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Bradford County PA Birth Records 1893-1901
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Cole & Earl Mudge
Photo from Ellen SMITH Jacobus
Cole born 1905 Sullivan Township, Tioga County PA
Earl born 1904 Sullivan Township, died 1964, 
buried St. Andrews, Blossburg
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd Surname Name of Child Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occupation/Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
12/7/1899 Greenfield Larry M W Luther Lydia Ulster Laborer 6/30/1892 Ulster
12/3/1894 Griffin Joseph M W Ednor Olive Lockhart Ave Machinist 3/5/1893 Susquehanna
12/4/1893 Griffin Frances Catherine F W William D. Winifred Windham Farmer 8/29/1893 Windham
12/6/1893 Granger Harvey M W Harry Mary N. Towanda Farmer 7/12/1893 N. Towanda
12/7/1893 Gale Charles M W George Louisa Liberty Corners Farmer 7/12/1893 Liberty Corners
12/4/1893 Griggs William Mason M W Floyd Fairchild Eva Jane Monroe Boro Carpenter 9/23/1893 Monroe Boro
12/6/1893 Gowen Willie M W G. S. Minnie New Albany Laborer 11/7/1893 New Albany
12/5/1893 Greenfield Sarah F W S. J. Marrah Grover Laborer 6/30/1893 Grover
12/8/1893 Griswold Maude Emily F W H. H. Selia Grover Laborer 11/16/1893 Grover
12/5/1893 Greenfield Lucy F W Geo. O. Barbara Monroe Twp Laborer 9/26/1893 Monroe Boro
12/5/1893 Grover Jennie F W John Jessie Wyalusing Laborer 10/4/1893 Wyalusing
12/6/1893 Gallagher Clarence M W Wm Isabella Wyalusing Laborer 7/8/1893 Wyalusing
12/5/1893 Gillitson Paul Eugene M W Daniel M. Minda LeRoy Laborer 9/14/1893 LeRoy
12/4/1893 Gage William Albert M W George  Lenna LeRaysville Farmer 6/13/1893 LeRaysville
12/11/1893 Gowen Chas. Anthony M W Abram Ida Albany Twp Laborer 9/15/1893 Albany Twp
12/9/1893 Gates Charles F. M W H. C. Sarah Springfield Farmer 9/26/1893 Springfield
12/4/1893 Goff Viola Doratta F W George Miller Cora Jenett Canton Laborer 11/9/1893 Canton
12/16/1893 Galusha Leona W. F W S. W. Harriet N.V. Weller House Laborer 6/6/1893 Athens Twp.
12/9/1893 Gatens Jenny F W Thomas Catherine Snedekers Laborer 9/1/1893 Snedekers
12/6/1893 Greeno Carrie D F W Winfield E. Lovinia N. Troy Twp. 2nd Dist Farmer 11/18/1893 Troy Twp. 2nd Dist
12/21/1893 Guild Georgianna F W Albert C. Carry M. East Troy Farmer 12/12/1893 East Troy
12/20/1893 Grimes Joseph Patrick M W Patsy Lizzie Wysox Twp Farmer 9/27/1893 Wysox Twp
12/5/1893 Goff Erma Beatrice F W Emery  Mary Eliza Wheelox Ave Laborer 8/19/1893 Wheelox Abe
12/11/1893 Gustin Grant Harding M W G. H. Anna Sylvania Physician 6/15/1893 Sylvania
12/20/1893 Grow Merrinian M W H. A. Lucy Orwell Laborer 12/16/1893 Orwell
12/8/1893 Gillett Ruth P. F W Allen D. Jessie Sheshequin Farmer 7/4/1893 Ghent.Sheshe.Twp.
Dec.1893 Gustin James F. M W Thad   Troy Twp. 2nd Dist   Sept.9 Troy Twp. 2nd Dist
Dec.1893 Gallatine Not Named F W A. S. Fanny   Harness maker 11/22/1893 Troy Twp. 2nd Dist
Dec.1893 Guild Earnest M W E. R. Edith Troy Twp. 2nd Dist Painter Dec.15 Troy Twp. 2nd Dist
12/30/1893 Gordon Not Named F W Wilmot Hattie   Farmer 11/24/1893  
Dec.27 Griffith Mable T. F W George Annie Long Valley Miner 9/14/1893 Long Valley
5/13/1894 Griffin Mamie F W J. D. Julina Athens Laborer 2/15/1894 Athens Twp.
