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Bradford County PA Birth Records 1893-1901
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Clifford & Glen Crum born 1902 & 1904
Rutland Township
sons of Fina Gould & Theodore Crum
Clifford died 1985, Glen died 1965
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Surname Name of Child Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occ./Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
Meeker Horace P. M W Manley Jennie Canton Farmer 10/22/1892 Canton
Mott Wesley M W Thomas Mina LeRoy Farmer 7/22/1892 LeRoy Twp.
Murray Emma Lillian F W Horace Alice Alba Boro Laborer 7/13/1893 Alba Boro
Maloney Hellen F W John Annie Towanda Marble Cutter 10/24/1893 Towanda
Michael Edward M W Emory Eva N.Towanda Farmer 7/29/1893 N. Towanda
Morgan Henry Earle M W Simeon Jane Armenia Farmer 10/30/1893 Armenia
Moody Bennie S. M W Ladd Leota Belle No. 2 Water St. Laborer 9/3/1893 #17 Plank Rd. Towanda
Moore Agnes F W George Bell 314 York Ave Wholesale Grocer 10/1/1893 Towanda
Miller Marvin F W Charles Ladecca (?) Dittricks field Laborer/Toy Fact 10/29/1893 Towanda
Miller Genevieve F W James E. Millie Monroe Twp Farmer 8/10/1893 Monroe Twp
MacAffee Dannie M W Schuyler Annie Rome Laborer 10/5/1893 Litchfield
Maloney Francis Raymond M W Michael Annie Rome Farmer 10/7/1893 Rome
Morley Jesse Bell F W Charles F. Myrtie Rome Laborer 8/12/1893 Rome
Mott Wesley M W Thomas Mina LeRoy Farmer 7/22/1893 LeRoy 
Morse Mildred B. F W John F. Betsey E. LeRoy Laborer 6/11/1893 LeRoy 
Marcy Not Named F W S. F. Luann Evergreen Farmer 12/7/1893 Evergreen
Mosher Lillian Pauline F W James S. Martha J.. Ridgeberry Physician 6/16/1893 Ridgeberry
Montgomery Isadore F W Royell Anna Canton Farmer 9/18/1893 Canton
Matthews James M W James Marian River St. Brakeman 10/21/1893 Sayre
Munn Florence S. F W Jay Eva B. Keystone Ave. Boilermaker 7/20/1893 Sayre
Marshall Warren F. M W Fred Mertie Hayden St. Conductor 7/24/1893 Sayre
Malloy James M W Patrick Catherine 22 Main St. Laborer 8/7/1893 1st Ward Athens
Miller E. F W Henry Nellie Stevenson St. Brakeman 9/24/1893 Sayre
Marshall Matie F W Robert Jane Franklin Farmer 9/15/1893 Franklin
Mills Wm. Silas M W E. E. Maggie M. Snedekers Laborer 9/7/1893 Troy
Morison Samuel Case M W William C. Dora Case Main St. Bookkeeper 8/10/1893 Main St.
Miller Floyd S. M W Archabald Mary Norway Ridge Farmer 7/4/1893 Norway Ridge Terry Twp
Moon Sadie F W Silas Maria  New Era Blacksmith 12/8/1893 New Era
Merrill Ray M W Sullivan Elizabetha Mrs. Geo. Ennis Day Laborer 11/4/1893 Towanda Twp
Moon Ethel F W Arthur Lennie (?) Paine St. Carpenter 8/31/1893 Athens
Mullins Edward M W Michael Libbie River St. Weigh Master 9/16/1893 Athens
Monroe Elsie May F W G. P. Josephine Sylvania Farmer 9/6/1893 Sylvania
Morgan Mary M. F W Martin M. Florence O. Burlington Twp Farmer 6/17/1893 Burlington Twp
Mark Wm. A. M W Alexander Margret Long Valley Miner 10/4/1893 Long Valley
Murray Hugh E. M W Jas. Annie Long Valley Miner 7/13/1893 Long Valley
Miller Phillip W. M W E. Earol Lottie Alba  Miller 6/23/1894 Alba Boro
McKernan Mary M. F W Jno. Teressa Albany Twp. Farmer 3/3/1894 Albany Twp
Maurice Benjamin M W Benjamin Mary Adams S. S. Main St. Clerk 4/2/1894 Athens
Mingos Mildred M. F W George William Lottie E. 22 Main St. Laborer 6/5/1894 Athens
Murphy Daniel Peter M W Thos. J. Mary Athens Twp Farmer 3/11/1894 Athens
