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Carson Godfrey INSCHO
 b. 10 Sept 1902 in Westfield, Tioga County, PA

 Parents: Marie Zobeide JONES & Ernest Parshall INSCHO 

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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Surname Name of Child Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occ./Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
Marshall Buliah M. M W Westley (?) Ida A. Sayre Brakeman 7/25/1894 Sayre
Mulally Leo. M W Anthony Hannah Sevenson St. Sayre Hostler 8/9/1894 Sayre
Morley Gertie J. F W Hustin (?) Frances D. Sheshequin Farmer 8/20/1894 Sheshequin
Morris Anna F W Michael Mary S. Waverly Laborer 7/1/1894 S. Waverly
Myres Fred M W D. W. Myra S. Waverly Supt. 11/6/1894 S. Waverly
Myres Edd. M W D. W. Myres S. Waverly Supt. 11/6/1894 S. Waverly
Miller Martin J. V. M W Hiram Cordelia L. Renzi Terry Twp. Farmer 9/20/1894 Renzi, Terry Twp
Marks Tresa Sophia F W Louie Amelia 204 Poplar St. Merchant 7/22/1894 232 Poplar St. Towanda
Myres Not Named F W Jacob   Center St. Troy Machinest 12/2/1894 Troy
Murray Randolph F W Randolph Orpha Troy, Elmira St. Drayman 12/12/1894 Troy
Meeker Marth L. F W William Eva Smith Troy Twp Farmer 10/19/1894 Troy Twp.
Merritt Catherine Lula F W Joshua Mary Tuscarora Stone Cutter 6/28/1894 Tuscarora
Mallory Ralph M W Edward J. Jennie Ulster Laborer 5/2/1894 Ulster
Mills Lynn M W James Libbie Wells Farmer 3/17/1894 Wells
Moore Ruth F W James Lizzie Pond Hill Laborer 4/2/1894 Pond Hill
Mee (?) Mu? Mary  F W Michael Katharine A. Athens Twp Laborer 3/31/1895 Athens Twp
Meehan Mary  F W William Mattie (?) Long Valley Clerk 2/2/1895 Long Valley
Madigan Maria M. F W Frank W. Stella Burlington  Farmer 12/22/1894 Burlington Twp
Morley John Jacob M W Joseph F. Frances A. Burlington Twp Farmer 3/5/1895 Burlington Twp
Morley Johnnie H. M W John O.  Ella W. Burlington Farmer 2/26/1895 W. Burlington
Mores Frances M W Will Mallie (?) Grover Laborer 12/16/1894 Grover
Manley Paul  M W Walter Lucy Granville Merchant 2/16/1895 Granville
Miller Ubel Fuller (?) M W John C. Kate Agnes Camp St. Farmer 5/19/1895 Herrick Twp
Morrow Helen Adeline F W Newton James Adelina (?) June Ballibay Farmer 3/16/1895 Herrick Twp
Mason Mary L. F W Ernest Edith LeRoy Farmer 5/7/1895 LeRoy
Myers Jacob Sherman M W Elmer E. Lilly (?) Northrup Hollow Laborer 4/24/1895 Monroe Twp
Mulcahay John M W Michael Anna Monroe Twp Farmer 7/27/1895 Monroe Twp
Manchester Not Named M W Edwin Erdine C. (?) Orwell Carpenter 3/16/1895 Orwell
Montgomery Frankie A. M W C.R. Bessie Overton Teacher 3/25/1895 Overton
Madden Louise F W Timothy Alice Rome Farmer 3/25/1895 Rome Twp
Mapes Dorothy F W Dora Ada Sayre Brakeman 2/6/1895 Sayre
Moon Clarence M W James H. Margret Sayre Conductor 5/1/1895 Sayre
Miller Mildred F W Edward Clara Black Farmer 12/28/1894 Black
Mitchell Raymond M. M W Frank  Mary E. Smithfield Laborer 1/15/1895 Smithfield
Mahood Edward M W Alvin  Anna Terry Twp. Laborer 5/12/1895 Terry Twp
Messersmith Albert W. M W F. J. Cora Terry Twp. Farmer 1/29/1895 Terry Twp
Meloney Vurencia (?) F W John Ann 701 4th St. Marble Cutter 2/8/1895 Towanda
Morse Edna  F W John Anna 909 Main St. Laundryman 4/23/1895 Towanda
Moody Not Named M W Charles Alice L. (?) Cor. Main St. Barker 5/21/1895 Cor. Main & State, Towanda
Moody Not Named M W Charles Alice L. (?) Cor. Main St. Barker 5/21/1895 Towanda
Means William  M W Frank E. Maud 422 Main St. Bookkeeper 9/9/1895 Towanda
Minard Irene F W Charles Lizy Towanda Twp. Farmer 6/16/1895 Towanda
Mills Leon W. M W Lesley D. Arace L. N. Towanda Farmer 4/16/1895 N. Towanda
Mahood Joal K. M W James Henyon, Anna Troy Twp. Laborer 2/25/1895 Troy
Moore Lilva (?) F W Phil Harriett Wells Farmer 4/15/1895 Wells
Mort (?) Violet F W Elisha Elenora Wells Farmer 2/10/1895 Wells
Mace Virgie May F W John Addie Hollenback Farmer 5/14/1895 Wilmot Twp
Meehan Mary  F W William A. Matie (?) Myersburgh Farrier 2/2/1895 Long Valley
Martin John Andrew M W Chas. B. Samantha Wysox Dist. Laborer 2/1/1895 Wysox 2nd Dist.
