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Mayne Rex Kniffin and Layne Orin Kniffin.
Mayne Rex Kniffin 
born 4-17-1908 Ward Twp., Tioga, PA. 
died June 17, 1980 Tucson, Pima, AZ. 
Layne Orin Kniffin 
born March 12, 1906 Ward Twp., Tioga, PA. 
died November 19, 1973 Bradford County, PA
They are the sons of Fluella Betsy Lane. and Daniel Orin Kniffin
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd Surname Name of Child Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occupation/Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
5/5/1896 Keller Florence Reba F W Wm. H. Flora E. Sayre Conductor 4/17/1896 Sayre
5/15/1896 Keegan Mary F W Joseph Augusta Hornbrook Stone cutter 1/14/1896 Hornbrook
5/12/1896 Kershner Marion J. F W Benjamin V. Maud Williams St. Shoemaker 12/6/1895 Towanda
  Kuykendall Clark Porter M W Benj. Louise York Ave Lawyer 5/6/1896 Towanda
5/17/1896 Kinsley Mahaha F W Andrew Isabel Sciotavale Farmer 12/10/1895 Sciotavale
5/25/1896 Keeler Georgia May F W V. Day Lillie Smith Main St. Editor 5/21/1896 Wyalusing Boro
  Kincaid Lillie Rumsey F W P. R. Jessie  Pittsburg Machinist 6/19/1896 Lime Hill
  Kincaid Jennie Lee F W P. R. Jessie Pittsburg Machinist 6/19/1896 Lime Hill
12/1/1896 Kilmer Edney M W Dan  Alice Asylum Farmer 2/8/1896 Asylum
12/7/1896 Kirby Baby M W Charles Kittie Cedar Ledge Laborer 11/26/1896 Cedar Ledge
12/19/1896 Kunzanan Pearl F W Charles Bessie Granville Farmer 11/22/1896 Granville
12/9/1896 Kunzanan John D. M W John Anna Monroe Twp Groceryman 5/9/1896 Monroe Twp
  Knapp Gladys M. F W Edward A. Emma J. Sayre Engineer 9/24/1896 Sayre
  Kirkland George Wesley M W James Bertha Lehigh Ave Fireman 6/30/1896 Sayre
12/9/1896 Krager Everitt M W Charles Cearnie (?) Stevenson St. Boilermaker 5/14/1896 Scranton
12/10/1896 Krager Henry G. M W Henry Alvira Stevenson St. Boilermaker 8/24/1895 Sayre
12/11/1896 Kebley Pauline Elva F W Leobald Sarah  Elmer Ave Machinist 11/6/1896 Sayre
12/4/1896 Konisk Edmond M W George  Jennie South Waverly Tailor 11/22/1896 S. Waverly
12/12/1896 Kinney Francis Burnett M W James Maria Main St. Towanda Hotel Keeper 6/14/1896 Towanda
12/7/1896 Kinsman Esther Elizabeth F W George B. Hannah Bridge St. Shoemaker 10/13/1896 Towanda
12/7/1896 Kinsman Francis  M W Charles D. Mary #6, Mechanic Shoemaker 7/19/1896 Towanda
12/7/1896 Kintner  Jane V. F W Joseph Martha  Towanda Twp Farmer 6/2/1896 Townada Twp.
