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: L-R, Ruth Valeska KESTER, 
b. 1897 Forks Twp., Sullivan Co., d. 1987 Dushore, Bur. Fairview Cem., Dushore; 
Blanche Kathleen KESTER,
b. 1894 Forks Twp., d. 1975 Overton, bur. St. Paul’s Cem., Overton; 
Edward Musselman Kester, 
b. 1900 Forks Twp., d. 1974 Elmira, bur. Oak Hill Cem., Towanda.
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Transcribed by Bonnie Isaacs
Date of Record Last Name First Name Sex Color Father's Name Mother's Name Residence Father's Occupation Birth Date Birth Place
16 Dec 1895 Johnson Ray male white James G. Myra Hollenback farmer 6 Jul 1895 Hollenback
56 May 1896 Johnson Geo. male white   Sarah Asylum farmer 17 Jul 1896 Asylum
20 May 1896 Jenson unnamed male white Niel Clara Asylum farmer 20 Jan 1896 Asylum
22 May 1896 Johnson Horace Harold male white Frank Diyna Cherry St. carpenter 21 May 1896 Cherry St.
14 May 1896 Johnson Clarence male white Henry Elizabeth Athens Boro laborer 8 Dec 1895 Athens Boro
15 May 1896 Jones Hannah M. female white Wm. H. Mary Athens Boro laborer 25 Jun 1895 Athens Boro
25 May 1896 Jones Florence female white Theodore Margaret Grover farmer 5 Mar 1896 Grover
5 May Jennings unnamed female white Fred Ida Windfall farmer 24 Apr Windfall
19 May 1896 Jenkins unnamed female white Wilson Jennie LeRoy, Pa. farmer 9 May 1896 LeRoy, Pa.
13 May 1896 Jennings unnamed male white Edward Martha Overton farmer 18 May 1896 Overton
  Jones Agnes female white Burton Hellen Pike Twp. farmer 29 Jan 1896 Pike Twp.
  Jones Olive female white Jesse Carrie Pike Twp. farmer 7 May 1896 Pike Twp.
17 Jun 1896 Johnner Fredrick Desmond male white Frank J. Ethel F. South Waverly barber 8 Jun 1890 South Waverly
13 Jun 1896 Johnson  Geo. male white John Nellie N. Towanda carpenter 19 Mar 1896 N. Towanda
24 May 1896 Jackson Harold male white Alfred Lettie Tuscarora stone cutter 21 Dec 1895 Tuscarora
13 Dec 1896 Jackson Aura Edna female white Gordon Fannie Albany Twp. farmer 27 Oct 1896 Albany Twp.
24 Nov 1896 Johnson Orville Ray male white Louis Mary Asylum farmer 29 Nov 1896 Monroeton Twp.
1 Dec 1896 Johnson Flander male white Chas. Eliza Asylum faarmer 17 Sep 1896 Asylum
1 Dec 1896 Johnson unnamed male white J.W. May Orwell, Pa. clergyman 19 Nov 1896 Orwell, Pa.
9 Dec 1896 Johnson Florance female white Burleigh Mary Towanda Twp. day laborer 4 Oct 1896 Towanda Twp.
9 Dec 1896 Johnson William Mckinley male white James B. Carrie E. Elmira Street laborer 4 Dec 1896 Athens, Pa.
30 Dec 1896 Judson May Nellie female white James B. Minnie South Creek Twp. farmer 1 Oct 1895 South Creek Twp.
30 Dec 1896 Judson Lester B. male white James B. Minnie South Creek Twp. farmer 3 Nov 1893 South Creek Twp.
15 May 1897 Jackson unnamed male white John E. Carrie South Branch farmer 26 Feb 1897 South Branch, Pa.
18 May 1897 Johnson Burton male white S.M. Addie Sugar Run   5 Apr 1897 Grant Hill
11 May 1897 Jennings Frank male white Isaac Katie Franklin farmer 3 Nov 1896 Franklin
13 May 1897 Jennings Frieling male white Wm. Dora Franklin farmer 24 Nov 1896 Franklin
  Johnson Martha M. female white John Nora Wilmont farmer 7 Sept 1896 Wilmont
13 Jun 1897 Judson Cora L. female white Egburt Effie Ann Columbia, Pa. farmer 17 Apr 1897 Columbia, Pa.
30 Aug 1897 Johnson Edith  female white Henry Lora Bonnell St., Sayre lab. 28 Mar 1897 Sayre
  Jones Eva female white Walter Carrie Hornbrook laborer 1 Apr 1897 Hornbrook
14 Aug 1897 Jones Wm. S. male white Wm. H. Mary Athens laborer 17 Mar 1897 Athens
3 May 1897 Johnson Fisher male white Daniel Della Norway Ridge, Terry Twp. laborer 19 Feb 1897 Norway Ridge, Terry Twp.
2 Aug 1897 Johnson Eliza Ella female white Hiram Anna Norway Ridge, Terry Twp. farmer 6 Jul 1897 Norway Ridge, Terry Twp.
