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Mable Margaret Moon
Age when picture was taken by Englebrecht, Athens-  2 years
     Born in Sayre, PA   24 Dec. 1897
     Father: James Moon 
     Mother: Margaret Kane
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Transcribed by Bonnie Isaacs
Date of Record Last Name First Name Sex Color Father's Name Mother's Name Residence Father's Occupation Birth Date Birth Place
11 May 1898 Peterson Vina  female white Burt Ladoma Athens Boro laborer 7 Apr 1898 Athens Boro
14 May 1898 Peck Robert H. male white Geo. S. Jennie A. Athens Boro sup't 14 Dec 1897 Athens Boro
11 May 1898 Pease Lydia V. female white O.O. Esta Pike farmer 29 Jun 1897 Pike
4 May 1898 Platt Asa M. male white Anson Jr. Anna Wysox laborer 13 Dec 1897 Wysox
8 May 1898 Powers Rosa female white John Louise Cayuta St. laborer 11 Apr 1898 Sayre
24 May 1898 Pislier Willes male white William Bridget Elizabeth Sayre, Pa. brakeman 7 Mar 1898 Wilkes-Barre, Pa.
17 May 1898 Palmer Harry H. male white E.C. Mary  Grover laborer 26 Feb 1898 Grover
18 May 1898 Packard Katie B. female white L.A. Phoebe M. Grover laborer 28 Mar 1898 Grover
6 May 1898 Parmenter Russell J. male white Brenton Nellie Springfield farmer 23 Apr 1898 Springfield
25 May 1898 Potter Ada female white Geo. Mina Springfield farmer 19 Oct 1897 Springfield
25 May 1898 Potter Horace Warren male white A.C. Maude Springfield farmer 23 Nov 1897 Springfield
5 Jun 1898 Pettingall Geo. D. male white M.W. Libbie Springfield blk smith 24 May 1898 Springfield
30 Nov 1898 Patent Mary E. female white Charles J. Ida M. Windham farmer 31 May 1898 Windham
19 Dec 1898 Parker Ralph Langdon male white Norris J. Louise M. Sayre engineer 7 Aug 1898 Sayre
8 Dec 1898 Park Bernice female white W.D. Etta Greens Landing farmer 13 Nov 1898 Greens Landing
13 Dec 1898 Page Hazel female white Edgar Lena Cooper Street time keeper 16 Oct 1898 Athens Boro
10 Dec 1898 Powell Vernon McKinley male colored unknown Ella J. 102 Lombard   26 Jul 1898 Towanda
  Pittnam Cathren R. female col Thomas Mary E. Cooper 23 Mechanic laborer 20 Sep 1898 Towanda