5/12/1897 Knappen Ethel F W Asa Laura Liberty Corners Farmer 1/7/1897 Liberty Corners
5/26/1897 Kilmer Herman L. M W John A. Eva A. Orwell Farmer 3/14/1897 Orwell
9/1/1897 King Charles M W Charles Eliza Wildwood Farm Laborer 7/17/1897 Wildwood Farm
5/4/1897 Konkle Esther  F W William Flora Sayre Moulder 1/15/1897 Sayre
5/8/1897 Keene Mildred E. F W Irivin Dora Sayre Laborer 8/26/1896 Sayre
5/10/1897 Kinney Alta M. F W Reuben Martha Sayre Brakeman 4/17/1897 Sayre
5/10/1897 Kinney Ermel M. M W Reuben Martha Sayre Brakeman 3/25/1895 Sayre
5/14/1897 Kannard Zella F W Frank Carrie Sayre Machinist 5/3/1896 Sayre
5/6/1897 Kearney Edgar F. M W Charles Mary Alice Sayre Fireman 9/8/1896 Sayre
5/6/1897 Kremer Harold M. M W A. P. Carrie Sayre Clerk 2/1/1897 Sayre
5/7/1896 Kilmer Herman L. M W John A. Eva Rome Farmer 3/13/1897 Orwell
5/8/1897 Kilmer Wilton M W James D. Bessie S. Rome Farmer 1/4/1897 Rome 
5/8/1897 Kilmer Milton M W James D. Bessie S. Rome Farmer 1/4/1897 Rome
5/7/1897 Kimble Bessie F W Richard Lilla Albany Twp Farmer 4/10/1897 Albany Twp
5/3/1897 Kinne (?) Margaret F W John Margaret Terrytown Laborer 12/20/1896 Terrytown
5/19/1897 Keene Arthur M W David  Pemelia Towanda Twp Daily Laborer 2/14/1897 Townada Twp.
5/12/1897 Kuykendall James L. M W Vincent Victoria Smithfield Farmer 2/9/1897 Ulster
12/8/1897 Knickerbocker Newton Horace M W J. H. Effie  Smithfield Mechanic 7/20/1897 Smithfield
12/8/1897 Kithcart Raymond  M W J. B. Derling, Lucy Tuscarora Laborer 11/18/1897 Tuscarora Twp
12/11/1897 Krught Infant son M W Fred Grace Canton St. Farmer 8/4/1897 Tuscarora Twp
12/7/1897 Kendall Not Named F W T. D. Clara  Burlington Twp Farmer 5/29/1897 Burlington Twp
12/11/1897 King Harry M. M W Joseph H. Alice V. Burlington Twp Farmer 5/23/1897 Sylvania
12/6/1897 Kane Eleanor F W M. Lillian Sayre Merchant 8/15/1894 Millsville, N. J.
10/15/1897 Kingsland Henry J. M W Dr. J. C. Mary 2nd St. Vet Surgeon 7/11/1896 Canton Boro
12/3/1897 King Ralph M W James Mary Groveer Laborer 6/2/1897 Grover
11/12/1897 Keeler Chas. Day M W V. D. Lillie Smith Wyalusing Editor 9/20/1897 Wyalusing Boro
12/10/1897 King Chas. S. M W Chas.  Eliza Athens, Main St. Laborer 7/17/1897 Athens Boro
12/15/1897 Knolls Anna M W Thomas Jane Comiskey Farmer 5/30/1897 Comiskey
12/6/1897 Kinney George M W Wm. Ellen Sugar Hill Farmer 9/23/1897 Sugar Hill
12/11/1897 Kimble Bessie F W Richard Lilian Albany Twp Farmer 6/10/1897 Albany Twp
12/4/1897 Kingsley Flora F W A. M. Hellana Asylum Laborer 5/2/1897 Asylum
12/8/1897 Kimball Wallace M W Wallace Flora B. Overton Laborer 7/17/1897 Elkland
12/10/1897 Knapp Fairy F W Wesley A. Josephine Orwell Laborer 12/2/1897 Orwell
5/14/1897 Kissell Clia Pearl F W Jesse Sarah  Ballibay Farmer 12/13/1896 Ballibay
12/2/1897 Kinsman Howard C. M W Thos. Hattie Bartlett St. Towanda Shoemaker 9/7/1897 Towanda
