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L-R, Leola Mabel VANORMAN   
b. 1908 LeRaysville, d. 2000, Elmira, bur. Oak Hill Cem.;  
Kent Gorham VanOrman  
b. 1910 LeRaysville, d. 1983, Towanda, bur. Oak Hill Cem.
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd Surname Name of Child Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occ./Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
12/5/1893 Oneill Daniel Joseph M W Jerimiah Nettie (?) Penna Ave. Machinist 10/16/1893 Penna Ave.
8/13/1894 Oakes Everett Allen M W Willis A Carrie A 35 South St. Jeweler 1/8/1894 Athens
5/14/1894 Osbourn Myers E. M W Elmer Minnie Elmira St. 124 Lumber Dealer 3/6/1894 Athens
5/14/1894 Oneill Bertha Loretta F W Stephen Mary A. Elmira St. 113 Machinist 5/5/1894 Athens
9/1/1894 Olemmer (?) Jemima F W John  Margaret Long Valley Miner 4/30/1894 Long Valley
7/17/1894 Oneil  Maggie F W Wm. Ellen Powell Laborer 6/15/1894 Powell
5/22/1894 Owens Francis M W Levi     Blacksmith 5/1/1894 Sheshequin
5/26/1894 Orcutt Christine Louise F W John Jr. Dora E. 10 State St. Laborer 4/6/1894 10 State St., Towanda
4/19/1894 Owens Carrie F W Chas. Minnie Tuscarora Farmer 3/11/1894 Opposition
5/8/1894 Oliphant Amos Carl K. M W Lantie S. Bertha Ulster Farmer 2/12/1894 Ulster
5/8/1894 Oliphant Clara M. E. F W Lantie S. Bertha Ulster Farmer 2/12/1894 Ulster
12/3/1894 Orshall Florence F W D. B. Jennie Orwell Farmer 9/20/1894 Orwell
12/29/1894 Owen  Beatrice Pauline F W R. D. Beatrice Orwell Music Teacher 9/16/1894 Orwell
11/21/1894 Oheron Joseph M W Laurance Mary A. Bridge St. 725 Laborer 8/29/1894 Towanda
11/21/1894 O'Boyle Cera (?) M W Jas. Anna Towanda Mason 7/1/1894 Towanda
12/3/1894 Orderwain Charles Martin M W Philip Bridget 33 Third St. Barber 9/21/1894 Tw
11/23/1894 Olmstead John Allen M W Chas. M. Ida Ulster Farmer 1/21/1894 Ulster
1895 Olmstead Madeline F W C. E. (?) Tressy Athens Laborer 5/3/1895 Athens Twp.
1895 O'Neil Margaret F W Wm. Ellen Powell Laborer 6/15/1894 Monroe Twp
1895 O'Connor Madeline F W P. J. Annie Sayre Machinist 11/18/1894 Sayre
1895 O'Leary Mary F. F W Thos. D. Johanna Athens Twp Farmer 10/14/1895 Athens Twp.
12/12/1895 Ostrander G. H. M W H. W. Martha L. South Creek Farmer 10/9/1895 South Creek Twp
5/9/1896 Oneil Raymond M W icholas Mary  Albany Farmer 1/1/1896 Albany
5/12/1896 Osbourne Paul M W Elmer Minnie Elmira St. Laborer 3/8/1896 Elmira St.
