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J. Blanche HANYEN was born in Roseville 1880
Daughter of Eliza JanE REYNOLDS and Cornelius HANYEN
She died 1928, buried Prospect Cemetery in Mansfield
Photo (tintype) from H. Louise PALMER Harris (dec.) 
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd Name of Child Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occupation/Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
12/9/1896 Felton, Frances Anna F W Felton, John B. Morley, Francis 13 State St. Binder 10/13/1896 Towanda
12/8/1896 Not Named M W Finlan, John Finlan, Mary Kingsbury Ave Laborer 11/27/1896 Towanda
11/16/1896 Fisher, Lena F W Fisher, L. W. Fisher, Lucy N. Towanda Farmer 10/13/1896 N. Towanda
12/16/1896 Fuller, Howard Ransom F W Fuller, Cyrus W. Fuller, Ann Camptown Farmer 11/7/1896 Camptown
12/30/1896 Feathers, Archie M W Feathers, Murray F. Feathers, Minnie South Creek Farmer 2/22/1896 South Creek Twp
5/14/1897 Fleming, Howard M. M W Fleming, W. M. Fleming, Sarah Camptown Farmer 3/11/1897 Camptown
5/12/1897 Forrest, Charles H. M W Forrest, Lemuel Forrest, Elizabeth Quicks Bend Farmer 10/7/1895 Quicks Bend
5/12/1897 Forrest, Rose Laura F W Forrest, Leonard Bradley Forrest, Elizabeth Quicks Bend Farmer 1/4/1897 Quicks Bend
  Finton, Buyde (?) M W Finton, Lewis Finton, Anna Wilmont Farmer 7/27/18896 Wilmont
6/24/1897 Furman, Howard M W Furman, Walter Millham, Carrie Bently Creek Farmer 12/24/1896 Bently Creek
6/25/1897 Farr, Slienaies (?) M W Farr, Henry Powell, Mary Ridgebury Farmer 2/6/1897 Ridgebury
5/7/1897 Fairchild, Leonard Pratt M W Fairchild, Achaall C (?) Walters, Ida L. State St 317 Merchant 12/16/1896 Towanda
5/15/1897 Freedman, Leona K. F W Freeman, Bernard Freeman, Rose Athens Merchant 4/25/1897 Athens
5/15/1897 Fegley, Grace Amanda F W Fegley, Rev. W. O. Fegley, Anna Mary Sayre Minister 1/26/1897 Sayre
5/14/1897 French M W French, Clarence E. French, Sarah May Sayre Laborer 4/20/1897 Sayre
5/18/1897 Ferguson, Albert K. M W Fergerson, George H. Ferguson, Lizzie Sayre Conductor 5/18/1897 Sayre
8/30/1897 Freeman, Harold James M W Freeman, Paul Freeman, Nancy Alba Laborer 2/6/1897 Alba 
9/1/1897 Frisbie, George M W Frisbie, Theodore Frisbie, Annie Stevensville Farmer 7/1/1897 Stevensville
5/18/1897 Ford, Wm. McKinley M W Ford, M. D. Ford, Jane Albany Twp Farmer 2/16/1897 Albany Twp
5/13/1897 Flannery, Edward M W Flannery, Thomas Flannery, Mary N. Towanda Farmer 12/24/1896 N. Towanda
9/1/1897 Foster, Annie F W Foster, George Foster, Marita (?) N. Towanda Laborer 8/11/189? N. Towanda
12/24/1896 Fisher, Lena F W Fisher, L. W. Fisher, Lucy N. Towanda Laborer 10/13/1896 N. Towanda
5/12/1897 French, Edna Lillian F W French, W. T. French, Fannie L. Smithfield Laborer 3/19/1897 Smithfield
  Fleming, Ethel F W Fleming, A. L. Meeker, Ella Troy Twp  Farmer 5/11/1897 Troy Twp
7/24/1897 Felix, Harriet F W Felix, George W. Felix, Lena B. Main St. Cigar Maker 6/22/1897 Canton Boro
12/8/1897 Fletcher, Goldia Louisa F W Fletcher, N. G. Fletcher, Grace Smithfield Farmer 9/8/1897 Smithfield
12/6/1897 Forbes, Arthur S. M W Forbes, Frank Forbes, Sarah E. Windham Farmer 7/7/1897 Windham
12/6/1897 Floyd, Harry A. M W Floyd, Edward M. Floyd, Fleda Windham Laborer 4/12/1897 Windham
12/7/1897 Floyd, Nellie F W Floyd, Wm. Floyd, Anna R. Windham Laborer 8/30/1897 Windham
12/1/1897 Ford, John W. M W Ford, Burt Ford, Mary Tuscarora Butcher 8/16/1897 Tuscarora
12/6/1897 Foley, Francis L. M W Foley, Wm. Anna Sayre Carpenter 8/22/1897 Sayre
12/9/1897 Flickinger, Myrtle F W Flickinger, Wm. Lucy Sayre Brakeman 1/28/1897 Sayre
12/9/1897 Forsythe, Howard Y. M W Forsythe, Grant Sarah E. Sayre Machinist 8/20/1897 Sayre
  Forbes, Lucie F W Forbes, William Forbes, Maud Cayuta St. Fireman 11/10/1897 Sayre
11/8/1897 Foyle, Margaret F W Foyle, Joseph Foyle, Margaret Long Valley Butcher 11/5/1897 Long Valley
11/8/1897 Fox Not named M W Fox, W. M. Fox, Margaret Bride Wyalusing Merchant 10/31/1897 Wyalusing
12/8/1897 Fargo, Marion Eugene F W Fargo, George Fargo, Della Homets Ferry Laborer 12/7/1897 Homets Ferry
12/10/1897 Fanning, Winifred F W Fanning, Peter Fanning, Winifred Walnut St. Laborer 10/5/1897 Athens Boro
10/15/1897 Franklin, Myrtle Irena F W Franklin, Frank Franklin, Anna Terry Twp. Laborer 8/10/1897 Terry Twp.
