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Lucile Lillian Brown born 6-15-1910 Shunk, Sullivan, PA. 
died 11-29-1999 Mesa, Maricopa, AZ. 
She went to and graduated from Canton High School 
and lived in Canton for about 15 years. 
Married Mayne Rex Kniffin May 16, 1932 Towanda, Bradford, PA. 
She is the daughter of Matilda Lillian Battin and Murry Brown and 
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd Surname Name of Child Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occupation/Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
11/16/1898 Kerrick Samuel N. M W Nelson Unis South Creek Farmer 8/25/1898 Gillett
12/12/1898 Kentner Minnie F W Floyd Eva Sugar Run Farmer 9/1/1898 Sugar Run
12/12/1898 Kane John Patrick M W James Ammey Standing Stone Farmer 9/26/1898 Standing Stone
11/30/1898 Killey John Albert M W A. V. Annie Rose Smithfield Mechanic 8/10/1898 Smithfield
11/30/1898 Knickerbacker George Rex M W Joseph K. Effie  Smithfield Mechanic 11/22/1898 Smithfield
12/6/1898 Kingsbury Stanton M W George Josephine Wysox Laborer 10/3/1898 Wysox
11/21/1898 King Edna L. F W Mont A. Georgia A. Rome Twp Farmer 9/27/1898 Rome
  Kelly Hellen J. F W Richard M. Mildred S. Canton St. Farmer 4/17/1898 Canton 
12/2/1898 Keeler Ethel May F W Osmyn E. Minnie Ulster Farmer 8/3/1898 Ulster
12/7/1898 Kelly John L. M W Daniel Ella Orverton Twp Farmer 5/14/1898 Overton
5/20/1899 Kilmer Charlot Elizabeth F W James D. Bessey S. Rome Farmer 3/1/1899 Rome
5/5/1899 Kelly Grace F W Albert Alace Liberty Corners Laborer 8/26/1898 Liberty Corners
5/15/1899 Kellog Hellen May F W Fountain Saphrona Smithfield Farmer 3/19/1899 Smithfield
5/4/1899 King Hattie F W Chas.  Eliza Litchfield Farmer 4/1/1899 Litchfield
1/20/1899 Kanfelt John M W Henery Clara  Hadlocks Dist Laborer 1/20/1899 Lockwood, N.Y.
10/31/1899 Keller Pauline F W Edward Mary Glen Valley Farmer 10/31/1898 Glenvalley
5/2/1899 Kane Marguerite Christine F W William Hattie Towanda Twp Supervisor 11/9/1898 Ulster
8/30/1899 Kuykendall Louise F W Benjamine Louise Towanda Twp Lawyer 7/10/1899 Towanda
5/15/1899 Konkle William D. M W William Flora Sayre Moulder 5/5/1899 Sayre
8/7/1899 Kirkland Margrett G. F W James Bertha Sayre Brakeman 7/'21/1899 Sayre
5/11/1899 Kendrick Hellen F W John Elizabeth Sayre Machinist 7/13/1898 Waverly, N.Y.
5/3/1899 Kelley Annie F W James Bridget Sayre Operator 3/12/1899 Sayre
5/2/1899 Kinner Jessie F W Frank Clara  Third St. Laborer 5/1/1898 Sayre
9/4/1899 Kingsland John C. M W J. C. Mary Canton  Vet Surgeon 7/1/1899 Canton
5/1/1899 King Charlie M W Emerson Sadie Grover Farmer 3/14/1899 Grover
5/4/1899 Kipp Clara F W Chas.  Mary Albany Twp Farmer 11/17/1898 Evergreen
  Kinner Charles Austen M W J. L. Lilly Elen Valard Laborer 3/22/1899 Valaard
5/4/1899 Kennedy Freda F W Ida Ida Granville Agent 10/11/1898 Granville
5/19/1899 Keltch Dorothy Lois F W H. F. K. M. Granville Minister 3/21/1899 Granville
4/16/1899 Knowlden Jenett F W Harry Marion Granville Farmer 4/23/1899 Granville
5/13/1899 Kester Emma F W Lloyd Libbie  Sugar Run Laborer 12/18/1898 Sugar Run
5/13/1899 Kerr  C.Francis F W John Clarice LeRoy Clerk 11/19/1898 LeRoy
12/21/1899 Keller William M W Wm. Flora River St. Conductor 8/29/1899 Sayre
11/24/1899 Kipp Willie M W John H. Julia W. Burlington Mason 7/4/1899 W. Burlington
11/24/1899 Keltz Lillian V. F W Eugene H. Margetta Canton Farmer 7/8/1899 Canton
11/17/1899 Kester Emily F W Loyd Elizabeth Terrytown Farmer 12/18/1898 Wilmot Twp.
