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Frank Charles Hoose 
son of Rose Zimmerman and William Garfield Hoose 
born December 08, 1899 in Second Avenue, Sayre, PA.,
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd Surname Name of Child Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occupation/Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
5/5/1899 Lewis Ina Beatrice F W Charles Francis Greenwood Laborer 1/20/1899 Greenwood
5/15/1899 Lefler Inez L. F W Wells Brundage, Myrtle Ridgeberry Farmer 9/29/1898 Ridgeberry
5/3/1899 Layman Carl R. M W H. C. Ida Terrytown Farmer 2/2/1899 Terrytown
5/4/1899 Larabee Not Named M W Ulysses Roaney West Branch Lumberman 3/17/1899 West Branch
5/31/1899 Lewis Iona F W Ed Addie Wells Farmer 2/22/1899 Wells
6/9/1899 Lilley Burnard Liston M W Edbert Bertha W. Burlington Laborer 5/5/1899 W. Burlington
5/6/1899 Lunger Lottie D. F W John W. Emma Litchfield Farmer 2/20/1899 Litchfield
5/3/1899 Lusch Theresa Agnes F W John Theresa Towanda Shoemaker 10/29/1898 Towanda
5/15/1899 Langford Ester E. F W Rev. Harmon Martha L. Sayre Minister 8/23/1898 Sayre
5/17/1899 Lacey Byron M W George H. Clara Sayre Operator 4/13/1899 Sayre
5/25/1899 LaBarre Zemma Maud F W John Bell Sayre Fireman 5/18/1899 Sayre
9/1/1899 Leah Minnie Luceal F W Cyrus Ellen  Sayre Laborer 5/9/1899 Sayre
9/1/1899 Linehan Francis  M W Samuel Kate Sayre Fireman 6/7/1899 Sayre
5/2/1899 Letts Laura F W John Helen E. River St. Fireman 2/27/1899 Sayre
5/1/1899 Lawlor Jessie F W Joseph Ida Wilawana Farmer 1/1/1899 Wilawana
5/1/1899 Leighton Gladys E. F W Wm. H. Jessie Athens  Laborer 12/26/1898 Athens
5/8/1899 Luckey Hellen F W Frank E. Ella Athens  Clerk 3/2/1899 Athens
5/29/1899 Langland Harold S. M W John Engel Tyler St. Laborer 11/25/1898 Athens Boro
9/4/1899 Lewis Carlametia F W Liston L. Bessie G. Canton  Student 8/17/1899 Canton 
9/4/1899 Loomis Marion L. F W Charles D. Charlotte Canton Farmer 3/31/1899 Canton
9/5/1899 Landbach John Howey M W William H. Christenia Wyalusing Tinner 4/14/1899 Wyalusing
5/6/1899 Lee Not Named M W Ulyses Zylpha Albany Twp Farmer 3/8/1899 Albany Twp
8/23/1899 Lenox Not Named F W Wm. Martha  Albany Twp Farmer 6/5/1899 Albany Twp
5/1/1899 Lewis Hugh Willson M W Guy Maggie Stevensville Barber 12/25/1898 Stevensville
  Lewis Delbert M W D. E. Edia Springfield Farmer 3/15/1899 Springfield
5/26/1899 Luther Lena Blanche F W Fred L. Flora A. Burlington Farmer 1/3/1899 Burlington Twp
5/22/1899 Larcom Mertle M. F W E. J. Matie H. Granville Farmer 8/21/1898 Granville
6/3/1899 Lisson John Christopher M W John Margrate Norconk Farmer 3/28/1899 Norconk
May. 1899 Landen Not Named M W C. LaVern Olivia LeRoy Farmer 3/20/1899 LeRoy
5/15/1899 LeTournan Howard Clifton M W W. H. Eunice Arlottie Orwell Farmer 2/20/1899 Orwell
5/19/1899 Lott Walter Howard M W W. H. Rena C. Orwell Stage Driver 1/12/1899 Orwell
5/8/1899 Lynch Paul Eugene M W James C. Margret Foot of Plane Merchant 5/8/1899 Foot of Plane