12/6/1897 Farley, Frank M W Farley, Patrick Farley, Ellen Comisky Farmer 10/6/1897 Comisky
12/11/1897 Finan, Leo M W Finan, James Finan, Elizabeth Albany Twp Farmer 9/9/1897 Albany Twp
12/8/1897 Fuller, Edith F W Fuller, C. H. Fuller, Alida Springfield Farmer 9/20/1897 Springfield
12/15/1897 Freeman, Enid Isabell F W Freeman, James Freeman, Susie Alba Laborer 9/22/1897 Alba
12/7/1897 Fice, Miriam F W Fice, George A Fice, Emma A. Sheshequin Farmer 10/5/1897 Sheshequin
11/5/1897 Fay, Nina B. F W Fay, Fred Miller,Eva Bently Creek Farmer 10/9/1897 Bently Creek
5/12/1898 Fowler, Leslie G. M W Fowler, Charles Fowler, Jennie Monroeton Farmer 7/1/1897 Monroeton
5/11/1898 Foster, Aurilla F W Foster, Marvin Foster, Ella Powell Laborer 2/15/1898 Powell
5/4/1898 Foulke, Catherine F W Foulke, P. A. Foulke, Julia W. Burlington Farmer 10/17/1897 W. Burlington
5/16/1898 Foss, Floyd M W Foss, I. W. Foss, Clarrie (?) Canton Carpenter 1/22/1896 Canton
5/16/1898 Foss, Otto M W Foss, I. W. Foss, Clarrie (?) Canton Carpenter 12/22/1898 Canton
5/26/1898 Frutchey, Edward Price M W Frutchey, Edward Anna 307 N. Main Bookkeeper 12/27/1897 Towanda
5/6/1898 Fanning, Frances M W Fanning, John Fanning, Nora Homestead Farmer 3/5/1898 Towanda Twp.
5/25/1898 Fleming, Frances M W Fleming, Timothy Fleming, Anna Homestead Farmer 12/14/1898 Towanda Twp.
5/14/1898 Farr, Ams(?) M W Farr, Leslie D. Farr, Emma Wilmot Farmer 4/23/1897 Wilmot
5/30/1898 Fox, Blanch Windfried F W Fox, Richard E. Fox, Blanch Rienzi-Terry Twp. Farmer 5/22/1898 Terry Twp.
5/30/1898 French, Geo. B. M W French, Charles French, Nellie Smithfield Farmer 3/14/1898 Smithfield
5/7/1898 Fause, Louise F W Fause, George Fause, Gladdue Granville Farmer 3/20/1898 Windfall
5/16/1898 Foraker, Lee M W Foraker, Clarence Foraker, Cora Harley Farmer 11/21/1897 Harley
  Frisbey, George M W Frisbey, Theodore Frisbie, Aney Valarde Laborer 7/1/1897 Stevensville
5/10/1898 Ferris, Leon M W Ferris, S. W. Ferris, Mrs. S. W. Athens Laborer 1/30/1898 Athens
5/26/1898 Flanagtan, Eva F W Flanagan, Michael Flanagan, Ella Wheelock Ave Laborer 2/28/1898 Athens Boro
5/10/1898 French, Clarence Earl Jr. M W French, Clarence E. French, Sarah May Sayre Laborer 3/30/1898 Sayre
5/17/1898 Francisco, Vrooman M W Francisco, Clark L. Francisco, Clara B. Sayre Printer Pub. 1/28/1898 Sayre
5/18/1898 Fleming, Roy L. M W Flemming, C.E. Fleming, Rosa L. Grover Farmer 5/12/1898 Groveer
8/13/1898 Field, Amey Lulu F W Field, O. L. Field, Amey Troy St. Grocer 6/13/1898 Canton Boro
9/6/1898 Fitzpatrick, Helen F W Fitzpatrick, D. N. Fitzpatrick, Kate West UnionSt. Shoemaker 8/27/1898 Canton Boro
11/26/1898 Fox, Hellen M. F W Fox, Isaac Fox, Ella Windham Farmer 11/7/1898 Windham
12/18/1898 Furgeson, Gertrude F W Furgeson, George Furgteson, Lizzie B. Sayre Conductor 10/20/1898 Sayre
11/14/1898 Flanagan, Catherine F W Flanagan, James Flanagan, Mary Athens Boro Laborer 11/1/1898 Athens Boro
12/10/1898 Felton, Babe No 4 M W Felton, Charles L. Stevens, Polly 307 Second St. Bookkeeper 7/14/1898 Towanda
12/10/1898 Fowler, Ray L. M W Fowler, Fred L. Hall, Ida V. 103 Western Ave Laborer 5/27/1898 Towanda
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