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Ada May Holly 1886 - 1968
Althea Maude Holly 1889 - 1944
Emma Sophia Holly 1891 - 1910
Daughters of Mary Gates WOOD and James Nelson HOLLY
of Sullivan Township, Tioga County PA
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd Name of Child Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occupation/Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
11/24/1894 Swayze, Leon A. M W Swayze, A. Jr. Swayze, Jessie Columbia Salesman 8/15/1894 Columbia
11/30/1894 Strange, Harry Fowler M W Strange, Burt Strange, Sophia Columbia Farmer 6/4/1894 Columbia
12/5/1894 Sears, Ramand Edward M W Sears, Wm. E Sears, Lucy Columbia Agent 11/1/1894 Columbia
12/6/1894 Seemore, Helen F W Seemore, C. H. Seemore, Minnie Columbia Farmer 11/25/1894 Columbia
12/6/1894 Seeley, Lewis M W Seeley, Judd Seeley, Bessie Columbia Farmer 10/28/1894 Columbia
12/7/1894 Soper, Hazel F W Soper, Edron, L. Soper, Hettie Columbia Farmer 11/12/1894 Columbia
12/15/1894 Sickler, Beatrice F W Sickler, Joseph Sickler, May Belle Franklin Farmer 11/30/1894 Franklin
11/24/1894 Smith, Ida M. F W Smith, Willard Smith, Reckie Granville Farmer 9/28/1894 Granville
12/3/1894 Saxton, Edward N M W Saxton, Robert M. Saxton, Lora M. Granville Farmer 11/1/1894 Granville
12/15/1894 Struble, No Name M W Struble, John Struble, Sabrina Litchfield Farmer 12/9/1894 Litchfield
12/14/1894 Struble, Sanford A. M W Struble, Selum (?) Struble, Mary A. Litchfield Farmer 10/28/1894 Litchfield
12/5/1894 Sish, John M W Sish, John Sish, Mary Powell Laborer 11/10/1894 Powell
12/4/1894 Sick, Rose Anna F W Sick, William Sick, Catherine Overton Farmer 9/21/1894 Overton
12/5/1894 Snow, Hazel F W A.B. Snow Snow, Emma LeRaysville Farmer 6/11/1894 LeRaysville
12/4/1894 Stevens, Paul A. M W Stevens, Chas. Stevens, Emma B. Stevensville Farmer 9/13/1894 Stevensville
12/6/1894 Stevens, Blanch F W Stevens, G. W. Stevens, May Stevensville Farmer 5/26/1894 Stevensville
12/7/1894 Spaulding M W Spaulding, Jerry M. Spaulding, Ella S. Rome Farmer 10/13/1894 Rome
12/8/1894 Shepard, Ray M W Shepard, Charles Shepard, Lottie Spring St.Sayre Teamster 10/13/1894 Sayre
12/12/1894 Sargant, George M W Sargant, William Sargant, Anna Orchard St.Sayre Laborer 3/22/1894 Sayre
12/12/1894 Swartwood, Willie M W Swartwood, Chas. Swartwood, Bessie First St., Sayre Laborer 9/13/1894 Sayre
12/12/1894 Smith, Josie F W Smith, Jno. Smith, Carrie Cayuta St.Sayre Laborer 9/25/1894 Sayre
11/24/1894 Shipley, Mildred E. F W Shipley, Wallace E. Shipley, Bessie Sayre Boilermaker 6/25/1894 Sayre
12/8/1894 Springer, Robert Lee M W Springer, Charles A. Springer, Jane A. Sayre Engineer 4/15/1894 Sayre
11/30/1894 Seddon, Mary F W Seddon, Thomas Seddon, Mary Elmer Ave,Sayre Machinist 11/24/1894 Sayre
11/27/1894 Stevenson, Freda Fontine (?) F W Stevenson, Clayton Stevenson, Eliza Stevenson St. ?? 8/9/1894 Sayre
12/18/1894 Snyder, Laura M W Snyder, Burton E. Snyder, Mertie Sheshequin Farmer 11/21/1894 Sheshequin
12/5/1894 Strickand, Harold Warren M W Strickland, W. M. Strickland, Helen Smithfield Minister 9/6/1894 Smithfield
12/5/1894 Smith, Leroy Sheldon M W Smith, M. S. Smith, Susie O Smithfield Laborer 5/23/1894 Smithfield
12/7/1894 Spaulding, Wm. A. M W Spaulding, J. C. Spaulding, Lizzie Springfield Farmer 6/13/1894 Springfield
12/12/1894 Stacy, J (?) B. F W Stacy H. C. Stacy, Elminatte (?) Springfield Farmer 11/23/1894 Springfield
12/8/1894 Swackhamer, Edith M W Swackhamer, Evan Swackhamer, Maggie Standing Stone laborer 6/18/1894 Rummerfield
11/15/1894 Snell, Paul W. M W Snell, L. K. Snell, H. E. Terry twp. laborer 10/31/1894 Terry Twp
12/10/1894 Seymour, No Name M W Seymour M. H. Seymour, Alice Runzi, Terry Twp laborer 12/28/1894 Runzi, Terry Twp
