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Ernest Parshall INSCHO
 b. 20 Jun 1877 in Jackson Township, Tioga County, PA
 Thomas Floyd INSCHO
 b. 20 Oct 1879 in Tioga County, PA
 Parents: Katherine Dorothea FULLER & William Wallace INSCHO  
Submitted by Jane Webb
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd Surname Name of Child Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occupation/Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
12/10/1894 Hoose Ruth F W Will Malinda Grover Farmer 9/18/1894 Grover
12/7/1894 Hammond Alice F W A. B. Cora Columbia Farmer 11/28/1894 Columbia
12/5/1897 Haflett George L. M W Lincoln Lydia Granville Farmer 6/7/1894 Granville
12/17/1894 Hunt Not Named M W P. L. Hattie Litchfield Farmer 12/12/1894 Litchfield
12/19/1894 Horton Claire Chester M W W. N. Flora E. Litchfield Farmer 7/9/1894 Litchfield
12/3/1894 Haigh  Joseph John M W J. F. Ella J. LeRaysville Farmer 8/23/1894 LeRaysville
12/11/1894 Hunsinger Not Named M W Delbert Matilda Orchard St., Sayre Laborer 3/19/1894 Litchfield
12/4/1894 Hall  Lesley G. M W Charles A. Lucinda M. Smithfield Farmer 10/6/1894 Smithfield
12/4/1894 Hawthorn Girton & Girdon (twins) M W Benjamin C. Anna Bell Smithfield Farmer 9/15/1894 Smithfield
12/6/1894 Hinman Jessie F W   Mary S. Waverly Brakeman 10/30/1894 S. Waverly
12/7/1894 Helm Carl M W R. B. Mable S. Waverly Laborer 7/27/1894 S. Waverly
12/7/1894   W. A. M W Wilson Jerusha A. S. Waverly Farmer 10/30/1894 S. Waverly
12/10/1894 Harkness Libbie M. M W C. B. Susie Springfield Farmer 5/27/1894 Springfield
12/7/1894 Hardenstine Edith F W Peter Alice M. Standing Stone Farmer 6/20/1894 West Valley
11/21/1894 Hainsworth Becil (?) F W E. M. Clara Bridge St. 613 Laborer 7/13/1894 Towanda
11/21/1894 Hainsworth Not Named F W Mother uncertain Anna Bell Bridge St. 113 Sporting (?) 12/1/1894 Towanda
12/8/1894 Heaman (?) Josephine F W Lorenzo Martha Towanda Twp D. L. 9/8/1894 Towanda
Dec. 1894 Howland Martin Dewitt M W H. L. Viola Tuscarora Laborer 10/1/1894 Tuscarora
Dec. 1894 Hoyt Albert M W John Sarah E. Tuscarora Laborer 6/21/1894 Tuscarora
Dec. 1894 Hall Nancy Leona F W Henry Mary Tuscarora Farmer 8/28/1894 Tuscarora
11/19/1894 Holcomb Ralph M W Guy C. Ethel M. Ulster Physician 5/17/1894 Ulster
12/4/1894 Horton Robert M W Orin Mable Pond Hill Laborer 5/14/1894 Pond Hill
12/5/1895 Hess Isaac M. F W Isaac Mary H. Wysox 2 Dist. Laborer 10/18/1894 Wysox 2 Dis.
5/9/1895 Hibbard Olive F W C. A. Mary Albany Twp Farmer 12/20/1895 Albany Twp
5/9/1895 Heiber Paul Emanuel M W John Catherine  Albany Twp Farmer 3/17/1895 Albany Twp
5/11/1895 Hartman Not Named F W Laurance Anna (?) Albany Twp Farmer 3/9/1895 Albany Twp
9/5/1895 Harris Thomas Wilson M W F. Kirby Sarah W. Athens Tres.Tractioles(?) 8/2/1895 Athens, Main St.
5/11/1895 Hicks Ethel  F W James Elizabeth Athens Laborer 11/7/1894 Athens
5/16/1895 Horton Naomi Kathleen F W Heman Jr. Emma l. (?) Main St. Carpenter 3/5/1895 Athens
9/4/1895 Heavener Ralph M W John Nellie Athens Laborer 2/15/1895 Athens, Elmira St.
