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l-r    Mildred N. Hall b. 13 Mar 1907 at Monroe,Pa        d. 5 dep 1987  Caldwell, Idaho
       Roy Nile Hall   b. 6 Apr 1903    at Towanda, Pa   d. 21 Feb 1986  Nampa, Idaho
       Alfred C. Hall  b. 19 Feb 1903    at Towanda, Pa  d.  14 Aug 1963  Boise, Idaho 
Their parents were Charles Raymond and Blanche Compton Hall
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd Surname Name of Child Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occ./Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
5/10/1895 Ryan Hallie Belle (?) F W James L. Matilda Rome Laborer 2/9/1895 Rome Twp
6/12/1895 Rockwell Mable F W A. L. Mary Springfield Farmer 12/15/1894 Springfield
6/10/1895 Rouse James M W Marlin Margaret Terry Twp. Farmer 3/15/1895 Terry Twp.
5/16/1895 Rockwell Elizabeth Clara F W M. Clark Hattie Cor. Bridge St. Machinist 2/26/1895 Towanda
5/24/1895 Ronan Alice  F W William Margaret 31 Machanic St. Mason 2/16/1895 Towanda
5/10/1895 Rowe Harold Effend(?) M W Birt Christana Milan Laborer 10/21/1895 Milan
5/10/1895 Richmond Lee D. M W Sperry Sarah Windham Farmer 12/21/1894 Windham
5/7/1895 Robinson Maud  F W Edward A. Edie Mercur Farmer 4/27/1895 Mercur
6/24/1895 Ross Leon R. M W Charles B. Ida V. Wysox 2nd Dist. ??? 2/26/1895 Wysox 2 Dist.
5/6/1895 Rexford Marion Anna F W Bert D. Clara Armenia  Farmer 4/22/1895 Armenia Twp
12/2/1895 Rennells Inez Muriel F W Charles Estella Elosa Armenia Farmer 10/5/1895 Armenia Twp
12/25/1895 Rothloff William M W Mike Anna Spruce St. Laborer 7/22/1895 Athens Boro
12/2/1895 Ridgway Albert M W Robert Susie Walnut St. Brakeman 1/9/1895 Athens Boro
12/2/1895 Randall Marion F W John E. Rose Athens Twp Laborer 7/18/1895 Home of Parents
12/5/1895 Ross Sarah H. F W Devellum Nellie  Burlington Twp. Farmer 5/26/1895 Burlington Twp
11/23/1895 Ryan John F. M W Michael J. Margaret W. Union St. Laborer 10/25/1895 Canton Boro
11/23/1895 Ronan William J. M W P. J. Margaret Carson St. Merchant 11/29/1895 Canton Boro
12/6/1895 Rockwell Laura F W Elisha  Malina Canton Carpenter 10/12/1895 Canton 
12/5/1895 Rockwell Iva Rena F W James  Anna Franklin Farmer 10/30/1895 Franklin Twp
12/11/1895 Rogers George E. M W George D. Hattie F. Litchfield Farmer 8/20/1895 Litchfield
11/28/1895 Rogers Rexford L. M W Jay Augusta Litchfield Farmer 8/4/1895 Litchfield
12/3/1895 Robbins Not Named F W Orin G. May Monroe Farmer 8/4/1895 Monroe Twp
12/3/1895 Ridgway Not Named M W Geo. W. Mattie Rome Twp Farmer 11/26/1895 Rome Twp
12/10/1895 Ruch Eugene Ward M W George Sarah Sayre Machinist 10/24/1895 Sayre
11/12/1895 Rutledge Harmon N. M W Geo. W. Sarah E. Sayre Boiler Maker 9/19/1895 Sayre
11/13/1895 Rodgers Walter M W Ferdinand Maggie Sayre Laborer 7/10/1895 Sayre
  Ragan Margaret F W Richard Margaret Smithfield Farmer 8/6/1895 Smithfield
Dec. 1895 Roof Nalmia (?) F W William  Jennie Standing Stone Laborer 8/13/1895 Standing Stone Twp.
