer 3/30/1897 Albany Twp
5/10/1897 Schmeckenbecker F W Schmeckenbecker,Wm. Schmeckenbecker,Laura Albany Twp Farmer 5/10/1897 Albany Twp
5/10/1897 Smith M W Smith, Ward Smith, Bell Albany Twp Farmer 3/13/1897 Albany Twp
5/4/1897 Schoonover, Edna F W Schoonover, Lorenzo Schoonover, Laura Terry Twp Farmer 4/2/1897 Terry Twp
5/26/1897 Sturdevant, Marion F W Sturdevant, Harry Sturdevant, Emma Tuscarora Farmer 10/17/1896 Tuscarora
5/18/1897 Sturdevant, Vena F W Sturdevant, Byron Sturdevant, Jennie Tuscarora Quarryman 10/10/1896 Tuscarora
5/5/1897 Streby, Herbert M W Streby, Clinton Streby, Martha Overton Farmer 12/20/1896 Overton
5/19/1897 Shrader, Hellen M. F W Shrader, O. A (?) Shrader, Lillyan M. Towanda Twp. Farmer 10/18/1896 Towanda
5/12/1897 Stevens, Isadore Ella F W Stevens, Daniel Stevens, Letta Smithfield Laborer 12/31/1896 Smithfield
5/12/1897 Shoemaker, Arthur L. M W Shoemaker, Charles Welch, Blanche Troy Twp. Farmer 12/12/1896 Troy Twp
5/11/1897 Seeley, Earl M W Seeley, James Seeley, Ida Canton Twp Farmer 6/19/1897 Canton 
5/19/1897 Shyers, Baby F W Shyers, Ellis Shyers, Susie Grover Laborer 5/1/1897 Grover
9/28/1897 Sherman, Lois Content F W Sherman, Edward Sherman, Della Monroe Boro Harnessmaker 7/30/1897 Monroe Boro
12/10/1897 Stone, Harvey C M W Stone, Lester Stone, Perl (?) Greenwood Laborer 5/30/1897 Greenwood
12/10/1897 Schrader, Eathel (?) F W Schrader, Burton Schrader, Yva Greenwood Laborer 5/18/1897 Greenwood
12/10/1897 Salsbury, Paul C. M W Salsbury, Laney Salsbury, Mrs. Masontown Miller 7/28/1897 Masontown
12/11/1897 Shults, Lulu May F W Shults, Fred Shults, Jennie Weston Station Laborer 9/15/1897 Weston Station
12/11/1897 Simons, Olive Ovice (?) F W Simons, Wm. Simons, Jennie Milstone Branc Laborer 6/20/1897 Milstone Branch
12/8/1897 Storch, Howard James M W Storch, J. H. Storch, Hannah Smithfield Farmer 11/12/1897 Smithfield
12/8/1897 Seigal, Rachel F W Seigal, Jacob Seigal, Hannah Smithfield Peddler 7/6/1897 Smithfield
12/8/1897 Smith, George M W Smith, J. W. Smith, Cora Smithfield Farmer 7/20/1897 Smithfield
12/6/1897 Shortell, Mary R F W Shortell, H. W. Shortell, Mary LeRaysville Shoemaker 8/24/1897 LeRaysville
12/11/1897 Short, Floyd M W Short, Lewis Short, Vesta Warren Farmer 11/15/1897 Warren
12/11/1897 Shelton, Walter M W Shelton, John Shelton, Joanna Warren Farmer 8/4/1897 Warren
12/7/1897 Smith, Roy M W Smith, Elden Smith, Jennie L. Pike Farmer 8/20/1897 Pike
12/10/1897 Smith, Blanche F W Smith, Jesse R. Smith, Vesta Pike Laborer 5/20/1897 Pike
12/11/1897 Spencer, Leslie M W Spencer, Merit (?) Spencer, Allice W. Burlington Twp Farmer 9/11/1897 W.Burlington
12/13/1897 Sullivan, Rubert M W Sullivan, Arthur Frantz, Lizzie South Waverly Bar Tender 10/13/1897 S. Waverly
12/13/1897 Sullivan, Ruth F W Sullivan, Arthur Frantz, Lizzie South Waverly Bar Tender 10/13/1897 S. Waverly
12/7/1897 Stanton, William McKinley M W Stanton, J. A. Stanton, V. F. West Burlington Farmer 8/14/1897 W.Burlington
12/7/1897 Sebring, Hazle M. F W Sebring, John Sebring, Hattie S. Waverly Cabnet Maker 11/6/1897 S. Waverly
12/14/1897 Slater, Arthur G. M W Slater, Leonard Slater, Sarah Sayre Switchman 7/7/1897 Sayre
12/7/1897 Swan, Irvine D. Jr. M W Swan, Irvine Swan, Minnie Sayre Carpenter 1/5/1897 Little Beaver, Mo.
