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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd Surname Name of Child Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occ./Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
5/16/1898 McWilliams Lewis Morton M W H. C. Fannie May Alba  Farmer 1/10/1898 Alba 
5/26/1898 McClure Kenneth M W John Ida Pratt Ave Laborer 11/23/1897 Towanda
5/18/1898 McCarty Lewis M W James F. Elizabeth Rome  Farmer 9/22/1897 Rome Twp
5/18/1898 McCarty Maggie F W John Margrate Rome Farmer 4/26/1898 Rome Twp
5/24/1898 McCraney Ruth May F W Milton Losia LeRoy Farmer 4/10/1898 LeRoy
5/7/1898 McKernan Dessie F W L. P. Laura Albany Twp Farmer 11/12/1897 Albany Twp
5/3/1898 McCarty E.G. M W D. F. Bessie New Albany Boro Merchant 1/30/1898 New Albany Boro
5/5/1898 McDuffee Mary F W Hugh Helen Athens Twp Farmer 10/30/1897 Athens
5/5/1898 McClosky Maria F W Cornelius Mary Garden St. Brakeman 2/13/1898 Sayre
5/14/1898 McGuire Margaret F W Hugh Margaret Sayre Boiler Maker 1/28/1898 Sayre
6/2/1898 McKay Ruth F W M.  May Springfield Farmer 2/9/1898 Smithfield
12/7/1898 McCraney Lucy Margret F W Clarane A. DeLano, Julia D. 318 State Liveryman 10/22/1898 Towanda
12/8/1898 McKernan Not named M W L. P. Laura Albany Twp Farmer 10/7/1898 Albany Twp
12/6/1898 McLand Benton M W Jonas Marion Tuscarora Farmer 6/9/1898 Tuscarora Twp
12/6/1898 McDermot Vera B. F W Wm.  Katie Tuscarora Laborer 7/20/1898 Tuscarora Twp
11/13/1898 McCloskey Mary F W Patrick Annie Long Valley Laborer 11/13/1898 Long Valley
12/15/1898 McGovern Alice Hanorah F W James Hanorah Herrick Farmer 5/18/1898 Herrick Twp
  McKenna Hurbert Math M W John Jr. Hatty Rummerfield Stone Mason 8/9/1898 Rummerfield
12/22/1898 McDougall Nellie F W A. B. Mary Wysox BlackSmith 11/27/1898 Wysox
12/1/1898 McCabe Minnie F W Lonnie T. Minnie Rome Twp Farmer 10/27/1898 Rome Twp
12/12/1898 McCormic  Hettie Emily F W Joe Mattie Stevensville Laborer 7/20/1898 Stevensville
11/22/1898 McMorran Ray Heath M W Chas. Edward Kate Ulster Farmer 8/4/1898 Ulster
12/20/1898 McCarty Mary Elizabeth F W Chas Tillie Ulster Laborer 9/14/1898 Ulster
  McCarty Wm.  M W Dennis Ellen Sheshequin Laborer 7/13/1898 Sheshequin
12/12/1898 McCann Leo M W James Ella Overton Farmer 11/6/1898 Overton
12/5/1898 McKeel Ethel F W C. W. Sidney Overton Laborer 7/23/1898 Overton
11/29/1898 McNeal Bertha F W John Mattie Burlington Twp Farmer 5/14/1898 Burlington Twp
12/5/1898 McKibbin Dorothy F W Charles Carrie Gerould Burlington Boro Painter 5/26/1898 Burlington Boro
5/30/1899 McAsey Thomas M W Thomas T. Lizzie Ridgebury Farmer 3/28/1899 Ridgebury
5/26/1899 McKean Elizabeth F W W. D. Esther W. Burlington Farmer 5/15/1899 W. Burlington
  McHugh John L. M W John Annie Cadis Farmer 3/22/1899 Cadis
  McVinnie Marguertte M W James M. Vinnie (?) Warren Farmer 2/8/1899 Warren
5/15/1899 McIntyre Kathlen F W Arthur Paterson, Maud No. 320 Poplar St. Laborer 3/2/1899 Towanda Boro
5/2/1899 McKnight Anna F W George Helen Erie St. Brakeman 4/23/1899 Sayre