11/21/1894 Sheehan, Stephen M W Sheehan, S. J. Sheehan, Anna Elizabeth St. none 6/12/1894  
12/3/1894 Scarf, Leonard Morris M W Scarf, George Scarf, Effie Mary 312 Pine St. Electrical Engr. 9/26/1894 Towanda
12/15/1894 Shores, Eunice F W Shores, Miles K. Shores, Flora 225 Fourth St. Laborer 10/17/1894 Towanda
12/4/1894 Smith, F L. M W Smith, Larry (?) Smith, Agness Towanda Twp. D.L. 8/30/1894 Towanda
11/19/1894 Shaw, Mildred Fredrica F W Shaw, F. H. Shaw, Clara Ulster Asst.Station Agt. 9/7/1894 Ulster 
11/21/1894 Sleeper, unnamed F W Sleeper, Fredrick A. Sleeper, Fannie Warren Farmer 11/6/1894 Warren
12/4/1894 Stalford, Elizabeth Pauline F W Stalford, W. O. Stalford, Aelia C. Wyalusing Lawyer 7/12/1894 Wyalusing
12/3/1894 Sill, Daisy F W Sill, George Sill, S. Myresburg Farmer 10/8/1894 Myresburg
12/4/1894 Seymour, Fredric M W Seymour, John J. Seymour, Pheba E. Wysox 2 Dis Farmer 7/28/1894 Wysox 2nd Dis
12/4/1894 Seymour, George M W Seymour, Wm. H. Seymour, Emma A. Wysox 2 Dis Laborer 8/28/1894 Wysox 2nd Dis
12/11/1894 Shores, Mary Winfield F W Shores, Mahlon W. Shores, Louisa Wysox 2 Dis Merchant 11/9/1894 Sulivan Boro
1894 Smith, Eva F W Smith, Frank Smith, Kate Carbon Laborer 10/21/1894 Carbon
1894 Sheridan, James M W Sheridan, Christopher Sheridan, Annie Fall Creek laborer 11/8/1894 Fall Creek
5/11/1895 Shultz  F W Shultz, Geo. Shultz, Minnie Albany Twp laborer 5/2/1895 Albany Twp
5/29/1895 Stiles, Mary J. F W Stiles, Milton D. Stiles, Mary G. Athens Travel Agent 3/4/1895 Athens
9/1/1895 Shannon, Maurice M W Shannon Patrick J.(?) Shannon, Carrie Athens Machinist 1/25/1895 Athens
9/1/1894 Sweet, Julian A M W Sweet, Ernest Sweet, Nellie Athens Clerk 6/18/1895 Athens
9/5/1894 Sawtelle, Murray M. M W Sawtelle, Martin H. Sawtelle, Janey S Athens Cashier 8/21/1895 Athens
5/13/1894 Snell, Julian A M W Snell, E. M. Line Got Missed
9/5/1895 Spellman, Elizabeth Ellen F W Spellman, Thos Spellman, Mary Athens laborer 6/2/1895 Athens
  Shaden, Leon Leslie M W Shaden, James Shaden, Millie Barclay Teamster 3/13/1895 Barclay
  Stone, Geo. Leslie M W Stone, Allison L. Stone, Laura Foot of Plane Laborer 4/10/1894 Foot of Plane
  Shultz, Jessie F W Shultz, Henry Shultz, Jessie Foot of Plane Laborer 5/21/1895 Foot of Plane
  Strope, James Henry M W Strope, William Strope, Emma Foot of Plane Laborer 5/22/1895 Foot of Plane
5/4/1895 Smith, Lloid M W Smith, C. E. Park, Lillie W. Burlington Smith 9/10/1894 Granville
6/8/1895 Stanton, Andrew J. M W Stanton, J. A. Guild, Vinnia W. Burlington Millman 9/11/1894 W. Burlington
6/8/1895 Stanton, James M W Stanton, James Guild, Vinnia W. Burlington Millman 9/11/1894 W. Burlington
5/20/1895 Strait, Laura M. F W Strait, S. J. Strait, Louise Canton Boro Laborer 5/15/1895 Canton
5/14/1895 Sterling, Ray Parson M W Sterling, Fred James Sterling, Nancy May Canton Boro Farmer 1/22/1895 Canton
5/20/1895 Seeley, Not named M W Seeley, James A. Seeley, Ida D. Canton Boro Farmer 5/6/1895 Canton
5/16/1895 Sebring, Harry M W Sebring, John Sebring, Hattie Grover Sawyer 5/19/1895 Grover
5/6/1895 Smith, Elivin Earl M W Smith, H. E. Smith, Ettie Snedekers Laborer 1/19/1895 Snedekers
5/20/1895 Shoemaker, Marion Helena F W Shoemaker, M. T Shoemaker, Mary Granville Farmer 6/22/1895 Granville
5/20/1895 Shoemaker, Not Named F W Shoemaker, Charles M. Shoemaker, Blanch Granville Farmer 5/14/1895 Granville
6/20/1895 Streeter, Orphia F W Streeter, Wm. Streeter, Clara Granville Carpenter 11/25/1895 Granville
6/20/1895 Santee, Rella (?) F W Santee, Elbere' (?) Santee, Ella Granville laborer 6/5/1895 Granville
1/22/1895 Squires, Mary Adeline F W Squires, Pemborke Squires, Margaret Ballbay (?) laborer 1/30/1865 Herrick Twp.