12/5/1899 Landon Kathryn F W Herbert Elizabeth Herrickville Farmer 7/17/1899 Herrick Twp
11/11/1899 Lewis Robert M W Clinton Caroline Terrytown Farmer 7/28/1899 Terrytown
  Loux Anthony M W John Elen Garden St. Fireman 9/21/1899 Sayre
11/24/1899 Lent Not Named F W W. J. Lena 5th St. Clerk 11/7/1899 Towanda
12/15/1899 Lynch Margrett F W John J. Maney, Sarah Plank Road 59 Laborer 6/26/1899 Towanda
12/5/1899 Leavenworth Arthur M W John May LeRaysville Mason 7/6/1899 Rome
12/4/1899 Lattimer Lena Eugene F W Abram Louisa N. Tuscarora Twp Laborer 8/30/1899 Tuscarora Twp
12/4/1899 Lilley Catharine Loisa F W T. M. M. M. Powell Laborer 11/19/1899 Powell
12/5/1899 Lundy Oscar N. M W G. A. Marietta C. Powell Laborer 9/4/1899 Powell
12/6/1899 Loomis Charles M W Reed Fanny E. Troy Butter Maker 5/7/1899 E. Troy
12/20/1899 Lament J. H. M W James Julia E. Troy Farmer 12/17/1899 E. Troy
11/21/1899 Lynch Joanna F W Morris Ellen Burlington Twp Farmer 8/29/1899 Burlington Twp
12/9/1899 Lane Perley A. M W Edgar W. Mary C. Burlington Twp Farmer 5/26/1899 Burlington Twp
12/15/1899 Liddiard Mable F W Jesse Eliza Litchfield Farmer 12/13/1898 Litchfield
11/4/1899 Lenox Fountain D. M W Elmer Frank Sheshequin Laborer 1/12/1899 Sheshequin
11/27/1899 Lousberry Hanford D. M W Edd Dora Windham Farmer 4/13/1899 Windham
11/17/1899 Lindley Elenor C. F W Edward  Melly Granville Farmer 7/11/1899 Granville
11/17/1899 Lindley Eurissa (?) R. F W Edward Melly Granville Farmer 7/11/1899 Granville
11/21/1899 Leonard Emiley E. W. M W S. S. Clara W. Granville Farmer 6/26/1899 Granville
11/29/1899 Lamberson Chester F W William  Bertha Armenia Farmer 8/20/1899 Armenia
11/17/1899 Lurcock (?) Lora Madelyn F W Snover Lena Sayre Laborer 11/12/1899 Sayre
12/19/1899 Leonhart Pauline Claire F W William Bertha F. Norconk Farmer 11/14/1899 Wilmot Twp
5/26/1900 Lament Joal Rexford M W James B. Julia S. E. Troy Farmer 12/17/1899 E. Troy
5/22/1900 Lindsley Anna F W Truman Harriet Luisa Wilawana Farmer 3/28/1900 Wilawana
5/18/1900 Langhead Lenita F W Chas Sallie Alba  Merchant 1/15/1900 Alba 
5/11/1900 Lunn Daniel O. M W Arthur  Dessie Windham Laborer 1/28/1900 Warren
5/11/1900 Lyons Wm. K. M W Harry Charlotte Spring Hill Farmer 5/8/1900 Spring Hill
6/14/1900 Lewis Paul Edgar M W E. D. Harriet  Wyalusing Merchant 9/18/1900 Wyalusing
6/14/1900 Lee Hellen E. F W William Mildred Wyalusing Blacksmith 5(?)/29/1900 Wyalusing
5/10/1900 Laughlin Joseph Thomas M W John Cecelia McDonald 100 Western Ave Deliveryman 3/31/1900 Towanda
5/10/1900 Leonard Stewart I. M W Irvine Margarett Res. Farmer 11/26/1899 Springfield
  Lacey Pauline Claire F W William Sarah E. Sayre Clerk 12/23/1899 Laceyville
5/16/1900 Leonard Bernice F W Layton Not Listed Ulster Farmer 5/21/1899 Ulster
5/30/1900 Lynch Aloyius M W Martin Kate Overton Farmer 2/22/1900 Overton
5/7/1900 Lampman Eldoria F W George  Emma W. Burlington Farmer 2/9/1900 W. Burlington