12/7/1897 Swan, George Gilbert M W Swan, Irvine Swan, Minnie Sayre Carpenter 4/25/1892 Loviston Wash. Ter
12/9/1897 Stevens, Harriet Irene F W Stevens, Harry M. Stevens, Carrie Sayre Machinist 6/21/1897 Sayre
12/9/1897 Smith, Layton Edwin M W Smith, Edwin Smith, J. Gertrude Sayre Machinist 7/31/1897 Sayre
12/6/1897 Spires, Nellie May F W Spires, J. Fred Spires, Besse Sayre Laborer 6/4/1897 Sayre
12/6/1897 Seymore, Elsie F W Seymore, Melville Seymore, Alice South St. Brakeman 10/18/1897 Sayre
9/27/1897 Smith, Daisy F W Smith, Frank Smith, Kate Carbon Teamster 9/5/1897 Carbon
10/18/1897 Strope, Emma F W Strope, William Strope, Emma Carbon Miner 10/12/1897 Carbon
10/15/1897 Snell F W Snell, Jacob A Snell, Grace Union St. Carpenter 10/10/1897 Canton Boro
12/7/1897 Stevenson, Velma Marion F W Stevenson, D. A. Strevenson, Edeth Canton Twp Farmer 8/22/1897 Canton Twp.
12/14/1897 Spencer, Manley M W Spencer, John Spencer, Lyda Brewer Hollow Laborer 9/7/1897 Brewer Hollow
12/13/1897 Snell, Mary F W Snell, L. Snell, Harriet Camptown Laborer 6/23/1897 Camptown
12/9/1897 Stiles, Milton Donald M W Stiles, Milton D. Stiles, Mary G. Athens Commercial Traveler 9/14/1897 Athens, Pa
12/12/1897 Smith, Mary E. F W Smith, Milton Smith, Annie Main St. Operator 10/20/1897 Athens Boro
12/7/1897 Schowerer(?), Elmo M W Schowerer, Charles Schowerer, Kate South Wilmot Farmer 4/25/1897 Wilmot
12/7/1897 Schowerer(?), Ellen F W Schowerer, Charles Schowerer, Kate South Wilmot Farmer 4/25/1897 Wilmot
12/7/1897 Stoddard, Bryan M W Stoddard, Joseph Stoddard, Orpha South Wilmot Farmer 4/25/1897 Wilmot
12/6/1897 Saxe, Joseph M W Saxe, Joseph Saxe, Elorna Wilmont Farmer 9/2/1897 Wilmot
12/14/1897 Smith, Arthur M W Smith, Daniel Smith, Belle Armenia Farmer 9/2/1897 Armenia
12/7/1897 Stoll, Cass M W Stoll, Stephen A. Stoll, Emma Rome Twp. Farmer 9/14/1897 Rome Twp.
12/8/1897 Strope, Curtis E. M W Strope, Ezra B. Strope, Agnes Rome Twp. Farmer 7/171897 Rome Twp.
12/10/1897 Sellick, Paul M W Sellick, Lyman Sellick, Melissa Franklin Farmer 8/31/1897 Franklin
12/10/1897 Smith, Margie F W Smith, Howard Smith, Luella Springfield Farmer 8/29/1897 Springfield
12/10/1897 Smith, Mattie F W Smith, Howard Smith, Luella Springfield Farmer 8/29/1897 Springfield
12/11/1897 Stevens, Ellener (?) F W Stevens, W. K. Stevens, Julia West Valley Faarmer 7/28/1897 West Valley
12/15/1897 Strange, George Burton  M W Strange, Burton Raymond Strange, Sophie Columbia Farmer 10/26/1897 Columbia
12/7/1897 Schmieg, Annice E (?) F W Schmieg, Eugene Schmieg, Elizabeth Sheshequin Laborer 8/4/1897 Sheshequin
12/14/1897 Sick, Maud V. F W Sick, William Sick, Kathrine Overton Farmer 9/7/1897 Overton
11/4/1897 Squire, Howard W. M W Squire, Thyadeus Wright, Florence Ridgebury Farmer 8/8/1897 Ridgebury
5/18/1897 Stevens, Susie May F W Stevens, Harvey  Stevens, Ida Stony Point Farmer Jan.2.1897 Herrick Twp
12/7/1897 Smith, Pauline F W Smith, George M. Gorsline, Anna G. Charles Laborer 11/28/1897 Towanda
12/9/1897 Sullivan, William Eugene M W Sullivan, William W. Mitchell, Mary 104 Lombard Ins. Agent 7/23/1897 Towanda
12/10/1897 Shipman, William Henry M W Shipman, Harry E. Benedict, Alice M. Monroe Twp Shoemaker 7/28/1897 Towanda
12/10/1897 Swisher, Paul M W Not Known Swisher, Maud 314 State St.   5/30/1897 Towanda
12/10/1897 Stemburg F W Stemburg, Isaac Stemburg, Dora Wm. St. Laborer 12/12/1897 Towanda
12/10/1897 Swartwood, Daniel F. M W Swartwood, William Swartwood, Edee Towanda Twp. D. L. 9/16/1897 Towanda Twp.
