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Paulina and Paul Smith (1902 - 1995) and (1902 - 1964)
twin children of Charlotte SHEPERD and Freddus Irwin SMITH
Sullivan Township, Tioga County PA
Wearing the little red coats their mother made for them.
Paulina kept the little hat all her life.
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd Name of Child Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occupation/Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
5/11/1895 Sabine, Lucy F W Sabine, E. Sabine, Cora 824 Main St. Brakeman 3/26/1895 Towanda
8/30/1895 Steinberg, James Frances F W Steinberg, Isaac Steinberg, Dora William St. Laundry 8/17/1895 Towanda
5/25/1895 Struble, Mable Irene F W Struble, Robert Andrus, E. J. Troy Twp Laborer 4/1/1895 Troy Twp
5/25/1895 Stanton, Edward C. M W Stanton, Ed L. Lewis, Lucretia Troy Twp Laborer 9/7/1894 Troy Twp
5/8/1895 Simons, John M W Simons, James Simons, Jennie Byersburg Farmer 5/3/1895 Byersburgh
5/6/1895 Shiner, Maria E F W Shiner, James Shiner, Mary E. Wysox 2 Dis Merchant 5/20/1895 Wysox 
5/6/1895 Schnieg?, Mary F W Schnieg?, Joseph Schnieg, P. Wysox 2 Dis Laborer 12/24/1894 Wysox
  Shaffer, Eva F W Shaffer, John Shaffer, Zoa ? New Albany Liveryman 8/9/1895 New Albany
  Silvara, John M W Silvara, John Silvara, Ruth New Albany Merchant 12/31/1895 New Albany
12/4/1895 Sherman M W Sherman, Chas. J. Sherman, Ella Albany Twp. Farmer 7/8/1895 Albany Twp
12/2/1895 Scott, Helen F W Scott, Alonzo Scott, Amy Athens Laborer 11/21/1895 Athens Boro
12/5/1895 Spaulding, Leonard M W Spaulding, Charles Spaulding, Gertrude Athens BaggageMaster 7/28/1895 Athens
12/4/1895 Shaff, Seneca M W Shaff, Jacob Shaff, Nancy Willawanna Laborer 8/12/1895 Willawanna
12/16/1895 Snell, Anna M. F W Snell, George B. Snell, Martha D. East Athens Laborer 8/27/1895 East Athens
12/5/1895 Slater, Gertrude Floretta F W Slater, George Slater, Belle Burlington Twp Farmer 11/11/1895 Burlington
6/7/1895 Steele, Jennie E. F W Steele, J. C. Davis, Gracie W. Burlington Farmer 5/19/1895 West Burlington
11/12/1895 Swartwood, Mildred F W Swartwood, Monroe C. Ward, Stella W. Burlington Farmer 5/27/1895 West Burlington
12/10/1895 Snell, Gerold M W Snell, John Canden Snell, Grace Canton Boro Carpenter 5/31/1895 Canton
11/16/1895 Shaw, Oscar M W Shaw, Elmer Shaw, Florence Columbia Farmer 11/9/1895 Columbia, Pa
12/14/1895 Smiley, Mabel F W Smiley, James A. Smiley, Malvina LeRoy Farmer 11/26/1895 LeRoy Twp.
12/9/1895 Scott, Johnnie M W Scott, Theodore Scott, Mary L. Monroe Twp Farmer 6/6/1895 Monroe Twp.
12/2/1895 Schrader, Laura F W Schradeer, Burton R. Schrader, Sue Schrader Branch Laborer 8/7/1895 Franklindale, Pa
12/14/1895 Sibley, Ralph Robert M W Sibley, R.R. Sibley, Jessie L. Orwell, Pa Farmer 7/16/1895 Orwell
12/6/1895 Shiffer, Nellie F W Shiffer, Henry Shiffer, Ida Pike Farmer 6/22/1895 Pike
12/23/1895 Smith, Hattie F W Smith, Mahlon D. Smith, Clara Ridgebury Farmer 8/2/1895 Ridgebury
12/6/1895 Sheldon, Blanche Marion F W Sheldon, Charlie Sheldon, Minnie May Sayre ? Master 5/27/1895 Sayre
12/9/1895 Struble, Ray Leo M W Struble, James K Struble, Maud Sayre Brakeman 10/8/1895 Sayre
11/15/1895 Squires, Pauline F W Squires, Bert Ella Sayre Brakeman 5/23/1895 Sayre
12/2/1895 Sheehan, James Francis M W Sheehan, James Mary Allenson St. Machinist 5/24/1895 Sayre
12/2/1895 Seddon, Emily F W Seddon, Thomas Mary Elmer Ave. Machinist 11/20/1895 Sayre
12/4/1895 Snedeker, Jessie  F W Snedeker, Clarence Allie Elmer Ave, Sayre Laborer 12/17/1894 Sayre
  Sargeant, Helen F W Sargeant, Wm Sargeant, Anna First St. Laborer 9/28/1895 Sayre
  Smith, Charles W. M W Smith, Charles Smith, Emma Second St. Laborer 11/16/1895 Sayre
  Not Named F W Swartwood, Charles Swartwood, Betsey Second St. Laborer 12/23/1895 Sayre
  Stephenson, Floyd M W Stephenson, Madison Stephenson, Bessie Sheshequin Farmer 7/7/1895 Sheshequin
  Smith, Not Named M W Smith, John W. Smith, Cora Smithfield Laborer 10/18/1895 Smithfield
  Swackhamer, Beatrice Augusta F W Swackhamer, Jesse Swackhammer, Lena Standing Stone Farmer 10/19/1895 Standing Stone
12/4/1895 Sinsabaugh, Ethel F W Sinsabaugh, George Sinsabaugh, Delphine Keystone Ave BlackSmith 1/10/1895 South Waverly
12/4/1895 Sullivan, Margarite M. F W Sullivan, William Sullivan, Catharine William St. Brakeman 5/5/1895 South Waverly
12/4/1895 Sieranski, Paul M W Sieranski, Paul Sieranski, Apolonia South St. Tailor 7/30/1895 South Waverly
12/5/1895 Swain, Harold M W Swain, A. A. Swain Anna Main St. Laborer 9/18/1895 Main St.
