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Mayne Rex Kniffin, born 4-17-1908 Ward Twp., Tioga, PA. 
died, Tucson, Pima AZ. 
He is the son of Daniel Orin Kniffin and Fluella Betsy Lane. 
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd Surname Name of Child Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occupation/Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
4/29/1963 Lynch Mary Frances F W Francis P. Johannah M. Wilmot Twp Farmer 7/15/1891 Wilmot Twp.
12/15/1893 Lathrop Fannie Addelia F W Fred Addellia Armenia Farmer 7/11/1893 Armenia Twp
12/6/1893 Larabee Nancy F W William M. Almad Lime Hill Laborer 7/15/1893 Liberty Corners
12/6/1893 Lamphier Not Named M W Hartley Anna Wyalusing Farmer 11/17/1893 Wyalusing
12/6/1893 Lamphier Not Named F W Hartley Anna Wyalusing Farmer 11/17/1893 Wyalusing
12/11/1893 Lenox Reva F W Delmer Mary Evergreen Farmer 10/3/1893 Evergreen
12/7/1893 Landon Bertha F W A. D. Emma Springfield Farmer 9/22/1893 Springfield
12/12/1893 Lilley Pauline F W Mial E. Mary S. Center St. Lawyer 8/21/1893 Canton Boro
12/15/1893 Loomis Hazel F W Benjamin Minnie Orchard St. Fireman 10/30/1893 Sayre
12/7/1893 Lanx Joseph M W Jacob Mary Lehigh Ave Engineer 7/8/1893 Sayre
12/7/1893 Lantz Ethel F W Ernest Mary E. Franklin Farmer 12/6/1893 Franklin
12/9/1893 Lee Not Named F W Albert Minnie Sylvania Farmer 12/8/1893 Sylvania
12/20/1893 Lyon Not Named F W Adin Ella Spring Hill Farmer 11/30/1893 Spring Hill
12/20/1893 Lemon Sally F W S. S. Lettie Spring Hill Farmer 6/7/1893 Spring Hill
1893 Ludwig Helen Catherine F W John Elizabeth Smithfield Farmer 9/5/1893 Smithfield
12/5/1893 Lawles Thomas Batholmew M W Thomas Mary Penna Ave. Laborer 8/5/1893 Penna Ave.
12/5/1893 Leonard Florence M. F W Rayman Catherine Taylor St. Laborer 8/18/1893 Taylor St.
12/6/1893 Lynch Matilda F W John Philip Anna Main St. Laborer 9/27/1893 Main St.
12/4/1893 Lott Arthur M. M W W. H. Rena C. Orwell Painter 11/4/1893 Orwell
12/27/1893 Lynch Josie Belle F W Patrick J. Katie Burlington Twp Farmer 12/11/1893 Burlington Twp
12/27/1893 Lund Annie B. F W Andrew Lottie Long Valley Miner 11/29/1893 Long Valley
12/28/1893 Lynch John M W Jas. C. Maggie Foot of Plain Merchant 7/10/1893 Foot of Plain
12/7/1893 Lurcock Anna M. F W Winfield S. Sarah C. Litchfield Laborer 10/12/1893 Litchfield
5/19/1894 Loomis Georges M W Sidney R. Jennie Spruce Laborer 12/19/1893 Athens
9/6/1894 Lynch Anna Teresa (?) F W John Catherine Athens Twp Laborer 7/16/1894 Athens
5/10/1894 Landon George Dewitt M W Henry Eugene Minnie May Canton Wagon Maker 3/11/1894 Canton 
9/5/1894 Lilley Ellen S. F W Thomas Minnie Powell Laborer 7/20/1894 Powell
  Larrison George H. M W William  Mary Ridgebury Farmer 3/29/1894 Ridgebury
5/16/1894 Lewis Eunice F W Wm. G. Ellen F. Rome Farmer 2/15/1894 Rome
5/9/1894 Luckey Ida F W Abraham Mary Sayre Engineer 2/4/1894 Syare
5/9/1894 Lacey George Canfield M W George H. Clara Sayre Operator 1/10/1894 Sayre
5/11/1894 Low Agnes W. F W C. B. Margaret Sayre Engineer 3/5/1894 Sayre
5/15/1894 Loux Frankie M W Peter Mary Sayre Engineer Aug. 1893 Sayre
5/8/1894 Leonard Clarence M W Melvin Edith Smithfield Farmer 12/20/1893 Ulster
9/1/1894 Lilley Glenn Lamar M W E. W. Bertha Sylvania Laborer 6/15/1894 Sylvania
9/5/1894 Layman Margaret F W Fred Eva Viall Hill, Terry Twp. Farmer 8/25/1894 Viall Hill, Terry Twp
5/15/1894 Larrabee Ivan M W Edward Lydia New Era Farmer 2/22/1894 New Era
5/10/1894 Lawrence Floyd M W Joseph V. Flora B. Windham Farmer 1/4/1894 Windham
9/10/1894 Lathrop Elwin Sarrel M W Wm. B. Lydia M. Elm St. Carpenter 1/9/1894 Wyalusing
5/18/1894 Leyke Rufus M W Frank B. Lillie S. Wysox 2nd Dist Gardener 1/10/1894 wysox 2nd Dis.