12/10/1897 Shraeder, Ethel F W Schraeder, Allen Schraeder, Lillian M. Towanda Twp. Farmer 9/26/1897 Towanda Twp.
5/20/1898 Straw, Lester Burton M W Straw, Frank Straw, Rose South Branch Farmer 11/26/1897 South Branch
5/5/1898 Shultz, Daisy F W Shultz, George W. Shultz, May Powell Farmer 3/31/1898 Powell
5/11/1898 Simons, Olive Orris F W Simons, William Simons, Jennie Northrup Hollow Laborer 9/2/1897 Northrup Hollow
5/13/1898 Summers, Loren D (?) M W Summers, Eli Summers, Anna J. Warren Carpenter 3/6/1898 Warren Center
5/18/1898 Seymour, Ruby F W Seymour, Clayton Seymour, Minnetta Columbia Farmer 1/23/1898 Columbia
5/6/1898 Spencer, George S. M W Spencer, Franklin Spencer, Melle A. W. Burlington Twp Farmer 2/10/1898 West Burlington
5/16/1898 Smiley, Emma M F W Smiley, J.M. Smiley, Cora A. Canton  Merchant 12/30/1897 Canton
5/26/1898 Schraeder, Earl M W Schraeder, Charles Schraeder, Lona Kingsbury Ave. Laborer 2/28/1898 Towanda
5/26/1898 Sheridan, Marie F W Sheridan, Robert Mary Packer Ave Laborer 3/27/1898 Towanda
5/26/1898 Stemburgh, Beatrice F W Stemburgh, Isaac Dora Wm. St. Laborer 12/12/1897 Towanda
5/28/1898 Shores, Catherine Francis F W Shores, John A. Holmes, Ida M. 213 Main St. Merchant 12/26/1897 Towanda
5/20/1898 Schanbacker, Arthur M W Schanbacker, Sammie Schanbacker, Clara LeRoy Farmer 10/3/1897 LeRoy
5/21/1898 Savercool, John Lester M W Wilcox, Walter Wilcox, Minnie LeRoy Farmer 6/29/1897 LeRoy
5/21/1898 Sturgis, Willis M W Sturgis, Colton E. Sturgis, Marion LeRoy Telegraph Opr. 5/4/1898 Canton Twp.
5/10/1898   M W Smith, William Smith, Eva Hollenback Farmer 12/6/1897 Hollenback
5/14/1898 Schrawn, Delena M. F W Schrawn, Jacob Schrawn, Elizabeth Wilmot Farmer 4/1/1898 Wilmot
5/16/1898 Saxe, Adaline F W Saxe, Joseph Saxe, Alomma (?) Wilmot Farmer 9/2/1897 Wilmot
5/13/1898 Scouten, Arthur Lee M W Scouten, Grant Scouten, Florance Elwell Farmer 1/25/1898 Wilmot
5/14/1898 Stoddard, Ralph M W Stoddard, Joseph Stoddard, Orpha Norconk (?) Farmer 10/31/1897 Wilmot
5/14/1898 Smith, Richard William M W Smith R. E. Smith, Clara Smithfield Farmer 3/10/1898 Smithfield
5/14/1898 Sawdy, Ruth A. F W Sawdy, Frank Sawdy, May South Creek Farmer 5/26/1897 South Creek
5/6/1898 Sawyer, Jessie Irene F W Sawyer, Edward Sawyer, Carrie Franklin Farmer 1/16/1898 LeRoy
5/17/1898 Sexton, Raymond Lewis M W Sexton, L. B. Sexton, Grace M. Orwell Farmer 4/15/1898 Orwell
5/21/1898 Spaulding  M W Spaulding, J.M. Spaulding, Ella S. Orwell Farmer 5/14/1898 Orwell
5/21/1898 Stores, William M W Stores, Everell (?) Ada Odessa Granville Farmer 4/11/1898 Granville
5/4/1898 Squires, Ruth F W Squires, P S. Squires, Margaret Ballibay Farmer 11/17/1897 Ballibay
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