Miller Geo. L. M W Wm Pollie Wysox 2nd D. Laborer 1/14/1895 Wysox 
Mays Chas. M W Unknown Ethel Albany Twp   7/27/1895 Albany Twp
Murray Ora F W Fred Nellie Armenia Twp. Laborer 7/5/1895 Armenia Twp
Murphy Katharine F W Thos. J. Mary Athens Twp. Farmer 7/6/1895 Athens Twp
Mapes Dorothy A. F W Theodore   Hadlock Dis. Laborer 2/6/1895 Hadlock Dis.
Marks Allan M W Thomas Agnes Long Valley Miner 11/28/1895 Long Valley
Madigan George William M W William R. Rhoda A. Burlington Twp Farmer 8/24/1895 Burlington Twp
Mingos Lindrof M W Leslie Grenell, Bernice W. Burlington Miller 5/8/1895 W.Burlington
Meeker Lois Helen F W H. Manley Jennie Canton  Farmer 8/1/1895 Canton 
Marshall Cora L. F W Robert Jennie Franklin Farmer 11/24/1895 Franklin
Matson Chester A. M W Loren Caroline Stony 1st Dist. Farmer 8/27/1895 Herrick Twp
Mott Clarence B. F W Alonzo P. Minnie M. LeRoy Blacksmith 8/16/1895 LeRoy
Mann Frederic M W Geo. C. Clolva P. Rome Twp Carpenter 10/24/1895 Rome Twp
Medler Grant Irvine M W Daniel Lizzie Sayre Blacksmith 10/6/1895 Sayre
Munn Iva Elnora  F W Charles Carrie E. Sayre Brakeman 9/7/1895 Sayre
Munn Cecil Raymond M W Jay D. Eva Bell Sayre Laborer 11/4/1895 Sayre
Mott Rubert A. M W William Carrie Sayre Conductor 8/6/1895 Sayre
Martin John W. M W James W. Anna Elmer Ave., Sayre Engineer 11/21/1895 Sayre
Mecker Not Named M W E. H. Clara May   Farmer 12/9/1895 Smithfield
Morrow William     J. S. Ella Standing Stone   10/10/1895 Standing Stone Twp
Mead Mildred F W George Ida Layfatte St. Laborer 10/31/1895 S. Waverly
Myers Not Named M W Wm.    Pratt Ave. Laborer 12/8/1895 Towanda
Mills Leo M W William Julia N. Towanda Laborer 10/20/1895 N. Towanda
Murray Jeanette F W Jason Mary Troy Twp. Dist. 1 Farmer May. 25 Troy Twp.
Manger Charles Wilson M W Jas. Clara Ulster Farmer 2/18/1895 Ulster
Morrell Earl L. M W Peter Myrtie Wells Farmer 6/8/1895 Wells
Maynard Harry S. M W L. M. Ella Wells Farmer 8/24/1895 Wells
Moody Grace Elizabeth F W Lemuel Amanda Sugar Run Painter 11/23/1895 Sugar Run
Mitten Clarence Charles M W Charles Emma L. Gaylord St. Clerk 12/2/1895 Wyalusing Boro
Moon Ruth F W Vander Myrtle Evergreen Farmer 1/15/1896 Evergreen
Messersmith Abalena M W Geo. N. Malissa Albany  Farmer 1/9/1896 Albany 
Miller Not Named M W Raymond Cordie Albany Farmer 6/23/1896 Albany
Maupin Mildred M W Wm.  Delia Frederick St. Fireman 5/12/1896 Frederick St.
Marks Allen F W Alexander Margret A. Long Valley Miner 3/4/1896 Long Valley
MacIndoe Marion M W Miller Jane Long Valley Miner 5/19/1896 Long Valley
Murray James M W James Mary McKay(Deceased) Long Valley Miner 10/1/1896 Long Valley
Manley Jessie F. F W Percy Sarah West Union St. Laborer 3/18/1896 Canton 
Mix Not Named M W Hugh Cornelia L. Carlton St. Butcher 7/25/1896 Canton 
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By Joyce M. Tice