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Edna Wilhelmina NASH 1902-1973
daughter of Maude BULLARD & Charlie NASH
Founded and ran Troy's Pennysaver for many years
Buried at Glenwood Cemetery in Troy
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd Name of Child Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occupation/Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
12/20/1893 Not named F W Sible, Henry R Sible, Sarah Wysox Watchman 12/17/1893 Wysox
12/9/1893 Karl D. Shiner M W Shiner, James Shiner, Mary Towanda Harness maker 8/19/1893 Towanda
12/9/1893 James Kellum Smith M W Smith, Steven H. Smith, Hellen C. Towanda Sawyer 10/3/1893 Towanda
12/9/1893 Harry M. Smith M W Smith, John A. Smith, Eliza Towanda Mechanic 10/31/1893 Towanda
12/18/1893 Helen Strange F W Strange, Thomas Strange, Katie N.Towanda Farmer 12/5/1893 N. Towanda
12/20/1893`   F W Streevey, Fred Streevey, Mary Liberty Corners Farmer 12/16/1893 Liberty Corners
12/5/1893 Sullivan, Leonard M W Sullivan, Wm. Sullivan, Mary 104 Lombard St Freight Agent 8/9/1893 Towanda
12/6/1893 Smith, Alta May F W Smith, George, M. Smith, Annie Gertrude 106 Charles St. Laborer 11/16/1893 Towanda
12/5/1893 Sumner, Charles Raymond M W Sumner, C. J. Sumner, Alice O. New Albany Merchant 8/112/1893 New Albany
12/7/1893 Stull, Jennie F W Stull, F. S. Stull, Edith Grover Farmer 11/7/1893 Grover
12/7/1893 Shults, Crystal I. F W Shults, Henry Shults, Jessie M. Monroe Twp. Laborer 8/19/1893 Monroe Twp
12/7/1893 Smith, Grace F W Smith, Maholen O. Smith, Hattie LeRoy Laborer 10/1/1893 LeRoy
12/11/1893 Sherman, Ethel F W Sherman, Chas. J. Sherman, Ella Albany Twp Farmer 7/26/1893 Albany Twp
11/29/1893 Sheeler, Mertie Mariah F W Sheeler, Walter Sheeler, Lucy Ulster laborer 10/31/1893 Ulster Twp
12/4/1893 Storch, Henry M W Storch, J. P. Storch, Carie M Springfield Farmer 9/11/1893 Springfield
12/12/1893 Smith, Daisy F W Smith, George, M. Smith, Mary Union Street Wagon Maker 7/26/1893 Canton
12/4/1893 Stedge, Harold M W Stedge, Jessie Stedge, Zoa Chestnut St. Brakeman 9/13/1893 Sayre
12/5/1893 Sutton, Pearl . F W Sutton Archibald Sutton, Jennie S. Olive St. Brakeman 9/15/1893 Sayre
12/6/1893 Stevens, Ray M W Stevens, Harry Stevens, Susie Thomas Ave. Fireman 10/31/1893 Sayre
12/7/1893 Simcoe, Charles H. M W Simcoe, John P. Simcoe, Sarah A. Wilawania Farmer 9/4/1893 Wilawana
12/8/1893 Springer, Stanley M W Springer, Delbert Springer, May S.Waverly Laborer 11/21/1893 S. Waverly
12/5/1893 Schrader, Maud L. F W Schrader, B. R.  Schrader, Susie M. Franklin Laborer 12/6/1893 Weston
12/6/1893 Smith, Grover M W Smith, H. P. Smith, Effie W. Franklin Farmer 10/4/1893 Franklin
12/9/1893   F W Straight, E.B. Straight, Justie Sylvania Farmer 11/11/1893 Sylvania
12/7/1893 Sayles, Archie M. W Sayles, Willis D. Sayles, Flora A. East Troy Commercial 10/10/1893 East Troy
12/7/1893 Smith F W Smith, Set.S. Smith, Lydia Laceyville Farmer 8/1/1893 Laceyville
12/20/1893 Sturdevant, Florence F W Sturdevant, Harry Sturdevant, Emma Clapper Hill Farmer 7/27/1893 Clapper Hill
12/20/1893 Shumway F W Shumway, Manville Shumway, Gertie Spring Hill Farmer 6/29/1893 Spring Hill
12/20/1893 Snyder, Floyd M W Snyder, Nicholas D. Snyder, Seila  Spring Hill Farmer 10/1/1893 Spring Hill
12/20/1893 Nameless M W Sumner, Gilbert G. Sumner, Bertha Spring Hill Farmer 12/10/1893 Spring Hill
12/5/1893 Stafford, Rosa R. F W Stafford, Walter Stafford, Kate Smithfield laborer 6/5/1893 Smithfield
12/6/1893 Stoneman, Wm. S. M. W Stoneman, Thos Stoneman, Burnice Asylum Farmer 8/9/1893 Asylum
12/1/1893 Shoemaker, Maude L. F W Shoemaker, Charles M. Shoemaker, Blanche Granville Farmer 10/11/1893 Granville
12/6/1893 Simons, Grant M W Simons, Jas. Edwin Simons, Fanny Wysox Twp. Farmer 8/7/1893 Wysox Twp
12/5/1893 Shell, Leonard A. M W Shell, Thomas Eugene Shell, Mary O. Long St. Boilermaker 9/8/1893 Long Street
12/4/1893 Schulze, Ethel F W Schulze, William Schulze, Effee Rienzi laborer 9/9/1893 Rienzi, Terry Twp.
