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Betsy Fluella Lane, 
born June 04, 1870  East Smithfield, Bradford, PA 
died May 04, 1960 Alba, Bradford, PA 
buried Park Cemetery, Canton, Bradford, Pennsylvania. 
Daughter of Daniel Webster Lane and Alice Ann Brown
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd Surname Name of Child Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occupation/Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
5/6/1895 Lathrop Loreta Alice F W W. B. Lydia M. Vaughn Hill Farmer 3/7/1895 Wyalusing
  Laughhhead Esther Emma F W Charles Sallie J. Alba Boro Farmer 3/30/1895 Alba Boro
12/11/1895 Lee Annie Elizabeth F W D. E. Anna New Albany Laborer 11/4/1895 New Albany
12/2/1895 Loomis Francis Edward M W Orlando M. Mary Athens Twp. Farmer 5/30/1895 Athens Twp
12/4/1895 Lynch Frances Margaret F W Morris Ellen  Burlington Twp Farmer 7/15/1895 Burlington Twp
11/19/1895 Lampman Emma  F W George Emma W. Burlington Farmer 9/14/1895 W. Burlington Twp
12/5/1895 Lindley Joe Fassett M W D. Thomas May  Canton Farmer 11/2/1895 Canton 
12/4/1895 Letts Harold M W Reuben Eva Grover Laborer 8/8/1895 Grover
12/4/1895 Lent Clyde M W B. N. Nettie Herrickville Laborer 11/1/1895 Herrick Twp
12/9/1895 Lurcock Not Named M W Winfield S. Cora Litchfield Laborer 11/30/1895 Litchfield
12/3/1895 Lamberson Charles  M W Wm. Clara Monroe Twp Laborer 11/5/1895 Monroe Twp
12/4/1895 Lombard George Robert M W George E. Mary E. Sayre Brakeman 8/22/1895 Seaforth Ontario
12/9/1895 Lockett Helen  F W George Julia Sayre B. Maker 11/4/1895 Sayre
12/11/1895 Lamberson Iva  F W W. H. Hattie D. Sayre Laborer 10/22/1895 Sayre
Nov. 21 Laws Mary K. F W A. L. Clara Sayre Clerk 9/7/1895 Sayre
Nov. 22 Landmesser Walter Earl M W John Caroline Sayre Boiler Maker 4/22/1895 Sayre
12/5/1895 Long Gordon Romain M W Rev. Harmon Martha Elmer Ave. Sayre Minister 11/3/1895 Sayre
12/13/1895 Locke  Christine F W Robert Isabelle No Residence Gypsies 8/24/1895 Sheshequin
  Lane Floyd B. M W Burr Lora Smithfield Farmer 9/10/1895 Smithfield
  Langford Chayetal (?) F W G. M. Bessie Smithfield Farmer 9/6/1895 Smithfield
  Loan Anna F W Michael Margaret Smithfield Farmer 7/27/1895 Smithfield
  Ludwig Margaret F W John Elizabeth Smithfield Farmer 6/26/1895 Smithfield
  Leonard Harold C. M W Burt Myrtle Springfield Farmer 10/21/1895 Springfield
Dec. 1895 Latimore Charles H.     Geo.  Mary Standing Stone Laborer 7/6/1895 Standing Stone Twp
12/5/1895 Lynard Arthur M W Wilbur Olive Bradford St. Laborer 10/5/1895 S. Waverly
12/3/1895 Lent Morris Eugene M W W. J. Jr. Lena Orpha 5th St. Clerk 9/27/1895 5th St.
12/5/1895 Lewis Earl Stanley M W Wm. Eliza  Pratt Ave. Laborer 8/14/1895 Towanda
12/10/1895 Lane Ellen F W Joseph Iva N. Towanda Laborer 12/14/1895 N. Towanda
12/3/1895 Lewis Laura F W Edward Addie Wells Farmer 8/5/1895 Wells
12/3/1895 Lewis Lulu F W Edward Addie Wells Farmer 8/5/1895 Wells
12/12/1895 Leonard Loren Wood M W S. S. Clara Wood Wells Farmer 3/3/1895 Troy
9/8/1895 Lewis Grace D. F W Clinton J. Carrie C. Second St. Carpenter 1/8/1895 Wyalusing
7/13/1896 Larnard Norman J. M W Eugene  Bessie F. Alba Merchant 4/5/1896 Alba
5/13/1896 Laurer Anna Mary F W Fred Mary Willow St. Shoemaker 2/6/1896 Willow St.
5/15/1896 Lake Richard Alonzo M W Frank Bessie J. Willow St. Brakeman 1/8/1896 Willow St.
5/19/1896 Lynch Charles J. M W John P. Annie Main St. Laborer 1/30/1896 Main St.
9/1/1896 Lynch Aloycius M W Patrick C. Julia Tyler St. Conductor 6/22/1896 Tyler St.
9/1/1896 Lynch Winfred F W Patrick C. Julia Tyler St. Conductor 6/22/1896 Tyler St.
