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Charles, Hendrick and Lewis Cook of Rutland
sons of Nellie E. Brewer and Merrit L. Cook
Lewis born 1893
Charles born 1895
Hendrick b. ? (oldest) ca 1887
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd Surname Name of Child Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occupation/Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
11/30/1898 Harden Margarette E. F W Frank Jessie Athens Boro Laborer 7/31/1898 Athens Boro
12/15/1898 Hapeman Carl C. M W Wm. Cora Cherry St. Laborer 3/14/1898 Athens Boro
12/5/1898 Havens Not Named M W Fred Mary Troy Twp Farmer 11/12/1898 Troy Twp.
12/7/1898 Hanscom Alice L. F W T. W. Allie Troy  Farmer 11/28/1898 Troy Twp.
Heverly John Bryan M W C. F. Adaline 2nd St. Printer 11/14/1898 Townada
12/10/1898 Head Thomas  M W Arthur Franc (?) 322 State Stenographer 11/7/1898 Towanda
12/6/1898 Hainsworth Robert M W Edward Carl, Clara 24 Mechanic Laborer 5/11/1898 Towanda
12/6/1898 Harden Hazel Marie F W Fred Emily Porter Place Laborer 11/25/1898 Towanda
11/14/1898 Hettick Geo. R. M W Adolphus Laura Homestead Farmer 8/25/1898 Towanda Twp
12/17/1898 Hendy Blanch F W F. D. Lula S. Lantz Farmer 11/13/1898 Towanda
12/13/1898 Homet Elizabeth F W Chas. Caroline Homets Ferry Farmer 5/26/1898 Homets Ferry
12/14/1898 Homet Evalyn F W Frank Lizzie Wyalusing Farmer 12/3/1898 Wyalusing Boro
12/14/1898 Huntington Wallace M W P. L. Hattie Litchfield Miller 4/18/1898 Litchfield
4/30/1898 Heath Robert M W Richard Louisa Foot of Plane Laborer 4/30/1898 Foot of Plane
5/14/1898 Hind Majoria F W John Mary Carbon Laborer 5/14/1898 Carbon
5/14/1898 Hind Marion F W John Mary Carbon Laborer 5/14/1898 Carbon
5/25/1898 Hoover Blanche F W George Jessie Terrytown  Laborer 10/30/1898 Terrytown
12/3/1898 Hansell Ruby  F W Algeron Permilla (?) Terrytown Farmer 9/6/1898 Terrytown
12/12/1898 Hoover Ferd M W Richard Jennetta Terrytown Farmer 11/20/1898 Terrytown
12/3/1898 Hewitt Gertrude F W Charles N. Jennie Wells Farmer 9/18/1898 Wells
12/6/1898 Hakes Pearl C. F W Edward Mabel Wells Farmer 11/24/1898 Wells
  Hoyt Claude M W M. R. Winifred Asylum Laborer 10/19/1897 Asylum
12/17/1898 Hillis Erwin M W Wilburt Adelia  Herrick Farmer 9/27/1898 Herrick
12/7/1898 Hess Lillian M. F W Bert Frances E. Towanda Laborer 6/17/1898 E. Towanda
12/5/1898 Heath Charles F. M W C. H. Mandy Mercur Farmer 10/17/1898 Mercur
12/20/1898 Hour Edna F W Harry Ella Wysox Laborer 12/19/1898 Wysox
12/17/1898 Hager  Florence I. F W G. W. Ruby J. Grover Laborer 10/3/1898 Grover
