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Augustus R. Crippen 
born 1885 - Rutland Township
Eugene M. Crippen
born 1880 - Rutland Township
died 1967 - North Carolina
Sons of Ada Redfield and Osmer Crippen
Photographer: Spencer of Troy
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd Surname Name of Child Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occupation/Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
12/6/1893 Kinsman Pearl F W Charles D. Mary C. Mechanic St. Shoemaker 10/24/1893 Towanda
12/4/1893 King Paul M W James Mary  Grover Laborer 11/12/1893 Grover
12/4/1893 Kingsley Francis David M W John Rosa 304 N. MainSt. Railroad 8/29/1893 Towanda
12/4/1893 Kizer John F. M W E. F. Roseltha Monroe Twp Lumberman 7/26/1893 Monroe Twp
12/5/1893 Kissell George H. M W George C. Mary Fee Road Laborer 7/7/1893 Fee Road
12/4/1893 Kennedy Edward Porter M W W. B. Mary Merryall Farmer 7/20/1893 Merryall
12/7/1893 Kennedy James W. M W E.(?) J. Minnie Springfield Farmer 8/20/1893 Springfield
12/4/1893 Kitchen Earl M W John Mary Keystone Ave Laborer 11/20/1893 Sayre
12/4/1893 Kitchen Not Named F W Sharpe Hattie Keystone Ave Laborer 10/2/1893 Sayre
12/9/1893 Kilmer Earl M W D.W. Allie Durell Farmer 9/6/1893 Durell
12/6/1893 Kinney Maggie F W Ananias (?) Ellen Terrytown Laborer 11/17/1893 Terrytown
12/6/1893 Kinney Mary F. F W Ananias (?) Ellen Terrytown Laborer 11/17/1893 Terrytown
5/21/1894 Keener Nancy H. F W David S. Sallie D. Maine Conductor 7/7/1893 Philliston Clarion Co., PA
5/9/1894 Kelley Leyman Dart M W Richard Montgomery Mildred Sophia Canton Farmer 1/14/1894 Canton
5/14/1894 King Mabel F W Savelle Kittie Grover Laborer 2/27/1894 Grover
5/18/1894 Kenny Edna May F W Isaac Lilly B. Grover Farmer 1/30/1894 Grover
5/16/1894 Kissell Raymond Wesley M W Jesse Sarah Elizabeth HerrickTwp Farmer 4/17/1894 Herrick Twp
5/19/1894 Kester Blanche Kathleen F W Alfred Clara May Overton Laborer 5/12/1894 Overton
5/8/1894 Kinner Sydney Asa M W Frank Clara  Sayre Laborer 5/6/1894 Sayre
5/8/1894 Kennard Walter E. M W Frank Carrie Sayre Machinist 1/2/1894 Sayre
5/14/1894 Kimbal Arthur M W Wm. Nellie Sayre Laborer 10/15/1894 Sayre
5/9/1894 Knickerbocker Leon E. M W J. H. Effie Smithfield Mechanic 3/17/1894 Smithfield
5/9/1894 Kropp Arthur S. M W Peter Jennie Towanda Clerk 1/11/1894 Towanda
5/21/1894 Knoll Edward  M W Conrad Flora Belle 117 Charles St. Laborer 12/19/1893 117 Charles St. Towanda
5/4/1894 Kenrick Thomas M W John F. Elizabeth 208 N. MainSt. Saloon Keeper 3/10/1894 Towanda
  Kopenheifer Not Named F W       Laborer July. 24  
5/8/1894 Kirkendall Fannie F W Daniel Martha J. Windham Farmer 2/22/1894 Windham
