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Erdene Inscho
b. Tioga County, PA
Photo dated 1917
Parents: Mary E. DONALD and Jesse Harrison INSCHO
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd Surname Name of Child Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occupation/Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
5/12/1897 Lott Not Named F W W. H. Rena C. Orwell Wagon Maker 4/24/1897 Orwell
5/5/1897 Lyke Florence F W Frank B. Woodburn, Lillian S. Bridge St. #2 Merchant 12/3/1896 Towanda
5/5/1897 Loewus Sydney M W Emanuel Tanzer (?) Flora Charles St. #116 Clerk 4/1/1897 Towanda
May. 1897 Loomis Not Named F W R. S. Isabelle Sayre Drayman 3/7/1897 Sayre
5/14/1897 Luckey Herbert Clark M W Fred B. Leanora Sayre Engineer 12/24/1896 Sayre
5/14/1897 Laceey Herbert Louis M W George H. Clara S. Sayre Operator 12/19/1896 Sayre
5/17/1897 Lewis Ray R. M W Jay J. Ella F. Sayre Laborer 2/11/1897 Sayre
5/8/1897 Lafy Nellie F W Geo. R. Minnie A. Wysox  Laborer 10/5/1896 Wysox
5/4/1897 Lawrence Wesley M W D. Lawrence Cornelia E. Windham Laborer 1/3/1897 Windham
5/5/1897 Long Allnon (?) L. M W Herbert Pearl Albany Twp Farmer 1/6/1897 Albany Twp
5/8/1897 Linehan Laura F W Jas. Sarah Ulster Laborer 9/24/1897 Ulster
5/12/1897 Ludwig Grace  F W John Elizabeth Smithfield Farmer 4/20/1897 Smithfield
5/26/1897 Landon Not Named M W R. D. Emma Springfield Farmer 5/12/1897 Springfield
12/10/1897 Lewis May Blanch F W Charles Francis John Miller Farm Farmer 6/15/1897 Monroe Twp., 2nd Dist.
12/10/1897 Lilley Willas Walker M W Thomas Minnie Greenwood Laborer 9/18/1897 Greenwood
12/8/1897 Lampman Riva May F W W. W. Ida Smithfield Farmer 7/12/1897 Smithfield
12/8/1897 Langford Mildred A. F W G. M. Bessie Smithfield Farmer 8/10/1897 Smithfield
12/9/1897 Lunn Arnold R. M W Frank Elizabeth Windham Farmer 10/7/1897 Windham
9/15/1897 Lafrance Sarah Viola F W F. W. Alice  Tuscarora Farmer 8/28/1897 Tuscarora Twp
12/14/1897 Lewis Leon Llewellyn M W G. W. Maggie Stevensville Barber 11/5/1897 Stevensville
12/11/1897 Lane Myron Eugene M W Grove Myrtle Burlington Twp Farmer 10/2/1897 Burlington Twp
12/6/1897 Leah Eva Mae F W Cyrus Ellen Amanda Sayre Laborer 7/1/1897 Sayre
12/6/1897 Linehan Mary Emma F W Samuel Katie Agnes Sayre Fireman 10/30/1897 Sayre
12/8/1897 Lowe Margaret F W Chas. B. Margaret Sayre Engineer 9/6/1897 Sayre
12/10/1897 Lamberson Harry Wm. M W Wm. Henry Hattie Delia Sayre Fireman 7/13/1897 Sayre
12/10/1897 LaBarre Jessie Boid F W John Sybil Sayre Fireman 6/22/1897 Sayre
12/6/1897 Laws William Knocke M W A. L. Clara K. Sayre Merchant 7/5/1897 Sayre
12/10/1897 Layton Harry W. M W Arthur J. Ora Dell Wysox 2nd Dist Laborer 11/7/1897 Wysox 2nd Dist
11/9/1897 Lewis Robert Donald M W E. D. Hariet Smith Wyalusing Merchant 11/4/1897 Wyalusing 
12/11/1897 Layman Not Named F W John Mary W.Terry, Terry Twp Farmer 10/7/1897 W. Terry, Terry Twp
12/14/1897 Lee Albert M W Ulyses Zylpha Albany Twp Farmer 7/20/1897 Albany Twp
12/6/1897 Lenox Earl  M W James Lizzie Rome Twp Farmer 8/23/1897 Rome 
12/7/1897 Leonard Lloyd M W B. P. Dora Springfield Farmer 8/13/1897 Springfield
9/28/1897 Lewis Willie E. M W Frank Edna Wells Farmer 8/29/1897 Wells
12/7/1897 Lewis Benjamine R. M W Albert L. Minnie M. Sheshequin Laborer 9/5/1897 Sheshequin
12/6/1897 Lent Leon B. M W B. B. Annie Orwell Farmer 9/24/1897 Orwell
12/6/1897 LeTournan Willson Harvey M W W. H. Eunice Arletta Orwell Farmer 5/18/1897 Athens
10/19/1897 Landow James Hurst M W Herbert Elizabeth Augusta Landon Dist. Farmer 8/19/1897 Herrick Twp
12/10/1897 Laughlin Mary Ellnor F W John, Jr. McDonald, Luzelia Western Ave 100 Deliveryman 5/28/1897 Towanda
  Lusch Joseph Edward M W John Teressa Huston St. Shoemaker 9/26/1897 Towanda
5/16/1898 Larrabee Emmet M W Ulyses Rowena South Branch Farmer 8/7/1897 Albany Twp