12/5/1893 Saffron, Alfred Stanton M W Saffron, Eugene Saffron, Augusta New Era laborer 11/16/1893 New Era
12/4/1893 Strope, Bertha F W Strope, Adolphus Strope, Cora Burlington laborer 6/30/1893 Burlington Twp
12/9/1893 Soper, Nellie Arabell F W Soper, Ulysses G. Soper, Charlotte Burlington Farmer 6/24/1893 Burlington Twp
12/21/1893 Strope  M W Strope, Alfred Strope, Cassie Burlington Laborer 11/25/1893 Burlington Twp
1/2/1894 Sleeper, Bernie M W Sleeper, Robert F. Elizabeth Warren Farmer 12/11/1893 Warren
1/4/1894 Smith, Mabel F W Smith, Jesse Vesta Warren Farmer 8/30/1893 Warren
5/8/1894 Sands, Mary F W Sands, E. J. Sands, Anna Albany Twp Farmer 4/2/1894 Albany Twp
5/22/1894 Smith, Daisy F W Smith, Floyd Smith, Susie Macedonia Farmer 3/8/1894 Macedonia
5/15/1894 Stroud, Henry M W Stroud, George Stroud, Rebecca Athens Machinist 1/19/1894 Athens
5/17/1894 Struble, Bertha May F W Struble, Willis Struble, Rose Dell Willow 47 laborer 4/14/1894 Athens
5/25/1894 Smith, Frank Riganal M W Smith, Morris F. Smith, Leaura Lehigh Ave Brakeman 4/8/1894 Athens
5/7/1894 Stevens, Robt. M W Stevens, Wm. J. Stevens Mary Tannery House laborer 3/12/1894 Tannery House
5/10/1894 Spencer, Anna Louise F W Spencer, Frank H. Spencer, Nettie Plummer farm laborer 4/22/1894 Plummer farm house
9/1/1894 Spence, Thomas M W Spence, Alexander Spence, Lena Long Valley Miner 8/27/1894 Long Valley
9/1/1894 Sascon, Elwyn M W Sascon, Samuel Sascon, Stella Foot of Plane Teamster 4/11/1894 Foot of Plane
5/17/1894 Swain, Erma A. F W Swain, C.F. Swain, Josie W. Burlington Farmer 2/5/1894 Swain farm
5/8/1894 Seeley, George William M W Seeley, James Arnold Seeley, Ida Canton Farmer 4/12/1894 Canton
5/14/1894 Shaw, Archie M W Shaw, Elmer Shaw, Florence Columbia Farmer 1/11/1894 Columbia
5/15/1894   F W Smith, L. F. Smith, Julia R. Columbia Farmer 5/11/1894 Columbia
5/12/1894 Smiley, Josie F W Smiley, Jay Smiley, Blanche Franklin Farmer 2/8/1894 Franklin
5/9/1894 Shultz, Ida F W Shultz, S. G. Shultz, Jennie Schrader Br. Farmer 2/10/1894 Monroe Twp
7/17/1894 Smith, David Vane M W Smith C.C. Smith, Emma Powell Merchant 5/28/1894 Clearfield, Pa
5/7/1894 Straw, Silas Chester M W Straw, Frank U. Straw, Rosella A. Monroe Twp. Laborer 2/3/1894 Monroe Twp
5/7/1894 Stedwell, Merton R. M W Stedwell, E. B. Stedwell, Marion E. Neath Blacksmith 3/13/1894 Neath
5/9/1894 Shiffer, Marion Florence F W Shiffer, H. N. Shiffer, Ada May   Farmer 4/1/1894  
5/9/1894 Smith, Charles Ervin M W Smith, M. D. Smith, Clara B. Ridgebury Farmer 2/2/1894 Ridgebury
  Sullivan, Johanna F W Sullivan, Timothy Sullivan, Kate Ridgebury Farmer 2/5/1894 Ridgebury
5/14/1894 Not named F W Strope, Ezra B. Strope, Agnes Rome Farmer 3/12/1894 Rome
5/16/1894 Sopher, William John M W Sopher, Wm. W. Sopher, Leaura C. Sayre Switchman 5/2/1894 Sayre
5/14/1894 Springer, Robert L. M W Springer, Charles A. Springer, Jane A. Sayre Engineer 4/15/1894 Sayre
5/15/1894 Shores, Willie M F W Shores, H. J. Shores, Cynthia Sheshequin Farmer 1/20/1894 Sheshequin