12/3/1897 Keating Henrietta F W George Elizabeth Elliott St., Towanda Plumber 9/24/1897 Towanda
12/3/1897 Keaton Edgar Scott Thomas M W Robt. S. Maude Cole Elliott St., Towanda Agt. 8/16/1897 Towanda
12/7/1897 Keating Ralph J. M W Winslow J. Lynch, Bridget Main Tidd House Hotel Keeper 9/22/1897 Towanda
  Kirk Mary F W John Margaret Kingsbury Ave Laborer 7/29/1897 Towanda
12/11/1897 Kintner  Hellen M. F W Joseph Martha Towanda Twp D. L. 7/18/1897 Towanda Twp
5/13/1898 Kennedy George Henry M W Wm. H. Berthy Troy Twp Laborer 7/27/1897 Troy
5/5/1898 Kinsman Howard M W Thos. Hattie Bartlett St. Towanda Shoemaker 9/7/1898 Towanda
  Kenyon Julia D. F W Clarence Ettie F.       On Granville Registration of Births filed 9/8/1898
5/18/1898 Kissell Susie May F W Jesse Sarah  Harley Laborer 3/18/1898 Harley
05/14/4898 Keefe Mary F W John Ellen S.Waverly Yard Master 12/31/1897 S. Waverly
5/4/1898 Kinner Margaret F W Walter Charlotte Sheshequin Farmer 11/16/1897 Sheshequin
5/11/1898 Keeney Rebecca F W Ezra Minnie Albany Twp Farmer 3/27/1898 Albany Twp
5/11/1898 Ketchan Mable F W George Alice Pike Twp Laborer 2/28/1898 Pike Twp
5/2/1898 King Carl P. M W Abel Mary Wysox Farmer 12/25/1897 Wysox
5/4/1898 Kinner Not Named F W Frank Clara  E. Rion St. Laborer 5/1/1898 Sayre
5/7/1898 Kersey Pearl V. F W Wm. H. Hattie Sayre Fireman 10/25/1897 Sayre
5/9/1898 King Gordon M W Winfield Hattie Sayre Laborer 4/9/1898 Sayre
5/9/1898 Kelley Thomas  M W James L. Bridget Sayre Operator 4/4/1898 Sayre
5/21/1898 Knox Marion O. F W Rev. Jno. Eunice M. Sayre Minister 12/29/1897 Sayre
8/31/1898 Keegan Raymond Jackson M W Edward Cora Blanche Sayre Brakeman 8/1/1898 Sayre
9/3/1898 Keller Baby F W Wm. H. Flora E. Sayre Conductor 2/5/1898 Sayre
5/18/1898 Kinney Alma B. F W I. H. Libbie B. Grover Farmer 12/23/1897 Grover
11/20/1898 Kennedy John A. M W T. H. (?) Margaret Main St. Hotel Keeper 11/14/1897 Canton Boro
12/19/1898 Kelly Grace F W Albert Alice Liberty Corners Farmer 8/26/1898 Liberty Corners
12/12/1898 Kane Ethel Mae F W Michael H. Lillian Sayre Merchant 9/20/1898 Sayre
12/12/1898 Kepler Viola Mae F W Lewis C. Mary J. Sayre Engineer 10/7/1898 Sayre
11/14/1898 Kersey Pearl Viola F W William H. Harriet Sayre Fireman 10/23/1898 Sayre
12/7/1898 Keene John B. M W Erwin Victora S. Sayre Laborer 11/27/1898 Sayre
12/8/1898 Knott Edward M W Mahlon H. Engeline Sayre Brakeman 11/26/1898 Sayre
12/7/1898 Kirwan Angla M. F W Thomas F. Mary E. 213 Main Cigar Manufactry 8/6/1898 Towanda
12/16/1898 Kirwan Ellen F W Thomas Bridget Homestead Farmer 9/27/1898 Towanda Twp
12/14/1898 Keenan Cora B. F W James Hatty Armenia Farmer 10/25/1898 Armenia
1/28/1898 Knapp William John M W William Mina Barclay Laborer 1/28/1898 Barclay
11/23/1898 Kinney Martin G. M W A. J. Ellen Terrytown Laborer 10/26/1898 Terrytown
12/7/1898 Knapp Margaret E. F W A. J. Zella M. Orwell Farmer 9/3/1898 Orwell
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