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John Howard Drake-1876-Fall Brook, Tioga County, Pa.-
1938-Schenecady, NY.
son of Ida Clarissa Decker and Emery Gaston Drake 
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Transcribed by Bonnie Isaacs
Date of Record Last Name First Name Sex Color Father's Name Mother's Name Residence Father's Occupation Birth Date Birth Place
29 Aug 1898 Johnson Harley Delonse male white Purl Luella Ann Street brakeman 15 Aug 1898 Athens Boro
11 May 1898 Jones Ernest L. male white Vernon F. Linnie N. Pike farmer 25 Dec 1897 Pike
11 May 1898 Jones Hartley  male white Elmer Mame Pike carpenter 5 Feb 1898 Pike
9 May 1898 Jordan Edward L. male white John M. Mary Apex farmer 22 Mar 1898 Apex
17 May 1898 June Earl D. male white George N. Mary L. Grover farmer 27 Feb 1898 Grover
2 Mar 1898 Jones Hellen female white J.R. Blonde East Troy farmer 16 Feb 1898 East Troy
17 Dec 1898 Jackson Emogene female white Geo. Nettie Wells Avenue fireman 5 Sep 1898 Athens Boro
8 Dec 1898 Jones Louise Estelle female white Grant M. Una  East Troy butcher 5 Sep 1898 East Troy
3 Dec 1898 Johnson Mamie female white Edward Lucy T. Main day laborer 10 Aug 1898 Towanda Twp.
8 Dec 1898 Jones Harold male white L.E. Nellie Camptown clerk 23 Sep 1898 Camptown
19 Nov 1898 Johnson Lewis male white Josiah Margaret Terrytown farmer 22 Sep 1898 Terrytown
3 Dec 1898 Johnson Isabell female white Hiram Anna Terrytown farmer 4 Sep 1898 Terrytown
12 Dec 1898 Jennings Herman B. male white S.C. Libbie Terrytown farmer 30 Nov 1898 Terrytown
24 Nov 1898 Jorolemin Charles E. male white Edward W. Ella M. Welles farmer 23 Oct 1898 Welles
7 Dec 1898 Jones Henry J. male white Theadore Margrett Grover farmer 3 Sep 1898 Grover
  Johnson Earl F. male white Elmer Effie Indian Hill laborer 30 Apr 1899 Indian Hill, Brad. Pa.
8 May 1899 Johnson Infant Son male white Biggler Sarah Brocktown farmer 25 Mar 1899 Brocktown
10 May 1899 Jones Frances female white Merrick Catherine Troy Township farmer 31 Jan 1899 Troy Township
  Jones Minnie female white Fred Nellie South Warren farmer 31 Mar 1899 South Warren
15 May 1899 Johnson Clarance male white Andrew Lizy Towanda Township farmer 8 Nov 1898 Towanda Township
1 Jun 1899 Johnson Robert C. male white Frank A. Digus Cherry Street carpenter 7 Apr 1899 Athens Boro
12 May 1899 Jennings Pearl  female white Fred Manville Blanche Burlington laborer 16 Mar 1899 Burlington Twp.
12 May 1899 Jestin Chas. Clinton male white Chas. Minnie Sugar Hill stone cutter 7 Mar 1899 Quicks Bend
19 May 1899 Johnson unnamed female white J.W. May Orwell, Pa. clergyman 7 May 1899 Orwell, Pa.
23 Nov 1899 Johnson Leon male white not known Jessie Terrytown   15 Nov 1899 Terrytown
9 Dec 1899 Johnson Charles Wesley male white Earl F. Jeanette Athens, Pa. baker 25 May 1899 Athens, Pa.
16 Dec 1899 Johnson "Baby" male white Albert Clara M. Sayre clerk 11 Dec 1899 Sayre
Dec 1899 Johnson Lethel female white Jobie Anna Bonnel Street lab. 9 Mar 1899 Sayre
