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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd Surname Name of Child Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occ./Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
12/1/1893 Nesbit Howard Henry M W Wm. J. Carrie Herrick Twp Farmer 11/19/1893 Herrick Twp
12/12/1893 Newman Pauline F W G. S. Mrs. May Troy St. Druggist 12/3/1893 Canton Boro
12/7/1893 Netter Lizzie F W John Barbara Wilawanna Laborer 9/29/1893 Wilawana
12/8/1893 Nichols Earnest M W J. S.(?) F. S. Waverly Laborer 9/16/1893 S. Waverly
12/8/1893 Neiley Jewett M W Grant Fannie Durell Farmer 10/6/1893 Liberty Corners
12/5/1893 Nevins Edith Eula F W Frank Henry Maud Marrion Main St. 307 Machinist 10/27/1893 Main St. 307
12/6/1893 Nevins Elsie Martha F W Alonzo Harry Mary B. Penna. Ave. Mechinist 6/21/1893 Penna. Ave.
5/16/1894 Northrop Edward F. M W Ira Carrie Grover Laborer 2/27/1894 Grover
5/10/1894 Nichols Mabel F W Fred Lelah M. Windham Farmer 3/19/1894 Windham
5/11/1894 Nichols Ray M W L. N. Dora Myersburg Farmer 2/22/1894 Myersburg
  Nailey Frances Leo M W John Mary  Minnequa Ave. Laborer 11/13/1894 Canton Boro
11/25/1894 Newell Lester R. M W P. G. (?) Cowell, Mary Columbia Farmer 8/4/1894 Columbia
11/26/1894 Noble Daisy May F W Fred Dell Sayre Brakeman 5/13/1894 Sayre
12/8/1894 Norris Not named M W Harry Fannie Springfield Farmer 11/21/1894 Springfield
12/1/1894 Nichols Olin M W Lewis Ida Warren Farmer 7/29/1894 Warren
5/29/1895 Nicholson James M W Patrick Annie Athens Butcher 12/20/1894 Athens
5/7/1895 Nichols William A. M W James Helen Sayre Conductor 5/30/1894 Sayre
May.1895 Notemure(?) Mable F W Edgar Kate Warren Farmer 5/9/1895 Warren
5/9/1895 Nichols Vola Malinda F W Fred Selah M. Windham Farmer 4/21/1895 Windham
12/3/1895 Nevins William C. M W Frank Henry Maud  First St. Machinist 8/2/1895 Athens Boro
12/6/1895 Norton Eugene Leo M W Willard S. Addie Burlington Boro Painter 12/4/1895 Burlington Boro
11/20/1895 Newell Ferne E. (?) F W Geo. E. Bertha Park Dist. Farmer 5/17/1895 Herrick Twp
12/9/1895 Nichols Carl M W Wm. F. Mary B. Neath Farmer 6/20/1895 Neath
  Nicol Robert Ransom M W Robert A. Jessie Hyatt Smithfield   8/23/1895 Smithfield
12/3/1895 Neuber George M W John Isabella Terry Twp. Farmer 10/16/1895 Terry Twp
12/12/1895 Newell Robert E. M W Frank E. Custy, Jennie M. Troy Twp. Dist. 1 Farmer Sept. 4 Troy Twp
11/19/1895 Noble James Clough M W Frank Janet Ulster Farmer 8/3/1895 Ulster
5/5/1896 Newton Walter M W Thomas Daisy Evergreen Farmer 3/11/1896 Evergreen
5/7/1896 Northrup Mildred F W Emmet Anna Monroe Twp Farmer 4/9/1896 Monroe Twp
5/11/1896 Northrup Etta F W Fred Etta Schrader Branch Laborer 3/19/1896 Overton Twp
5/5/1896 Norton Helen F   Hiram Catharine New Albany Merchant 3/20/1896 New Albany
5/14/1896 Northrup Etta F W Fred Etta Overton Laborer 3/19/1896 Overton 
5/5/1896 Nutall William Stanley M W James Cristine Sayre Conductor 1/10/1896 Sayre
5/7/1896 Nichols Herman R. M W V. R. Susie Smithfield Farmer 1/13/1896 Smithfield
5/5/1896 Neily Allen Roy M W G. H. Edith Homets Ferry Farmer 3/25/1895 Homets Ferry
5/4/1896 Nagle Lola B. F W Nathaniel Maggie H Wysox 2nd Dis. Laborer 1/29/1896 Wysox 2nd Dist.
