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Bertha Sedinger daughter of Mary E. Vicker and John Sedinger
Born 1880 (Jackson ?), died 1953
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd Surname Name of Child Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occupation/Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
12/5/1898 Grimes James M W P. J. Lizzie Wysox Farmer 8/21/1898 Mercur
12/5/1898 Goodwin Edwin Charles M W Jessie L. Hettie Stevensville Laborer 11/19/1898 Stevensville
12/22/1898 Gillett Leon E. M W Almon C. Lizzie Sheshequin Laborer 7/25/1898 Sheshequin
  Gori Josephine V. F W Philip C. Josephine Sheshequin Manufacturer 12/5/1898 Sheshequin
5/12/1899 Gardner Homer G. M W William Millham, Irene Bentley Creek Farmer 2/14/1899 Bentley Creek
6/3/1899 Gould Royal M W F. M.  Rightmire, Mary B. Ridgebury Farmer 11/13/1897 Ridgebury
5/2/1899 Gowin Glenn C. M W Lenoard Minnie Terrytown Laborer 8/28/1899 New Albany
5/8/1899 Grippen Grant Jr. M W Grant Vanderpool, Beckie Terrytown Laborer 1/21/1899 Terrytown
5/9/1899 Gerould Philip Owen M W G. C. Ada W. Burlington Farmer 2/11/1899 W. Burlington
5/1/1899 Gard Herman James M W Bert C. Post, Helen Shores Hill Laborer 3/10/1899 Walter Gard House
5/15/1899 Galligan Edward  M W John P. Anna Sayre Conductor 5/1/1899 Sayre
8/7/1899 Goodsell Harry M. M W Charles E. Rose A. Sayre Laborer 7/2/1899 Sayre
9/2/1899 Gesinger   M W Lewis E. Mary Sayre Fireman 8/26/1899 Sayre
5/2/1899 Greeny George M W James Kate Holly St. Engineer 1/5/1899 Sayre
5/2/1899 Grear Hattie F W Fred Klora Cayuta Engineer 5/14/1899 Sayre
5/2/1899 Golotty Irvin M W John Mary Orchard St.   3/7/1899 Sayre
5/8/1899 Golotty Richard Irving M W Jno. May Cayuta No 1 Laborer 3/7/1899 Athens Twp
5/6/1899 Gerould Mildred F W Truman Bessie Willow St. Laborer 9/25/1898 Athens Boro
9/5/1899 Gay Thomas Gilbert M W Burton J Gertrude Wyalusing Jeweler 6/23/1899 Wyalusing
5/6/1899 Granger Elmer Leslie M W Hinton Hannah Overton Laborer 4/11/1899 Overton
5/6/1899 Gates Laura A F W H. C. Sarah  Springfield Mason 1/3/1899 Springfield
  Guthrie Annie L. F W C. B. Maud Springfield Farmer 4/18/1899 Springfield
5/22/1899 Grenell Gertrude B. F W L. T. Jennie E. Granville Farmer 2/8/1899 Granville
5/11/1899 Gamble Beatrice F W J. J. Lucinda Sugar Run Farmer 12/29/1898 Sugar Run
6/1/1899 Griffise Mary Eunice F W O. B. Lizzie Elwell Farmer 1/27/1899 Elwell, Wilmot Twp
11/24/1899 Greenfield Mary F W Luther Libbie W. Burlington Laborer 4/22/1899 W. Burlington
  Granger Frederick M W Burt Flora Canton Laborer 6/14/1899 Canton
12/6/1899 Glazier Sidney Judith F W Simon Bertha  Sayre Clothier 8/30/1899 Sayre
12/11/1899 Grow Mabel M W Fred E. Mary E. Sayre Moulder 8/27/1899 Sayre
  Gasner Mildred M W Harry Etta Orchard St. Machinist 9/1/1899 Sayre
12/1/1899 Gance Mary M W Frank Lena S. Waverly Laborer 5/25/1899 S. Waverly
12/4/1899 Gorman Mary M W John Maggie S. Waverly Laborer 8/13/1899 S. Waverly
11/28/1899 Gillett Loyd Townsend F W Loyd W. Maud Bridge St. Agt. 7/27/1899 Lycoming Co.