12/2/1895 Robinson Frank M W Burton Mary Terrytown Laborer 9/18/1895 Terrytown
12/2/1895 Randall Walter Scarf M W Casper Mame New Era Carpenter 9/11/1895 New Era
12/5/1895 Richart Robert M W Sherman Bernice Cor.River St.&Chestnut Tel.operator 9/29/1895 Towanda
11/28/1895 Rundell Mary F W W. A. Mary N. Towanda Farmer 11/6/1895 N. Towanda
12/9/1895 Ring Leo Emily M W Daniel F. Ellen Warren Farmer 7/14/1895 Warren
12/10/1895 Russell Not Named M W Austin H. Nellie M. Windham School Teacher 11/25/1895 Windham
5/14/1895 Ruff Willie Bunnel M W George Dora M. Marsh St. Laborer 1/27/1895 Wyalusing
9/2/1896 Reynold Hazel M. F W Frank Electa Willow Laborer 9/23/1895 Willow St.
5/19/1896 Ross Andrew Lewis M W Clarence Ruth Athens Twp Laborer 2/17/1896 Athens 
5/4/1896 Reynold Perlie M W Charles S. Mary  Road to Barton Laborer 3/20/1896 Home of Parents
5/11/1896 Rundell Jesse Lorenzo M W David  McKean, Lettie W. Burlington Farmer 10/28/1895 W. Burlington
Dec. 1895 Rogers Cyril J. M W Harry Adda Sullivan St. Laborer 12/8/1895 Canton Boro
9/3/1896 Randall Helen J. F W A. W. Adda Carlton St. Laborer 8/19/1896 Canton Boro
5/16/1896 Raisch Jarius Paul M W Carl Mertie Canton Laborer 3/31/1896 Canton
5/25/1896 Ryan Not Named F W James Mary Grover Farmer 2/27/1896 Grover
5/5/1896 Riggs Fred M W George Bertha Windfall Merchant March. 13 Windfall
7/8/1896 Rogers James Victor M W A. L. Charlote L. Litchfield Farmer 4/22/1896 Litchfield
7/8/1896 Randolph Koral B.   W James Florence B. Litchfield Farmer 2/25/1896 Rome Twp
7/10/1896 Russell Frank C. M W Fred M. Prudence H. Litchfield Farmer 12/20/1895 Litchfield
9/2/1896 Robinson Carlisle Vane M W Henry Mable Monroe Boro Laborer 8/12/1896 Monroe Boro
9/2/1896 Rundall Eva F W Fred Monta May Monroe Boro Laborer 8/21/1896 Monroe Boro
6/1/1896 Robb  Earl M W A. L. Maud Overton Laborer 2/28/1896 Overton
5/18/1896 Reynolds Gertrude M. F W A. J. Scott, Julia A. Bently Creek Laborer 2/13/1896 Bently Creek
5/20/1896 Raisdon Julia F W Daniel  Crowly, Mary Ridgebury Farmer 11/3/1895 Ridgebury
5/9/1896 Rifenburg Sumner M W Frank M. Emma Rome Twp. Farmer 3/30/1896 Rome Twp
5/13/1896 Rice Paul Emery M W Mauris Ellen Catharine Sayre Laborer 3/2/1896 Sayre
5/12/1896 Rousher Seebina F W Anthony Maggie Sayre Boiler Maker 9/28/1895 Sayre
5/15/1896 Russel  Ione A. F W Delbert Mabel Sayre Brakeman 4/17/1896 Sayre
5/12/1896 Reinhart Harry M W Howard Hattie Terry Twp. Farmer 1/8/1896 Terry Twp.
12/22/1896 Rowe Cecil V. F W Frank H. Ida Ward Ave Laborer 10/27/1896 Towanda
  Robinson Not Named F W Granville Maggie Pratt Ave Laborer 5/20/1896 Towanda
5/16/1896 Rolfe Lottie F W P. E. Lewella Towanda Twp Farmer 1/26/1896 S. Towanda
5/16/1896 Rolfe Lilly F W P. E. Lewella Towanda Twp Farmer 1/26/1896 S. Towanda
6/9/1896 Rockwell Thomas M W Darwin Marget N. Towanda Laborer 1/20/1896 N. Towanda
6/14/1896 Rutty Leo M W John Kate N. Towanda Carpenter 4/3/1896 N. Towanda
  Rockwell Cora F W Delos Ida Troy Twp Farm Laborer 3/29/1896 Troy Twp.