5/9/1898 Lamberson Richard William M W William A. Clara B. Powell Laborer 1/1/1898 Powell
5/11/1898 Lantz Mary Ellen F W Ernest L. Mary E. Powell Laborer 3/14/1898 Powell
6/6/1898 Lilley Walker W. M W Thomas M. Minnie M. Powell Laborer 9/18/1897 Powell
5/23/1898 Lewis Ray Edward M W Ed Addie Wells Farmer 1/29/1898 Wells
5/16/1898 Lanhead Lueta Grace F W Charales Sallie J. Alba  Salesman 1/22/1898 Alba 
5/9/1898 Like Frank B. M W Frank B. Lillian #6, Bridge St. Merchant 4/13/1898 Towanda
6/1/1898 Loyde Burdett M W Samuel D. Jennie LeRoy Merchant 3/14/1898 LeRoy
May. 1898 Leonard Julia Ann F W Melvin Edna Smithfield Laborer 3/21/1898 Smithfield
  Livens Alice A. F W C. K. Clara South Creek Farmer 11/22/1895 South Creek
5/6/1898 Lockerby Gladis F W George  Ida S. Waverly Brakman 1/2/1898 S. Waverly
5/18/1898 Lurcock Maud F W W. S. Cora Litchfield Laborer 3/25/1898 Litchfield
5/11/1898 Layman Stella May F W Wm. Mattie Albany Twp Farmer 2/8/1898 Albany Twp
5/3/1898 Lewis Dunbar M W F. D. E. M. New Albany Boro Farmer 3/4/1898 New Albany Boro
5/2/1898 Leahey Helen F W John J. Bridget Greens Landing Laborer 10/29/1897 Greens Landing
5/10/1898 Lee Mary E. F W Richard Susie Athens Boro Laborer 2/12/1898 Litchfield
5/10/1898 Lenox Henry M W Samuel Sarah Athens Boro Laborer 2/27/1898 Athens
5/6/1898 Lynch Julia F W Patrick C. Julia Tyler St. Conductor 12/23/1897 Athens
5/6/1898 Lynch Mary F W Patrick C. Julia Tyler St. Conductor 12/23/1897 Athens
6/10/1898 Loomis Mary F W Eugene J. Mary Main St. Laborer 5/24/1898 Athens
5/17/1898 Litzelman Carl B. M W Ralph E. Hattie E. Burlington Twp Farmer 1/7/1898 Burlington Twp
5/20/1898 Lynch Mary F W Morris Ellen Amanda Burlington Twp Farmer 2/12/1898 Burlington Twp
5/3/1898 Lane Robert L. M W D. S. Laura Burlington Boro Blacksmith 3/31/1898 Burlington Boro
5/5/1898 Laws Wm. K. M W A. L. Clara Sayre Merchant 7/5/1898 Sayre
8/13/1898 Lindley Ansel Edward M W Earl S. Elizabeth L. Minnequa Ave. Merchant 6/19/1898 Min Ave. Canton Boro
5/6/1898 Lashrop Harry B. M W W. B. Lydia Third St. Carpenter 1/4/1898 Wyalusing
3/4/1898 Lament Alma Lucinda F W James Julia E. Troy Farmer 1/21/1898 E. Troy
5/4/1898 Loomis Luther M W A. R. Fannie E. Troy Laborer 4/7/1898 E. Troy
12/12/1898 Lynch Walter M. M W Thomas P. Elizabeth Sayre Hotel Keeper 11/7/1898 Sayre
  Lyons Helen F W Cornelus Mary Holly St. Engineer 6/15/1898 Ovid, N.Y.
11/10/1898 Loomis Evangeline F W Mark Georgia Athens Boro Clerk 8/12/1898 Athens Boro
12/5/1898 Lowing Fredric  M W H. T. Eva E. Troy Farmer 10/22/1898 E. Troy
12/6/1898 Loewus Albert Eugene M W Emanuell Flora 116 Charles Clerk 9/3/1898 Towanda
12/6/1898 Lyke Frank B. M W Frank B. Woodburn, Lillian S. #6, Bridge St. Merchant 4/13/1898 Towanda
12/6/1898 Lewis Francis E. M W Wm. Eliza Pratt Ave Laborer 8/19/1898 Towanda
12/6/1898 Lusch Teressa F W John Teressa HustonSt. Shoemaker 10/29/1898 Towanda
11/12/1898 Laribee Dolly F W Edward J. Lydia Terrytown Farmer 9/11/1898 Terrytown
11/19/1898 Lewis Robison M W Clinton Kathleen Terrytown Farmer 9/4/1898 Terrytown
12/3/1898 Lewis Foster E. M W Grant Minnie South Creek Laborer 4/30/1898 Gillett
11/16/1898 Lent Chauncy Leland M W B. N. Nettie Herrickville Farmer 7/4/1898 Herrickville
11/30/1898 Lane Harry M W Burr Lora Smithfield Farmer 6/18/1898 Smithfield
12/6/1898 Lenox Jessie  M W Wm. Emily E. Towanda Laborer 7/31/1898 E. Towanda
12/5/1898 Light Robert W. M W Willis R. Emma (?) O. Stevensville Laborer 10/5/1898 Stevensville
12/22/1898 Landon Louis M W Robert Nellie Canton Boro Laborer 12/7/1898 Canton Boro
Nov. 1898 Leonard Seymour D. M W Byron Julia A. Springfield Farmer 10/17/1898 Springfield
12/8/1898 Lampman Bessie Elizabeth F W George H. Emma J. W. Burlington Farmer 11/9/1898 W. Burlington
5/1/1899 Layton Armnie (?) F W Arthur J. Tompkins, Dellia Apex, PA Laborer 1/17/1899 Wysox
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