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Rex and Roy Garrison 
sons of Addie Rosetta MUDGE and Harry Foster GARRISON of Sullilvan Township
Rex born 1899, died 1988 buried Glenwood Cemetery in Troy
Roy born 1901, died 1962, buried Bradford County Memorial Park
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd Surname Name of Child Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occupation/Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
5/5/1897 Hotalen Arthur  M W Arthur Grace Sayre Brakeman 2/16/1897 Sayre
5/4/1897 Hawley Cecil R. M W Chas N. Clara E. Wysox Laborer 12/31/1896 Wysox
5/18/1897 Howe  Henry Meyer M W Eugene Adelia F. Rome Boro Farmer 1/20/1897 Rome Boro
5/4/1897 Hanford Ray E. M W John J. Leuella Windham Farmer 3/30/1897 Windham
5/4/1897 Horton Belle F W E. J. Bell Albany Twp Farmer 3/28/1897 Albany Twp
9/1/1897 Haverly Erler (?) F W Frank Mary Overton Laborer 1/20/1897 Overton
5/19/1897 Herda Della S. F W F. W. Julue (?) Towanda Twp. Farmer 1/3/1897 Towanda Twp
5/20/1897 Hagerman Frances P. M W F. H. Rosa L. Towanda Twp. Miller 5/12/1897 Towanda Twp
5/4/1897 Hulslander Marrian F W M. F. Florence Burlington  Lumberman 2/4/1897 Burlington Boro
5/12/1897 Huntington   F W W.V. Effie Smithfield Farmer 5/7/1897 Smithfield
5/6/1897 Hanscom FlorenceJ. F W E.W. Alice East Troy Farmer 2/5/1897 E. Troy
7/15/1897 Hollis Earl T. M W H. R. Amielia Washington St. Laborer 7/14/1897 Canton Boro
12/13/1897 Harris Viola F W Jas. H. May South Branch Farmer 9/8/1897 South Branch
12/13/1897 Hartford Nora I. F W J. H. Abi A. South Branch Laborer 11/15/1897 South Branch
9/2/1897 Hour James Leon M W Decker Lillian May Monroe Boro Laborer 8/16/1897 Monroe Boro
12/10/1897 Harris Yidy (?) F W Henry Linnie Greenwood Laborer 6/10/1897 Greenwood
12/8/1897 Hubbard Henrietta Grace F W E. N. Ida May Smithfield Farmer 9/21/1897 Smithfield
12/8/1897 Huntington George M W G. L. Grace Smithfield Farmer 9/9/1897 Smithfield
12/8/1897 Harris Louise Gertrude F W H. B. Lizzie Smithfield Farmer 5/17/1897 Smithfield
12/6/1897 Hotchkiss Ray E. M W Fred Clara Warren Farmer 10/7/1897 Warren
12/8/1897 Hendershot FlorenceJ. F W Joseph Lillie Tuscarora Laborer 6/15/1897 Tuscarora Twp
12/13/1897 Hoyt Not Named M W J. J. Sarah E. Pike Twp Farmer 12/12/1897 Pike Twp
12/14/1897 Harris Stewart Wesley M W John Eva Stevensville Laborer 10/18/1897 Stevensville
12/11/1897 Hemenway Howard I. M W Henry D. Julia Burlington Twp Farmer 8/13/1897 Burlington Twp
12/11/1897 Haight Lura (?) E. F W George S. Lellie Burlington Twp Farmer 9/27/1897 Burlington Twp
12/7/1897 Holman Iva F W Wm. H. May H. W. Burlington Farmer 7/15/1897 W. Burlington
12/6/1897 Hanna Minnie V. F W R. G. Anna Sayre Conductor 12/7/1897 Sayre
12/6/1897 Hogan Mary Agnes F W James Mary Sayre Boiler Maker 11/16/1897 Sayre
