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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Surname Name of Child Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occ./Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
Moon George F. M W G. W. Mattie LeRaysville Carpenter 8/17/1898 LeRaysville
Montgomery Not Named F W Charles R. Bessie Monroe Boro School Teacher 12/12/1898 Monroe Boro
Maher Frances Wm. M W James N. Margaret A. Sayre Boiler Maker 11/22/1898 Sayre
Moon Mable Margaret F W James H. Margaret A. Sayre Conductor 12/24/1897 Sayre
Munn Harry Robert M W Charles Carrie Sayre Laborer 8/9/1897 Sayre
Morley Mable  F W Martin J. Mary Cherry St. Laborer 10/2/1897 Litchfield
Moody Mildred Marie F W Malcom F. Mandy Frederick St. Carpenter 10/20/1898 Athens Boro
Miller Clara Mildred F W Chas.  Catherine Willow St. Laborer 10/23/1898 Athens Boro
Morley Hazel  F W F. L. Nellie Bridge St. 400 Fireman 5/28/1898 Towanda
Maltz Robert M W Joseph  Ida  317 Pine Salesman 5/28/1898 Towanda
Manix Robert M W Michael Margaret Homestead Brakeman 6/2/1898 Towanda Twp.
Mynard Dorothy Marie F W F. T. Jennie New Albany Merchant 9/19/1898 New Albany
Mann Robert J. M W Henry Jennie Wyalusing  Fireman 6/19/1898 Wyalusing
Merrill Edith F W G. C. Minnie Litchfield Farmer 10/18/1898 Litchfield
Merrill Arthur M W W. W. Carrie Vawter Farmer 10/2/1898 Vawter
Marcy William Earl M W Henry Lizzie Cass Mill Laborer 6/14/1898 Cass Mill
Marke Alexander M W Thomas  Agnes Long Valley Laborer 11/22/1898 Long Valley
Mann Mila L. F W Frank Mary Terrytown Farmer 10/13/1898 Terrytown
Manning Dorothy R. F W George Mary Cadis Farmer 4/23/1898 Cadis
Mansfield Marion M. F W Hiram E. Evelyn Warren Center Minister 9/4/1898 Warren Center
Moon Hazel M. F W Wm. Birthy South Creek Laborer 9/17/1898 Gillett
Mack Catholene F W Thomas Kate South Creek Laborer 11/18/1898 Gillett
May Lester M W John Anna Sugar Run Farmer 9/11/1898 Sugar Run
Mitten Ruth F W J. C. Kate Herrickville Farmer 6/22/1898 Herrickville
Moody Wm. Lee Jefferson M W Wm. M. Nancy D.(?) Smithfield Mechanic 7/4/1898 Smithfield
Marshall Edgar M W Edwin L. Clara Rome Twp Farmer 11/27/1898 Rome Twp.
Marshall Georgina F W Leslie G. Mable Clare Rome Twp Farmer 10/10/1898 Rome Twp.
Morgan James M W Wm. H. Jennie Canton Boro Coal Dealer 10/26/1898 Canton Boro
Miller Lorin M W Ira Rightmire, Margret Ridgebury Farmer 7/9/1898 Ridgebury
Mattocks Ralph M W Frank Libbie Springfield Photographer 11/17/1898 Springfield
Merrill Martin Wm. M W Paul Jennie Ulster Laborer 9/1/1898 Ulster
Murphey Howard R. M W Geo. H. Jessie B. Sheshequin Farmer 8/12/1898 Sheshequin
Martin Pearl F W George Lena  Overton Twp Farmer 11/6/1898 Overton
Mayo Amelia Helen F W All Louisa Overton Twp Farmer 10/10/1898 Overton
Melville Earle M W Harry T. Jessie O. Burlington Twp Farmer 6/21/1898 Burlington Twp
Melville Edna F W Harry T. Jessie O. Burlington Twp Farmer 6/21/1898 Burlington Twp
Marks Not Named M W R. E. Bridge St., Towanda Merchant 4/6/1899 N. Y. City
Meloney Agnes F W John Anna 4 st. Stone Cutter 12/10/1899 Towanda
Muir Martha Elizabeth F W J. E. Margaret 2nd St. Grocer 1/13/1899 Towanda
Morrow Louise F W Chas. H. Mamie Camptown Clerk 2/8/1899 Camptown
Moger Agnes S. F W W. C. Augusta Oak Hill Farmer 1/31/1899 Oak Hill
Maynard Gerald Leigh M W Morris Lemuel Mable  Rome Farmer 11/5/1898 Rome Twp.
