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Myrtle Mae McCONNELL (1878 - 1962)
Born in Sullivan Township
Daughter of Elisabeth WEAVER & Joseph B. McCONNELL
Myrtle owned and operated a Tourist Home at Lowman
Myrtle is buried at Oakwood Cemetery in Mansfield
Photo from McConnell Family Album
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd Name of Child Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occupation/Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
12/15/1893 Not Named M W Unknown Foote, Stella Sugar Run   11/18/1893 Sugar Run
12/4/1893 Foster, Harley M W Foster, Hyrum Foster, Emma Monroe Twp Farmer 11/19/1893 Monroe Twp
12/2/1893 Fleming, Jennie F W Fleming, Wm. Fleming, Sarah Fee Road Farmer 7/15/1893 Fee Road
1893 Fuller, Cyrus Raymond M W Fuller, William S Fuller, Jennie Camptown Foreman 6/20/1893 Camptown
12/21/1893 Ford, Paul M W Ford,Frank F. Ford, Madeline C. Rome P. M. 12/20/1893 Rome
12/12/1893 Field, Thomas S. M W Field, O. S. Field, Amy Troy St. Grovr 10/25/1893 Canton Boro
12/2/1893 Fitzwater, Grace Louisa F W Fitzwater, John Earnest Fitzwater, Harriet Almira Canton Farmer 11/1/1893 Canton 
12/21/1893 Fitch, William George M W Fitch, D. F. Fitch, Anna May Canton Laborer 11/18/1893 Canton
12/7/1893 Ferron, Ralph Wells M W Ferron, Edward J. Ferron, Annie C. Hayden St. Baggage Master 9/25/1893 Sayre
12/6/1893 Frontz, Lizzie F W Frontz, Charles Jr. Frontz, Maggie S. Waverly Car Inspr. 5/16/1893 S. Waverly
12/1/1893 Fairbanks, Ethlin F W Fairbanks, Harry Fairbanks, Grace Columbia Farmer 6/19/1893 Columbia
12/9/1893 Fish, Rena F W Fish, Wm Fish, Nancy Austinville Farmer 9/17/1893 Austinville
12/7/1893 Fosburg, Dora E. F W Fosburg, Walter Fosburg, Mary Smithfield Farmer 6/17/1893 Smithfield
12/9/1893 Fulmer, Fredrick M W Fulmer, John Fulmer, Bella Marshview Laborer 11/27/1893 Asylum
12/1/1893 Fleming, Augusta F W Fleming, Philander Fleming, Mary Granville Farmer 11/8/1893 Granville
12/19/1893 Fitch, Violet Maud F W Fitch, Frank E. Fitch, Mary Granville Farmer 11/8/1893 Granville
12/7/1893 Fox, Kenneth Elbert M W Fox, Thomas H. Sayton, Emma Wysox Twp. Farmer 6/19/1893 Wysox Twp.
12/4/1893 Furman, Walter J. M W Furman, Charles Furman, Ida J. New Era Laborer 8/20/1893 New Era
12/6/1893 Frantz, Clarence M W Frantz, Ed F. Frantz, Della Stevensville Farmer 6/7/1893 Stevensville
12/4/1893 Finch, Robert M W Finch, Miles Finch, Margaret PaineSt. Merchant 11/4/1893 Athens
12/4/1893 Flood, James M W Flood, Patrick Flood, Catherine Paine St. Laborer 6/24/1893 Athens
12/27/1893 Frazier, Ruth F W Frazier, Christopher Frazier, Mary Barclay Miner 11/30/1893 Barclay
8/13/1894 Ferguson, Lewis M W Ferguson, Walter W. Ferguson, Anna 37 South St. Clerk 5/6/1894 Athens
9/4/1894 Fargo, Katharine F W Fargo, John D. Fargo, Jessie L. 69 Main St. Teller 8/30/1894 Athens
5/18/1894 Fields, Crissie May F W Fields, Frank W. Fields, Sarah Ophelia Willow Laborer 5/1/1894 Athens
5/21/1894 Fanning, John M W Fanning, Peter Fanning, Winnie Tiffany Maine Foreman 10/15/1893 Athens
5/25/1894 Frisbie, Ruth Marion F W Frisbie, Ulysses Grant Frisbie, Dora A. Pine Str. Operator 1/5/1894 Athens
9/6/1894 Flood, Annie F W Flood, John Flood, Ellen Elmira St. Laborer 6/30/1894 Athens
9/6/1894 Flanagan, Dennis M W Flanagan, Michael Flanagan, Mary Ellen Ann Street Laborer 5/30/1894 Athens
5/8/1894 Field, Nettie May F W Field, Harlow E. Field, Millie May Park Farm Farmer 3/18/1894 Athens
8/30/1894 Foust, Bessie F W Foust, George Forest, Gladdys Granville Farmer 7/27/1894 Granville
9/6/1894 Not Named M W Flick, A. W. Flick, Sarah Granville Laborer 9/3/1894 Granville
5/8/1894 Finney, Cora Adline F W Finney, Hyland Finney, Addie M. LeRoy Carpenter 4/12/1894 LeRoy
5/9/1894 Foster, Florence F W Foster, Marvin Foster, Ellan Powell Laborer 12/30/1893 Monroe Twp
5/23/1894 Not Named M W Ford, I. W. Ford, Martha R. Orwell Farmer 5/11/1894 Orwell
5/5/1894 Forbes, Elmer M W Forbes, Frank Forbes, Sarah Rome Boro Farmer 3/29/1894 Rome
5/5/1894 Forbes, Ralph M W Forbes, Asa Forbes, Mildred Rome Boro Farmer 5/5/1894 Rome Boro
5/11/1894 Forsythe, Jean Elizabeth F W Forsythe, Grant H. Forsythe, Sallie Sayre Machinist 5/17/1894 Sayre
5/14/1894 Flynn, Agnes F W Flynn, M. J. Flynn, Lizzie Sayre Engineer 3/31/1894 Sayre
5/8/1894 Fivie, Grant M W Fivie, Lloyd Fivie, Nina Smithfield Farmer 4/4/1894 Smithfield
5/18/1894 Fuller, Clara L. F W Fuller, Cornelius Fuller, Alida Springfield Farmer 1/6/1894 Springfield
5/7/1894 Fox, Mary Gertrude F W Fox, Wm. M. Jr. Fox, Maggie A. Spring Lake Farmer 4/30/1894 Terrry Twp.