9 Dec 1899 Johnson Lena Bell female white Aaron Etta Main Street lab. 8 Sep 1899 Towanda
20 Nov 1899 Johnson Lillian female white John Lillian North Towanda carpenter 12 Oct 1899 North Towanda
27 Nov 1899 Johnson William H. male white Henry Ella Mrs. Newton D.L. 13 Aug 1899 Towanda Township
27 Nov 1899 Johnson Martin male white Charles Hannah B. Kerrick D.L. 24 Nov 1899 Towanda Township
4 Dec 1899 Jackson Clyde male white John Carrie South Branch farmer  15 Oct 1898 South Branch
4 Dec 1899 Johnson Leon Clare male white Robert Dora Kelloggville stoneman 29 Jun 1899 Kelloggville
20 Dec 1899 Jaquish Elizabeth L. female white O.W. Elizabeth L. Centre Street merchant 10 Sep 1899 Canton Boro
20 Dec 1899 Jaquish C. Regonald male white O.W. Elizabeth L. Centre Street merchant 10 Sep 1899 Canton Boro
7 Dec 1899 Jackson Susan Augusta female white Gordon Fanny Albany Twp. farmer 26 Jun 1899 Albany Twp.
1 Dec 1899 Jones Golda female white S.J. Juniata Rummerfield farmer 11 May 1899 Rummerfield
1 Dec 1899 Jones George male white S.J. Juniata Rummerfield farmer 11 May 1899 Rummerfield
25 Nov 1899 Judson Solomon male white Egbert Effie Columbia, Pa. farmer 8 Oct 1899 Columbia, Pa.
2 Dec 1899 Jelliff Gladys female white G.J. Roena Chamberlin Bentley Creek farmer 30 Jun 1899 Bentley Creek
13 May 1899 Jerolamun Elizabeth female white L.D. Rubie South Creek farmer 11 Apr 1899 Gillett
25 Nov 1899 Jones Myrtle female white Ruel Alice South Warren farmer 17 Sep 1899 South Warren
18 Mar 1899 Johnson unnamed female white S.W. Phebe Main St., LeRaysville manufacturer 12 Mar 1899 LeRaysville
16 May 1900 Jennings Mildred A. female white S.C. Libbie Terrytown farmer 29 Jan 1900 Terrytown
10 May 1900 Johnson Ethel B. female white John R. Nora A. South Branch farmer 25 Feb 1900 South Branch
12 May 1900 Johnson Willie male white William W. Clara Liberty Corners laborer 25 Dec 1899 Terry Town
4 May 1900 James Jessie May female c Frank Sarah Mason Alley hostler 27 Dec 1899 East Towanda
15 May 1900 Johnson Eugene Ethel female white W. Percy Bertha Kellilea 318 Poplar  insurance agent 15 Nov 1899 Towanda Township
7 May 1900 Junk William Benjamin male white Ralph Bennettie Sugar Run farmer 30 Jan 1900 Sugar Run
10 Jun 1900 Jackson Marion  female white Asa M. Eva M. Orwell, Pa. farmer 16 May 1900 Orwell, Pa.
22 May 1900 Jennings Rosa Leah female white Benjamin D.  Lizzie A. Burlington Twp. farmer 23 Nov 1899 Burlington Twp.
26 Oct 1900 Johnson Loren boy white Loren May Foot of Plain blacksmith 26 Oct 1900 Foot of Plain
5 Dec 1900 Johnson Lottie girl white Robolth Libbie M. South Branch laborer 29 Jul 1900 South Branch
4 Dec 1900 Johnson Charles boy white Christopher Ellen Liberty Corners farmer 26 Oct 1900 Liberty Corners
11 Dec 1900 Jones Katherine F. female black H.E. Eliza Powell gardiner 16 Apr 1900 Powell
6 Dec 1900 Jones Elliot Paul male white Paul L. Bessie Albany Twp. farmer 28 Jul 1900 Albany Twp.
19 Dec 1900 Johnson Lulu P. female white Hiram Anna Terrytown farmer 3 Sep 1900 Terrytown
Dec 1900 Johnson Maynard male white Theo. Sarah Asylum laborer 3 Dec 1900 Asylum
  Johnson Mable female white John Eliza Asylum laborer 9 Dec 1900 Asylum
19 Dec 1900 Johnson Mary female white John Martha Columbia laborer 18 May 1900 Columbia
15 Dec 1900 Jones Ethel Viola female colored William Emma Grover laborer 29 May 1900 Grover
15 Dec 1900 Jones Theodore male white Grant M. Una Joralemon East Troy butcher 5 Oct 1900 East Troy
14 Dec 1900 Jackson Minnie M. female white Sheldon H. Mary Windham farmer 10 May 1900 Windham
13 May 1901 Johnson Martha female white Bigler Sarah Railroad Street laborer 4 Apr 1901 Monroeton
7 May 1901 Jennings Leslie male white Lewis Lessie Burlington Twp. laborer 27 Mar 1901 Franklindale
13 May 1901 Jenkins unnamed male white J.R. Mary B. 232 Poplar Street clerk 12 Apr 1900 Towanda
7 May 1901 Johnson Ralph L. male colored George W. Hattie Tuscarora Township quarryman 28 Aug 1900 Danvill, Pa.
31 May 1901 Jones Elizabeth Blodwen female white Hugh Mary Elizabeth Neath minister 16 May 1901 Neath
8 May 1901 Johnson Harold William male white W.S. Mattie Desmond Street conductor 5 Mar 1901 Athens, Pa.
27 May 1901 Jones Gladys female white E.D. Ella M. Warren farming 24 Dec 1900 Warren
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