12/5/1895 Stoneman ?   W Stoneman, John Stoneman, Mary Orchard St. Laborer 11/10/1895 Towanda
1/9/1896 Shafer, Ellsworth M W Shafer, Mortimer Shafer, Ella Towanda Painter 10/8/1895 Towanda
12/6/1895 Schefield, Alice F W Schefield, E.D. Schefield, Mary East Troy Laborer 8/6/1895 East Troy
12/6/1895 Stanton, Simon E. M W Stanton, Charles Stanton, Blanche Troy Twp Clerk 5/14/1895 Troy 
12/6/1895 Scott, M W Scott, W. D. Scott, Stell East Troy Farmer 10/21/1895 East Troy
12/11/1895 Sleeper, Winnifred F W Sleeper, Frank B. Sleeper, Lillie E. Warren Farmer 8/23/1895 Warren
12/2/1895 Sterling, Oakley B. M W Sterling, John Brewer, Alma Wells Farmer 7/9/1895 Wells Twp
12/9/1895 Sturdevant, Freda C. F W Sturdevant, Leon Sturdevant, Lydia  Wells Farmer 6/5/1895 Wells Twp
12/8/1895 Sax, James M W Sax, Henry Sax, Julia wilmot Farmer 8/17/1895 Wilmot
12/3/1895 Schnieg, Nellie J F W Schnieg, Isaac Schnieg, Lizzie A. Wysox 2nd Dis laborer 5/7/1895 Wysox 2nd Dist.
12/3/1895 Sible, Georgia F W Sible, Ezra F. Sible, Lucretia M. Wysox 2nd Dis Farmer 7/27/1895 Wysox 2nd Dist.
12/5/1895 Seebich, Maud M. F W Seebich, John Seebich, Jessie Wysox 2nd Dis B. Smith 10/2/1895 Wysox 2nd Dist.
12/5/1895 Snyder, Laura E. F W Snyder, Henry L Snyder, Carrie M. Wysox 2nd Dis Farmer 7/9/1895 Wysox 2nd Dist.
12/7/1895 Schoonover, Agnes F W Schoonover, Earl C. Schoonover, Eliza J. Wysox 2nd Dis Laborer 7/7/1895 Wysox 2nd Dist.
5/12/1896 Snyder, Bula F W Snyder, David D. Snyder, Eva Penn Ave Laborer 1/2/1896 Spruce St.
5/19/1896 Stuart, Geo. M W Stuart, Benj. Stuart, Lillian Main St. Fireman 9/18/1895 Sayre, Pa
8/31/1896 Saphar, Levie? James M W Saphar, Charles Saphar, Mattie S. Athens Clerk 7/18/1896 Athens, Pa
5/8/1896 Sheller, Blanche F W Sheller, W. M. Sheller, Alice East Athens Laborer 1/1/1896 East Athens
9/30/1896 Shadden, Jennie F W Shadden, James Shadden, Millie Barclay Teamster 9/7/1896 Barclay
9/26/1896 Spence, Thomas M W Spence, Andrew Spence, Jane Long Valley Miner 9/22/1896 Long Valley
9/30/1896 Swanson, Carl Oscar M W Swanson, Charles Swanson, Lottie Long Valley Miner 9/30/1896 Long Valley
5/12/1896 Spencer, Allie F W Spencer, Frank Burbank, Julietta West Burlington Laborer 3/19/1895 West Burlington
2/29/1896 Snell, Jessie C. F W Snell, H. C. Snell, Cora Washington St. Carpenter 2/26/1896 Canton Boro
8/25/1896 Shaffenaker, Floyd  M W Shaffenaker, J. B? Shaffenaker, Electa M. S. Center St. BlackSmith 8/15/1896 Canton Boro
5/25/1896 Struble, Arthur M W Struble, Richard M Struble, Minnie Columbia Farmer 2/11/1895 Columbia, Pa
5/15/1896 Smith, Alice F W Smith, Durand Smith, Miney Granville Farmer 8/26/???? Granville
5/5/1896 Salsbury, Jerome  M W Salsbury, L. ? Salsbury, Maary Masontown Miller 3/6/1896 Monroe Twp.