12/15/1899 Kennedy Anna F W John Gorman, Mary Ward Ave 108 Teamster 9/25/1899 Towanda
12/15/1899 Kaufman Walter Max M W Harry Supoutiz, Fanney State 312 Merchant 11/18/1899 Towanda
11/8/1899 Kuhnley Fredrick J. M W Godphrey Florence Towanda Twp Farmer 7/9/1899 Towanda Twp
12/12/1899 Kram Mable Elizabeth F W F. H. May Front St. Ex. Agent 2/9/1899 Wyalusing Boro
12/17/1899 Keeler Irwin J. M W Day V. Lillie Smith Senate St. Editor 3/26/1899 Wyalusing Boro
12/18/1899 Kennedy Margret  F W Wm. B. Mary Merryall Farmer 8/20/1899 Merryall
5/2/1899 Kelly George Washington M W Charles C. Hattie A. Tuscarora Twp Laborer 1/19/1899 Tuscarora Twp
12/4/1899 Kelley Not Named M W Albert Alace Liberty Corners Laborer 9/19/1899 Liberty Corners
11/27/1899 Kilmer Hazel F. F W John A. Eva Rome Farmer 9/2/1899 Rome Twp
  Kennedy Elmer J. M W E. J. Minnie Springfield Farmer 8/25/1899 Springfield
12/2/1899 Kennedy Ralph Pollock M W Chas. M. Agnes Ulster Farmer 5/30/1898 Ulster
11/21/1899 King George L. M W Joseph Alice B. Franklin Farmer 5/30/1899 Franklin
11/18/1899 Kelly Louise F W Lesley Ely Granville Laborer 8/17/1899 Granville
11/29/1899 Kinch Arion E. F W Thomas Belle Armenia Farmer 12/16/1899 Armenia
11/13/1899 Kirkland Grace Marian F W James Bertha Sayre Laborer 7/21/1899 Sayre
11/15/1899 Knott Ruth F W Mahlon  Angeline Sayre Conductor 11/13/1899 Sayre
11/15/1899 Kendrick Helen F W J. P. Lizzie Sayre Machinist 7/15/1899 Waverly, N.Y.
05/14/1900 Kinney Burton M W William Elma Terrytown Laborer 01/23/1900 Terrytown
05/10/1900 Kelley Rufus H. M W Albert L. Alice Wysox Laborer 9/19/1899 Liberty Corners
12/05/1900 Kinney Homer Isaac M W Isaac Henry Libbie Grover Farmer 7/8/1899 Grover
06/01/1900 Kenrick Nora M. F W John Elizabeth 302 N. Main St. Resturant 9/25/1899 Towanda
05/22/1900 Kurtz Arthur Clyde M W Alfred A. Maretta Brealey 6 Weston St. Cabinet Maker 04/03/1900 Towanda
05/11/1900 Kirkendall Evenline F W W. L. Lizzie Sayre Laborer 01/04/1900 Sayre
05/12/1900 Knapp Loyd M W E.A. Emma Sayre Engineer 11/13/1900 Sayre
05/19/1900 Kepler Charles  M W Louis Mary J. Sayre Engineer 02/19/1900 Sayre
  Kendall May F W Sylvester H. Isabell East Canton Carpenter 12/7/1899 East Canton
  Kelly Favorite F W Martin Jennie Canton Farmer 11/26/1899 Canton
05/11/1900 Kissel Ernest M W Jessie Sarah  Merryall Laborer 03/21/1900 Merryall
May. 1900 Kelley Grace Ann F W Eugene  Laura LeRoy Farmer 11/9/1899 LeRoy
05/11/1900 Keefe Helen M. F W John Ellen S. Waverly Yard Master 12/22/1899 S. Waverly
08/15/1900 Keiss Frances A. M W Jacob Margaret Athens Carriage Maker 04/07/1900 Athens
05/22/1900 Kendall Frances Elizabeth F W R. Wilber Jennie Burlington Twp Farmer 04/11/1900 Burlington Twp
05/22/1900 King Thelma F W Winfield Hattie Burlington Twp Laborer 03/24/1900 Sayre
02/28/1900 Knapp Clarence M W William Minnie Barclay Laborer 02/28/1900 Barclay
12/11/1900 Kuykendall Louise F W Benj., Jr. Louise York Ave Lawyer 07/10/1900 Towanda
12/13/1900 Kennedy  Cathren F W Thomas, Jr. McCarthy, Katie 219 Lombard Laborer 09/12/1900 Towanda
12/08/1900 Kellogg Lucy F W Edward Ruth Greens Ldg. Farmer 09/21/1900 Greens Landing
12/07/1900 Kremer Elen Ruth F W Agustes Cora M. Sayre Clerk 07/19/1900 Sayre
12/17/1900 King Luther R. M W Leland Lizzie May Ulster Laborer 10/10/1900 Ulster
12/19/1900 Kester Alice F W Loyd Elizabeth Terrytown Farmer 06/28/1900 Terrytown
12/18/1900 Kinnie (?) Fred M W Burroughs Anna Terrytown Farmer 06/20/1900 Terrytown
  Kellogg Letha F W Fountain Sophrona Smithfield Farmer 08/24/1900 Smithfield
11/12/1900 Kelley Martin  M W Daniel Ellen Overton Twp. Farmer 07/26/1900 Overton Twp
12/19/1900 Knolls Bessie F W Chas Anna Hollenback Farmer 09/08/1900 Hollenback
12/13/1900 Kennard Carl M W Frank Carrie Sayre Machinist 07/26/1900 Sayre
05/16/1901 Kropp Francis G. M W Peter Jennie Bridge St. Clerk 02/11/1901 Towanda
05/14/1901 Kinsley LaRaine E. F W N. E. Nellie Olive St. Laundryman 04/09/1901 Towanda
05/13/1901 Kennedy Hugh Carlile M W C. M. Agnes Ulster Farmer 05/05/1900 Ulster
05/13/1901 Knapp Genevieve F W C. F. Mary State St. 205 Agent 02/15/1901 State St. 205 Towanda
  King Harold Bela M W Montford A. Georgia A. Rome Boro Farmer 03/27/1901 Rome Boro
05/13/1901 Keene Richard E. M W Nouman E (?) Lilly Elen Herrick Laborer 12/27/1900 Herrick
05/22/1901 Kinney Howard M W Wm. Elma Terrytown Laborer 04/29/1901 Terrytown
05/15/1901 Kennedy Franklin F W Fred Ida Granville Farmer 02/02/1901 Granville
05/16/1901 Knowlden Eula Marion F W Harry Marion Granville Farmer 09/12/1900 Granville
05/06/1901 Kuykendall Benjamin M W Benjamin, Jr. Louise Towanda  Lawyer 04/19/1901 Towanda
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