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Anthony Haswell Legget
son of Mary V. Benson and Charles Leggett
born Rutland 1912, died 1924
Buried Watson Cemetery, Roseville
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd Surname Name of Child Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occupation/Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
11/29/1899 Hurley B. Nora F W Daiel Nora Rome Farmer 1/1/1899 Rome Twp
11/21/1899 Haight Mildred F W George S. Lellie D. Burlington Twp Farmer 5/28/1899 Burlington Twp
12/1/1899 Hall Nellie F W B. F. Annie Smithfield Farmer 9/23/1899 Smithfield
12/1/1899 Hodge Nellie F W William Mina Smithfield Laborer 9/15/1899 Smithfield
12/6/1899 Hatch Hila Eudora F W Andrew D. Bertha Ann Albany Twp Laborer 7/8/1899 Albany Twp
12/7/1899 Howell Not Named M W Willis Clarinda Albany Twp Farmer 10/27/1899 Albany Twp
12/9/1899 Haverly Hazzel Amanda F W Joseph M. Anna Albany Twp Farmer 7/16/1899 Albany Twp
12/18/1899 Holcomb Lulu F W George Emma Overton Twp Laborer 4/20/1899 Overton
12/1/1899 Homan Mary M. F W Francis  Maggie N. Y. City Salesman 8/20/1899 Sheshequin
12/1/1899 Homan George T. M W Francis Maggie N. Y. City Salesman 7/26/1898 Sheshequin
12/1/1899 Huff Harriet F W Asa Addie Keens Summit Farmer 8/6/1899 Keens Summit
12/6/1899 Hoover Abbie F W Jerry Nancy Asylum Laborer 5/4/1899 Asylum
11/28/1899 Hulslander Clarence  M W Thomas Martha Columbia Farmer 7/22/1899 Columbia
11/15/1899 Hutchinson Annie F W Grant Maggie Sayre Machinist 2/3/1899 Sayre
12/13/1899 Hoffman John W. M W John L. Helena Wilmot Farmer 6/16/1899  
12/15/1899 Harford Mabel F W H. M. Orey Sugar Run Farmer 7/22/1899  
05/16/1900 Hoover Ethel E. F W Joseph  Caroline Terrytown Farmer 03/29/1900 Terrytown
05/08/1900 Henson Edna F W A. C. Codelia Bridge St. Gent 12/07/1900 Towanda
05/09/1900 Harps John M W Wm.  Mary Main St. Farmer 02/01/1900 Towanda
05/07/1900 Hopkins Angie I. M W Charles H. Emma Wysox Farmer 7/22/1899 Wysox
05/11/1900 Hoose DeLacey M W Lester Cora E.Troy Carpenter 01/19/1900 E.Troy
05/11/1900 Harris Laura M. F W J. L. Katherine Powell Com. Labor 03/10/1900 Powell
05/08/1900 Harris Harold Ivan M W J. E. Hattie Camptown Laborer 01/25/1900 Camptown
05/21/1900 Heid Leroy D. M W John Renne Columbia Laborer 01/10/1900 Columbia
05/22/1900 Hammond Glenn M W All (?) Cora Columbia Farmer 04/12/1900 Columbia
05/19/1900 Horning Chaucey M W Chancey Voorhis, Sarane Bentley Creek Laborer 03/15/1900 Bentley Creek
05/19/1900 Hakes Evelena  F W Frank  Selenn William St. Brakeman 06/25/1900 Towanda
05/28/1900 Hall Francis M W Louis M. Milla Tracy York Ave Lawyer 01/31/1900 Towanda
05/15/1900 Head Francis M W Arthur Woodruff, Francis 322 Poplar Stenographer 12/30/1899 Towanda
05/18/1900 Hoyt Obediah M W John Gariss, Sarah 17 Plank Road Laborer 02/01/1900 Towanda
08/28/1900 Howell Viola F W   Ada R. Sylvania   05/02/1900 Sylvania
May. 1900 Horning Nellie F W C. A. Nettie Res. Farmer 11/3/1899 Springfield
05/10/1900 Hapeman Leon M W George Addie Sayre Brakeman 01/04/1900 Sayre
05/16/1900 Hall Byron M W Frank B. Maggie May Sayre Expressman 03/31/1900 Sayre
  Holcomb Raymond M W K. J. Ida BG. Sayre Carpenter 03/10/1900 Sayre
  Horton Paul T. M W Horace Resilla Sayre   03/23/1900 Sayre
  Hill Tracy C. M W Claude V. Lillian V. Canton Laborer 8/17/1899 Canton
05/10/1900 Homet Not Named F W Chas. Carrie Homets Ferry Farmer 03/24/1900 Homets Ferry
05/14/1900 Hall Nathan T. M W E. O. Effa W. Burlington Farmer 12/20/1899 W. Burlington
May. 1900 Hardy Allen Raymond M W Thomas B. Mattie LeRoy Farmer 3/12/1899 LeRoy
05/07/1900 Huff Carl Lee M W John Ellen Smithfield Farmer 01/09/1900 Smithfield
05/07/1900 Hern Wilda F W Burt J. Alice S. Waverly Laborer 9/7/1899 S. Waverly
05/12/1900 Heman Charles A. M W Unknown Nettie Sugar Run   03/18/1900 Sugar Run
05/16/1900 Hoffman JohnWalter M W John L. Helena Wilmot Farmer 6/16/1899 Wilmot
06/12/1900 Hedrich Julia Delphine F W H. P. Julia Orwell Butter Maker 05/12/1900 Orwell
05/23/1900 Hemmingway Carl E. M W Henry D. Julia Burlington Twp Farmer 01/04/1900 Burlington Twp
05/26/1900 Havens Emerson Winnie M W Fred Mary Troy Twp Farmer 11/7/1899 Troy Twp
05/09/1900 Hagerman JohnCodding M W H. Rose Homestead Miller 04/11/1900 Towanda Twp.
05/10/1900 Holbrock Earl R. M W Herman Alida Deckers Farmer 02/11/1900 Towanda Twp.
  Harding Hazel F W George Rose Sheshequin Laborer 11/24/1899  
  Hartshorn Veva F W Charles Liza Holly St. Laborer 01/12/1900  
05/10/1900 Heverly IvanL. M W Geo. I. Emma New Albany Shoemaker 03/13/1900 New Albany
12/30/1899 Harkins Lilly F W   Agnes Long Valley   12/20/1899 Long Valley
10/09/1900 Hind Mary F W John Mary Carbon Laborer 10/09/1900 Carbon
09/28/1900 Huit Charles  M W C. H. Jennie Wells Farmer 07/27/1900 Wells
12/03/1900 Hatch Wallace Wesley M W A. D. Bertha A. West Branch Farmer 10/06/1900 West Branch
12/16/1900 Harden Beatrice May F W Fred Emily Walnut St. Plumber 09/25/1900 Towanda
12/03/1900 Hakes Alma Myrtle F W Chas. R. Florinda Albany Twp Farmer 06/28/1900 Albany Twp
12/12/1900 Hirst Helen Eugenia F W Edwin D. Edna A. 302 Second Salesman 10/09/1900 Towanda
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