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Bradford County PA Birth Records 1893-1901
Bradford County PA
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Minnie Julia BOLT
Born July 18, 1909, Fairview, Bradford County, PA.
Died May 16, 1990, Arnot Ogden Medical Center, Elmira, Chemung County, NY.
Buried Job's Corners Cemetery, Tioga County, PA.
Parents were Fremont & Alice BARRETT Bolt.
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd Surname Name of Child Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occ./Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
12/12/1893 Quigley Georgiana F W Henry D. Mary Rome Farmer 9/5/1893 Rome
5/18/1897 Quick Dorothy F W     Quicks Bend   2/14/1897 Scranton
5/3/1898 Quimby Neal Dow M W E. A. Cecelia LeRaysville Preacher 12/10/1897 LeRaysville
12/8/1898 Quick Sarah Miranda F W Victor A. Martha J. South Branch Farmer 11/15/1898 South Branch
5/9/1899 Quigley Not Named F W Edward Anna Main St. L. Dealer 3/27/1899 Towanda
5/10/1901 Quigley Ellen F W Edward Anna Main St. Dealer 9/29/1900 Towanda
Date of Rcd Surname Name of Child Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occ./Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
12/9/1893 Romack Neil Gervase M W John M. Imogene Monroe Twp Clerk 7/16/1893 Roanok, Va
12/4/1893 Ross Not Named M W W. S. Matilda Merryall  Carpenter 11/24/1893 Merryall
12/7/1893 Rockwell Not Named F W Edgar W. Lizzie M. Rome School Teacher 8/7/1893 Rome
12/12/1893 Russell Mildred Elizabeth F W Geo. N. Ella N. Rome Farmer 9/17/1893 Rome
12/11/1893 Rhodes Not Named M W Harry Cora Albany Twp Farmer 11/23/1893 Albany Twp
12/11/1893 Robinson Not Named F W Gabriel Cora Albany Twp Farmer 8/25/1893 Albany Twp
12/4/1893 Rundall Fay M W D. M. Lettie O. West Burlington Farmer 10/14/1893 W. Burlington
12/12/1893 Rockwell Mildred  F W G. A. Frankie West Burlington Farmer 9/8/1893 Rockwell Farm
12/9/1893 Rockwell Perry M W A. S. Mame Springfield Farmer 10/9/1893 Springfield
12/12/1893 Ronan John Vincent M W John W. Catherine F. Washington St. Marble Cutter 7/15/1893 Canton Boro
12/12/1893 Ronk Kitty May F W Frank Gay Troy St. Laborer 7/20/1893 Canton Boro
12/12/1893 Rundell Frank M W Mahlon E. Adah Lycoming St. Laborer 12/1/1893 Canton Boro
12/4/1893 Reynolds Harry Lynn M W Harry Elliott Lena Bell Canton Farmer 11/24/1893 Canton 
12/16/1893 Repp Ruth F W Joseph Ruth Spring St. Fireman 7/2/1893 Sayre
12/8/1893 Rice Maud Elizabeth F W Morris Ellen Elmer Ave Butcher 8/10/1893 Sayre
12/5/1893 Rockwell Mildred F W Albert Augusta Franklin Farmer 6/29/1893 Franklin
12/1/1893 Rockwell Dudley Dean M W J. C. Josie Granville Carpenter 6/14/1893 Granville
12/5/1893 Rolls Lloyd Philip M W Everetta B. Ida May Taylor St. Laborer 6/9/1893 Taylor St.
12/6/1893 Rolfe Nettie F W P. E. Louise Clarra Thompson Brakeman 6/13/1893 Towanda Twp
12/7/1893 Robinson Hilldred J. F W James Rosa George Scovell Farmer 10/6/1893 Towanda Twp
12/9/1893 Robinson Leland M W W. D. Minnie  Main St. 226 Prof. H. School 6/12/1893 Athens
12/11/1893 Robertson Florence G. F W F. C. Josie Orwell Farmer 8/9/1893 Orwell
1/4/1894 Reading Iva Florence F W William Lena Bell Warren Farmer 10/9/1893 Warren
1/8/1894 Russell Goldia Alva M W George W. Jennie Warren Farmer 7/5/1893 Warren
5/10/1894 Robinson Joseph Abraham M W Horace Clarra Armenia Twp Laborer 4/17/1894 Armenia Twp
5/15/1894 Reaves Not Named F W Chas. Mary E. Elmira St. 114 Upholstering 12/25/1893 Athens
5/7/1894 Ragan Richard M W Michael Mary  Athens Twp Farmer 2/6/1894 Athens Twp.
