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Jennie K. Miller, listed below, born Ridgebury 1896
Her father, Moses Miller, had already died from infection caused by a pig bite.
Her mother was Emma Mosher.
She is last in line in the 1900 school photo..
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Surname Name of Child Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occ./Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
Mason Florence F W Dell Marion Franklin Farmer 4/27/1895 Franklin
Mace Tracy M W Daniel R. Lotta Herrick Twp Farmer 3/4/1896 Cold Creek
Merrill Charles Alonzo M W W. W. Carrie Litchfield Farmer 5/30/1896 Litchfield
Miller Harriet E. F W F. G. Nellie E. Litchfield Farmer 12/29/1895 Athens Twp
Mayo Edna  F W Albert Louisa Overton Laborer 12/11/1895 Overton
Montgomery Harry S. M W J. K. Emma Beech Grove Farmer 3/26/1896 Beech Grove
Miller Jennie K. F W M. D. Emma Ridgebury Farmer 2/14/1896 Ridgebury
May Russell J. M W Jud Sarah D. Ridgebury Farmer 4/5/1896 Ridgebury
Marshall Geo. E. M W Edwin Sarah Rome Twp Farmer 3/26/1896 Rome Twp
Mead Lilla F W R. A. P.  Jessie Sayre Fruit Agent 4/13/1896 Sayre
Matally Joseph M W A. J. Hanna Sayre Laborer 4/3/1896 Sayre
MaWhinney Varna C. F W Edward Martha Sayre Machinist 2/3/1896 Sayre
Mathews Hazel F W Joseph F. Ella River St. Laborer 4/24/1896 Sayre
Merrill Irvine M W Ira Hattie Trinket Farmer 4/26/1896 Trinket
Moody Clifton U. M W Wm. M. Nancy Smithfield Mechanic 5/15/1896 Smithfield
Mace Jessie May M W Grant Lela Smithfield Laborer 8/10/1896 Smithfield
Moore Marrie Hellin F W Alonzo P. Margret S. Waverly Engineer 4/24/1896 S. Waverly
Mattocks Ruth S. F W Raymond Bertha Springfield Farmer 4/13/1896 Springfield
Mosher Otto M W Geo. Hattie Springfield Farmer 4/27/1896 Springfield
Miller G. W. M W W. C. Alma Standing Stone Miller 11/29/1895 Standing Stone Twp
Manville Murl M W Lewis Minnie M. New Era, Terry Twp Laborer 1/14/1896 New Era, Terry Twp
Melville Lucy M. F W W. H. Mattie (?) New Era  Carpenter 7/9/1896 New Era 
Meehan Joseph M W Michael Celia 4th St. Laborer 2/28/1896 Main St. Towanda
Moulesceau Chas. M W Ed E. 4th St. Jeweler 3/4/1896 4th St. Towanda
Meeker Gracie F W B. Louise Main St. Jeweler 2/12/1896 Dushore
Marks Jesse A. M W Lewis  Amelia Bridge St. Merchant 4/6/1896 Towanda
Marshall Anna Louise F W Frank Mary Poplar St. Bartender 5/2/1896 Towanda
Munson John M W John Cora Ward Ave Laborer 2/21/1896 Towanda
Mooers Edward A. M W Charles W. Margaret Mix Ave Merchant 4/26/1896 Towanda
Munn Morea Desmond M W Wilson F. Hand, Ersula J. Windham Farmer 3/15/1896 Windham
Marguette William N. M W Ezra Jane Warren Center Laborer 2/9/1896 Warren Center
Mott Olive L. F W John C. Emma J. Wells Farmer April. 25 Wells
Mann Hazel F W Thos. H. Grace Lynch Main St. Laborer 3/10/1896 Wyalusing Boro
Myer  Not Named M W Thomas Mary Merryall Ins. Agent 5/18/1896 Merryall
Madden Albert  M W E. F. Rachel Camptown Artist 4/4/1896 Camptown
Manahan Ortha F W Henry Emma Albany Twp. Farmer 6/18/1896 Albany
Maney Not Named F W Thomas Mary Athens  Carpenter 9/22/1896 Athens Twp
Morris Walter M W Clayton D. Margaret Athens Twp. Laborer 10/25/1896 Athens Twp
Morley Alexander L. M W John O. Carman, Ella W. Burlington Farmer 9/1/1896 W.Burlington
Manley Gladys L. F W Clyde Renelcie Tannery Town Laborer 12/4/1896 Canton 
Mott Vieva F W Omar Thersa Franklin Laborer 7/12/1896 Franklin
Morse Della L. F W Irvin V. Clara H. Litchfield Farmer 8/25/1896 Litchfield
Marcy Maud F W Lannie Kellogg, Louie Monroe Twp Laborer 9/20/1896 Monroe Twp
Murphy Edward Lennon M W Lewis E. Kate Lehigh Ave. Machinist 6/23/1896 Sayre
Muffley Harold E. M W John Lizzie Stevenson St. Laborer 6/17/1896 Sayre
Martin Mable A. F W Chas.  Alice Susquehanna St. Machinist 8/21/1896 Sayre
Matthews Mellie F W James Marian River St. Fireman 9/27/1896 Sayre
Murphy Nettie I. F W Geo. H. Jessie Sheshequin Farmer 7/14/1896 Sheshequin
Miller Howard C. M W Alonzo  Vernie Sheshequin Farmer 5/22/1896 Sheshequin
Maloney Thomas J. M W John Anna Towanda Bor. 4th Marble Cutter 6/5/1896 Towanda, 4th St.