  House Not Named M W Fred Lula Orchard St.  Laborer 11/21/1897 Sayre
11/12/1897 Howell Irene F W J. S. Margaret Wyalusing Laborer 7/18/1897 Wyalusing
12/10/1897 Hufman M. A. F W J. T. Lula Wyalusing Laborer 10/6/1897 Terrytownship
12/9/1897 Hoven Horis L. M W R. F. Emma Camptown Laborer 7/14/1897 Camptown
12/9/1897 Hunsinger Ethel Ruth F W F. D. Anna Vaughan Hill Laborer 10/30/1897 Vaughan
12/9/1897 Hicks Ines F W James Lillias Athens Laborer 8/27/1897 Athens Boro
12/9/1897 Hicks Allice F W James Lillias Athens Laborer 8/27/1897 Athens Boro
5/14/1897 Hadlock Leona F W Fred Millie E. Athens Laborer 5/31/1897 E. Athens
5/13/1897 Hour Leo M W Edgar Mariah E. Athens Mason 12/19/1896 Athens
12/6/1897 Houghtalen David B. M W Robert Henrietta Athens Farmer 9/10/1897 Athens
12/9/1897 Hibbard Mack M W John Ida  Albany Twp Farmer 5/10/1897 Albany Twp
12/18/1897 Henley Carl Otto M W Wm. Harriet Albany Twp Farmer 7/13/1897 Albany Twp
12/8/1897 Hagerman Mildred F W Cole Eva Springfield Farmer 8/19/1897 Springfield
12/9/1897 Harkness Hazel F W C. B. Susie Springfield Farmer 9/12/1897 Springfield
12/14/1897 Harvey Not Named F W Russell Nancy Overton Farmer 11/5/1897 Overton
12/13/1897 Hour Leland Delmar M W Irvin L. Dece (?) Orwell Farmer 6/19/1897 Orwell
10/6/1897 Haflett Mable L. F W George  Mary Granville Farmer 8/7/1897 Granville
12/8/1897 How Arthur James M W Victor E. VanSickle, Bertha R. PlankRoad 3 Laborer 5/9/1897 Towanda
12/10/1897 Head Thomas Woodruff M W Arthur Woodruff, Frank C. State St. 322 Stenographer 8/30/1897 Towanda
  Harrington Not Named M W Wm. Ettie N. MainSt. Conductor 8/16/1897 Towanda
5/10/1898 Hatch Mabel Louise F W Edward May Liberty Corners Laborer 3/20/1898 Wysox
6/6/1898 Harris Dewey M W J. L. K. M. Powell Clerk 4/18/1898 Powell
5/13/1898 Howland Ora M. F W C. M. Mary Troy Twp Farmer 4/29/1898 Troy Twp.
5/14/1898 Hayles Roland M W Sevelin Vinia Troy Twp Farmer 1/15/1898 Troy Twp.
5/5/1898 Homet Baby M W W. H. Adelia  Camptown Farmer 3/20/1898 Camptown
5/6/1898 Hornbeck Lena F W Albert Emma W. Burlington Laborer 4/7/1898 W. Burlington
5/6/1898 Harmon Lucilla F W F. C. Caroline 4th St. Carver 1/7/1898 4th St. Towanda
5/4/1898 Heaman Floyed M W Arnold Nella Daniel Heamans (?) D. L. 4/6/1898 Towanda Twp
5/10/1898 Horton Stewart M W Charles Alice N. Towanda Farmer 1/6/1898 N. Towanda
5/10/1898 Horton Rodney M W Burton  Bertha N. Towanda Farmer 1/31/1898 N. Towanda
5/20/1898 Holmes Gladys E. F W Morell Elliett, Edna Fourth & Pine Laborer 3/21/1898 N. Towanda
5/27/1898 Humphrey Emily Esther F W James D. Bishop, Anna 302 Second St. Mechanic 2/17/1898 N. Towanda
6/1/1898 Haxton Milton A. M W Eli Frankie LeRoy Farmer 3/26/1898 LeRoy
5/6/1898 Holland Lawrence Raymond M W John Ada Sugar Hill Farmer 7/14/1898 Sugar Hill