5/19/1894 Rubert Leon L. M W Aden M. Esther C. Burlington Twp Farmer 3/8/1893 Burlington Twp
5/25/1894 Russell Allie W. F W Merritt D. Emma Burlington Twp Laborer 3/25/1894 Burlington Twp
5/25/1894 Russell Jesse M W Warren N. Hattie Burlington Twp Farmer 4/22/1894 Burlington Twp
6/1/1894 Rockwell Cora Alene F W G. F. M. S. West Burlington Farmer 4/12/1894 W. Burlington
5/7/1894 Rockwell John Edward M W Dela Lida LeRoy Laborer 12/28/1894 Carbon Run, LeRoy
9/7/1897 Rogers Not Named M W Samuel Luella Litchfield Farmer 1/20/1894 Litchfield
5/18/1897 Russell Henry M W A. H. Nellie M. Orwell Carpenter 12/24/1893 Orwell
5/8/1897 Rowe Not Named M W Walter V. Lizzie  Rome Laborer 3/10/1894 Rome
5/12/1897 Reynolds Not Named M W Leman L. Julia V. Rome Laborer 5/1/1894 Rome
5/12/1894 Russell Not Named F W Allen Annie Rome Laborer 4/22/1894 Rome
5/14/1894 Russell Roe W. M W U. G. Minnie R. Rome Farmer 2/2/1894 Rome
5/10/1894 Ryder Lula F W Jep Leida Sayre Switchman 4/26/1894 Sayre
5/15/1894 Romberger Alice Irene F W John Maud Sayre Fireman 1/1/1894 Waverly, N.Y.
5/12/1894 Rolfe Leon  M W Chas. Dora Sayre Laborer 3/17/1894 Sayre
5/15/1894 Rynders Mary F W Charles Carrie Sheshequin Manufacturer 2/13/1894 Sheshequin
8/18/1894 Russell Gorden LeRoy M W John Lucy Rienzie Laborer 5/23/1894 Rienzie
8/'31/1894 Randall Milo M W Amos W. Emma I. New Era Farmer 8/1/1894 New Era
8/31/1894 Randall Orlo M W Amos W. Emma I. New Era Farmer 8/1/1894 New Era
5/9/1894 Rockwell Charles W. M W Charles Della Towanda Laborer 5/3/1894 Towanda 
5/15/1894 Rolls Not Named M W Fred Emma Towanda Twp. Sawyer 4/6/1894 Towanda Twp
9/1/1894 Rutty John Jr. M W John Kate N. Towanda Laborer 3/20/1894 N. Towanda
  Rockwell Not Named F W C. P. Lottie   Laborer 4/23/1894  
  Robinson Not Named M W       Miller 8/28/1894  
  Richardson Not Named F W William   Mechanic 4/22/1894  
5/8/1894 Ross Letha Myrtle F W Geo. E. Edith Ulster Farmer 11/6/1893 Ulster
5/22/1894 Rogers Mary F W W. H. Sophrona Warren Farmer 1/21/1894 Warren
5/14/1894 Rockefeller Myrtle F W John R. Flora E. Windham Farmer 2/10/1894 Windham
9/10/1894 Ruff Not Named F W Alfred Minnie R. Senate St. Agent 6/27/1894 Wyalusing
11/9/1894 Rogers Jessie S. M W Lilas Emma Albany Twp Farmer 7/16/1894 Evergreen
12/4/1894 Rosengrant Earl M W J. D. Carrie Burlington Boro Blacksmith 10/30/1894 Burlington Boro
12/5/1894 Rose Thomas M W Frank Lucy Springhill   11/10/1894 Burlington
12/6/1894 Rockwell Marry E. F W W. H. Minnie W. Burlington Farmer 3/28/1894 W. Burlington
12/21/1894 Ross Lulian F W S. J. Catharine Center St. Clerk 7/18/1894 Canton Boro
  Randall Ida L. F W A. W. Ada  Carlton St. Laborer 9/20/1894 Canton Boro