5/10/1894 Kuykendall Huldah J. F W Theodore P. Julia D. Windham Farmer 1/6/1894 Windham
9/10/1894 Kisner Charles Iven M W Harry M. Jessie M. Gaylord St. Laborer 1/15/1894 Wyalusing
5/8/1894 Kitchcart Mary K. F W Joseph M. Rebecca A. HerrickTwp Farmer 2/19/1894 Herrick Twp
11/16/1894 Kinney Ione F W Ezra Minnie Albany Twp Farmer 5/12/1894 Hatch Hill
11/13/1894 Knapen Earritt (?) M W A. J. Lora Asylum Farmer 5/29/1894 Asylum
12/4/1894 Kellum Marie Nellie F W Dwight Ida Asylum Farmer 8/6/1894 Asylum
12/5/1894 Kunes Elsie Fern F W Charles B. Nellie Athens, Main St. Carpenter 7/21/1894 Athens Boro
11/21/1894 Killgore Not Named F W F. B. Hattie M. Columbia Farmer 10/23/1894 Columbia
11/8/1894 Kelly Morley B. M W Burroughs Edith LeRoy Farmer 5/19/1894 LeRoy
12/5/1894 Kennedy Ivah Belle F W Geo. W. Salonia Prattsville Farmer 6/11/1894 Neath Pike Twp
12/5/1894 Kennedy Neva F W Geo.W. Salonia Prattsville Farmer 6/22/1894 Neath Pike Twp
12/5/1894 Kohler Lily M F W Joseph  Ida V. B. Rome Farmer 11/26/1894 Rome Twp
11/21/1894 Kloss Roy Ellsworth M W James E. Cora May Sayre conductor 3/15/1894 Sayre
11/28/1894 Kinney John Donald M W John  Helen L. Sayre Operator 1/7/1894 Sayre
12/18/1894 Kilmer Harold  M W Mansing Eliza May Sheshequin Laborer 6/18/1894 Sheshequin
12/4/1894 Kitchen Not Named F W F. A. Laura Smithfield Farmer 11/5/1894 Smithfield
11/21/1894 Keating Margaret F W Frank Alice towanda S. Maker 7/14/1894 Towanda
11/21/1894 Kinsman Maria F W Thomas Hattie Towanda S. Maker 7/14/1894 Towanda
12/20/1894 Kennedy Harry Z. M W William Zerth (?) Case Troy Twp Laborer 10/6/1894 Troy
11/19/1894 Kenyon Thelma Irene F W John C. Perley E. Ulster Barber 9/25/1894 Ulster
12/1/1894 Keeler Nelson M W Osmyer E. Minone (?) Ulster Farmer 8/15/1894 Milan
12/5/1894 Kuykendall Minnie F W Samuel   Windham Farmer 11/7/1894 Windham
5/19/1895 Kilmer George W. M W N. J. Matilda Asylum Farmer 5/11/1895 Asylum
6/12/1895 Knapen John M W Asa Laura Asylum Farmer 5/10/1895 Asylum
9/5/1895 Kiener Samuel David M W David S. Sally Athens, Main St. Conductor 6/24/1895 Athens Boro
  Knapp Flora May F W Knapp Minnie Barclay Laborer 4/16/1895 Barclay
5/14/1895 Kendall Spray (?) F W Porter D. Clara D. Burlington Twp Farmer 1/1/1895 Burlington
5/4/1895 Kingman Sarah Lorene F W Charles Bessie W. Burlington Farm Laborer 11/18/1894 W. Burlington
5/25/1895 Kenedy Ellen F W F. W. (?) Maggie Canton Boro Hotel Keeper 7/5/1895 Main St. Canton
9/4/1895 Keaven Not Named M W Ed. F. Jennie Canton Boro Drayman 8/28/1895 Main St. Canton
5/11/1895 Keltz John Henry M W Eugene Harmon Margret Canton Farmer 2/27/1895 Canton
5/15/1895 Keenan Hiram Lemuel M W James Hallie Bell Canton Farmer 3/7/1895 Grover