5/2/1899 McKnight George M W George Helen Erie St. Brakeman 5/25/1897 Sayre
5/4/1899 McAfee Sybil F W Arthur Alice A. Athens  Laborer 1/17/1899 Athens
5/8/1899 McDaniels Harold J. M W Eugene Mary J. Athens Laborer 3/4/1899 Athens
5/6/1899 McKernan John H. M W John Thressa Albany Twp Farmer 12/3/1899 Albany Twp
5/6/1899 McKernan Catherene F W Patrick  Catherene Albany Twp Farmer 3/12/1899  
5/10/1899 McDonald Donald D. M W Richard Emma Franklin Farmer 11/17/1898  
5/12/1899 McCartey Graydon M W Taylor Lillian Sugar Run Farmer 2/14/1899  
6/5/1899 McCurnan John M W Phil  Kate Comiskey Farmer 1/9/1899  
12/5/1899 McGovern Charles Patrick M W James Hanorah Herrick Farmer 11/5/1899  
12/13/1899 McMurran Harlin M W Geo. D. Bertena Athens Clerk 8/12/1899  
12/8/1899 McMullen Archie M W John Annie Athens Twp Farmer 10/18/1899  
12/4/1899 McCloe Ethel May F C John B. Lizzie A. Tuscarora Twp Laborer 7/27/1899  
12/4/1899 McCloe Edna F W Edward Mable Tuscarora Twp Farmer 7/16/1899  
11/20/1899 McNeal Richard H. M W Herman Anna Burlington Twp Farmer 8/31/1899  
12/7/1899 McNeal Jennie F W Mack Blanche Albany Twp Farmer 8/8/1899  
11/29/1899 McCabe Francis  F W Dennis Mary Ulster Sec. Boss 7/19/1899  
11/25/1899 McClelland Arnold E. M W Al Mariam Wells  Farmer 11/4/1899  
11/25/1899 McClure George Nelson M W Dean Nina Wells  Farmer 6/6/1899  
12/11/1899 McHugh John M W John Ann Cadis Farmer 3/22/1899  
05/16/1900 McGuire William H. M W James Mary Terrytown Farmer 01/16/1900  
05/08/1900 McCracken Ina May F W John Cory Main St. Operator 01/25/1900  
05/17/1900 McCarthy Rose Isabell F W James Elizabeth Rome Farmer 02/28/1900  
05/12/1900 McDonald Edith F W William S. Louisa Athens Manufacturer 9/12/1899  
05/16/1900 McGuire Katherine F W H. W. Margeret Sayre Boiler Maker 12/31/1899  
05/19/1900 McNerney John Joseph M W Jerry (Jeremiah) Helen Mae (Ellen) Sayre Engineer 03/13/1900  
05/19/1900 McCabe Katherine E. F W Michael Mary Sayre Stenographer 03/07/1900  
05/12/1900 McCarty Addie F W Wm.  Laura Albany Twp Laborer 04/14/1900  
May. 1900 McCarthy Joseph F. M W John Mary Ryan LeRoy Farmer 10/6/1899  
05/07/1900 McCarty Mary C. F W Frank  Elizabeth Lackawanna Farmer 03/11/1900  
05/24/1900 McNeal Bessie M. F W John Mattie M. Burlington Twp Laborer 04/22/1900  
10/11/1900 McMorran Isabelle D. F W A. D. Mary E. Ulster Farmer 12/18/1899  
12/12/1900 McCabe Olin Francis M W Levie (?) Clara J. Rome Twp Farmer 05/14/1900  
12/14/1900 McCloe Marita F C Abner Elizabeth Tuscarora Laborer 05/28/1900  
05/14/1900 McConnell Max T. M W E. G. Nellie  Masontown Cigar Mfg. 02/05/1900  
05/07/1900 McKernan Edmund B. M W John Teresa Albany Twp Farmer 09/24/1900  
05/07/1900 McKernan Martin L. M W Luke Lura Albany Twp Farmer 02/27/1901  
05/20/1900 McCarty David M W Dennis Ellen Ulster Pedler 01/08/1901  
05/20/1900 McCabe Annie  F W Dennis Mary Ulster Sec. Boss 03/22/1901  
05/15/1900 McCarty Blanch F W Dennis Marry Wysox Farmer 04/02/1901  
05/05/1901 McClure Fred W. M W Dean Nannie Wells Farmer 01/12/1901  
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