  Schlosser, Ruey E. F W Schlosser, Henry Carie Sheshequin Stone cutter 2/10/1894 Sheshequin
5/9/1894 Sheehe, Jerry M W Sheehe, Joseph Sheehe, Maggie Smithfield Farmer 1/10/1894 Smithfield
5/11/1894 Swackhammer, Rodney M W Swackhammer, Jesse Swackhammer, Lena Rummerfield Farmer 4/21/1894 Rummerfield
5/14/1894 Smith, Dosie May F W Smith, Maynard Smith, Debbie Beaver Pond laborer 12/22/1893 Terry Twp
5/18/1894 Smith, Howard M W Smith, Corington F. Smith, Ray 700 Bridge St. Printer 3/13/1894 Towanda
9/6/1894 Smith, Eleanor Scott F W Smith, Edward L. Smith, Mildred 318 State St. Merchant 1/14/1894 Towanda
5/4/1894 Smith, Mildred Isabella F W Smith, Alva Smith Isabela 863 York Ave. Furniture dealer 3/15/1894 Towanda
5/4/1894 Skiff, Frederick Samuel M W Skiff, Frederick Skiff, Ellen 13 W. River St. Conductor 5/4/1894 Towanda
  Infant M W Steel (?), Chas Steel, Elora   Stage driver 4/22/  
5/8/1894 Soper, Blanche L. F W Soper, John E. Soper, Mary Ulster Blacksmith 4/26/1894 Ulster 
5/17/1894 Steenburg, Lulu F W Steenburg, Fred Steenburg, Mary Warren Farmer 4/17/1894 Warren
5/7/1894   F W Stoderd, Joseph Stodard, Orphia M. Wilmot Farmer 5/16/1894 Wilmot
5/2/1894 Infant M W Stalford, Frank Stalford, Rosa Wilmot Farmer 1894 Wilmot
5/10/1894 Smith, Iona W. F W Smith, Joseph W. Smith, Emma Windham Farmer 3/27/1894 Windham
5/9/1894 Stevens, Benj. Cornell M W Stevens, John H. Stevens, Estella Merryall Farmer 1/3/1894 Merryall
5/10/1894 Sigler, Blaine M W Sigler, Stanton Sigler, Bertha Wyalusing Miller 3/19/1894 Wyalusing
5/18/1894 Schoonover, Ruth Emily F W Schoonover, Earl  Schoonover, Eliza Jane Wysox Laborer 1/14/1894 Wysox 2nd Dis
5/6/1894 Seiber, Margaret Pauline F W Seiber, Paul H. Seiber, Bertha A. Wysox 2nd D Farmer 6/18/1894 Wysox 2nd Dis
11/12/1894 Schmeckenbecker F W Schmeckenbecker,Wm Schmeckenbecker,Laura Albany Twp. Farmer 9/23/1894 New Albany
11/28/1894 Smith, Stephen Macy M W Smith, A. D. Smith, Bell Armenia Twp. Farmer 8/22/1894 Canton Twp.
12/5/1894 Schrier, Louis C. M W Schrier, Frank Schrier, Luella Athens Cigar Maker 11/28/1894 Athens
12/5/1894 Seely, Hazle May F W Seely, William Seely, Anna J. Wilawana Farmer 11/5/1894 Wilawana
11/26/1894 Spencer, Theron E. M W Spencer, Nelson D. Spencer, Mame Burlington Twp Farmer 9/11/1894 Burlington Twp
12/18/1894 Slater, Mary F W Slater, George E. Slater, Belle Burlington Twp Farmer 11/14/1894 Burlington Twp
12/20/1894 Strope, Wallace M W Strope, Clarence D. Strope, Sarah Burlington Twp Farmer 12/10/1894 Burlington Twp
12/28/1894 Strope, Earl M W Strope, Norman Strope, Laura Burlington Twp Farmer 8/26/1894 Burlington Twp
12/5/1894 Stalte (?) Mable M. F W Stalte, James Stalte, Ida Windfall   1/21/1894 Burlington Twp
12/6/1894 Selleck, Herman I. M W Selleck, E. J. Selleck, Lovnan West Burlington Farmer 10/29/1894 Fairview
12/8/1894 Shannon, Michael N. M W Shannon, William M. Shannon, Nellie Troy St. Clerk 7/6/1894 Canton Boro
12/8/1894 Stephison, Ethal J. F W Stephison, Lou Stephison, Edith Grover Laborer 10/20/1894 Grover
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