12/7/1899 Gunn Not Named M W Edward Anna Main St. Hotel Keeper 11/15/1899 Towanda
11/20/1899 Gard Herman  F W Burt Helen Towanda Laborer 3/13/1899 Wysox
11/24/1899 Green Henry F W James Martha Towanda Laborer 8/8/1899 Herrick
12/7/1899 Gaylord Lucretia York M W W. W. Angie O. Main St. Laborer 8/20/1899 Wyalusing Boro
12/4/1899 Goodwin Cecil Howard F W Lewis D. Pearl Stevensville Laborer 3/8/1899 Stevensville
5/4/1899 Gariss Gertrude May M W William H. Hattie M. Tuscarora Twp Farmer 7/27/1899 Tuscarora Twp
12/6/1899 Goodwin Hellen May M W Frank E. Jennie N. Tuscarora Twp Farmer 7/19/1899 Tuscarora Twp
12/18/1899 Gibbs John  F W John Bertie Rome Farmer 12/4/1899 Rome Twp
12/20/1899 Gregory Flora M W Forest Etta 2nd St. Laborer 11/27/1899 Canton Boro
12/1/1899 Green Durward F W B. E. Kittie Smithfield Barber 7/18/1899 Hillsgrove
12/6/1899 Gowen Allen Lincoln F W Abe Ida Albany Twp Farmer 5/11/1899 Albany Twp
11/22/1899 Gay Edna Perl M W Willey  Minnie Franklin Farmer 8/5/1899 Franklin
11/30/1899 Gillett Clemence M W Allen D. Jessie Lois Sheshequin Farmer 4/20/1899 Sheshequin
12/9/1899 Glover Louis Delphine M W H. A. Bertha Windham Doc 5/22/1899 Windham
12/6/1899 Garrison Florance M W Charles Johannah Asylum Laborer 10/14/1899 Asylum
12/7/1899 Gillett Viola  M W Nelson Barnes, Minnie Bentley Creek Farmer 6/24/1899 Bentley Creek
12/8/1899 Grow Huldah M W G. A. Lucy J. Orwell Laborer 9/9/1899 Orwell
12/13/1899 Griggs Francis Lee F W J. W. Jennie Orwell Farmer 6/5/1899 Orwell
  Gould Richard  F W Allen    Elmira St. Mechanic 11/23/1899 Troy
11/13/1899 Garrison Howard F. F W Frank Hulda Sayre Laborer 7/14/1899 Athens
11/15/1899 Green Morgan F W F. E. Carrie Sayre Engineer 1/10/1899 Sayre
11/15/1899 Gantert Charles F W Chas  Ellen Sayre Machinist 10/26/1899 Sayre
11/17/1899 Goodall Harry M. F W Chas. Rose Sayre Laborer 7/2/1899 Sayre
12/14/1899 Gibbs Ruth  M W William H. Margaretta Norconk Farmer 11/5/1899 Wilmot
05/04/1900 Griffin Helena M W John B. Ellen Fourth St. Agent 01/01/1900 Towanda
05/08/1900 Gard Mabel F. M W Geo B. Joanna Wysox Farmer 5/13/1899 Wysox
05/21/1900 Gernert Wm. Allen M W Stephen C. Bertha Columbia Farmer 12/8/1899 Columbia
05/15/1900 Galivan Michael M W Robert Horr, Elizabeth Ridgebury Farmer 12/6/1899 Ridgebury
05/18/1900 Granger Walter Strange M W Burton  Grace Mahoney Pratt Ave. Laborer 8/31/1899 N. Towanda
05/14/1900 Gray Mary Cathren F W John Elmer Fannie Kaufman Mulbery St. Finisher 3/16/1899 Towanda
05/18/1900 Gordon Lillie Rose F W Layton Lewis Irvine 118 Ward Ave Salesman 2/16/1899 Towanda
05/22/1900 Graham John Joseph Jr. M W John E. Mary 102 River St. Blacksmith 7/19/1899 Towanda
05/18/1900 Golden Tomas A. M W Tomas Caroline Greens Ldg. Farmer 04/07/1900 Greens Landing
  Gray Hellen May F W L.Dean Minnie E. Canton Clerk 03/29/1900 E. Canton
05/10/1900 Gowen Benjamin Roland M W Leonard Minnie Albany Twp Farmer 03/29/1900 Albany Twp
  Gorden John M. M W George Manre Standing Stone Farmer 05/06/1900 Standing Stone
05/07/1900 Grace Ruth F W E. C. Eva Smithfield Farmer 12/9/1899 Smithfield
05/10/1900 Goodwin Susie F W John Arletta Pike Farmer 01/23/1900 Pike
05/10/1900 Galutia Effa J. F W Edward Kate Pike Laborer 11/21/1899 Pike
05/07/1900 Gustino Samuel M W Samuel Mary S. Waverly Laborer 8/10/1899 S. Waverly
05/10/1900 Galligan Alice F W Thomas Flossie S. Waverly Electrician 7/5/1899 S. Waverly
05/14/1900 Griffith Arthur P. M W Asa Caroline S. Waverly Laborer 04/11/1900 S. Waverly
05/16/1900 Gamble Kathryn F W Joseph Hanna M. Hollenback Farmer 01/07/1900 Hollenback
08/20/1900 Geotchius Mary Elizabeth F W George Ruth A. E. Athens Laborer 04/25/1900 E. Athens
06/11/1900 Gridley Austin W. M W D. H. Elnora Orwell Clergyman 12/18/1899 Speedsville, N.Y.