5/27/1896 Ruger Ina F W Roy Verna Tuscarora Farmer 1/4/1896 Tuscarora
5/7/1896 Renolds Melona F W M. M. Sadie Windham Farmer 11/20/1895 Windham
5/16/1896 Repsher Jennie F W Phurman Mary Ann Quicks Bend Stone cutter 3/24/1896 Quicks Bend
5/17/1896 Ross Maggie F W George Julia Sciotavale Farmer 3/6/1896 Sciotavale
9/3/1896 Rouse Francis Xavier M W John Anna Cummiskey Farmer 4/16/1896 Cummiskey
12/7/1896 Robinson Maud  F W Geo Jessie Albany Twp Farmer 10/17/1896 Albany Twp
12/2/1896 Rogers Howell Perl F W Darwin M. Mary Jane Armenia Twp Farmer 8/21/1896 Armenia Twp
12/2/1896 Rexford Merit Edwin M W B. D. Clara Armenia Twp Farmer 7/22/1896 Armenia Twp
12/1/1896 Reiss Gertrude  F W Jacob Margret Athens  Carriage Maker 8/29/1896 Athens
12/10/1896 Russell Lettie V. F W A. L. Anna Athens  Laborer 6/26/1896 Athens
12/12/1896 Reynolds Harry E. M W Charles H. Ida Burlington Twp. Laborer 7/31/1896 Burlington Twp
11/24/1896 Rockwell Harriet F W Irvine Vannoy, Nellie W. Burlington Farmer 8/2/1896 W. Burlington
11/24/1896 Rockwell Lila F W Willard H. Minnie W. Burlington Farmer 5/22/1896 W. Burlington
11/24/1896 Rose Edward M W Frank Lucy County House Laborer 4/21/1896 County House
12/8/1896 Rockwell Laurance O. M W Gorden Mary S. W. Burlington Farmer 11/14/1896 W. Burlington
12/7/1896 Rathbun Dean M W A. J. Annie Grover Merchant 7/21/1896 Grover
12/7/1896 Rockwell Daisy F W Clyde Minnie Franklin Farmer 5/30/1896 Franklin Twp
12/5/1896 Raught Lizzie F W Hiram Martin Amanda Stony Pt. St. Farmer 11/2/1896 Herrick Twp
9/2/1896 Robinson Carlisle Vane M W Henry Mabel Monroe Boro Laborer 8/12/1896 Monroe Boro
9/2/1896 Rundell Eva Lucy F W Fred E. Monta May Monroe Boro Laborer 8/21/1896 Monroe Boro
12/9/1896 Robbison Ethel M. F W Cecil N. Alzada Liberty Corners Farmer 11/25/1896 Liberty Corners
12/10/1896 Rundell Ralph Francis M W William Julia E. Monroe Twp Farmer 6/26/1896 Monroe Twp
  Rynell Anna Bernetta F W Thomas H. Mary A. Sayre Brakeman 6/20/1896 Sayre
12/12/1896 Roucher Sebena F W Anthony Maggie Elmer Ave Boiler Maker 8/29/1895 Elmira, N.Y.
12/11/1896 Ritz Freda F W Geo.  Annie Elmer Ave Boiler Maker 11/29/1896 Sayre
  Russell Helen A. F W Charles Mary A. Spring St. Brakeman 9/5/1896 Sayre
12/15/1896 Robinson Not Named M W James Rose Smithfield Laborer 12/4/1896 Smithfield
12/10/1896 Roof Not Named F W Samuel Ella Standing Stone Farmer 11/19/1896 Standing Stone Twp.
12/9/1896 Roof Not Named M W John Ida Standing Stone Laborer 11/29/1896 Standing Stone Twp.
11/17/1896 Richards Agnes Estella M W Geo. B. Anna New Era Farmer 10/21/1896 New Era
12/7/1896 Robinson William Isaac M W Daniel Thompson, Marta A. 124 Ward Ave. Laborer 8/7/1896 Towanda
11/30/1896 Rosencrance Geo. M W Geo. Bessie Tuscarora Farmer 10/28/1896 Tuscarora
12/4/1896 Ring Paul Henry M W Jerry Margaret Warren Farmer 8/30/1896 Warren
12/7/1896 Robinson John F. M W Lorren P. Mary Wysox 2nd Dist Laborer 9/3/1896 Monroeton
12/14/1896 Robertson Edna F W Frank Edna Wells Farmer 6/9/1896 Wells
5/12/1897 Robbins William K. M W Orrin G. May Liberty Corners Farmer 12/19/1896 Liberty Corners
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