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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Surname Name of Child Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occ./Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
Molyneux Ruth May F W Edward Mary Overton Farmer 12/9/1896 Overton
Morgan Vertner Harold M W A. H. Malissa Ulster Tel. Operator 3/27/1897 Ulster
Merrill Hazel E. F W Paul Jennie  Ulster Laborer 12/13/1896 Ulster
Mitchell Not Named M W Frank Ella May Smithfield Laborer 5/2/1897 Smithfield
Morley Hattie F W Milton Louise E. Troy Laborer 11/1/1896 Leona
Mix Donald G. M W Carlton H. Miriam  Center St. Preacher 5/15/1897 Canton Boro
Moses Myrtle F W W. E. Mattie Grover Laborer 3/8/1897 Grover
Moore Geo. T. M W Guy W. Mattie LeRaysville Carpenter 8/17/1897 LeRaysville
Miller Nellie B. F W Frank G. Nellie E. Litchfield Farmer 12/3/1897 Litchfield
Munn Alfred Ulysses M W James A. Mary Litchfield Farmer 10/12/1897 Litchfield
Montgomery Not Named M W L. A. Bessie Tuscarora Farmer 11/18/1897 Tuscarora
Meeker Laurence M W Wm.  Eva Tan St. Taning ("?) 11/9/1897  
Morgan Esther F W David Mary E. Pike Farmer 9/17/1897 Pike
Mingos James George M W F. M. Marrion Burlington  Laborer 8/1/1897 Burlington 
Madigan Leon E. M W Wm. R. Rhoda A. Burlington Twp Farmer 9/3/1897 Burlington Twp
Morgan Juliette L. F W Martin M. Florence O. Burlington Twp Farmer 11/3/1897 Burlington Twp
Millington Margaret F W W. A. J. Alice Sayre Operator 11/27/1897 Lime Ridge
Miller Francis Pearl F W Sam I. Minnie M. Sayre Laborer 10/15/1897 Sayre
Munn Harley Rae M W Chas.  Carrie Sayre Laborer 4/16/1897 Sayre
Marcey Clarence Ernest M W Earnest Nellie Sayre Fireman 11/10/1897 Sayre
Miller Gracie Catherine F W Wm. H. Ida Jane Sayre Laborer 9/29/1897 Sayre
Menzies Edwin L. M W R. A. Libbie Sayre Laborer 9/26/1897 S. Waverly
Menzies Ralph M W R. A. Libbie Sayre Laborer 9/19/1897 Calafornia
Mott Carrie Josephine F W Wm. Carrie Sayre Conductor 8/30/1897 Sayre
Mullalley James M W A.J. Hannah Sayre Fireman 11/12/1897 Sayre
Mason William Carlton M W Wm. H. Louise Main St. Carpenter 9/9/1897 Canton
Malloy Juliette L. F W Patrick Rata Athens Laborer 6/13/1897 Athens
Mitchell James J. M W Olliver Margaret Athens Clerk 8/3/1897 Athens Boro
Miller Margaret F W Frederick Alice Penn. Ave. Laborer 7/7/1897 Athens Boro
Munson Henry M W Sweny (?) Henrietta Wells Ave Engineer 10/6/1897 Athens Boro
Mee Edward M W Michael J. Kate Athens Twp Farmer 3/8/1897 Athens Twp., 
Morley Raymond M W Martin J. Mary Athens Twp Farmer 6/10/1897 Athens Twp., 
Martin Thomas M W Charles  Samantha East Athens Laborer 12/17/1896 Wysox 
Messersmith Arthur M W T. J. Cora Terry Twp Farmer 9/19/1897 Terry Twp.
Miller Henry Thomas M W Hiram Cordelia Terry Twp Farmer 8/16/1897 Terry Twp.
