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Carson Godfrey INSCHO
 b. 10 Sept 1902 in Westfield, Tioga County, PA
 Parents: Marie Zobeide JONES & Ernest Parshall INSCHO  
Submitted by Jane Webb
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd Surname Name of Child Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occupation/Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
12/2/1895 Hurley Ella  F   Robert Kate Wysox  Farmer 8/20/1895 Wysox 2 Dis.
5/11/1896 Hakes Martha Louise F W Charles Flora Albany  Farmer 2/14/1896  
5/12/1896 Hatch Not Named M W Martin Ella C. Albany Farmer 5/9/1896 Albany Twp
5/22/1896 Hill Rupert W. M W Chas. J. Laura Cherry St. Brakeman 8/16/1895 Orchard St.
5/11/1896 Hovey Ellen C. F W O. E. Martha Athens   4/12/1896 Athens
5/12/1896 Haverly Ora F W O. L. Bertena Athens Cashier in Bank 1/3/1896 Athens
5/12/1896 Hamaker John Fisher M W John S. Anna L. Athens Editor "News" 2/28/1896 Athens
5/14/1896 Hoyt Dorothy L. F W Louis F. Anna Athens Attorney 7/20/1895 Athens
5/5/1896 Hoose Not Named M W Nicholas J. Delphene Athens Laborer 4/25/1896 Athens Twp
3/25/1896 Harkins Grace H. F W Dahl, John Agnes Long Valley Miner 3/22/1896 Long Valley
9/30/1896 Hoskins Clarence M W Richard Marion Long Valley Laborer 9/6/1896 Long Valley
5/19/1896 Heath Ernest M W Richard J. Louisa Burlington Twp Laborer 2/19/1895 Barclay Twp
5/13/1896 Hollman Theresa Francis F W John Nora Canton  Farmer 12/30/1895 Canton
5/28/1896 Horton Johnny Jackson M W Nathaniel Huldah Grover Laborer 4/13/1896 Grover
5/30/1896 Henson Edna Pearl F W Orlando Estella V. Grover Laborer 3/10/1896 Grover
5/19/1896 Howell George Mason M W George Marilda Columbia Farmer 5/19/1896 Columbia
5/22/1896 Hulslander Hazel C. F W William H. Helen Columbia Farmer 3/29/1896 Columbia
May. 5 Haflett Bessy May F W George Mary E. Granville Summit Farmer Jan. 11 Windfall
7/9/1896 Hunt Not Named M W P.L. Hattie  Litchfield Farmer 3/5/1896 Litchfield
  Haigh William Louis M W J. F. Ella Pike Twp Farmer 4/15/1896 Pike Twp
5/16/1896 Halstead Loran M W Delbert Gladys Ridgebury Laborer 2/4/1896 Ridgebury
8/29/1896 Hanlon Earl J. M W Charles Mame Ridgebury Farmer 7/29/1896 Ridgebury
5/21/1896 Hull Juanita Alferetta F W Smith Emma Lelia Sayre Engineer 9/19/1895 Sayre
5/5/1896 Haas Robert Martin M W John E. Jessie I. Sayre Fireman 2/20/1896 Sayre
5/8/1896 Hines Leon L. M W Lewis Hattie  E. Orchard St. Laborer 5/9/1896 Sayre
5/12/1896 Horton Howard M W Joseph Susan Ghent Farmer 3/18/1896 Ghent
5/7/1896 Hubbard Lewis B. M W Joseph Martha Smithfield Farmer 2/21/1896 Smithfield
5/9/1896 Hand David Edward M W David Catherine S. Waverly Carpenter 3/16/1896 S.Waverly