11/26/1896 Neiley Rachael F W j. b. Jennie Asylum Farmer 11/23/1895 Asylum
12/15/1896 Nichols Allene F W Earl O. Maud Burlington Twp School teacher 6/22/1896 Burlington Twp
12/8/1896 Northrup Martha F W Ira Carrie Cedar Ledge Laborer 10/7/1896 Cedar Ledge
12/8/1896 Naylor Elaine F W Perry Emma Cedar Ledge Laborer 7/30/1896 Cedar Ledge
11/10/1896 Newberry Charlotte M. F W C. L. Charlotte Springfield Farmer 10/18/1896 Springfield
12/9/1896 Nagle Edward Ralph M W William M. Danburn, Nellie 4th Weston St. Mail carrier 10/8/1896 Towanda
5/1/1897 Northrup Henry Sherman M W Willie Clara Delphine Monroe Boro Farmer 11/13/1896 Monroe Boro
  Nash Blanch F W Charles A. Ellen Troy St. Laborer 9/27/1896 Canton Boro
  Norconk Jessie F W Charles  Lucy Wilmont Farmer 11/12/1896 Wilmont
7/14/1897 Newton Leroy M W Wm. W. Eva M. Windham Laborer 6/11/1897 Windham
5/12/1897 Norris Gilbert M W Harry Fanny Smithfield Laborer 2/6/1897 Smithfield
5/5/1897 Nailen Edward M W James Mary Canton Laborer 10/30/1896 Canton 
12/11/1897 Northroup William Glenn M W William F. Larissa Weston Station Meknic (?) 7/23/1897 Weston Station
12/11/1897 Nichols Lorena F W Lewis Ida Warren Farmer 6/9/1897 Warren
12/10/1897 Nichols Joseph I. M W Fred Lelan (?) Windham Farmer 9/2/1897 Windham
12/7/1897 Norton Lydia F W Milard Addie Burlington Twp Painter 7/23/1897 Burlington Twp
3/6/1897 Naylor James M W Henry Emma Long Valley Miner 2/27/1897 Long Valley
10/15/1897 Newman Not named F W Saml H. Orris Carlton St. Laborer 9/23/1897 Canton Boro
12/8/1897 Nichols Floyd M W Alvin Mariah E. Athens Laborer 5/3/1897 E. Athens
12/11/1897 Newberry Charles Daniel M W John Isabella New Era Farmer 10/12/1897 New Era
10/21/1897 Nash Pauline F W James T. Lizie Sylvania Farmer 5/22/1897 Sylvania
12/7/1897 Nieley Ruth F W J. B. Jennie Asylum Laborer 4/2/1897 Asylum
12/10/1897 Ninegar Marion F W Elmer Ruth Springfield Farmer 5/7/1897 Springfield
12/7/1897 Nelson Gracie F W Andrew Louie Columbia Laborer 11/10/1897 Columbia 
5/11/1898 Northrup William Glen M W William Larissa Northrup Hollow Farmer 7/23/1897 Northrup Hollow
6/7/1898 Noble Mildred F W A. P. Helena Wells Farmer 3/28/1898 Wells
5/12/1898 Nagle Leo M W NaLaniel Maggie H Main St. 307 Finisher 2/22/1898 Towanda
5/3/1898 Nowles Floyed M W William Ophelia George Coats D. L. 3/18/1898 Towanda
5/17/1898 Norconk Daniel E. M W John W. Emma Norconk Farmer 9/21/1898 Wilmot
May. 1898 Nichols Donald Von M W V. R. Susan Smithfield Farmer 3/13/1898 Smithfield
5/12/1898 Northrop Virgie F W Adual Emma Asylum Farmer 6/1/1897 Susquehanna Co.