5/7/1894 Galotly John M W John  Mary E. Tannery house Laborer 1/23/1894 Tannery House
5/15/1894 Geroulds J. C. M W Clint Ada Granville Farmer 4/13/1894 Granville
5/7/1894 Griswold Jerald M W E. William Rilla LeRoy Merchant 1/27/1894 LeRoy
  Gould Amby L. M W F. M. Mary B. Ridgebury Farmer 2/21/1894 Ridgebury
5/11/1894 Gates Ruth A. F W Wm. Dunn Carrie Baldwin Sayre Fireman 2/10/1894 Sayre
5/8/1894 Galligan James  M W Thomas V. Mary Sayre Engineer 3/12/1894 Sayre
5/25/1894 Gooding Clemence F W Ellsworth  Ella Sheshequin Farmer 1/14/1894 Sheshequin
5/10/1894 Geroulds Marion Louise F W Edward Lulu Smithfield Farmer 12/25/1893 Smithfield
5/14/1894 Glisson Charles R. M W L. L. Mary Springfield Farmer 3/25/1894 Springfield
9/3/1894 Gustin Harold H. M W G. H. A. K. Sylvania Physician 5/5/1894 Sylvania
8/31/1894 Grippen Erma Blanche F W Grant Fitch, Bernice W. Rienzi Laborer 6/9/1894 Rienzi
  Guthrie Not Named M W Mark Lottie Nichols Troy Twp. 2nd Dist Farmer 6/10/1894 Troy Twp. 2nd Dist
5/10/1894 Gilbert Royal A. M W Elijah B. Augusta Ulster Farmer 2/11/1894 Ulster
5/10/1894 Goodenow Anna F W Isaac O. Anna Windham Farmer 4/24/1894 Windham
12/3/1894 Greening Mable Clair F W Minor E. E. Bella Athens Farmer 7/21/1894 Athens Twp.
12/20/1894 Gavett Mahlon Orvill M W Charles F Louise M. Athens Laborer 5/10/1894 Athens Twp.
  Granteer Grace F W Charles  Eva  Troy St. R.R. Clerk 7/29/1894 Canton Boro
12/11/1894 Green James M W Thomas Mattie Grover Farmer 11/13/1894 Grover
12/3/1894 Grace Sarah F W A. L. Lissie Monroe Farmer 8/6/1894 Monroe, Towanda Twp
12/11/1894 Gorham   F W L. C. Mame Orwell Farmer 9/25/1894 Orwell
12/12/1894 Gage Harriet B. F W Chas. Alma D. LeRaysville Farmer 9/13/1894 LeRaysville
  Goff Mazir Christice(?) F W B. L. Bessie Rome Boro Farmer 6/30/1894 Rome Boro
12/3/1894 Griffin Josaph M W Ednon Olive Lockhart Ave, Sayre Machinist 5/5/1893 Susquehanna
12/18/1894 Gore Mary A F W Benj. K. Frances Sheshequin Farmer 6/14/1894 Sheshequin
12/3/1894 Grace Mary  F W P. E. Mary Standing Stone Farmer 7/10/1894 Velarde
12/15/1894 Graham Mary Ellen F W John Lula Cor. Walnut & W.Main Blacksmith 10/8/1894 Towanda
12/3/1894 Greeno Helen C. F W C. H. Wrexie East Troy Farmer 4/19/1894 East Troy
Dec. 1894 Garris Betsey E. F W Obediah Lucy Tuscarora Laborer 6/29/1894 Tuscarora
12/1/1894 Goetchius Marion Irene F W Westley C. Gertrude Ulster Post Master 11/9/1894 Ulster
11/22/1894 Gray Edith F W David Carrie Baldwin Ulster Farmer 9/18/1894 Ulster
12/7/1894 Grippin Don Kingdon M W Jay Jennie Homets Ferry Farmer 9/17/1894 Homets Ferry
12/3/1894 Green William K. M W Lester D. Edith F. Wysox 2 Dist Carpenter 8/10/1894 Wysox 2 Dis.
5/11/1895 Gowen Clive Leon M W Abe L. Ida Albany Twp Laborer 3/10/1895 New Albany Boro
5/25/1895 Gill Margorie Alchia F W Wm. A. Minnie Walnut St.,Athens Manufacturer 4/1/1895 Athens 
5/15/1895 Golden Mary Margaret F W Thos.  Mary F. Athens Farmer 2/28/1895 Athens Twp.
9/2/1895 Griffin Mary Bridget F W John Sarah June Athens Farmer 6/12/1895 Athens Twp.
  Gonnan Thomas L. M W John J. Anna L. New York City Clerk 3/4/1895 Center St. Canton
9/4/1895 Greek Clarence M W Andrew Lillian Canton Boro Laborer 7/10/1895 Cemetary Ave (?)
5/18/1895 Greenfield Charles M W Luther J. Mary Grover Laborer 3/15/1895 Grover
5/6/1895 Gee Richard  M W Richard S. Mattea Mitchell Town Laborer 2/12/1895 Mitchelltown
5/7/1895 Gernert Anna J. F W W. A. Rosa Col. X Rds. Farmer 1/27/1895 Col. X Rds
5/31/1895 Gates Not Named M W G. W. Lula Columbia Farmer 5/18/1895 Columbia
5/8/1895 Green Rodney S. M W Dorsey Frida L. Franklin Laborer 2/16/1895 Franklin
6/22/1895 Graham Christina Pearl F W Robert J. Flora Bella Grove Dist Farmer 12/5/1895 Herrick Twp
6/3/1895 Gage Not Named F W Horace Julia J. LeRaysville Teacher 4/21/1895 LeRaysville
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