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Louise and M. Ford Crippen, 
children of Lottie Seeley and George Rush Crippen
Louise born ? died ?
(Rev.) M. Ford born 1894 (Rutland?),
Died 1979 Horseheads NY
buried Watson Cemetery, Roseville
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd Surname Name of Child Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occupation/Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
12/14/1896 Gardener Walter L. M W Charles Latimer, Sarah Ridgebury Laborer 11/24/1896 Ridgebury
5/12/1897 Gilbert George O. M W George M. Adaline Franklin Merchant 4/27/1897 Franklin
6/13/1897 Gernert Martha F W Stephen C. Bertha Columbia Farmer 2/22/1897 Columbia
5/21/1897 Gerould Getter L. M W Clinton Huff, Ada W. Burlington Farmer 1/14/1897 W. Burlington
5/12/1897 Grow Irvin M W G. A. Lucy Orwell Laborer Feb. 1897 Orwell
5/15/1897 Graham Not Named F W R. J. Flora B. Orwell Farmer 3/27/1897 Orwell
5/10/1897 Graham Cathrine F W John Irvin, Lulu M. River St. 104 Blacksmith 12/23/1896 Towanda
5/14/1897 Griffin Odena F W John Jalana Athens Laborer 8/11/1896 Athens
5/4/1897 Green Levina Bell F W Samuel L. Emma Keystone Ave Laborer 12/23/1896 Athens
5/8/1897 Granger Harmon L. M W H. E. Bridget Sayre Brakeman 5/22/1896 Sayre
5/15/1897 Griffin James M W John Sarah    Farmer 2/23/1897 1st Dist. Athens Twp
5/5/1897 Gavle Sally Irene F W George A. Rumanda M. Rome Farmer 4/5/1897 Rome
  Gage Catherine Moyer F W Horace W. Julia LeRaysville Teacher 4/15/1897 LeRaysville
9/3/1897 Gould Reed M W Samuel  Alice Vial Hill, Terry Twp Laborer 1/7/1896 Wyalusing
9/3/1897 Gould Ray M W Samuel Alice Vial Hill, Terry Twp Laborer 1/7/1896 Wyalusing
9/1/1897 Groover Irvine M W Elias Gusta Merryall Laborer 2/25/1897 Merryall
5/19/1897 Gregory Baby F W Geo. Caroline Tuscarora Laborer 5/3/1897 Tuscarora
5/11/1897 Greenough Page M. M W C.H Rexa E. Troy Farmer 2/27/1897 E.Troy
9/15/1897 Griggs Floyd F. M W Floyd F. Eva  Monroe Boro Carpenter 6/16/1897 Monroe Boro
12/6/1897 Gowan Vera L. F W George Betsey Warren Mail Carrier 10/21/1897 Warren
12/3/1897 Galutia Elis L. M W E.N. Lettie Tuscarora Laborer 7/22/1897 Tuscarora Twp
12/14/1897 Goodwin Not Named M W J. L. Hetta Stevensville Laborer 12/1/1897 Stevensville
12/14/1897 Gay Marble F W Gay Marion Stevensville Laborer 3/15/1897 Stevensville
12/7/1897 Greenfield Laury F W Luther Lydia Ulster Laborer 6/30/1892 Ulster
12/7/1897 Greenfield Charles C. M W Luther Lydia Ulster Laborer 3/15/1894 Ulster
12/6/1897 Ganthert Herbert Raymond M W Chas. Ella Sayre Machinist 1/13/1897 Manchester, N.Y.
12/6/1897 Ganthert Leo E. M W Chas. Ella Sayre Machinist 3/22/1895 Manchester, N.Y.