1/31/1895 Hayward Not Named F W L L.  Athens Twp Laborer 1/31/1895 Athens Twp. 3rd St.
1/15/1895 Houghtalin Not Named M W L. W. L. N. Athens Twp Laborer 1/15/1895 Athens Twp
  Hicks Rudy Addison M W John Martha Sundrum (?) Blacksmith 5/10/1895 Sandown (?)
12/15/1895 Huffer (?) Mary F W Milton Lena Foot-of-Plane Teamster 5/21/1895 Barclay Twp
5/6/1895 Heminway Albert Leo M W W. M. Ayres, Lettie W. Burlington Farmer 2/7/1895 W. Burlington
5/6/1895 Holcomb Ella L. F W Geo.  Emma W. Burlington Laborer 10/3/1894 W. Burlington
7/25/1895 Hanly Joseph R. M W M (?) Hallie Canton Boro Clerk 7/8/1895 Center St., Canton
5/16/1895 Hoageland Anna M W James Adell Cedar Ledge Laborer 4/11/1895 Grover
5/6/1895 Hayard Wm. Milton M W Joseph Emma Mitchel Town,Columbia Twp Laborer 5/2/1895 Mitchell Town
5/25/1895 Hancock Oscar M W John Edward Jessie  Monroe Boro Teamster 5/20/1895 Monroe Boro
5/9/1895 Hartford Samuel J. M W Horton J. Abi Monroe Boro Laborer 5/6/1895 Monroe 
5/10/1895 Harris Hazel C. F W Charles C. Estella V. Monroe Boro Farmer 4/21/1895 Monroe
5/8/1895 Harris Rodney M W Wm. Matilda Powell Engineer 12/23/1894 Powell
5/17/1895 Horne Bernice Emeline F W B. G. Myrtie Orwell Blacksmith 4/20/1895 Orwell
5/13/1895 Haverly Not Named F W Russel Nancy Overton Laborer 5/23/1895 Overton
  Hanly Beatrice Caroline F W William Harriet Overton Laborer 3/5/1895 Overton
5/23/1895 Harris Henry O. M W Arlon (?) Elizabeth Ridgebury Farmer 3/4/1895 Ridgebury
5/13/1895 Hurley James Arthur M W David Hannah Rome Farmer 2/8/1895 Rome Twp
5/13/1895 Holmes Frederick Charles M W Wm. John Maria  Sayre  Engineer 1/23/1895 Sayre
5/15/1895 Hill Celestia F W John F. Eva I. Sayre Blacksmith 3/16/1895 Sayre
5/23/1895 Huntley (?) Floyd M W Fredrick Minnie Thomas St. Painter 2/21/1895 Sayre
5/6/1895 Halstead Hattie (?) F W F. C. Ida A. Smithfield Farmer 2/14/1895 Smithfield
5/6/1895 Hodge Birdie May F W John Hattie C. Smithfield Laborer 2/11/1895 Smithfield
6/14/1895 Hackett Rita E. F W Wm. Mary Springfield Farmer 6/7/1895 Springfield
6/15/1895 Holcomb Indie D. (?) F W R. A. Cora Springfield Merchant 5/10/1895 Springfield
5/6/1895 Hansel  Arthur M W Algeron Permelia Terry Twp Farmer 3/4/1895 Terry Twp.
8/21/1895 Horton Olive F W Geo. Eva I. New Era Merchant 5/10/1895 New Era Twp
5/7/1895 Hoagland Edwin C. M W Geo. B. Grace C. Wells Farmer 3/27/1895 South Creek
6/1/1895 Harris Edward M W Charles Platt,Riley (?) Sugar Run Mason 4/11/1895 Wilmot
6/11/1895 Hunsinger Frank M W Fredrick Anna Vaughn Hill Laborer 5/2/1895 Vaughn Hill
11/25/1895 Hodge Birdie May F W John F. Hannah Willow St. Carpenter 2/11/1895 Ulster Twp
12/3/1895 Hadlock Mabel E. F W Leon Sarah Spruce St. Laborer 6/12/1895 East Athens
12/3/1895 Hireen Helen K F W William Catherine Athens Twp Farmer 6/20/1895 Waverly, N.Y.