5/4/1898 Hoover Leslie Thomas M W Joseph Caroline Terrytownship Laborer 3/13/1898 Terry Twp
5/30/1898 Hoover Jerry M W Burleigh Delphane Terry Twp Laborer 3/26/1898 Terry Twp
5/30/1898 Hall Fannie L. F W Albert Rillie Smithfield Farmer 12/11/1897 Smithfield
5/30/1898 Hall Laura Marie F W George Mary M. Smithfield Farmer 3/14/1898 Smithfield
5/30/1898 Huff Harrison Dewey M W Charles Blanche Smithfield Farmer 5/1/1898 Smithfield
  Hickock Delos M W Thadeus Susie South Creek Farmer 12/3/1896 South Creek
  Holdridge Estella L. F W Henry Louisa South Creek Farmer 5/17/1897 South Creek
5/3/1898 Havens Clarence Newell M W Jabez B. Anna Bell Milan Farmer 12/21/1897 Milan
9/6/1898 Higgins Harry Jos M W Wm. D. Rosa L. Ulster Farmer 4/16/1898 Ulster
5/4/1898 Horton Mary E. F W Edward Lilly Sheshequin Farmer 12/4/1897 Sheshequin
5/11/1898 Haverly Getha F W Joseph Anna Albany Twp Farmer 3/1/1898 Albany Twp
5/11/1898 Herman Not Named F W Fred Lena Albany Twp Laborer 4/24/1898 Albany Twp
5/3/1898 Harris Baby F W Chas. Jessie Athens Farmer 2/22/1898 Athens
5/14/1898 House Martin M W Fred Lula Athens Boro Laborer 11/21/1897 Sayre
8/29/1898 Haskins Emma F W Fred Leona Hugh St. Laborer 6/9/1898 Athens Boro
5/3/1898 Holdren Not Named M W Frank Alice Silvara Laborer 4/6/1898 Silvara
5/10/1898 Hitchcock Carrie May F W Jesse S. May Pike  Carpenter 4/5/1898 Pike Twp
5/5/1898 Hess Perly M W Isaac Mary E. Towanda Laborer 4/4/1898 E. Towanda
5/2/1898 Hinds Harriet A. F W J.E. Bernice Mercur Farmer 3/5/1898 Mercur
5/11/1898 Hovey Frederick Theodore M W Fred Eugene Mary E. Sayre Brakeman 5/1/1898 Sayre
5/24/1898 Hurlbut Vivion F W Homer L. Elbertic (?) Sayre Machinist 9/18/1898 Sayre
5/27/1898 House Dewey M. M W Burton  Edna Sayre Brakeman 5/20/1898 Sayre
9/2/1898 Hudson Lillian Pearl F W Orrin Bertha Sayre Laborer 6/7/1898 Sayre
9/2/1898 Holcomb James Norish(?) M W K. J. Ida B. Sayre Carpenter 5/29/1898 Sayre
9/7/1898 Hill Tracy Claud M W Claud Lillian  S. Washington St. Laborer 8/13/1898 S. Washington St. Canton Boro
5/9/1898 Howard Ruth F W Glen Sadie Browntown Farmer 4/30/1898 Browntown
9/6/1898 Howell Clifford M W William Frances Third St. Laborer 8/21/1898 Wyalusing Boro
5/4/1898 Hoose Not Named M W L. H. Cora E. Troy Mechanic 4/28/1898 E. Troy
5/11/1898 Hand Clarence F. M W Sidney Lizzie Windham Blacksmith 3/25/1898 Windham
12/16/1898 Hoffman Edna F W John Mary Monroeton Carpenter 10/6/1898 Monroeton
12/7/1898 Hoffert Francis M. M W Francis Ceclia Monroe Twp Laborer 11/24/1898 Monroe Twp
12/5/1898 Hoit George Samule M W John Bell S. Waverly Baker 10/18/1898 S. Waverly
12/1/1898 Harris Ellen Nilson F W Frank K. Sarah Wilson Athens Bookkeeper 7/15/1898 Athens
11/11/1898 Howell Harold R. M W Edward Mariah Athens Boro Laborer 8/28/1898 Athens Boro
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