Madigan Elizabeth Maria F W Wm. R. Rhoda A. Burlington Twp Farmer 1/31/1894 Burlington Twp
Moody Laura F W Lewis H. Ettie Canton St. Clerk 2/23/1894 Canton Boro
Manley James Edward M W Jared R. Anna Canton Farmer 1/6/1894 Canton
Moore Hilda A. F W Geo. C. Nellie Columbia Farmer 1/14/1894 Columbia
Matson Charles Arthur M W W. H.(?) Nettie LeRaysville Blacksmith 3/23/1894 LeRaysville
Morse Hilda  F W Rancy K. Charlotte LeRoy Undertaker 6/20/1894 LeRoy
Morse Susie C. F W William F. Mary LeRoy Farmer 4/9/1894 LeRoy
Maslin Geo. W. M W W. R. Hattie A. Litchfield Farmer 1/2/1894 Litchfield
Merrill Harry J. M W G. C. Minnie M. Litchfield Farmer 1/8/1894 Litchfield
Miller Helen Clarissa F W W. A. Elizabeth F. Litchfield Farmer 3/1/1894 Litchfield
Munn Leon Alanson M W J. K. Lizzie Litchfield Farmer 4/20/1894 Litchfield
Munn Not Named F W James A. Mary A. Litchfield Farmer 7/4/1894 Litchfield
Myers Clarence M W Elmer Lillie Millstone Run Laborer 4/27/1894 Monroe Twp
Myers M. P. M W Dewitt Ida New Albany Minister 2/17/1894 New Albany Boro
Mayo Jannie F W Albert Louisa New Albany Laborer 3/31/1894 New Albany Boro
Mann Edna Leora F W Geo. C. Chloe P. Rome Carpenter 3/12/1894 Rome
Marchall Bessie Lu F W Edwin Sarah E. Rome Farmer 1/27/1894 Rome
Merrill Elmer Leman M W Justice Carrie M. Rome Laborer 3/7/1894 Rome
Morse Not Named M W Alvin C. Frances D. Sayre Laborer 4/26/1894 Sayre
Mkedlar Garnet D. M W Daniel Lizzie Sayre Blacksmith 3/15/1894 Sayre
Morris Marion Leona F W Daniel Mary Ann Sayre Boilermaker 1/22/1893 Sayre
Matthews Gladys F W Robert Mary Sayre Laborer 12/7/1893 Sayre
Morrow Anna F W Michael Rosa S. Waverly Laborer 8/1/1894 S. Waverly
Monroe George G. M W Reuben Jr. Lena 24 Mechanic St. Shoemaker 3/6/1894 Towanda
Moore Not Named M W Joseph Josephine Towanda Twp. Farmer 3/13/1894 Towanda Twp
Martin Not Named M W F. A.   Troy Preacher July.10  
Mahar Francis  M W William Katy Blake Troy Twp Laborer 1/14/1894 Troy Twp
Millard Bruce Norman M W Norman Susan Warren Farmer 1/8/1894 Binghamton, N.Y.
Mayo Not Named M W W. S. Mollie Sugar Run Clerk 8/22/1894 Wilmot
Mann Florence A. F W Henry C. Jennie S. Gaylord St. Blacksmith 4/18/1894 Wyalusing
Mann Jennie Arlene F W Thos.  Grace Wyalusing Laborer 2/16/1894 Wyalusing
Miller Philip William M W Carroll E. Lottie Alba Miller 6/23/1894 Alba
Monroe James L. M W William H. Harriet Athens Twp Farmer 11/25/1895 Athens Twp
Mix Arthur W. M W Hugh W. Cordelia L. Canton St. Butcher 10/25/1894 Canton Boro
Montgomery Not Named F W h. s. Della Columbia Farmer 7/27/1894 Columbia
Minard Earl M W Charles Celecia Franklin Laborer 2/14/1894 Franklin
Malleck William J. M W William Susie Granville Laborer 10/26/1894 Granville
Matson Jessie Edith F W Constant Lottie Herrick Twp. Farmer 11/7/1894 Herrick Twp
Mott Clarence Leone M W Andrus C. Carrie Isadore LeRoy Farmer 8/23/1894 LeRoy
Mitslifer Francis Carlyle M W William Fannie LeRoy Laborer 11/17/1894 LeRoy
Morris Q. C. M W Geo. E. Emma Monroe Twp Laborer 8/22/1894 Monroe Twp.
Molyoneux Rose Anna F W Edward Mary Overton Farmer 6/7/1894 Overton
Millheim Bessie  F W William Minnie M. Overton Farmer 11/13/1894 Overton
Milliard Sarah Obellia F W John  Delphine Overton Farmer 11/21/1894 Overton
Miller Fred M W Ned Lizzie Rome Laborer 10/19/1894 Rome Twp
Mead George M. M W R. A. C. Jennie E. Sayre Freight Agent 8/1/1894 Sayre
Miller Emma Esther F W William Ida Jane Sayre Laborer 11/4/1894 Sayre
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