9/1/1896 Strevy F   Strevy, E. E. Strevy, Anna New Albany Merchant 8/3/1896 New Albany
5/16/1896 Spaulding, Lulu H. F W Spaulding, J. M Spaulding, Ella S. Orwell, Pa Farmer 4/7/1896 Orwell
5/15/1896 Sydney, Algernon M W Sydney, Algernon Sydney, Marget Lawlor Ridgebury Farmer 3/10/1896 Ridgebury
5/16/1896 Squire, Hovie?? M W Squire, Thad Wright, Florence Ridgebury Farmer 2/1/1896 Ridgebury
5/7/1896 Not named M W Strope, Geo. W. Strope, Linda Rome Twp Farmer 3/31/1896 Rome Twp
5/4/1896 Spilesbury, Ada May F W Spilesbary, Neal Spilesbary, Ada A Sayre Brakeman 4/26/1896 Sayre
5/6/1896 Sheahan, Eileen F W Sheahan, Martin Sheahan, Anna Regina Sayre Firreman 4/8/1895 Sayre
5/8/1896 Seddon, Emma E. F W Seddon, Thomas Seddon, Mary Sayre Machinist 11/20/1895 Sayre
5/6/1896 Stinglen, Margret F W Stinglen, George Stinglen, Mary Spring St.Sayre Metal Beater 12/7/1894 Sayre
5/6/1896 Stingler, Fredie M W Stingler, George Stingler, Mary Spring St.Sayre Metal Beater 12/28/1895 Sayre
5/5/1896 Sheeler, Frank M W Sheeler, Walter Sheeler, Lucy Sheshequin Laborer 1/5/1896 Sheshequin
5/7/1896 Smith, Carl Hyatt M W Smith, Burr O. Smith, Mary Smithfield Farmer 2/2/1896 Smithfield
5/7/1896 Seigel, Mattie F W Seigel, Jacob Seige, Hannah Smithfield Peddler 4/13/1896 Smithfield
5/8/1896 Sinsebaugh, Allice F W Sinsebaugh, Louis Sinsebaugh, Marrie S. Waverly Laborer 1/20/1896 South Waverly
9/2/1896 Sullivan, Thomas Francis M W Sullivan, William Sullivan, Catheron South Waverly Brakeman 7/13/1896 South Waverly
9/2/1896 Schwartz, Cliford Bernard M W Schwartz, Michael Schwartz, Fannie South Waverly Electrican 6/11/1896 South Waverly
5/6/1896 Spalding, Noel M W Spalding, J. C. Spalding, Lyda Springfield Farmer 4/16/1896 Springfield
5/6/1896 Not Named M W Smith, Nathan Smith, Essie Springfield Farmer 4/19/1896 Springfield
6/26/1896 Shaylor, Willis M W Shaylor, Mark Shaylor, Bertha Springfield Farmer 5/25/1896 Springfield
9/2/1896 Scouten, Clifford E. M W Scouten, Morace R. Scouten, Mary L Sylvania Constable 6/28/1896 Sylvania
5/11/1896 Smith, William M W Smith, Maynard Smith, Dibbie Terry Twp. Laborer 9/14/1895 Terry Twp
5/4/1896 Slater, Alice F W Slater, Burt Slater, Eliza Bridge St. Laborer Jan.1896 Wysox Twp
5/4/1896 Slater, Allen M W Slater, Burt Slater, Eliza Bridge St. Laborer Jan. 1896 Wysox Twp
5/4/1896 Sheehan, Francis M W Sheehan, S. J. Sheehan, Anna Bridge St. L. Dealer 12/10/1895 Galeton Pa
5/5/1896 Smith, Jos. F. M W Smith, Frank Smith, Ida Washington St. Laborer 6/13/1895 Greenwood, Pa
5/5/1896 Smith, Marshall Gordon M W Smith, M. G. Smith, Ella 4th St. Minister 3/31/1896 Towanda
5/12/1896 Seebich, Chas Norman M W Seebich, Philip Seebich, Mary E. Main St. Wagon Maker 4/25/1896 614 Main St.
5/13/1896 Sherman, Hazel F W Sherman, Oly J. Sherman, Ella Ward Ave Salesman 12/16/1895 Towanda
  Shores, Icel Beatrice F W Shores, James Shores, Louella Towanda Laborer 2/22/1896 Towanda
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