11/29/1898 Halstead Clarrie L. F W Delbert Gladys Ridgebury Laborer 9/5/1898 Ridgebury
12/3/1898 Holcomb Dorothy Ethie F W Guy C. Ethel Ulster Physician 9/26/1898 Ulster
  Horton Harold H. M W Clayton D. Charlena Sheshequin Farmer 10/8/1898 Sheshequin
12/5/1898 Hancock Coral F W Mark Lily Overton Twp Laborer 7/16/1898 Overton
11/18/1898 Hall Harold Herbert M W E. O. Effa W. Burlington Farmer 7/5/1898 W. Burlington
12/5/1898 Hedrick Cyril M W H. P. Julia Hill Burlington Boro Carpenter 7/23/1898 Burlington Boro
5/6/1899 Hess Haroll (?) M W Burton  Frances Washington St. Laborer 1/6/1899 Towanda
5/2/1899 Hoover Wm. Ray M W Raphael F. Emma Camptown Laborer 2/6/1899 Camptown
5/18/1899 Howe  Claud M W Victor E. Bertha Rome Laborer 3/22/1899 Rome Twp
5/9/1899 Harris Walter A. M W Henry O. Green, Elizabeth Ridgebury Farmer 12/2/1898 Ridgebury
6/3/1899 Hanlon Inez F W J. F. Halstead, Lulu Ridgebury Farmer 10/30/1898 Ridgebury
5/1/1899 Hansell Dewitt Lewis M W Charles Rachel C. Terrytown Farmer 12/28/1898 Terrytown
5/8/1899 Haggerty Martha F W William Anna Terrytown Farmer 2/2/1899 Terrytown
5/15/1899 Hoover Eugene M W Horace Mary Terrytown Laborer 11/19/1898 Terrytown
5/15/1899 Huntington Arthur Roy M W G.L. Grace Smithfield Farmer 3/16/1899 Smithfield
5/15/1899 Havens Alice  F W Lemuel Lottie Smithfield Farmer 4/11/1899 Smithfield
5/9/1899 Harris Irena Bell F W John H. Mary A. W. Burlington Farmer 4/12/1899 W. Burlington
5/9/1899 House Ella May F W Delbert Bessie May W. Burlington Farmer 3/9/1899 W. Burlington
5/18/1899 Havens Oakley S. M W Fred Mary Troy Twp. Farmer 11/12/1898 Troy Twp.
5/22/1899 Haven  Erenetta F W Dauphin  Martha Columbia Laborer 2/20/1899 Columbia
6/10/1899 Hess Clarence  M W Isaac (Crossed out) Netie E. Towanda Laborer 10/25/1898 E. Towanda
5/1/1899 Horton Gertrude Belle F W Julius Carrie E. Towanda Laborer 3/25/1899 E. Towanda
5/1/1899 Herrington Edward Doty M W Wm. B. Etta E. Towanda Baggage Master 7/7/1897 E. Towanda
5/18/1899 Hardenstine Carolin F W Peter Alice #201 Plank Laborer 1/12/1899 Towanda Boro
7/4/1899 Hiney Geo. D. M W Dan Hellen N. Towanda Laborer 8/11/1899 S. Towanda
5/3/1899 Hurley Mary F W Cornelias Mary Sayre Fireman 11/4/1898 Sayre
5/3/1899 Hurley Daniel M W Cornelias Mary Sayre Fireman 9/10/1897 Sayre
5/5/1899 Hogan Mary A. F W James Mary Sayre Boiler Maker 11101897 Sayre
5/13/1899 Hill George  M W Richard Anna Sayre Engineer 11/10/1898 Sayre
5/2/1899 Hartmann Shirley E. F W M. J. Amy Sayre Mason 7/22/1898 Dorranceton, Pa (?)