5/11/1894 Furman, Ellen Marie F W Furman, Leon Furman, Hannah 239 Lombard St. Lumberman 1/19/1894 Towanda
5/15/1894 Fairchild, Laura F W Fairchild, George L. Fairchild, Emma M. 319 State St. Barber 1/6/1894 Towanda
5/17/1894 Unknown M W Fausey, John Fausey, Adda Towanda Twp D. L. 5/4/1894 Towanda
12/29/1894   M W Unknown Fitzpatrick, Mary   unknown July. 3  
12/29/1894 Fanning, Ellen F W Fanning, John Fanning, Nora Burlington Twp Farmer 10/7/1894 Burlington Twp
12/6/1894 Fletcher, Ray M W Fletcher, N. J. Fletcher, Grace W. Burlington Farmer 9/21/1894 Bournes Mills
11/9/1894 Frisbie, Susie Belle F W Frisbie, Theodore Frisbie, Anna Day Herrick Twp. Laborer 10/26/1894 Herrick Twp
12/3/1894 Frutchey, Oakley M W Frutchey, J. A. Frutchie, Lotta Herrick Twp. Farmer 1/2/1894 Herrick Twp
12/3/1894 Fitzgerald, Frances Burton M W Fitzgerald, Wm. J. Fitzgerald, Ellen Herrick Twp. Farmer 4/3/1894 Herrick Twp
12/6/1894 Frisbie, Elizabeth F W Frisbie, Aaron Frisbie, Matildia Herrick Twp. Farmer 12/1/1894 Herrick Twp
12/15/1894 French, Edna F W French, S. L. French, Lucina (?) Powell Laborer 10/22/1894 Powell
  Flory, Helen F W Flory, S. H. Flory, Jessica P. Rome Boro Minister 6/15/1894 Rome Boro
12/12/1894 Forbes, Oneda                
12/7/1894 Filter, Leon Henry M W Filter, Burton Filter, Stella E. Sayre Mechanic 9/20/1894 Sayre
12/13/1894 Furguson, Harry C. M W Ferguson, George Furguson, Lizzie Sayre Conductor 7/12/1894 Sayre
12/18/1894 French, Guy W. M W French, Melvin French, Anna J. Sheshequin Farmer 6/16/1894 Sheshequin
12/8/1894 Fanning, not named M W Fanning, M. D. Fanning, Lizzie Springfield Farmer 7/26/1894 Springfield
12/4/1894 Feriton, Carrie J. F W Stephen, Feriton Feriton, Libbie Standing Stone Farmer 5/20/1894 Rummerfield
12/5/1894 Fisher     Fisher, O. V. Fisher, Dora Standing Stone Farmer 11/29/1894 Standing Stone
12/5/1894 Flannery, Peter M W Flannery, Michael Flannery, Mary N. Towanda Farmer 10/31/1894 N. Towanda
5/13/1895 Ford, Edna F W Ford, N. D. (?) Ford, Jennie Albany Twp Farmer 3/28/1894 Albany Twp
5/18/1895 Fagan, Gibbert T. M W Walt, Burt Fagan, Anna Athens Laborer 12/27/1894 Athens
9/5/1895 Fox, Leland Gray M W Fox, Fred D. Fox, Lenora Main St. Priller (?) 6/27/1895 Athens
5/4/1895 Fanning, Luther J. M W Fanning, C. M. Spaulding, Dell W. Burlington Farmer 1/16/1895 Granville
5/4/1895 Foulke F W Foulke, P. A. Phillips, Julia L. W. Burlington Farmer 3/21/1895 W. Burlington
7/10/1895 Felix, Minnie A. F W Felix, George W. Felix, Lena B. Canton Boro Laborer 6/27/1895 Canton Boro
5/17/1895 Fitzwater, Floyd M W Fitzwater, Rollie Ulissus Fitzwater, Minnie Canton Farmer 1/16/1895 Canton
6/30/1895 Flemming, Hurbed (?) M W Flemming, L. W. Flemming, Lollie (?) Granville Laborer 3/21/1895 Granville
5/17/1895 Fice F W Fice, J. A. Fice, Edith Litchfield Farmer 1/25/1895 Litchfield
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