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L-R, Leola Mabel VANORMAN  
b. 1908 LeRaysville, d. 2000, Elmira, bur. Oak Hill Cem.; 
Kent Gorham VanOrman 
b. 1910 LeRaysville, d. 1983, Towanda, bur. Oak Hill Cem.
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Transcribed by Bonnie Isaacs
Date of Record Last Name First Name Sex Color Father's Name Mother's Name Residence Father's Occupation Birth Date Birth Place
14 Dec 1893 Johnson Lizzie J. girl white Chas. E. Carrie S. Windham farmer 8 Nov 1893 Windham
30 Dec 1896 Judson Lester B. male white James B. Minnie So. Creek Twp. farmer 3 mar 1893 So. Creek Twp.
4 Dec 1893 Jones Mary girl white F. J. Margaret Grover farmer 2 Nov 1893 Grover
6 Dec 1893 Jones Ruth C. female white Stephen O. Florence E. Lime Hill farmer 9 Oct 1833 Lime Hill
20 Dec 1893 Junk Laura female white Ralph Bennette Wyalusing Twp. laborer 12 Aug 1893 Wyalusing Twp.
11 Dec 1893 Johnson Flossie female white Jas. H. Harriet M. Albany Twp. farmer 8 Jun 1893 Albany Twp.
4 Dec 1893 Johnson Harold male white Ezra Mata West Burlington farmer 6 Jul 1893 Farview
9 Dec 1893 Jenkins Ethel May girl white Wilson Jenney Canton laborer 12 Jun 1893 Canton
4 Dec 1893 Jones Harold S. male white Grant M. Una East Troy butcher 19 Oct 1893 East Troy
8 Dec 1893 Johnson Lesley E. male white J. F. Sarah Durell laborer 25 Jun 1893 Tioga Co, Union Twp.
7 Dec 1893 Jones Elmer boy white E. B. E. B. Neath, Pike Twp. farmer 20 Jul 1893 Neath, Pike Twp.
6 Dec 1893 Johnson Cassie female white James Margaret New Era laborer 25 Sep 1893 New Era
6 Dec 1893 Johnson Jessie Lou female white Edward Elmira Spring Lake laborer 25 Sep 1893 Spring Lake, Terry Twp.
6 Dec 1893 Johnson Tressa May female white Edwin Elmira* Spring Lake laborer 15 Aug 1893 Spring Lake
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6 Dec 1893 Johnson Maggie female white Charles Irena Terrytown laborer 22 Jun 1893 Terrytown, Pa.
6 Dec 1893 Johnson Fred B. female white Otus Delila Grace McIntosh day laborer 16 Sep 1893 Towanda Twp.
30 Nov 1893 Judson unnamed male white James Minnie   farmer 3 Nov 1893  
23 May 1894 Johnson unnamed female white Almond Ruey Liberty Corners laborer 26 Feb 1894 Liberty Corners
23 May 1894 Johnson unnamed female white Almond Ruey Liberty Corners laborer 26 Feb 1894 Liberty Corners
23 May 1894 Johnson Manley A. male white William S. Samantha A. Welles Ave. conductor 3 Jan 1894 Athens, Pa.
25 May 1894 Jackson Mary female white George Annetta Welles Ave. fireman 5 Feb 1894 Athens, Pa.
16 May 1894 Jenkins Evans boy white George Lillian Grover laborer 17 Mar 1894 Grover
17 May 1894 June Almiah girl white George Maryl Grover laborer 22 Mar 1894 Grover
10 May 1894 Judson Lewis male white R. M. Susie Columbia station agent 22 Feb 1894 Columbia
16 Mar 1894 Johnson Martha C. female white John Martha Columbia laborer 27 Dec 1893 Columbia
19 Mar 1894 Joroleman Norman Wolfe male white R. W. Cora May Columbia laborer 10 Feb 1894 Columbia
  Johnson Frederick Beardsley male white William D. Carrie B. LeRaysville druggist 23 Jul 1894 LeRaysville
8 May 1894 Johnson unnamed female white Dorsey Hattie Monroe farmer 8 Apr 1894 Monroe Twp.
14 May 1894 Johnson Martin male white William Marinda  Rienzie, Terry Twp. laborer 7 May 1894 Rienzie, Terry Twp.
7 May 1894 Johnson Esther female white Hiram Anna Terrytown farmer 4 Apr 1894 Terrytown
16 May 1894 Johnson John M. male white John Nellie North Towanda carpenter 24 Apr 1894 North Towanda
17 May 1894 Jones   girl white George L. Agnes Warren farmer 8 Mar 1894 Warren
21 Dec 1894 Jenkins Nina May female white William Bessie Minnequa Ave.  laborer 22 Jul 1894 Canton Boro
  Jewell E. Sidney male white Samuel Anna Union St. Ins. Agent 2 Sep 1894 Canton Boro