  Rogers Sarah Agnes F W C. F. Mary Main St.  Furnature Dealer 12/31/1893 Canton Boro
11/24/1894 Rice Stewart M W J. B. Julia  Columbia Farmer 8/18/1893 Columbia
12/15/1894 Rogers Inez F W George E. Mellissa Franklin Farmer 4/7/1894 Franklin
12/4/1894 Robinson Lerne M W Elisha U. Livia Granville Farmer 6/20/1894 Granville
12/5/1894 Reinhart Not Named M W F. W. Cora Herrick Twp Merchant 11/14/1894 Herrick Twp
12/18/1894 Rogers Purl M W Taylor Orpha D. Litchfield Farmer 11/3/1894 Litchfield
12/13/1894 Robinson Mildred Beatrice F W L. P. Mary L. Orwell Farmer 7/4/1894 Orwell
12/4/1894 Ryan Harry M W J. J. Mary Garden St., Sayre Laborer 1/19/1894 Sayre
12/12/1894 Robinson Laurance M W Fred Alma First St., Sayre Laborer 10/12/1894 Sayre
12/10/1894 Rounds Nina F W Geo. S. Edith Sayre Conductor 10/5/1894 Sayre
12/15/1894 Rogers Snyder M W No Father Rogers, Bertha Sheshequin Farmer 8/29/1894 Sheshequin
5/19/1898 Rockwell Hilton M W Wesley Wilma Troy Twp Farmer 10/19/1894 W. Burlington
12/10/1894 Robinson Nina Louise F W Charles Ella N. Smithfield Farmer 10/15/1894 Smithfield
12/7/1894 Robbins Carl M W A. R. Mary Springfield Farmer 11/8/1894 Springfield
12/6/1894 Roof Roy M W Charles Maria Standing Stone Farmer 2/9/1894 West Valley
11/15/1894 Race Lama Mable F W Geo. Myrtle Terry Twp. Laborer 8/27/1894 Terry Twp.
11/23/1894 Rogers Theressa F W Charles Augustus Terry Twp. Farmer 9/25/1894 Terry Twp.
12/5/1894 Rosinfield Not Named M W Frank Edith Towanda Twp. Clerk 12/3/1894 Towanda
12/4/1894 Rathbun Geo. J. M W R. A. Mary E. Troy Farmer 5/16/1894 E. Troy
Dec. 1894 Rought Ruth M W Leonard Sarah Tuscarora Stone Cutter 6/30/1894 Tuscarora
Dec. 1894 Rought Leonard William M W Leonard Mary Tuscarora Laborer 10/8/1894 Tuscarora
11/22/1894 Rolfe John W. M W Henry Ida  Ulster Farmer 4/17/1894 Ulster
12/21/1894 Rogers Rachel F W Calvin (Carmi) Charlotte Warren Farmer 11/10/1894 Warren
11/30/1894 Richardson Bernice L. F W Benj. F. Mary E. Windham Farmer 9/4/1894 Windham
9/22/1895 Ruggles Hellen F W John A. Jennie Athens Twp Merchant 6/9/1895 Athens
9/4/1895 Reagan Jermiah M W Michael Mary Athens Twp Farmer 8/25/1895 Athens Twp.
9/2/1895 Randall Marion F W John E. Rose Athens Twp Laborer 7/18/1895 Athens 4th Dist.
5/4/1895 Rose Lonnie (?) M W Not Lucy County House Not Known 11/10/1895 County House
6/5/1895 Ross Allen H. M W D. A. Phelps, Flora W. Burlington Farmer 8/16/1894 W. Burlington
5/13/1895 Rutty Helen F W J. S. Anna Grover Farmer 3/16/1895 Grover
5/20/1895 Riggs Laura C. F W George E. Bertha Granville Merchant 1/9/1894 Leroy
5/6/1895 Rowe Not Named M W Walter V. Lizzie  Rome Laborer 5/14/1895 Rome Twp
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