Maloney Mary A. F W P. J. Bridgett Towanda Boro2nd St. Laborer 6/8/1896 Towanda, 2nd St.
Morris Perlina F W F. E. Mary Ellen Towanda Boro, Main St. Upholsterer 7/7/1896 Towanda, Main St.
Morris Eva F W Samuel Sattler, Josephain 134 Ward Ave. Clerk 7/2/1896 Towanda
Martin Estella F W Eli Estella N. Wm. St. Railroader 8/9/1896 Towanda
Merritt Mary M W Joshua Mary Tuscarora Laborer 7/28/1896 Tuscarora
Marbaker Clarence M   Miles Mary Tuscarora Farmer 9/26/1896 Tuscarora
Marcellus Fay W. M W J. C. Minnie M. South Creek Twp   12/15/1894 South Creek Twp
Morris Elizabeth F W George Emma M. Monroeton Laborer 4/15/1897 Monroeton
Miller James E. M W James E. Miriam H. Monroe Boro Salesman 5/1/1897 Monroe Boro
Miller Henry M W William Laura Towanda Laborer 5/10/1897 4th St. 
Manville Paul M W Claude Lizzie Towanda Laborer 4/11/1897 4th St. 
Mosier Mary R. F W John J. Clara S. Sugar Run Farmer 4/3/1897 Sugar Run
Morrison John Mitchell M W John Anna 2nd St. Tailor 4/23/1897 Towanda
Marguette Mable  F W Lester Carrie Warren Center Laborer 2/27/1897 Warren Center
Mills Silas P. M W Ed Mary Columbia Pa. Laborer 5/26/1896 Columbia
Mingus Nellie F W Legrand Frankie Orchard St. Fireman 4/13/1897 Sayre
Madigan Bessie F W Frank Estella Burlington Twp Farmer 2/12/1897 Burlington Twp
McNeal Mertie Belle F W John Mattie  Burlington Twp Farmer 1/25/1897 Burlington Twp
Manchester Not Named F W Edwin Erdine C. Orwell Carpenter 2/19/1897 Orwell
Moon Francis E. M W Arthur Lennie Athens Carpenter 5/15/1897 Athens 
Marlow Rutra (?) F W E. A. Nellie  Sayre Fireman 3/30/1897 S. Waverly
Morton Mabel C. F W Chas.  Hattie Sayre Machinist 8/21/1896 Sayre
Mitchell Mary F W Fred Mary Sayre Laborer 4/27/1897 Sayre
Mills Florence Ellen F W Louis Iona Sayre Laborer 5/10/1896 Sayre
Milles Ritner R. M W Charles K. Lizzie M. Sayre Carpenter 10/1/1896 Sayre
Munn Flossie Eliza F W E. W. Jennie May Litchfield Farmer 1/8/1897 Litchfield
Murphy Francis  M W Thos. J. Mary C.   Farmer 2/24/1897 Athens Twp., 1st Dist
Morris Walter C. M W C. D. Margaret   Laborer 10/25/1896 Athens Twp., 1st Dist
Minier Erma M. F W Eddy B. Edith R.   Laborer 1/14/1897 Athens Twp., 1st Dist
Meehan Edward M W William A. Mattie Wysox Farmer 3/12/1897 Wysox, 2nd Dist.
Merrill Lesie O. M W Justice O. Carrie M. Rome Laborer 4/19/1897 Rome
Marshall Sidney A. M W Freeman Lizzie Rome Farmer 3/1/1897 Rome
Marshall James Burton M W Leslie G. Mabel Clare Rome Boro Farmer 2/5/1897 Rome Boro
Mott Jessie M W A. P. Minnie  LeRoy Blacksmith 2/16/1897 LeRoy
Morse Lyle C. M W Floyde Annie LeRoy Farmer 1/10/1897 LeRoy
Mosher Vivian Beatric F W J. S. Laura Alba  Physician 8/6/1897 Alba 
Matson Annie F W W. N. Nettie LeRaysville Blacksmith 12/18/1896 LeRaysville
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