5/6/1895 Stone, Ezra Dillon M W Stone, Frank D. Stone, Annetta LeRoy Farmer 4/18/1895 LeRoy Twp.
5/14/1895 Salsbury, Infant F W Salsbury, Lawson Salsbury, Mary  Monroe Twp Miller 3/2/1895 Monroe Boro
5/8/1895 Shiner, Ruth Mercy F W Shiner, George Shiner, Hannah Monroe Twp Book Keeper 12/20/1894 Monroe 
5/6/1895 Shultz, Hattie Elizabeth F W Shultz, Geo. Shultz, Nancy May Northrup Hollow Farmer 1/8/1895 Monroe Twp.
5/7/1895 Shultz, Alexander M W Shultz, August Shultz, Christina Powell Laborer 3/2/1895 Monroe Twp.
5/7/1895 Sish, John M W Sish, John Sish, Mary Powell Laborer 11/3/1895 Monroe Twp.
5/23/1895 Smith, Walter M W Smith, Jessie Smith, Vesta LeRaysville Laborer 4/20/1895 LeRaysville
5/9/1895 Stevens, Wilis C. (?) M W Stevens, Geo Stevens, Ellen LeRaysville Laborer 3/14/1895 LeRaysville
5/7/1895 Stevens, Emma  F W Stevens, W. G. Owen, Eliza LeRaysville Farmer 4/5/1895 LeRaysville
5/7/1895 Spaulding, John R. M W Spaulding, Wm. Spaulding, Mary A. Rome Laborer 2/28/1895 Rome Twp
5/6/1895 Shuyer, Anna Martha (?) F W Shuyer, Horatio Shuyer, Eliza Sayre Laborer 5/1/1895 ? Berlin, NY (?)
5/7/1895 Stevens, Wesley H. M W Stevens, Harry Stevens, Susie Sayre Fireman 12/25/1895 Sayre
5/10/1895 Stevenson, William M W Stevenson, Wm A. Stevenson, Grace Merriam Sayre Dispatcher 4/8/1895 Sayre
5/6/1895 Surage ?, Richard M W Surage, John Surage, Kate Sayre Supervisor 11/25/1894  
5/7/1895 Smith, Paul M W Smith, Ed Smith, Gertrude Sayre Mechanic 3/22/1895 Sayre
5/14/1895 Snedicker, Jessie C. F W Snedicker, Clarence Snedicker, Allie (?) Sayre Laborer 12/17/1894 Sayre
5/15/1895 Stringle, Rachael F W     Spring St.Sayre Laborer 12/20/1894 ????
5/6/1895 Snell, Charles E M W Snell, Samuel E. Snell, Carrie Sheshequin Farmer 12/18/1894 Sheshequin
5/9/1895 Shores, Myron M W Shores, Oscar Shores, Emma Black Farmer 5/11/1895 Black
5/6/1895 Storch, M W Storch, J. H. Storch, Hannah Smithfield Farmer 4/30/1895 Smithfield
5/6/1895 Scrivins, Henry J M W Scrivens, Isaac Scrivins, Stella Smithfield Laborer 4/19/1895 Smithfield
5/6/1895 Stephens, J. Rex M W Stephens, D. R. Stephens, Anna M. Smithfield B???Maker 4/27/1895 Smithfield
8/10/1895 Sierancki ?, Joseph M W Sierancki?, Jewell? Sierancki?,Apolania? So. Waverly Tailor 8/3/1895 South Waverly
5/8/1895 Shuyler, Anice ? F W Shuyler, Norris Shuyler, Lizzie Standing Stone Laborer 3/13/1895 Standing Stone
5/8/1895 Schoonover, Hazel F W Schoonover, A.P. Schoonover, Jeanella Standing Stone Farmer 3/2/1895 Standing Stone
5/22/1895 Shafer, Ida F F W Shafer, I. ?. Shafer, Hannah Terry Twp. Laborer 4/21/1895 Terry Twp
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