5/19/1896 Overpeck Hellen Christine F W Miles E. Elizabeth Herrick Twp Farmer 5/7/1896  
5/16/1896 Orshall LeRoy G. M W D. B. Jennie Orwell Farmer 4/7/1896 Orwell
5/6/1896 Oconner Eva May F W Fred Matilda Pike Farmer 3/29/1896 Pike Twp
5/12/1896 Osborne Mildred Rae F W Martin O. Sarah Rome Twp. Farmer 3/31/1896 Rome Twp
5/13/1896 Oconnor Vincent P. M W P. J. Annie Sayre Machinist 1/18/1896 Sayre
  Osborne Elizabeth Frost F W L. M Finney Cherry St. Clerk 12/31/1895 Towanda
5/11/1896 O Sullivan Patrick C. M W Daniel O. Briget Towanda Twp Farmer 4/8/1896 S. Towanda
5/8/1896 Overton Not named M W Lyman Carrie  Wyalusing Farmer 12/15/1895 Wyalusing
12/10/1896 Owens Herold R. M W E. P. Lizzie J. Athens Laborer 9/20/1896 Athens
Dec. Orshall Marshal Leona F W William W. Rosa M. Buffalo Baggage Master 11/1/1896 Sayre
Dec. 12 O'Connor Vincent Paul M W C.J. Annie Elmer Ave Machinist 12/10/1895 Sayre
11/25/1896 Ockerman Kate F W Frank Minnie Springfield Farmer 9/6/1896 Springfield
11/16/1896 Oconnell Mary F. F W John  Anna N. Towanda Stone mason 10/1/1896 N. Towanda
12/9/1896 Owen Floyd M W Chas. Minnie Merryall Blacksmith 8/30/1896 Clapper Hill
5/18/1897 Oliver Florence F W Wm. Hattie Sciotaville Farmer 4/24/1897 Sciotaville
  Oliver Reginia F W Edward Malissa Sciotaville Farmer 10/15/1896 Sciotaville
5/5/1897 Overton Francis Clymer M W Frank C. Means, Elizabeth Sec. & Bridge Merchant 2/4/1897 Towanda
9/1/1897 O'Neil Raven M W Stephen Mary Elmira St. Machinist 8/24/1897 Athens
5/3/1897 O'Brien John  M W Clarence Nora Sayre Brakeman 4/23/1896 Elmira, N.Y.
5/18/1897 O'Connell Mary  F W John Anna No. Towanda Farmer 10/14/1896 No. Towanda
5/7/1897 Olmstead Luella F W Chas M. Ida Ulster Farmer 3/5/1897 Ulster
12/6/1897 Oniel Leo M W Jerry Ellen Tyler St. Machinist 5/15/1897 Athens Boro
12/11/1897 Owens Bertha Eva F W Burton Grace New Era Laborer 11/30/1897 New Era
12/10/1897 O'Neil Michael F. M W Park Catherine Albany Twp Farmer 5/11/1897 Albany Twp
12/15/1897 Owen Not named F W Bernie Ida Albany Twp Laborer 12/11/1897 Albany Twp
12/18/1897 O'Connell Not named M W Not Given Johanna Asylum   6/21/1897 Asylum
11/5/1897 Owens Hazel M. F W J. G. Minta Ridgeberry Farmer 9/20/1897 Ridgebury
10/18/1897 O'Conner Earl M W George Sarah Herrickville Farmer 1/16/1897 Herrick Twp
5/26/1898 Osborne Cynthia F W Melbourne Cynthia Cherry St. Clerk 4/28/1898 Towanda
5/10/1898 Oheran Hellen  F W John Bridget No. Towanda Laborer 3/17/1898 No. Towanda
5/7/1898 Oliver Birtha M. F W Charles G. Hattie Hollenback Farmer 7/12/1897 Hollenback
5/14/1898 O'Neill Mary M. F W James F. Maggie Wilmot Farmer 3/5/1898 Wilmot
5/14/1898 O'Neill Leo M W Frank Mary Wilmot Farmer 2/5/1898 Wilmot
  Oldroyd K. Walter Fay M W Mason Loretta South Creek Farmer 6/13/1897 South Creek 
5/25/1898 Orshall Cecil David M W D. B. Jennie Orwell Farmer 12/31/1897 Orwell
5/12/1898 O'Connor Pearly M W George Sarah Herrickville Farmer 2/22/1898 Herrickville