16 Dec 1898 Palmer Raymond W. male white Elmer Anna Wyalusing laborer 4 Nov 1898 Wyalusing
17 Nov 1898 Pelton George Dewey male white Joseph Jemimia Sandrun laborer 17 Nov 1898 Sandrun
24 Jan 1898 Preston Annie  female white Edward Annie  Sandrun laborer 24 Jan 1898 Sandrun
10 Mar 1898 Powers Ellen female white Louis Ida Foot of Plane laborer 10 Mar 1898 Foot of Plane
2 Dec 1898 Pendleton Martha W. female white William Iza West Warren laborer 25 Sep 1898 West Warren
2 Dec 1898 Pitcher Elmer B. male white Wilton S. Ella A. Warren Center blacksmith 23 Jul 1898 Warren Center
12 Dec 1898 Patton Ethen male white Fred J. Ida A. Orwell, Pa. farmer   Orwell, Pa.
21 Dec 1898 Pitcher Rex male white Frank S. Kate B. Orwell, Pa. laborer 11 Dec 1898 Orwell, Pa.
2 Dec 1898 Pitt Udora female white F.C. Hattie R. South Creek farmer 22 May 1898 Gillett
21 Dec 1898 Pond Lorin D. male white William Mary Sugar Run farmer 16 Jul 1898 Sugar Run
14 Dec 1898 Pierce Milton William male white John M. Margaret J. Sylvania laborer 24 Nov 1898 Sylvania
24 Nov 1898 Pool John W.V. male white John V. Eva V. Asylum L 3 Sep 1898 Asylum
16 Dec 1898 Park Ina Malissa female white J.E. Ada  Herrick farmer 22 Jul 1898 Herrick
5 Dec 1898 Post Blanche female white Leroy Frances Wysox laborer 13 Aug 1898 Wysox
7 Dec 1898 Platt Alice female   Erwin Inez Myersburg farmer 10 Aug 1898 Myersburg
8 Dec 1898 Palmer William E. male white Ed. S. Belle Alba laborer 26 Oct 1898 Alba
  Parker Floyd W.D. male white Charles A. Lydia D. Canton laborer 11 May 1898 Canton
Nov 1898 Pettingall George D. male white Monroe Libbie  Springfield blk smith 24 May 1898 Springfield
16 Nov 1898 Pollock Howard Edward male white Archibald R. Mary E. Ulster farmer 9 Apr 1898 Ulster
  Payne Emerson male white Chales Ida Sheshequin farmer 9 Sep 1898 Sheshequin
  Payne Stanley male white Frank Grace Sheshequin farmer 30 Sep 1898 Sheshequin
18 May 1899 Parker Isaac male white Bert J. Jesse Rome farmer 22 Mar 1899 Rome Twp.
15 May 1899 Pierce Cora B. female white George Dorcus Smithfield farmer 13 Dec 1898 Smithfield
11 May 1899 Phillips Roda female white Merritt Lizzie Wells, Pa. farmer 2 Mar 1899 Wells, Pa.
13 Apr 1899 Parks Frank  male white Frank W. Kate Franklin laborer 13 Apr 1899 Franklin
25 Jul 1899 Prince Frances Shephard female white Fred Alethea Towanda com. clerk 18 May 1899 Towanda
15 May 1899 Powell George Steward male colored Robert Emma Getes 110 Pine Street laborer 5 Jan 1899 Towanda Boro
6 May 1899 Palmer Floyd Edward male white C.J. Sarah  Sayre brakeman 10 Apr 1899 Sayre
13 May 1899 Pahler Hester A. male white Fred Louianna Sayre boiler maker 16 Dec 1898 Sayre
1 Sep 1899 Palmer Hazel Angelia female white Chas. H. Charlotte Sayre laborer 10 Jun 1899 Sayre
2 Sep 1899 Purdy Eva Mardine female white James Kate Sayre machinist 16 Aug 1899 Sayre
25 Jul 1899 Preston Lois female white Henry Reny Julia L. Athens civil engineer 20 Oct 1898 Athens
5 May 1899 Purcell Helen female white Ford May Willow St. laborer 2 Oct 1898 Athens Boro
7 Sep 1899 Palmer Lawrence J. male white Fred J. Mary Canton farmer 1 Feb 1899 Canton
7 Sep 1899 Palmer Florrence J. female white Fred J. Mary Canton farmer 1 Feb 1899 Canton
7 Sep 1899 Parmenter Madge female white Floyd  Blanche Springfield farmer 1 Apr 1899 Springfield
  Powers unnamed male white Ed Emma  Center laborer 22 Apr 1899 Center
12 May 1899 Puterbaugh Lula female white A.F. Mary Sugar Hill laborer 2 Dec 1897 Sugar Hill
12 May 1899 Passamore Harry B. male white John Kate Sugar Hill laborer 4 Dec 1898 Sugar Hill
12 May 1899 Potter Jennie female white Emry Eliza Sugar Hill farmer 9 Jan 1899 Sugar Hill
13 May 1899 Place Beatrice female white George D. Virginia Sugar Run farmer 7 Sep 1898 Sugar Run
5 Jun 1899 Pond Frank Overfield male white Nelson Lizzie Norconk laborer 4 Apr 1899 Norconk
May 1899 Palmer Utilla Bell female white Reede Christina Leroy postmaster 10 Jun 1898 Leroy
23 May 1899 Pettes Clara A. female white J.C. Nettie A. Orwell, Pa. carpenter 4 Nov 1898 Wysox, Pa.
18 Nov 1899 Parsons Eddie male white Ray Corey W. Burlington farmer 18 Sep 1899 W. Burlington
14 Jul 1899 Price Edith female white Phillip R. Savilla Long Valley miner 14 Jul 1899 Long Valley
13 Dec 1899 Pollock Manda female white William Lavonia Willowana farmer 13 Jun 1899 Willowana
5 Dec 1899 Payne Harry M. male white James Sarah South Waverly laborer 25 Apr 1899 South Waverly
28 Nov 1899 Parker Isabell female white C.F. Etta Mason Alley laborer 24 Jun 1899 Liberty Corners
9 Dec 1899 Putnam Herbert S. Jr. male white Herbert S. Sr. Emma Towanda superintendent 1 Oct 1899 Towanda
21 Dec 1899 Pitcher Maggie Margaret female white William D. Maggie Towanda clerk 6 Dec 1899 Towanda
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