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Halsey L. Benson of Rutland
son of Georgianna Cook and Lyman C. Benson
Born 1881, Rutland, Died 1952
Buried Watson Cemetery in Roseville
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd Surname Name of Child Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occupation/Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
12/20/1900 Hancock Emma Mable F W J. Warren Arnot, Minnie M. 18 Leonard Clerk 08/15/1900 Towanda
  Hunsinger Leroy  M W Mirton Fannie River St. Tinner (?) 05/29/1900 Sayre
12/19/1900 Hickok Catherine F W T. S. Charlotte Canton Boro Lawyer 12/05/1900 Canton Boro
12/06/1900 Hufford Raymond Leslie M W Wm. S. Alvira Sayre Brakeman 11/15/1900 Sayre
12/09/1900 Hughes Genna F W Andrew  Eliza Sayre Brakeman 07/09/1900 Ulster
12/18/1900 Hiney Ausker W. M W William Lidia Ulster Farmer 11/17/1900 Litchfield
12/12/1900 Herrick Orlando M W Will Ellen Litchfield Farmer 09/21/1900 Smithfield
  Hiney Leon M W Raymond Cora May Smithfield Farmer 09/15/1900 Smithfield
  Hall Baby M W W. G. Bell Smithfield Farmer 09/16/1900 Smithfield
  Hull Esther F W R. C. Effie Smithfield Farmer 10/14/1900 Wysox
12/03/1900 Howell Ralph M W Harry Grover, Ella Wysox Laborer 08/08/1900 Leroy
  Hoagland Harrold M. M W Luther Ella Canton Laborer 01/27/1900 Overton
09/02/1900 Heverly Annie Belle F W Russell Nancy Overton Twp Farmer 08/27/1900 Orwell
12/08/1900 Horton Hazel M. F W Frank Grace D. Orwell Laborer 10/12/1900 Orwell
12/15/1900 Harbst William Nelson M W Daniel Louise M. Orwell Laborer 07/12/1900 W. Burlington
12/06/1900 Hornbeck Jessie Paul M W Ardell Rosa May West Burlington Laborer 11/23/1900 Hornbrook
12/14/1900 Horton Florence  F W Harry L. Minnie Sheshequin Laborer 10/21/1900 Hornbrook
12/14/1900 Horton George R. M W N. D. Clara Sheshequin Farmer 11/08/1900 Rome Boro
  Hiney Inga Blanch F W Ulyses Catherine E. Rome Boro Laborer 10/01/1900 Pike
12/03/1900 Hicks Charles N. M W L. J. Zette Pike Farmer 09/16/1900 Wyalusing
12/17/1900 Howell Myron J. M W William Frances Sax Wyalusing Mason 11/07/1900 Burlington Twp
12/06/1900 Herda Eugenie M. F W Fred W. Tullie Burlington Twp Farmer 11/10/1900 Tuscarora Twp
12/11/1900 Harford Milred J. F W C. A. Hattie Tuscarora Farmer 06/05/1900 Sayre
12/11/1900 Hill Richard M W Richard Hannah Sayre Saloon Keeper 05/21/1900 Sayre
12/12/1900 Hudson Orrin Dewey M W Orrin Bessie Sayre Fireman 07/07/1900 E. Troy
12/15/1900 Horton Gorton M W Chas. C. Ella Swain E.Troy Farmer 09/24/1900 Towanda Twp.
12/06/1900 Hettick Stanley Woodward M W Adolphus Laura Homestead Farmer 11/26/1901 Towanda Twp.
12/11/1900 Heaman Not Named F W William, Jr. Bell Ge. Fox Day Labour 12/07/1900 Towanda Twp.
12/17/1900 Hunsinger Paul T. M W Fredrick Cora Milton Huyck Farmer 05/08/1900 Towanda Twp.
12/17/1900 Heskal William  M W Charles Ella Guy Hollon D. L. 10/05/1900 Towanda Twp.
12/18/1900 Huston Grace A. F W Samuel Lizy Homestead Farmer 07/02/1900 Towanda Twp.