Merritt Ge. Dewey M W Geo.  Maud Indian Hill Laborer 1/13/1899 Indian Hill
Mace Margaret  F W Daniel Lottie N. Spring Hill Laborer 3/24/1899 N. Spring Hill
Macneil Ida F W Jas. Annie Wells Farmer 11/3/1898 Wells
Moon Walter E. M W Ed Ida M. Wells Farmer 9/29/1898 Wells
Marvin Mildred Amelia F W Fred R. Jennie Milan Butcher 12/3/1898 Milan
Melville Eleanor F W Mike Alice Columbia  Laborer 8/25/1896 Columbia
McClure Kenneth M W John Ida Towanda Laborer 11/23/1897 Towanda
Martin Cecil Raymond M W Eli Stella Towanda Foreman R.R. 3/6/1899 Towanda
Morrison Florence Margaret F W Joseph  Mary Towanda Printer 5/25/1899 Towanda
May Adelbert Earl M W Claud Edwards, Anna #102 Western Ave. Deliveryman 2/14/1899 Towanda Boro
Morris Elizabeth C. F W Frank E. West, Mary #209 Second Upholster 12/2/1898 Towanda Boro
Martin Mary E. F W J. W. Annie M. Sayre Engineer 6/18/1899 Sayre
MaWhinney Leita F W Edward Mattie Sayre Machinist 4/15/1899 Sayre
Monroe Paul K. M W Charles Dora B. Sayre Brakeman 2/28/1899 Sayre
Mitchell Rosie F W Frank Mary Sayre Laborer 8/27/1898 Sayre
Miller Sela Blanche F W Wm. H. Ida Sayre Painter 1/9/1899 Sayre
Miller Marre Seeler F W Lewis A. Lettie Sayre Engineer 5/13/1899 Sayre
Matthews Lena F W James Marian River St. Fireman 9/1/1898 Sayre
Martin Albert M W Charles Symantha Third St. Laborer 4/5/1899 Sayre
Monroe Emily Pride F W Wm. H. Harriet R. Wilawana Track Hand 1/14/1899 Wilawana
Mills Donnie M. F W Charles Catherine Athens Attorney 5/20/1899 Athens
Mix Marion  F W C. H. Marion Canton  Clergyman 8/22/1899 Canton 
Manley Edna L. F W Clyde E. Nellie L. Canton  Farmer 10/30/1899 Canton
Manderville William P. M W Eugene Mary Canton Laborer 3/25/1899 Canton
Moon Zana F W Vander Myrtle Albany Farmer 1/23/1899 Evergreen
Miller Ada F W John E. Amanda Albany Farmer 7/17/1899 Albany Twp
Morse Leland O. M W Frank Cora Franklin Farmer 3/21/1899 Franklin
Mitten Eleanor Morrow F W F. R. Mary J. Herrick Farmer 12/30/1898 Herrick 
Mitten Ruth F W J. C. Kate Herrick  Farmer 6/22/1898 Herrick
Mingos Helen Marie F W Frank M. Marion Burlington  Farmer 4/25/1899 Burlington Twp
Mace Christena M. F W Grant Ella B. Hollenback Farmer 2/17/1899 Hollenback
Mosier James Rayfield M W John J. Clara Sugar Run Laborer 12/1/1898 Sugar Run
Manchester Maisie L. F W Edwin  Erin C. Orwell Carpenter 12/27/1898 Orwell
Mann Georgia M W Wm. Etta W. Burlington   8/23/1899 W. Burlington
Manley Kenneth M W Joel T. Mollie E. Canton Farmer 9/5/1899 Canton
Manley Elaine F W Joel T. Mollie E. Canton Farmer 5/31/1896 Canton
Meeker Charles H. M W Manley Jennie  Canton Farmer 8/27/1899 Canton
Meeker Horace P. M W Manley Jennie Canton Farmer 10/22/1892 Canton
Manderville Elizabeth S. F W Charles M. Clara L. Canton Laborer 7/3/1899 Canton
Miller Walter E. M W Edward Lizzie Terrytown   March.1899 Burlington Twp
Maurice Ellen F W George H. Ethel Athens Civil Engineer 9/29/1899 Athens
Morris Anna E. F W Augustus Permelia M. Wilawanna Farmer 11/5/1899 Wilawana
Morrison Mildred D. F W John A. Jennie F. Sayre Brakeman 1/24/1899 Sayre
Miller Claude Elsbree M W Arthur Grace Minnie Sayre Brakeman 7/13/1899 Sayre
Miller Albert Clark M W Norman P. Ella S. Tuscarora Farmer 1/9/1899 Tuscarora Twp
Merritt Richard Hobson M W Joshua Mary Tuscarora Com.Laborer 6/17/1899 Tuscarora Twp
Morris Laura F W George Emma Brocktown Turner 9/3/1899 Brocktown
Menzies Ezra Leon M W B.A. Libbie Rome Farmer 5/27/1899 Rome Twp.
Montanye Grace L. F W Stanley Lillie Union St. Salesman 11/23/1899 Canton Boro
Madigan Milan H. M W William R. Rhoda Burlington Twp. Farmer 9/14/1899 Burlington Twp
Messersmith Geo. Harold M W Geo. N. Melissa Albany Twp Farmer 8/30/1899 Albany Twp
Mattocks Newton M W Ray Bertha Springfield Farmer 9/9/1899 Springfield
Mathews Samuel Gordon M W John W. Margaret A. Ulster Hotel Keeper 9/16/1898 Ulster
Mallory Cedric Collis M W Edward J. Jennie Ulster Laborer 6/30/1899 Ulster
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