5/18/1895 Kirbey Baby M W            
5/14/1895 Keyes Wm. L. M W W. L. Lillian Columbia Farmer 2/14/1895 Columbia
5/10/1895 Kirkendall Glen W. M W Emery Locelia A. Franklin Laborer 3/13/1895 Franklin
5/9/1895 Kingman Sarah Jane F W John Anna Powell Hackman 8/9/1894 Powell
5/7/1895 King Not Named M W Moue (?) A. Georgie A. Rome Farmer 4/1/1895 Rome Twp
5/13/1895 Kinney Ermal Maggie F W Reubin Martha J. Sayre Machinist 3/15/1895 Sayre
5/13/1895 Kelts Rogers M W Clinton Lizzie A. Sayre Clerk 6/5/1894 Sayre
5/15/1895 Keefe May F W Jerry Mary Erie St. Sayre Laborer 3/26/1895 Sayre
6/14/1895 Kennedy Stephen M W E. J. Minnie Springfield Farmer 12/29/1895 Springfield
5/24/1895 Kinsman James  M W George B. Hannah Bridge St. Shoemaker 1/28/1895 Towanda
7/1/1895 Kintner  Susan F W Floyd Eva Sugar Run Farmer 6/17/1895 Wilomot Twp
8/28/1895 Kintner  Raymond  M W Joseph W. Marthy T. Lime Hill Laborer 7/2/1895 Lime Hill
8/28/1895 Kintner  Paul M W Joseph W. Marthy T. Lime Hill Laborer 7/2/1895 Lime Hill
11/21/1895 Knapp Ruth F W James Sarah  County House Farmer 9/14/1895 County House
11/23/1895 Keavin Howard M. M W Ed. F. Jennie     8/28/1895  
12/5/1895 Klinck Jennie F W Henry Ada Pike Laborer 10/4/1895 Pike
12/13/1895 Kilpatrick Clarence A. M W Edgar Mary Ridgebury Laborer 9/14/1895 Ridgebury
12/6/1895 Kilts Helen Comfort F W Clinton Lizzie A. Sayre Deliveryman 11/25/1895 Sayre
12/9/1895 Knox Mildred E. F W John Eunice M. Sayre Minister 10/28/1895 Sayre
11/12/1895 Kunkle Leslie M W William Flora  Sayre Moulder 2/14/1895 Sayre
12/10/1895 Knickerbocker William Lercy(?) M W J. H. Effie L. Smithfield Mechanic 10/17/1895 Smithfield
12/4/1895 Kirwin Thomas Jr. M W Thomas Bridget TowandaTwp Farmer 2/14/1895 Towanda Twp
11/29/1895 Kennedy Paul Raymond M W Chas. M. Agnes Ulster Farmer 11/2/1895 Ulster
12/18/1895 Kennedy Alice F W Wm. B. Mary Merryall Farmer 7/22/1895 Merryall
12/4/1895 Kissell Marion H. F W G. C. Mary Fee Road Laborer 9/8/1895 Fee Road
5/20/1896 Kilmer Floyd M W Geo. B. Cora  Asylum Farmer 4/21/1896 Asylum
5/11/1896 Kane Horace M W John Mary County House Laborer 1/24/1896 County House
5/28/1896 Kinney Daisy Pearl F W I. H. Liby Grover Farmer 12/16/1896 Grover
5/19/1896 Keyes William LeRoy M W William Lilian Columbia Farmer 2/14/1895 Columbia
5/5/1896 Kenedy Olive F W Geo. Salome Pike Twp Farmer 3/1/1896 Pike Twp
5/7/1896 Kilmer Jessie M. F W James D. Bessie Rome Twp Farmer 12/23/1895 Rome Twp
5/4/1896 Keegan Myrtle F W Edward Cora B. Sayre Brakeman 12/22/1895 Auburn, Susq. Co., PA
5/4/1896 Keegan Howard M. M W Edward Cora B. Sayre Brakeman 3/21/1896 Sayre
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