5/7/1900 Langford Cuba Renbena F W G. M. Bessie  Smithfield Farmer 2/15/1900 Smithfield
5/12/1900 Leonard Velma P. F W Wilbur Olive S. Waverly Laborer 4/23/1900 S. Waverly
5/23/1900 Luther Irvine H. M W Martin D. Vinnie E. Burlington Twp Farmer 3/7/1900 Burlington Twp
7/31/1900 Lynch Aurthur M W James C. Margret Foot of Plane Merchant 7/31/1900 Foot of Plane
10/10/1900 Landon R. D. Jr. M W R. D. Emma Springfield Farmer 5/14/1900 Springfield
12/3/1900 Larrabee Mentos(Ezra M.) M W John Myron Mary May West Branch, Monroe Farmer 5/25/1900 West Branch
12/17/1900 Lusch Helen Marie F W John Theresa Huston St. Shoemaker 10/14/1900 Towanda
12/6/1900 Loewus Victor M W Emanuel Florra 116 Charles Clerk 8/17/1900 Towanda
12/7/1900 Loop Leonard George M W George A. Bessie M. Sayre Clerk 8/11/1900 Sayre
12/11/1900 Lacy Not Named M W William N. Sarah E. Sayre Clerk 12/9/1900 Sayre
11/1/1900 Lewis Mildred F W Grant Minnie South Creek Laborer 12/22/1900 Gilletts
12/18/1900 Larrabee Benjamin M W E. J. Lydia Terrytown Farmer 6/25/1900 Terrytown
  Lane Elisebeth F W Burr Dora Smithfield Farmer 6/23/1900 Smithfield
  Leonard Not Named M W Melvin Edith Smithfield Laborer 7/23/1900 Smithfield
Loan Warren M W Michael Margaret  Smithfield Farmer 9/30/1900 Smithfield
12/3/1900 Lent Albert Eugene M W Albert Coolbaugh,Wealthy Apex  Farmer 9/28/1900 Apex
12/13/1900 Levenwith Fredric  M W Fred  Dell Co. House Farmer 6/1/1900 W. Burlington
12/13/1900 Leonard Jennie F W Frank  Adaline Co. House Farmer 8/3/1900 W. Burlington
5/10/1900 Lattimer Minnie  F W John Almira Tuscarora  Farmer 8/17/1899 Silvara
12/3/1900 Lane Clifford A. M W Grove Myrtle Burlington Twp Farmer 9/12/1900 Burlington Twp
12/5/1900 Lynch James Raymond M W Patrick J. Katie A. Burlington Twp Farmer 6/25/1900 Burlington Twp
12/17/1900 Letts Hellen Edna F W Reuben Eva Grover Laborer 9/25/1900 Grover
5/9/1901 Lindley Maud F W Charles Nellie Asylum Laborer 3/19/1901 Asylum
5/25/1901 Lane Pearl Louise F W J. C. Inga N. Towanda Farmer 1/28/1901 N. Towanda
5/17/1901 Lantz Leas M W Earnest Eva W. Burlington Farmer 10/6/1900 Athens
5/6/1901 Layton Thomas Arther M W Arthur Dell Wysox Laborer 1/4/1901 Wysox Twp
5/14/1901 Leonard Esther Modest M W S. S. Clara Granville Agent 3/12/1901 Granville
5/16/1901 Larcom Mertle H. F W H. C. (Adopted) Sadie (Adopted) Granville Farmer 5/9/1900 Granville
5/17/1901 Loomis Gerald M W Joseph Mrs. F. E. Granville Laborer 1/10/1901 Granville
5/25/1901 Larcom Nettie May F W Floyd B. Nellie Granville Farmer 3/15/1901 Granville
5/29/1901 Lewis J. Marten M W J. Burt Ruth P. Main St. Merchant 5/8/1901 Wyalusing
5/29/1901 Lathrop Virginnia A. F W W. B. Lydia A. Third St. Carpenter 1/4/1901 Wyalusing
5/29/1901 Lathrop Virgellia L. F W W. B. Lydia A. Third St. Carpenter 1/4/1901 Wyalusing
6/6/1901 Lewis Hellen I F W George Wilda LeRoy Merchant 4/29/1901 LeRoy
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