5/12/1898 O'Connor Anson M W Richard Mary Valarde Laborer 12/31/1897 Herrickville
12/5/1898 Oneil Stephen Jas M W Stephen Mary Elmira St. Machinist 10/8/1898 Athens Boro
11/12/1898 O'Herron Jas Anthony M W Lawrence Mary Bridge St.  Laborer 6/16/1898 Towanda
12/7/1898 Orcutt Emma Margarett F W John N. Kinsley, Dora 312 Poplar Janitor 5/25/1898 Towanda
12/14/1898 Oldfield Wm. J. M W Seth Mary Litchfield Farmer 6/11/1898 Litchfield
12/12/1898 Orshal Rozena E. F W David B. Jennie Orwell Farmer 11/10/1898 Orwell
11/18/1898 Osgood Glen M W George  Audrie M. South Creek Farmer 10/18/1898 Gillett
12/12/1898 Oliver Feda F W Ed  Malisa Sciota Vale Farmer 7/26/1898 Sciota Vale
12/15/1898 O'Connor Ott0 M W George Sarah Herrickville Farmer 2/21/1898 Herrick
12/17/1898 Overpeck Dora Luella F W M. E. Mary E. Camp Dist. Farmer 10/3/1898 Herrick
12/21/1898 Oliphant Almond M W L.S. Bertha Wysox Laborer 12/3/1898 Wysox
5/17/1899 Oldroyd Corene May F W Jessie Hattie Troy Twp. Laborer 4/2/1899 Troy Twp.
5/16/1899 Obrien Anna Lowene? F W Wm. Margerett No. 203 Prat Ave Laborer 12/8/1898 Towanda Boro
5/4/1899 Overton John M. M W Frank C. Lizzie  Bridge & Second Merchant 12/17/1898 Towanda Boro
8/7/1899 O'Conner Edward C. M W P. J. Annie Sayre Machinist 6/7/1899 Sayre
8/6/1899 O'Brien Francis J. M W Henry Honora Sayre Laborer 1/1/1899 Sayre
8/29/1899 Oneil Ellen F W Jerry Ellen Penna Ave. Machinist 5/12/1899 Athens Boro
8/5/1899 O'Neil Ella F W Patrick Kate Albany Twp Farmer 1/15/1899 Evergreen
8/5/1899 Ostrander Irene Virginia F W L. A. Daisy Rome Boro Farmer 1/5/1898 Warren
8/13/1899 O'Neill Catherine F W James F. Margarute Comiskey Farmer 3/25/1899 Comiskey
11/9/1899 Owens Ella F W Burton Grace Terrytown Farmer 9/13/1899 Terrytown
12/8/1899 O'Dell Clinton Chester M W Charles Franklin Jennie Sayre Fireman 6/22/1899 Sayre
12/8/1899 O'Brien Louise F W William  Margaret Towanda Laborer 12/7/1898 Towanda
5/16/1900 Owens Guy W. M W John G. Hanlon, Minta Ridgeberry Farmer 3/9/1900 Ridgeberry
5/15/1900 O'Leary Paul M W T. D. Johannah Greens Ldg. Farmer 2/5/1900 Greens Landing
5/14/1900 Overshire Celesta F W John Sallie Franklin Dis. Farmer 12/5/1899 Athens
5/15/1900 Oldfield Sarah F W Seth Mary Litchfield Farmer 2/10/1900 Litchfield
12/10/1900 Orshall Effie F W David B. Jennie Orwell Farmer 7/17/1900 Orwell
12/4/1900 Osborne Grace A. F W Martin  Ella Sheshequin Farmer 3/9/1900 Trinket
12/6/1900 Overpeck Leon M W Wm. R. Lizzie Lime Hill Laborer 11/10/1900 Lime Hill
12/18/1900 Oliver Eva May M W Edward Malissa Sciota Vale Farmer 9/14/1900 Sciota Vale
5/9/1901 Oneill Leonard E. M W John Catherine Albany Twp Farmer 9/24/1900 Albany Twp
5/20/1901 Osborne Andrew M W Edwin Rose Albany Twp Farmer 1/6/1901 Albany Twp
5/15/1901 O'Neill Mary F W J. E.   Athens Boro Laborer 10/12/1900 Athens Boro
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