11/24/1894 Lenox Not Named M W Delmar Mary Albany Twp Farmer 11/17/1894 New Albany
11/28/1894 Leonard Frances F W Elisha Elmira E. Armenia Farmer 6/16/1894 Armenia Twp
11/28/1894 Lamb Sophia Bell F W William Bertha Armenia Farmer 8/20/1894 Armenia Twp
12/7/1894 Lent Floyd E. M W Victor J. Florence E. Athens Twp Laborer 6/3/1894 Athens
12/4/1894 Lane Mable E. F W A. M. Carrie Burlington Boro Blacksmith 11/4/1894 Burlington Boro
12/29/1894 Lane Arlett F W Robert S. Huldah W. Burlington Twp Farmer 5/17/1894 Burlington Twp.
  Landon Kelly Frances F W Robert  Nellie Troy St. Clerk 2/6/1894 Canton Boro
12/6/1894 Lenox Gertrude Emma Jane F W E. R. Mary Jane Monroe Farmer 5/29/1894 Monroe Twp
12/5/1894 Lent Gene S. M W Eugene L. Millie rome Farmer 6/14/1894 Rome Twp
12/4/1894 Lendrum Harry M W Henry Katherine River St. Sayre Fireman 10/27/1894 Sayre
11/15/1894 Leffler William Day M W George Edna Sayre Brakeman 8/21/1894 Sayre
12/13/1894 Lombard Hiram Chas M W George May E. R. Sayre Brakeman 8/24/1894 Sayre
12/18/1894 Litzelman Mary E. F W Howard Cecelia Sheshequin Farmer 6/14/1894 Sheshequin
12/5/1894 Leonard Bessie Johannah F W Irvine Margarette Springfield Farmer 7/21/1894 Springfield
11/21/1894 Loevis (?) Edwin M W N.  Mrs. N. 4th Towanda Merchant 5/17/1894 Towanda
11/21/1894 Loder Margaret F W L. Clara Elizabeth St. ??? 6/22/1894 Towanda
12/3/1894 Lynch Tresa F W John J. Sarah C. 59 Clark Road Laborer 7/13/1894 59 Clark Rd.
12/3/1894 Loenus (?) Marion Sophia F W Emanuel Flora  124 State St. Clerk 10/24/1894 124 State St. Towanda
12/3/1894 Loenus (?) Rose May F W Emanuel Flora  124 State St. Clerk 10/20/1894 10 N. Main St. Towanda
12/15/1894 Lusch Charles Frances M W John Teressa 23 Huston St. Shoemaker 11/17/1894 Towanda
12/19/1894 Loomis Lucia F W M. O. Sarah  E. Troy Farmer 8/12/1894 E. Troy
11/19/1894 Lenox Howard M W James Lizzie Ulster Laborer 2/2/1894 Ulster
11/17/1894 Lormsberry (?) Harry I. M W Ed. Dora A. Windham Farmer 6/6/1894 Windham
11/21/1894 Loomis Edwin N. M W Nelson Elizabeth Windham Farmer 10/22/1894 Windham
7/7/1894 Loughhead Emma E. F W Chas. Sallie Alba  Farmer 3/30/1895 Alba
5/11/1895 Layman Susie F W Wm. Mattie (?) Albany Twp Farmer 1/26/1895 Albany Twp
5/13/1895 Lee Not Named M W Ulysis Zylphia (?) Albany Twp Laborer 4/4/1895 Albany Twp
9/4/1895 Linarick (?) Michael M W William Hannorah Athens Twp Farmer 7/19/1895 Albany Twp
  Lewis George M   George Wildie Carbon Manufacturer 2/22/1895 Carbon
  Lynch Joseph Edward M W Martin L. Kate Foot of Plane Teamster 5/10/1895 Long Valley
  Lund Andrew M W Andrew Lorlie (?) Long Valley Miner 4/4/1895 Long Valley
5/23/1895 Litzelman George R. M W Ralph E. Hattie E. Burlington Farmer 1/4/1895 Burlington Twp
  Loomis James M W Myron Rose Canton Boro Laborer 3/22/1895 Center St., Canton
5/18/1895 Loomis James Harold M W Myron Rose Canton Boro Laborer 3/22/1895 Center St., Canton
5/7/1895 Lilley Elen F W Thos. Minnie Powell Laborer 7/20/1895 Monroe Twp
5/8/1895 Lantz Not Named F W Ernest Mary Monroe Twp Laborer 3/25/1895 Monroe Twp
5/6/1895 Loux Leo John M W Jacob Mary Sayre Engineer 12/25/1894 Sayre
5/8/1895 Lacy Ruth Helen M W George Clara (?) S. Sayre Operator 4/9/1895 Sayre
5/21/1895 Lowe Anne Dell M W Fred Celia E. (?) Sayre Mechanic 3/3/1895 Sayre
5/18/1895 Lefler Abury (?) M W Wills (?) Myrtle Springfield Farmer 4/17/1895 Springfield
5/10/1895 Lewis Russell M W D. E. Edie Springfield Farmer 1/9/1895 Springfield
5/22/1895 Lanbie Henry M W ReRoy (?) Mary Terry Twp. Farmer 5/17/1895 Terry Twp
6/6/1895 Lewis Olive Irena (?) F W Clinton Catherine Terry Twp. Laborer 4/17/1895 Albany Twp
5/16/1895 Laughlin John Frances M W John Cecelia 100 Western Ave Deliveryman 12/20/1894 Towanda
5/22/1895 Lord Maggie F W Geo. W. Lillie S. 6 Weston St. Mechanic 5/19/1895 Towanda
5/15/1895 Lattimer Geo. M. M W John A. Hattie E. Warren Farmer 3/14/1895 Warren
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