5/2/1899 Harding Gertrude F W Fred Lottie Erie St. Laborer 2/5/1899 Sayre
7/25/1899 Henry Hellen M. F W Paul Grace Athens Blacksmith 5/30/1899 Athens
9/5/1899 Hall Hartley James M W Willard J. Jennie N. Main Fireman 3/25/1899 Athens Boro
9/4/1899 Hawkins James  M W Charles Hannah Canton Laborer 1/17/1899 Canton
9/4/1899 Hollis Ruby  F W H. R. Amelia Canton Laborer 8/19/1899 Canton
5/15/1899 Howell Cide (?) E. M W Judson Maggie Wyalusing Mason 12/14/1899 Wyalusing Boro
5/5/1899 Heverly Mildred F W John Anna Overton Twp Laborer 3/26/1899 Overton
May.1899 Harkness John O. M W L. T. Maud Springfield Farmer 8/4/1898 Springfield
May.1899 Harkness Clifford H. M W C. B. Susie Springfield Farmer 11/25/1898 Springfield
9/6/1899 Hawthorne Ralph Dewey M W Robert Mazie S. Waverly Conductor LVRR 5/15/1899 S. Waverly
5/24/1899 Heath Rilla F W Burton M. Eveline Burlington  Farmer 12/19/1898 Burlington Twp
6/5/1899 Hoffman Ester F W Joel Lolie Norconk Farmer 1/2/1899 Wilmot
5/12/1899 Henry Cora Abel F W Edward Luvina Sugar Hill Laborer 12/18/1898 Sugar Hill
6/6/1899 Hoffman Emma F W Joel Maria Wilmot Farmer 1/11/1899 Wilmot
6/7/1899 Hunsinger Ralph  M W Lewis Clara Comiskey Farmer 5/4/1899 Comiskey
3/16/1899 Haflett Lydia F W Lincoln Lydia Carbon Laborer 3/16/1899 Carbon
11/13/1899 Hillis Cathyrin S. F W R. S. Kate Ballibay Farmer 9/4/1899 Herrick
11/14/1899 Hankinson Not Named M W E.R. Alice Herrick Farmer 9/6/1899 Herrick
11/23/1899 Hoover Stephen M W Harvey Mahaly Terrytown Laborer 11/7/1899 Terrytown
12/9/1899 Harris Nathaniel Kirby M W Francis Kirby Sarah W. Athens Bookkeeper 10/25/1899 Athens
5/31/1899 Houghtalen Leafia Jane F W Robert Etta Hadlock Painter 5/31/1899 Hadlock
5/2/1899 Hadlock John A. M W E. A. Delia Franklin Farmer 5/2/1899 Franklin
12/21/1899 Hoose Frank M W William Rose Second Ave Laborer 12/8/1899 Sayre
12/1/1899 Hall Leon B. M W Munson Jennie S. Waverly Conductor  9/30/1899 S.Waverly
12/2/1899 Hern Wilda F W Burt Alice S. Waverly Laborer 9/7/1899 S. Waverly
11/28/1899 Horton Gertrude Bellma F W Julius  Carry 4th St. Laborer 3/25/1899 Towanda
12/11/1899 Henson Not Named F W A. C. Lelia Bridge St. Pool & Billiards 12/7/1899 Towanda
11/12/1899 Hawkins Anna F W William Susan N. Towanda Farmer 10/14/1899 N. Towanda
12/18/1899 Howie Elanor Louise M W W. T. Catherine Towanda Twp Farmer 8/2/1899 N. Towanda
11/10/1899 Hull John M W F. H. Emma C. M. Hall Laborer 10/5/1899 Towanda Twp.
12/7/1899 Howard Samuel M W Glenn R. Sadie Browntown Farmer 11/17/1899 Browntown
12/11/1899 Homet Mildred F W W. H. Adelia  Camptown Farmer 7/14/1899 Camptown
12/18/1899 Howard Florence  F W John Gertrude Camptown Salesman 12/17/1899 Camptown
12/5/1899 Hutchinson Anna F W George Cora LeRaysville Farmer 2/1/1899 LeRaysville
12/6/1899 Hoover Loren Glenwood M W George W. Florence F. Tuscarora Farmer 7/27/1899 Tuscarora Twp
12/9/1899 Heath Gladys May F W Walter Brown, Carrie Wickiser Farmer 10/8/1899 Wickiser
12/4/1899 Harris Leon Paul M W R. S. Cinnie Powell Laborer 7/3/1899 Powell
12/5/1899 Harris Elias G. H. M W Charles C. EstellaV. Powell Laborer 8/19/1899 Powell
11/21/1899 Horton Lettie Lee F W Frank B. Merty May Rome Carpenter 9/7/1899 Rome Twp
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