May Sherman M W John Anna Oak Hill Farmer 7/24/1897 Oak Hill
Moon Neith(?) F W Vander A. Myrtle Albany Twp Farmer 8/17/1897 Albany Twp
Moon Ota May F W Silas Maria Albany Twp Farmer 10/23/1897 Albany Twp
Marshall Joseph Robert M W Robert June Franklin Twp Farmer 9/21/1897 Franklin
Miller Victor D. M W James M. Ella  Orwell Farmer 7/13/1897 Orwell
Mitten Margaret Alene F W F. R. Mary Landon Dis't Farmer 7/12/1897 Herrick Twp
Morrison Maud F W Amos Lenora Granville Farmer 8/9/1897 Granville
Miles Wm. Joseph M W Wm. H. Ellen 4th St. Towanda Shoemaker 10/6/1897 Towanda
Meloney Thos. J. M W John Anna 4th St. Towanda Marble Cutter 9/26/1897 Towanda
Mason Eugene Humphrey M W Julius Josephine Main St.,Towanda Laborer 10/24/1897 Towanda
Marke Silvia F W Lewis Loewus, Amelia Bridge St. 400 Merchant 11/20/1897 Towanda
May Wilber Woodford M W Claud  Edwards, Anna M. Poplar 232 Deliveryman 10/23/1897 Towanda
Messersmith Agnes F W John Bertha Wm. St. Laborer 9/1/1897 Towanda
Maloney Not Named F W     Orchard St. Laborer 10/17/1897 Towanda
Mills Margret F W Wm. Lucy N. Towanda Laborer 10/27/1897 N. Towanda
Mills Mary Anna F W James Libbie Columbia  Laborer 1/9/1898 Columbia
Murry Lewis Allen M W Horace Alice Alba Laborer 5/8/1898 Alba
Meridith Not Named F W Charles Elida Mason Alley, Towanda None 5/1/1898 Mason Alley, Towanda
Martin Vibrian F W Eli Stella N. Wm. St. Laborer 1/10/1898 Towanda
Marshall Marion E. F W C. F. Julia S. S. Electrician 5/20/1898 Towanda Twp.
Marshall William  M W Frank Snyder, Mary Second & Poplar Plumer 3/29/1898 Towanda
May Martin Leonard M W Llyllen Chapman, Mame 312 Pine St. Teamster 12/15/1897 Towanda
Merrill Leafy F W :Lesslie Sarah Rome Farmer 5/17/1898 Rome Twp.
Mott Martha L. F W Alonzo P. Minnie LeRoy Blacksmith 3/12/1898 LeRoy
Morse Stanley B. M W Harry A. Martha G. LeRoy Farmer 5/6/1898 LeRoy
Murray James M W P. F. Eliza Hollenback Farmer 3/4/1898 Hollenback
Morris Sarah E. F W Ira Nora H. Orwell Farmer 1/20/1898 Orwell
Manchester Gladys M W A. P. Jessie Orwell Farmer 3/9/1898 Orwell
Mallory Rodney Duggan M W Edward J. Jennie N. Ulster Laborer 9/3/1897 Ulster
Munn Miles B. M W C. E. Maud Litchfield Farmer 3/29/1898 Litchfield
Morley Grace M. F W Hustin Frances Sheshequin Laborer 12/15/1897 Sheshequin
Moon Frank M W John Mary Rummerfield Farmer 11/27/1897 Rummerfield
Mansfield Addie F W H. C. Eunice Albany Twp Laborer 1/30/1898 Jenningsville
Miller Floyd M W John Amanda Albany Twp Laborer 1/15/1898 Albany Twp
Manahan Not Named F W Henry Emma Albany Twp Farmer 5/7/1898 Albany Twp
Morley Matie Elizabeth F W S. Fay Bertha Huff Greens Landing Farmer 3/10/1898 Greens Landing
Moon Clarence L. M W M. V. Nettie Athens Laborer 1/20/1898 Athens
Morris Clara E. F W Fred Nellie M. Athens Laborer 4/12/1898 Athens
Mullens William M W Michael  Libbie Athens Boro Clerk 1/13/1898 Athens Boro
Munn Cleo M. M W John Stella Longway Laborer 12/19/1897 W. Sayre
Minier Catherine F W N. G. Nellie Wheelock Ave Designer 7/9/1898 Athens Boro
Merritt Freddie M W George Maud Tuscarora Stone Cutter 10/11/1897 Tuscarora
Madison Paul M W Hardy H. R. Tuscarora Stone Cutter 12/11/1897 Tuscarora
Montgomery Raymon  M W Amos Bessie Tuscarora Stone Cutter 11/18/1897 Tuscarora
Montgomery Iva Pearl F W John K. Eunice N. Pike Twp Farmer 2/12/1898 Pike Twp
Mann Wilber L. M W Orrin Stella E. Towanda Laborer 2/15/1898 E. Towanda
Mann Willis L. M W Orrin Stella E. Towanda Laborer 2/15/1898 E. Towanda
Morrison Thomas M W John Lizzie River St. Machinist 3/13/1898 Sayre
Marcy Clarence Earnest M W Earnest S. Nellie Sayre Fireman 11/10/1897 Sayre
Mathews Myrtle Viola F W Joseph L. Ella O. Sayre Laborer 8/25/1898 Sayre
Matson James M W J. L. Daisy Grover Laborer 4/19/1898 Grover
Miles Thomas L. M W Thomas B. Elizabeth Washington St. Merchant 8/22/1898 Canton Boro
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