5/13/1896 Liddiard Jessie M. F W Jesse Eliza Athens Boro Laborer 4/30/1896 Athens Twp
4/10/1896 Lynch James M W James Margret Foot of Plane Merchant 4/5/1896 Foot of Plane
5/4/1896 Lane Lena F W D. A. Laura BurlingtonBoro Blacksmith 12/29/1895 Burlington Boro
5/11/1896 Lyons Clara A. F W John Parks, Laura A. County House Overseerer 1/19/1896 County House
7/4/1896 Lindley Frances E. F W Earl S. Elizabeth L. Minnequa Ave. Merchant 4/29/1896 Canton Boro
5/5/1896 Landon Neva L. F W Fredrick P. Hattie B. Windfall Farmer 2/6/1896 Windfall
5/15/1896 Loomis Joseph  M W Joseph Frances E. Granville Farmer 2/27'/1896 Granville
6/9/1896 Loyde Theodore M W Wm. N. Abbie LeRoy Farmer 2/17/1896 LeRoy
5/4/1896 Lantz Edgar M W Ernest Mary Carter St. Laborer 2/17/1896 Monroe Twp
5/20/1896 Lent Viva F W N. G. Nancy V. Orwell Laborer 12/15/1895 Rome Twp
5/5/1896 Lefler Harry Albert M W Geo. F. Edna Sayre Brakeman 1/13/1896 Geneva, N.Y.
5/8/1896 Laws Mary K. F W H. L. Clara Sayre Clerk 9/7/1895 Sayre
5/8/1896 Lynard Arthur M W William . Olive S. Waverly Laborer 10/5/1895 S. Waverly
6/17/1896 Lockner Raymond M W Charles Emma S. Waverly Picture frames/Moulder 5/10/1896 S. Waverly
5/22/1896 Leonard Kate C. F W Emerson C Sally Springfield Farmer 12/6/1895 Springfield
5/12/1896 Layman Harry M W John J. Mary W. Terrytwp. Farmer 3/15/1896 W. Terry, Terry Twp
??/7/1896 Loewine (?) Clara S. F W L. Florence E. Charles St. Clerk 2/15/1895 Towanda
  Luech (?) Gertrude  F W John Teressa Huston St. Shoemaker 4/1/1896 Towanda
  Lynch Mary Frances F W Francis Joanna Elwell Farmer 7/15/1895 Elwell
5/25/1896 Lewis Mary Bure (?) F W J. Burt Ruth Beers Main St. Harness Maker 5/22/1896 Wyalusing
5/25/1896 Landback Virginia F W William Christance Main St. Plummer 5/4/1896 Wyalusing
5/4/1896 Lent Edith J. F W Fred B. Ella M. Wysox 2nd Dis Laborer 9/24/1895 Niagara Falls, NY
12/8/1896 Lamb  Martin M W William Bertha Armenia Twp Farmer 3/4/1896 Armenia Twp
12/3/1896 Lathrop Earl  M W C. F. Ella  Armenia Twp Farmer 5/12/1896 Armenia Twp
12/9/1896 Leonard Rolland R. M W Robt. P. Girtrude   Druggist 5/28/1896 Athens 
12/11/1896 Lynch Cornelius F. M W Patrick J. Catharine Burlington Twp Farmer 12/1/1896 Burlington Twp
11/24/1896 Leonard George H. M W Melvin Allen, Edith County House Laborer 5/28/1896 Smithfield
12/17/189 Larcom Herald M W Afton Kate Granville Farmer 8/26/1896 Granville
12/17/1896 Larcom Iva Dell F W C. F. Hatty Granville Farmer 12/19/1896 Granville
12/2/1896 Lung Edwin C. M W G. H. Alice M. Orwell Farmer 9/13/1896 Orwell
12/11/1896 Lewis Not Named F W Wm. G. E. F. Rome Farmer 11/22/1896 Rome Twp
  Lowe Lucy Bell F W Fred Celia Sayre Mechanic 10/28/1896 Sayre
  Lenox Gertrude  F W Elmer Frank Sheshequin Laborer 6/21/1896 Sheshequin
  Lee Ethel L. F W Daniel Annie Sheshequin Laborer 10/20/1896 Sheshequin
Dec. 15 Land Louise F W S. P.  Ada Standing Stone Laborer 7/17/1896 Standing Stone Twp
11/17/1896 Learn Albert M W Nathan Bertha Tuscarora Farmer 7/26/1896 Tuscarora
12/7/1896 Lynch Agnes F W John Maney, Sarah 59 Plank Road Laborer 11/17/1896 Towanda
12/9/1896 Leonard Bernice F. F W C. L. Nora Ulster Farmer 4/29/1896 Ulster
12/8/1896 Launsberg Edna L. F W Edward Dora Windham Farmer 7/14/1896 Windham
12/9/1896 Larribee Not Named F W thomas Martha Wyalusing Laborer 10/9/1896 Wyalusing
11/24/1896 Lane Howard Bernard M W Leon K. Harriet M. Pine St. Machinist 6/21/1896 Athens
5/14/1897 Lewis Jacob W. M W William Elizabeth Towanda Laborer 12/21/1896 Pratt Ave.
5/10/1897 Lemous Guy Francis M W Harry Hannah Hollenback Farmer 12/6/1896 Hollenback
5/6/1897 Lacara Lucie F W Pascal Eva 4th St. Shoemaker 2/9/1897 Towanda
2/11/1897 Littley Julia Elisabeth F W J. G. Emma Sullivan St. Brick Mason 1/3/1897 Canton Boro
6/13/1897 Lee Floyd M W Albert Minnie Columbia Farmer 5/23/1897 Columbia
5/3/1897 Lendrum Walter M W Robert Katherine river St. Fire (?) 3/26/1897 Sayre
5/25/1897 Lane Daisy A. F W Edgar W. Mary C. Burlington Twp Farmer 2/1/1897 Burlington Twp.
Litzelman John Henry M W Howard Cecelia Sheshequin Merchant 4/28/1897 Sheshequin
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