5 Dec 1894 Jones Frances female white Charles Florence Grover laborer 12 Nov 1894 Grover
7 Dec 1894 Judson Jonas W. male white S. E. Effie Columbia farmer 10 Nov 1894 Columbia
5 Dec 1894 Johnson   male white J. L. May Monroe farmer 18 Sep 1894 Monroe Twp.
10 Dec 1894 Johnson Katie Jane female white Daniel Dellie Renzi Terry Twp farmer 28 Nov 1894 Renzi Terry Twp
Dec 1894 Justin Jessie male white Charles Nellie Tuscarora stone cutter 30 Jun 1894 Tuscarora
20 Dec 1894 Jones Leonard P. male white Wm. Harriet A. Wysox 2 Dis. farmer 27 Nov 1894 Wysox 2 Dis.
14 May 1895 Johnson Nellie May female white Eli Sarah Asylum farmer 11 Jan 1895 Asylum
19 May 1895 Johnson Joseph male white Chas. Eliza Asylum farmer 24 Nov 1894 Terry Twp.
19 May 1895 Johnson   male white Wm. Clarien Asylum farmer 2 May 1895 Asylum
  Johnston George Lelie boy white Loren Manie (unreadable) blacksmith 10 May 1895 Barclay
5 Jun 1895 Johnson Ransler male white Ezra Matie Robinson W. Burlington farmer 10 Mar 1895 W. Burlington
Apr 1895 Jennings Edwin Charles male white Charles E. Franie Y. Canton Boro laborer 15 Mar 1895 Center St. Canton
  Jenkins Isaac male white  John Melvina Ceder Ledge laborer 2 Apr 1895 Ceder Ledge
9 May 1895 Johnson Nathen R. male white Fred Ida J. Franklin farmer 7 Mar 1895 Franklin
9 May 1895 Jewell Arthur male white  Chas. H. Mary Rome farmer 12 Mar 1895 Rome Twp.
31 Jul 1895 Johnson Lena female white Josiah Margaret Terry Township farmer 6 Jun 1895 Terry Township
21 Aug 1895 Johnson Agustae female white John Sarah Terry Township laborer 17 Aug 1895 Terry Township
23 Jun 1895 Johnson Burleigh male white Burleigh Morlin Towanda D.L. 5 Feb 1895 Towanda Twp.
5 Sep 1895 Johnson   female white charles Hannah Towanda D. L. 14 Aug 1895 Towanda
5 Sep 1895 Johnson George male white Dorsey Hettie Towanda D.L. 2 Apr 1895 Towanda Twp.
18 May 1895 Jones Frances L. female white G.J. Vina East Troy butcher 18 Feb 1895 East Troy
3 Dec 1895 Jones Francina H. female white Paul L. Bessie Albany Twp. laborer 20 Sep 1895 Albany Twp.
4 Dec 1895 Jackson Phoebe female white Gordon Fanny Albany Twp. farmer 8 Jul 1895 Albany Twp.
5 Dec 1895 Johns Ola Lavern female white Horace Emma Armenia  farmer 8 Aug 1895 Armenia Twp.
5 Dec 1895 Joslyn Albert male white Joseph Myrtie Anna Atehns Twp. laborer 10 Oct 1895 Atehns Twp.
4 Dec 1895 Jennings Mabel female white William B. Dora Burlington Twp. farmer 6 May 1895 Burlington Twp.
16 Nov 189 Johnson Stella female white John Martha Columbia  laborer 2 Oct 1895 Columbia, Pa.
20 Dec 1895 Johnson Lillie May female white James B. Carrie Edith Litchfield farmer 10 Dec 1895 Litchfield
3 Dec 1895 Johnson China female white Rhodolph Libbie Monroe farmer 11 May 1895 Monroe Twp.
4 Dec 1895 Johnson  Gordon male white Christopher Ella Monroe farmer 22 May 1895 Monroe Twp.
11 Dec 1895 Jackson  Leo male white John E. Cora H. Monroe farmer 1 Jun 1895 Monroe Twp.
3 Dec 1895 Jones Harry M. male black Henry E. Eliza L. Monroe Twp. laborer 18 Jul 1895 Monroe Twp.
3 Dec 1895 Johnston Lola May female white A. L. Frances Monroe Twp. lawyer 24 Aug 1895 Warren Centre, Pa.
5 Dec 1895 Johnson Ida M. female white Lester Ada Stevensville farmer 20 July 1895 Stevensville
19 Dec 1895 Joralemon Geo. Abram male white Clark Sophia Dillin Troy Twp. Dist. 1 butcher 7 Jul 1895 Troy Twp.
5 Dec 1895 Johns Jennie female white  W.H. Jennie East Troy farmer 19 Oct 1895 East Troy
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