5/6/1896 Hoover Perlina F W Joseph Caroline Terrytownship Laborer 12/12/1895 Terrytownship
5/11/1896 Hoyt Mina A. F W E. E. Louie Terrytownship Farmer 1/5/1896 Terrytownship
5/12/1896 Hoover Elijah M W Richard Janett Terrytownship Farmer 2/26/1896 Terrytownship
  Harris Janice Arlington M W Bernard Cora York Ave Railroader 4/30/1896 Towanda Twp
9/2/1896 Hortenstine Lydia M. F W Peter Peter Towanda Twp. Farmer 8/6/1896 S.Towanda
5/20/1896 Hoose Myron M W L. H. Cora Troy Carpenter 4/21/1896 Troy
5/6/1896 Havens Jabez Wesley M W J. B. Anna Bell Ulster Farmer 3/27/1896 Ulster
5/16/1896 Horton Lilia May F W Frank Gussie Oak Hill Farmer 4/16/1896 Oak Hill
5/18/1896 Hunsinger Myrtle F W Louis  Clara Cummisky Laborer 3/28/1896 Cummisky
5/16/1896 Hand Lanson A. M W Sidney D. Lizzie Cadis Farmer 2/4/1896 Cadis
11/20/1896 Hatch Floyd Leonard M W Leonard Nora Asylum Farmer 11/16/1896 Asylum
12/9/1896 Huff Girtrude F W Henry Grace Athens Foreman 9/14/1896 Athens
12/9/1896 Hadlock James D. M W L. Olive EastAthens Laborer 9/21/1896 E. Athens
12/10/1896 Houghtalen Edna W. F W S. W. Nellie Athens Farmer 2/14/1896 Athens
12/10/1896 Houghtalen Edith V. F W R. L. Ettie E. Athens Farmer 6/9/1896 Athens
12/10/1896 Hiney Robert F. M W Raymond M. Cora Burlington Twp Farmer 7/27/1896 Burlington Twp
12/15/1896 Hollenback Ernest F. M W Frank J. May S. Burlington Twp Carpenter 10/4/1896 Burlington Twp
12/2/1896 Havens Lula Maud F W Walter Morley, Lillie W. Burlington Farmer 6/3/1896 W. Burlington
12/7/1896 Horning James D. M W Hiram Emma Cedar Ledge Laborer 11/13/1896 Cedar Ledge
11/29/1896 Haight Ethea M W Elexander May  Columbia Laborer 9/12/1896 Columbia
12/5/1896 Hitchcock Harold Ivan M W D. Bailey Emma Stony Pt. St. Farmer 9/9/1896 Herrick Twp
12/2/1896 Herrick Olive F W Guy  Welthy Litchfield Laborer 6/13/1896 Sehshequin
Dec. 1896 Hatch Archie M W Edward Mattie Litchfield Laborer 11/28/1896 Litchfield
12/9/1896 Harris Wellington L. M W John L. Katie Monroe Twp Blacksmith 7/1/1896 Monroe Twp
12/15/1896 Hitchcock Hazel Francis F W W.W. Mary Louisa Orwell Farmer 10/25/1896 Orwell
12/8/1896 Hoyt Pearl F W John J. Sarah E. Stevensville Farmer 11/28/1896 Stevensville
12/14/1896 Hicks Anna Grace F W J. L. Zetta Ford St. Farmer 8/23/1896 Ford St.
12/9/1896 Hadlock Not Named M W Emmett Cordelia Rome Farmer 10/29/'1896 Rome
  Higgins David  M W Wm Rosa L. Sayre Laborer 12/2/1896 Sayre
  Hart William  M W James Catharine Sayre Laborer 12/5/1896 Sayre
  House Herald M W Alonzo Addie Sayre Laborer 7/3/1896 Athens Twp
  Hastings Gladis F W Crayton Ruth H. Sayre Laborer 1/17/1895 Olyphant Lake Co.