11/9/1895 Harvey Robert L. M W Daniel Catherine Barclay Mechanic 11/3/1895 Barclay Twp
11/16/1895 Hartman Fred C. M W Geo. Eva I. Columbia Farmer 2/21/1895 Columbia
11/16/1895 Howland Theola F W Marcus Alice  Columbia Farmer 7/11/1895 Columbia
11/29/1895 Hitchcock Jesse Pearl M W Jesse Florence May Stony 1st Dist Farmer 7/12/1895 Herrick Twp
5/25/1895 Hancock Oscar M W John Edward Jessie A. Westons Laborer 5/7/1895 Monore Boro
12/2/1895 Hancock Oscar M W John E. Jessie Schrader Branch Laborer 5/20/1895 Monroe Boro
12/3/1895 Harris Mahlon H. M W Lester C. Caddie Monroe Twp Farmer 9/8/1895 Monroe Boro
12/18/1895 Harris Harey LeRoy (?) M W H. Orton Elizabeth Ridgebury Farmer 1/11/1895 Ridgebury
12/7/1895 Holcomb Emma Irene F W K. J. Ida B. Sayre Carpenter 3/14/1893 Sayre
12/7/1895 Holcomb Sylvia Rose F W K. J. Ida B. Sayre Carpenter 8/12/1895 Sayre
12/9/1895 Hunter Atlanta Grace F W George S. Ettie E. Sayre Fireman 7/5/1895 Sayre
Nov. 15 Hauspan Hazel C. F W Harry Ida Sayre Laborer 8/12/1895 Sayre
Nov. 19 Hopeman Harmon M W George Addie Sayre Machinist 6/10/1895 Sayre
Nov. 20 Hapeman Ada F W Charles Rosa Sayre Brakeman 3/6/1895 Sayre
12/13/1895 Horton Sally E. F W Wm. B. Jennie  Sheshequin Farmer 11/18/1895 Sheshequin
12/13/1895 Horton Luther Peck M W Ulysses Clara Sheshequin Farmer 8/4/1895 Sheshequin
  Hubbard George Mason M W Joseph Ella  Smithfield Farmer 9/5/1895 Smithfield
  Hagerman Stuart M W R. L. Sarah Springfield Farmer 10/6/1895 Springfield
  Harkness Pauline D. F W Elmer Elsie Springfield Farmer 8/6/1895 Springfield
  Harkness Gertrude F W L. F. Maud Springfield Farmer 6/7/1895 Springfield
12/12/1895 Hoagland Edward C M W G. B. Grace  South Creek Farmer 3/27/1895 South Creek
12/3/1895 Hoffman Clinton M W Jacob F. Lulu Terry Twp Farmer 8/27/1895 Terry Twp.
12/3/1895 Hoover Lucinda F W Ira Delphena Rienzi Laborer 9/3/1895 Rienzi
12/12/1895 Hoover Tresa F W Burleigh Delphene Terry Twp Laborer 10/22/1895 Terry Twp.
12/12/1895 Hoover Tessa F W Burleigh Delphene Terry Twp Laborer 10/22/1895 Terry Twp.
12/5/1895 Hull Marguerite F W F. N. Emma J. Macon Alley Laborer 11/23/1895 Main St.
12/6/1895 Hatton Clara V. F W G. L. J. A. Towanda Twp. Laborer 9/13/1895 Towanda Twp
11/20/1895 Hawkins Margaret F W William Lucie N. Towanda Farmer 11/1/1895 N. Towanda
12/16/1895 Holcomb Martha Louise F W Guy C. Ethel  Ulster Physician 12/2/1895 Ulster
12/7/1895 Heller Frederick E. M W Grant Anna Wells Farmer 7/8/1895 Wells
12/8/1895 Hoffman Frank M W Joel Myra C. Wilmot Farmer 8/31/1895 Wilmot
5/14/1895 Howell Harold Gordon M W Judson S. Margaret E. Gaylord St. Laborer 2/5/1895 Wyalusing
9/9/1895 Hanks Charles B. M W G. S. Anna Main St. Merchant 6/8/1895 Wyalusing
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