12/3/1897 Green Robert M W Thomas Mary Grover Farmer 10/2/1897 Grover
12/15/1897 Groover George H. M W Thomas Minnie Wyalusing Laborer 7/27/1897 Wyalusing
12/9/1897 Gill Ruth Margret F W William  Minnie Altha Athens Manufacturer 9/7/1897 Athens
12/15/1897 Gamble Catherine  F W Joseph Carrie Hollenback Farmer 7/20/1897 Hollenback
12/8/1897 Griffis Chas. Manford M W O. B. Lizzie Hollenback Farmer 5/22/1897 Wilmot Twp
12/13/1897 Gleason Leon D. M W L. C. Mary Springfield Farmer 9/7/1897 Springfield
12/6/1897 Grace Charles Frances M W P. E. Mary Valarde Farmer 10/20/1897 Valard
12/7/1897 Gillett Margurite F W Allen D. Jessie Lois Sheshequin Farmer 7/21/1897 Sheshequin
12/7/1897 Griffiths Grant D. M W Thomas Cora Overton Farmer 7/11/1897 Overton
10/16/1897 Greenough Levine M W Volney Meley Granville Farmer 8/20/1896 Granville
10/18/1897 Grenell Volney Lawrence M W Lindruf Jenny Granville Farmer 6/1/1897 Granville Center
12/6/1897 Graves Herbert Muir M W Herbert I. Muir, Margaret Bridge No 108 Merchant 5/24/1897 Towanda
12/6/1897 Grow   M W Fred Jr. Lake, Mary E. Bridge No 502 Moulder 11/5/1897 Towanda
  Granger Geneva Mae F W Burton Grace Cherry St. Laborer 8/1/1897 Towanda
5/20/1898 Gale Flossie Pearl F W George W. Louise Liberty Corners Farmer 10/6/1897 Liberty Corners
5/9/1898 Green Edward Thomas M W George Barbara Powell Laborer 4/2/1898 Powell
6/6/1898 Gilbert Frank Thornton M W E. B. Augusta Powell Farmer 4/4/1898 Powell
5/14/1898 Gambol Raymond M W Thomas Lillie Warren Farmer 12/12/1898 Warren Centre
5/4/1898 Grace Iva M. F W Ulson Hattie W. Burlington Farmer 2/27/1898 W. Burlington
5/16/1898 Griffin Hattie F W Delos Hannah Canton Farmer 4/27/1897 Canton
5/26/1898 George Eames A. M B Fredinck Bessie Mallorys Alley Laborer 12/18/1897 Towanda
5/11/1898 Grow Earnest E. M W Fred Lake, Mary E. No. 502 Bridge St. Moulder 11/4/1897 Towanda
5/20/1898 Gordon Samuel M. M W Nathaniel Kaufman, Fannie No. 110 Charles St. Salesman 1/21/1898 Towanda
6/1/1898 Gillitson Nardie M W Lewis Rose LeRoy Farmer 3/9/1898 LeRoy
9/5/1898 Gould Genievie F W Samuel Alice Terry Laborer 5/7/1898 Terry Twp.
9/5/1898 God Emma F W William Anna Terry Laborer 7/15/1898 Terry Twp.
May 1898 Gustin Gilbert Leslie M W Clyde Mattie M. Smithfield Laborer 3/20/1898 Smithfield
5/18/1898 Griffin John E. M W J. B. Ellen Asylum Farmer 1/5/1898 Asylum
5/6/1898 Galligan Marrie F W Thomas Mary S. Waverly Engineer 3/3/1898 S. Waverly
5/14/1898 Gorman Thomas Francis M W John Margaret S. Waverly Laborer 12/19/1897 S. Waverly
5/14/1898 Gerney Clemonteane M W F. L. Virgie S. Waverly Tin Smith 4/14/1898 S. Waverly
5/2/1898 Greening Harry  M W A. L. Polly Greens Landing Laborer 1/6/1898 Greens Landing
9/7/1898 Goodsell Basil Franklin M W Chas. Rose Desmond St. Laborer 6/13/1898 Athens Boro
5/18/1898 Green D. A. M W Martin Nora Burlington Twp Farmer 4/14/1898 Burlington Twp
5/3/1898 Goodwin Floyd  M W John B. Eva A. Ford St. Farmer 3/10/1898 Ford St.
5/6/1898 Green Susie F W F. J. Catherine Myersburg Farmer ]12/10/1897 Myersburg
5/6/1898 Green Bertha F W J. S. Mary Myersburg Laborer 2/27/1898 Myersburg
5/28/1898 Glaser Jerome M W Simon Bertha M. Sayre Clothier 5/22/1898 Sayre
9/7/1898 Groover Violett May F W Thomas Minnie Merryall Laborer 7/19/1898 Merryall
5/2/1898 Gay Lydia Gladys M W Marble C. Marion Church St. Laborer 3/9/1898 Wyalusing
12/6/1898 Greenough Ida Mae F W Charles Wrexie E. Troy Farmer 9/10/1898 E.Troy
12/6/1898 Gunn Mary Gertrude F W Edward Mary 4th St. Laborer 7/3/1898 Towanda
12/17/1898 Groover A. Dewey M W Elias Augusta Merryall Laborer 11/4/1898 Merryall
12/7/1898 Garris Jennie F W W. H. Kate Tuscarora Farmer 8/2/1898 Tuscarora Twp
2/16/1898 Gallaher Mary  F W William Jennie Long Valley Laborer 2/16/1898 Long Valley
12/3/1898 Garrison Pearl M. F W Freman C. Ada L. Wells Farmer 11/15/1898 Wells
12/7/1898 Gorham Not Named F W Wilbur Mame B. Orwell Farmer 10/23/1898 Orwell
12/16/1898 Grow Galusha M W Galusha A. Lucy J. Orwell Laborer 8/4/1898 Orwell
12/12/1898 Gary Hazel F W Daniel Carrie Sciota Vale Farmer 5/17/1898 Sciota Vale
11/30/1898 Gaett Ruth Harriet F W L. O. Mirtie F. Smithfield   10/20/1898 Smithfield
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