24 Aug 1897 Johnson Minnie  female white Josiah Margaret Terrytown farmer 5 May 1897 Terrytown
20 Aug 1897 Johnson Mary female white Fred Annie Asylum laborer 20 Apr 1887 Asylum
20 May 1897 Johnson Florence  female white Burley Mary Towanda Twp. day laborer 14 Oct 1896 Towanda Twp.
12 May 1897 Jones Willard male white G.M. Una East Troy laborer 4 Mar 1897 East Troy
18 May 1897 Jenkins Clara B. female white Geo. Lillian Cedar Ledge laborer  19 Feb 1897 Cedar Ledge
13 Dec 1897 Johnson Freeman R. male  white Rob't M. Dora B. South Branch laborer 4 Jul 1897 South Branch
2 Sep 1897 Johnson Catherine Louise female white Arthur Lacey Mary Claire Hackettstown school teacher 6 Aug 1897 Monroe Boro
  Jenkins Lena G. female white M. R. Cyntha LeRoy farmer 1 Mar 1897 LeRoy
11 Dec 1897 Jones Florence Susan female white Merrick Catherine Hill Street farmer 28 Nov 1897 Troy Boro
11 Dec 1897 Jones Mable female black Wm. H. Emma Farmers Valley laborer 9 Jul 1897 Troy Boro
6 Dec 1897 Johnson Naomi female white Ezra Mata Burlington preacher 6 Jul 1897 Burlington
13 Dec 1897 Johnson Willie  male white unknown Clara Johnson County House none 25 Sep 1897 County House
7 Dec 1897 Johnson Martin male white not known Clara Johnson Terry Township   8 May 1894 Terry Township, Pa.
11 Dec 1897 Jackson unnamed male white Elmer Maggie Sayre conductor 23 Nov 1897 Sayre
6 Dec 1897 Johnson Mary Irene female white Albert B. Clara Sayre laborer 12 Oct 1897 Sayre
2 July 1897 Johnson Nina female white Loren Mary Foot of Plane blacksmith 26 Jun 1897 Foot of Plane
11 Oct 1897 Jones Lila Lonna female white Lorenzo Jennie Green Terry Township farmer 8 Mar 1897 Terry Township
8 Dec 1897 Jenny Eva  female white Corol W. Clara Rome Township farmer 25 Sep 1897 Rome Township
4 Dec 1897 Johnson Ulysses male white Edward Almira Asylum laborer 4 Sept 1897 Asylum
7 Dec 1897 Jaillette Leroy male white Arthur Lizzie Asylum laborer 19 Oct 1897 Asylum
3 Jun 1897 Johnson Isabel female white John Marilia Columbia, Pa. laborer 2 Sep 1897 Columbia, Brad., Pa.
7 Dec 1897 Jennings Ruth female white Lewis Lizzie Sheshequin laborer 1 Mar 1897 Sheshequin
13 Dec 1897 Johnson Sanford  male white Charles Josephine North Towanda laborer 21 Nov 1897 North Towanda
10 Dec 1897 Johnson Lewly female white Charles Hanna Towanda Twp. D.L. 6 Sep 1897 Towanda Twp.
13 Dec 1897 Johnson unnamed female white Andrew Lizy Towanda Twp. D.L. 10 Dec 1897 Towanda Twp.
15 Dec 1897 Johnson Westley male white Martin Annlyz Towanda Twp. D.L. 31 Oct 1897 Towanda Twp.
15 Dec 1897 Jackson unnamed female white  Rush Ella Towanda Twp. D.L. 30 Oct 1897 Towanda Twp.
10 May 1897 Johnson Jane Rahel female white James H. Annie Liberty Corners farmer 30 Apr 1898 Liberty Corners
16 May 1898 Jackson Madge female white John E. Carrie E. South Branch farmer 10 Feb 1898 South Branch
11 May 1898 Jackson unnamed female white Rush Ellie River Street laborer 10 Oct 1898 Towanda Twp.
7 May 1898 Johnson Howard male white Charles Josephine No. Towanda laborer 15 Jan 1898 No. Towanda
7 May 1898 Johnson Bell female white John Lillie No. Towanda carpenter 6 Apr 1898 No. Towanda
14 May 1898 Johnson Orilla E. female white W. Percie Bertha H. Kilillea 423 State Street insurance agent 18 Oct 1897 Towanda Twp.
4 Jun 1898 Johner George Erald male white Frank Ethel South Waverly barber 23 May 1898 South Waverly
9 May 1898 Jones Porter male white Edgar Margaret Albany Twp farmer 23 Jan 1898 Albany Twp
3 May 1898 Jacklin William Russell male white Miles N. May Willawanna operator 5 Jan 1898 Willawanna
3 May 1898 Jordon Charlotte Ritter female white Chas. Alice Elmira Street clerk 1 Apr 1898 Athens Boro
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