Horton Annie M. F W Wm.E. Celestia Sheshequin Farmer 10/15/1896 Sheshequin
12/15/1896 Hall Alfred M W Benjamin C. Anna Smithfield Farmer 6/30/1896 Smithfield
12/7/1896 Hern Ralph M W Bert Allice S. Waverly Laborer 6/27/1896 S. Waverly
11/23/1896 Hicks Perle(?) C. M W J. U. Ida Springfield Farmer 9/6/1896 Springfield
Dec. 9 Huff Lena F W Asa Addie Standing Stone Farmer 8/24/1896 Standing Stone
12/1/1896 Hoover Ernest Wesley M W Horace Mary Rienzi Laborer 10/30/1896 Terry Twp
  Haggarty Maggie F W Will Rumgay, Nellie Troy Dist #2 Laborer 9/2/1896 Troy Twp.
12/1/1896 Howie Isabell F W John Helen Ulster Dealer 4/9/1896 Ulster
12/9/1896 Howie Elma M. F W C. L. Abbie Wyalusing Laborer 9/30/1896 Wyalusing
12/10/1896 Homet Beatrice F W Frank Lizzie Wyalusing Farmer 10/11/1896 Wyalusing
12/10/1896 Hess Grace May F W C. Irvin Nettie E. Wysox 2ndDist Laborer 11/8/1896 Wysox 2nd Dist
12/7/1896 Hardenstein Ella G. F W Joseph Rose Wysox Laborer 8/9/1896 Wysox
12/11/1896 Heath Louis M W Robinson, Edward A. Eva Mercur Farmer 3/9/1896 Mercur
12/14/1896 Howe  Arthur E. M W James Scott, Anna Ridgebury Laborer 10/17/1896 Ridgebury
5/15/1897 Harris Klunard(?) M W Charles C. Stella South Branch Farmer 4/12/1897 South Branch
5/4/1897 Heath Burthy(?) F W Charles Maude Mercur Laborer 12/16/1896 C. Heath
  Hackett Hiram James M W Fred S. Dell Center St. Laborer 1/23/1897 Canton Boro
  Henry Gorden M W Edward Lovina Sugar Run Farmer 8/30/1896 Sugar Run
  Henson Harriett F W William Almora Wilmont Farmer 7/12/1896 Wilmont
5/21/1897 Holmes Pauline C. F W James F. Mary Cadis Farmer 2/24/1897 Cadis
6/13/1897 Hammond Dyland W. M W All Cora Columbia Farmer 2/23/1897 Columbia
5/31/1897 Halstead Hilton O. M W Thomas Drake, Lillie Ridgebury Farmer 2/22/1897 Ridgebury
5/31/1897 Harris Earl E. M W H. O. Green, Elizabeth Ridgebury Farmer 9/23/1896 Ridgebury
6/9/1897 Hanlon Howard M W Fred J. Lou Ridgebury Farmer 11/19/1896 Ridgebury
5/3/1897 Hartshorn Beatrice F W Charles Eliza Holly St. Sayre Laborer 3/21/1897 Sayre
5/4/1897 Hancock John M W John Jessie I. Orchard St. Sayre Brakeman 4/19/1897 Sayre
5/12/1897 House Howard M W Burton  Edna Burlington Twp Farmer 3/31/1896 Ulster
5/6/1897 Horton Kathryn F W Wm. B. Jennie Sheshequin Farmer 11/27/1896 Black
5/4/1897 Hanisworth Mattie F W Edward L. Clark, Clara Bell Mechanic St. #24 Painter 1/20/1897 Towanda 
5/14/1897 Hicks Lena J. F W James Lillias Athens Laborer 9/8/1896 Athens
5/11/1897 Hall Mary Jane F W Willard J. Lottie Cooper St. Fireman 3/12/1897 Athens
5/8/1897 Hull Junata (?) F W Smith Emma Sayre Engineer 9/19/1895 Sayre
5/13/1897 Hause Robert M W Joseph Edith Sayre Machinist 4/19/1897 Sayre
5/13/1897 Hall Lillian F W J.Willis Annie Sayre Durggist 10/26/1896 Sayre
5/5/1897 Hicks Eva F W William Welthia Sayre Laborer 9/13/1896 Athens
5/5/1897 Hicks Lizzie F W William Welthia Sayre Laborer 12/22/1894 Athens
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