5/3/1898 Norton Herman Lester M W Hiram Elizabeth New Albany Boro   12/24/1897 New Albany Boro
  Norton Manville William M W G. L. Minnie New Ablany Boro Merchant 1/3/1898 New Albany Boro
6/11/1898 Nevins Florence M. F W Frank Maud First St. Machanist 4/11/1898 Athens Boro
5/11/1898 Newton Eva F W Bert Mary Pike Laborer 7/23/1897 Pike
5/10/1898 Norwood Clarence James M W Edwin C. Eva D. Sayre Brakeman 3/15/1898 Sayre
5/28/1898 Nichols Albert Leith M W Bernard Olive Malinda Sayre Fireman 1/23/1898  
12/1/1898 Nichols Elmer Fred M W Fred Lelah Windham Farmer 11/2/1898  
12/8/1898 Northrup Charles Henry M W I. A. Carrie South Branch Farmer 11/6/1898  
12/6/1898 Northrup Laura Genevieve F W William F. Sarissa (?) Monroe Twp Carpenter 10/26/1898  
12/9/1898 Newell Florence Louise F W Frank Jennie Troy Twp. Dist. 1 Farmer 7/7/1898  
12/6/1898 Nedeck James Albert M W Charles A. Wilcox,Elizabeth 108 Bridge Clerk 7/27/1898  
12/6/1898 Newton Hollen M W Thos. Daisy Albany Twp Farmer 9/3/1898  
12/16/1898 Noteware Edith G. F W W. E. Kate Warren Farmer 7/22/1898  
12/17/1898 Newell James M W J. W. Mary A. Orwell Farmer 7/26/1898  
11/24/1898 Neiley Robert Alfred M W Jerome B. Jennie Asylum Farmer 11/14/1898  
5/5/1899 Nesbit Not named F W H. W. Elizabeth Lime Hill Farmer 1/3/1898  
5/5/1899 Northrup Jessie M W Jessie Merrick, Sarah Greenwood Laborer 1/30/1898  
5/13/1899 Nichols Martha F W Mark Martha M. Terrytown Laborer 1/13/1898  
5/9/1899 Noble   F W Fred H. Bell B. Sayre Laborer 8/6/1898  
5/10/1899 Naylor Earl M W Perry Emma Cedar Ledge Laborer 1/27/1899  
5/6/1899 Northrop Charles H. M W Ira Carrie Overton Laborer 11/6/1898  
11/9/1899 Neuber Lena F W John Isabell  Terrytown Farmer 4/29/1899  
  Nichols Lenard M W Pearley Bertha Orchard St. Laborer 10/18/1899  
12/11/1899 Nagle Joseph  M W N. Maggie  Main St. 307 Laborer 8/9/1899  
12/15/1899 Nagle Mary Eugenia F W Wm. M. Donovan, Nellie Ward Ave 4 Mail carrier 6/20/1899  
11/29/1899 Norton Not named F W Hiram Lizzie New Albany Merchant 11/19/1899  
11/23/1899 Noble George M W Frank Nettie Saco Farmer 7/31/1899  
12/5/1899 Nichols Lucinda F W Lewis Ida Windham Laborer 8/12/1899  
11/15/1899 Newman Kenneth M W Nathaniel Susie Warren Centre Farmer 11/12/1899  
05/07/1900 Nickison Howard Henry M W W. J. Anna Main St. 307 Dealer 01/28/1900  
06/14/1900 Newman Carl C. M W Chas. Hellen Wyalusing Milk Dealer 06/12/1900  
  Northrop Robert S. M W H. Austin Mary C. Canton Carpenter 12/6/1899  
05/08/1900 Newton Audrey May F W W. L. Bertha Albany Twp Farmer 04/18/1900  
05/10/1900 Neily Hellen F W Grant Edith Homets Ferry Farmer 12/21/1899  
05/08/1900 Nasadowski Eddie M W Anthony Mary S. Waverly Shoemaker 12/24/1899  
12/13/1899 Nickerson Louis F. M W Louis Addie Powell Laborer 08/13/1900  
  Northrop Nina F W Carol Anna Orchard St. Laborer 09/09/1900  
12/19/1900 Nailon Joseph M W John Mary Canton Boro Laborer 12/13/1900  
12/17/1900 Norconk Lenora F W J. W. Emma Norconk Farmer 09/19/1900  
05/06/1901 Northrop Not named F W Ira A. Caroline Rent Run Lumberman 05/04/1901  
05/13/1901 Newell James L. M W George E. Bertha Herrick Farmer 02/04/1901  
05/18/1901 Nichols Howard E. M   Fred Lelah Windham Laborer 01/14/1901 Wndham
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