05/13/1901 Hardy H. Genie (?) M W Oscar Camp, Minnie May Broktown Laborer 01/29/1901 Brocktown
05/10/1901 Howell Gerould M W Dexter Lillian V. Main St. Laborer 02/13/1901 Towanda
05/10/1901 Hess Earl Howard M W Irvin Nettie Main St. Fireman 12/11/1900 E. Towanda
05/15/1901 Hollenback Edith L. F W C. P. Flossie Powell Farmer 02/05/1901 Powell
05/16/1901 Heath James R. M W Richard Louise  Powell Laborer 02/28/1901 Powell
05/16/1901 Hatch Not Named M W F. C. Tressa Albany Twp Farmer 05/01/1901 Albany Twp
05/20/1901 Howie Irene F W John Hellen Ulster Farmer 12/10/1900 Ulster
05/15/1901 Harris R. D. M W John H. Mary A. W. Burlington Farmer 02/10/1901 W. Burlington
05/08/1901 Hendershot Not Named F W Edward Flora Tuscarora Quarryman 03/14/1901 Tuscarora Twp
05/22/1901 Hansell Edna F W P. S. Anna Terrytown Laborer 03/11/1901 Terrytown
05/10/1901 Halstead Clarence C. M W G. M. Alice Ridgebury Farmer 11/11/1901 Ridgebury
05/13/1901 Halstead Genevie I F W T. D. Lillie Ridgebury Farmer 11/11/1901 Ridgebury
05/13/1901 Howell Levi M W James Jennie Ridgebury Laborer 06/29/1900 Ridgebury
05/18/1901 Hanlin Myron J. M W F. D. Jennie Ridgebury Farmer 01/06/1900 Ridgebury
05/06/1901 Heath Marry F W Charles Amanda Wysox Laborer 01/10/1901 Mercur
05/15/1901 Hawley Arja M. M W Charles Snyder, Clara Towanda Laborer 11/19/1900 Towanda
06/06/1901 Hoagland Dorothy L. F W J. Larue Nellie LeRoy Farmer 05/05/1901 LeRoy
05/15/1901 Hildebrandt Laverne M W A. M. Jennie Athens Boro Brakeman 10/07/1900 Athens Boro
Secton below transcribed and typed by Bonnie Isaacs
12 Dec 1893 Innes Charlott F W Collin A. Althea Center St. farmer 9 Aug 1893 Canton Boro
8 Dec 1893 Irvine Pauline F W John Mary River St. fireman 10 Jul 1893 Sayre, pa.
9 Dec 1896 Isabell Bessie F W   Lottie Ulster   7 Jun 1895  
9 Dec 1897 Isaacs Sarah R. F W Samuel Bertha Coons Canton farmer 8 Nov 1897 Canton Twp.
8 May 1897 Irving Wm. D. M W John Jessie T. Ulster farmer 21 Mar 1897 Ulster
8 Dec 1897 Ingham May F W E. C. Ella Camptown farmer 29 Jun 1897 Camptown
10 May 1898 Isbell Hobert L. M W William Alice Burlington farmer 13 Feb 1898 Burlington
4 Jul 1899 Ingham Chas Elicot M W E. C. Ella H. Camptown farmer 15 Feb 1899 Camptown
1 ... 1899 Irving Edward M W John E. Jessie T. Ulster farmer 7 Mar 1899 Ulster
13 ... 1899 Ide Lela Mae F W Charles Annie Lefler Ridgebury farmer 14 May 1899 Ridgebury
14 Oct 1900 Innman Joe M W L. E. Clara S. Creek farmer 7 Jun 1900 Gillett
Hi Joyce;
In the Reg.of Births, Vol #1....Towanda
Date of Rcd....12/17/1900
Hunsinger, Paul T...This is actually Paul H. (Howard) Hunsinger. 
Mother Cora.....Is actually Anna E. Barton.
Don't know if you want corrections or not. Let me know.
Dick Hunsinger
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