05/10/1900 Green Not Named M W Martin Mary Burlington Twp Farmer 02/05/1900 Burlington Twp
  Golotty Irvie M W John Justie Cayuta St. Laborer 03/02/1900  
10/12/1900 Gates Francis  M W Charles E. Augusta Springfield Farmer 07/21/1900 Springfield
12/11/1900 Gilbert Nelson O. M W E. B. Emma Powell Farmer 09/08/1900 Powell
  Grant Emma F W Nathan Polly Third St. Laborer 09/14/1900 Sayre
12/08/1900 Greening Helen L. F W Rlph Lyda Greens Ldg. Laborer 08/07/1900 Greens Landing
10/25/1900 Gernert N. H. M W Seth M. Hannah South Creek Farmer 10/15/1900 Gilletts
11/01/1900 Gordon Sanford M W Wilmot Maud South Creek Farmer 03/11/1900 Gilletts
12/18/1900 Garrison Alma C. F W Robert Hettie Terrytown Laborer 06/26/1900 Terrytown
12/03/1900 Goodwin Emma Pauline F W Jessie  Jenny M. Stevensville Laborer 10/08/1900 Stevensville
05/07/1900 Gordon Alice D. F W Francis Wrexie Case Silvara Laborer 11/10/1900 Port Blanchard
12/08/1900 Greeno Ewuiet (?) Paul M W Chas. H. Anna E. Troy Farmer 07/31/1900 E. Troy
12/17/1900 Goldenshoe Frankie M W Charles Maud Homestead Butcher 07/30/1900 Towanda Twp
12/10/1900 Goetchius Avis Charlotte F W Wm. H. Addie Athens Laborer 07/25/1900 Athens Twp
12/14/1900 Gray Della F W William O. Ellen Windham Farmer 08/13/1900 Windham
05/13/1901 Griffin Ellen Evelyn F W J. B. Daisy 2nd Street Agt. 01/26/1901 Towanda
05/09/1901 Graham Erdie (?) F W Walter   Canton Butler 1/18/1899 Union (Tioga Co.)
05/09/1901 Greenleaf Hildred E. F W Fred J. Georgia A. Canton Farmer 9/14/1898 Canton
05/09/1902 Goble Hinola M. (?) F W Garet (?) Maggie Sayre Painter 6/8/1899 Sayre
05/20/1901 Gilbert Mary Catherine F W Geo. M. Adaline Franklin Merchant 12/14/1900 Franklin
05/20/1901 Gilbert Kenneth M W Geo. M. Adaline Franklin Merchant 12/14/1900 Franklin
05/08/1901 Ganley P. Charles M W Robert  Elen Tidd House Conductor 03/18/1901 Tidd House, Towanda
05/16/1901 Gillis John Jr. M W John Millia Cor.State & Second 116 Printer 01/13/1901 State & Second 116
05/08/1901 Garrison Not Named M W William H. Hattie  Tuscarora Twp Farmer 02/12/1901 Tuscarora Twp
05/08/1901 Groover Frances Robert M W John Jessie  Neath Farmer 09/29/1900 Neath
06/01/1901 Garrison Eva Jane F W R. G. Olive Wyalusing Twp Farmer 07/02/1900 Wyalusing Twp
05/13/1901 Getchell Carolin H. M W C. E. Anna B. Granville Telegrapher 07/23/1900 Granville
05/14/1901 Genge Edward M W Morgan E. Lizzie  Granville Minister 03/25/1900 Granville
05/14/1901 Grinnell Lloyd M W L. T. Jennie B. Granville Farmer 09/17/1900 Granville
05/09/1901 Gay Ralph M W J. Burt Gertrude Carpenter First St. Jeweler 01/14/1901 Wyalusing Boro
05/14/1901 Grace Joseph M. M W Jerry J. Mary Ridgebury Farmer 03/30/1901 Ridgebury
05/15/1901 Galvin Patrick M W Robert Lizzie Ridgebury Farmer 01/07/1901 Ridgebury
05/15/1901 Gillett Andrew M W Nelson Minnie Ridgebury Farmer 01/01/1901 Ridgebury
05/23/1901 Granger Grace F W Berton Cook, Grace Towanda Laborer 01/22/1901 Towanda
05/27/1901 Gamble James M W Thomas J. Lily Warren Farmer 04/23/1901 Warren
06/10/1901 Gerould Wm. Wood M W Truman W. Bessie Athens Boro Laborer 03/06/1901 Athens Boro
06/06/1901 Garrison Benjamin  M W Clide Garrison Wells Farmer 02/06/1901 Jackson Twp
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