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James Asher McCONNELL (1891 - 1974) 
and Sarah (Sadie) McCONNELL (1893 - 1979)
Both born Sullivan Township. 
Children of Elisabeth WEAVER and Joseph McCONNELL
Jim buried at Oakwood in Mansfield.
Sadie buried at Woodlawn in Elmira
Photo from McConnell Family Album 
Jim taught one room school at Elk Run, and he also taught Amimal Husbandry at Cornell University. He was Chief Executive of G.L.F. which became Agway, and he served in the U. S. D. A. under Ezra Taft Benson in the Eisenhower Administration.
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd Name of Child Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occupation/Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
12/12/1896 Eskew, Elsie F W Eskew, James Lizzie Elmer Ave Laborer 12/9/1896 Towanda
12/8/1896 Evans, Nina G. F W Evans, Samuel Cora Lehigh Ave. Brakeman 5/26/1896 Owego, NY
12/11/1896 Eskew, Helen F W Eskew, James Lizzie Elmer Ave Laborer 7/26/1896 Towanda
11/18/1896 Eaton, Ruth F W Eaton, Almon Eaton, May Springfield Farmer 7/22/1896 Springfield
12/3/1896 Elliott, Rena F W Elliott, S. C. Elliott, Delphine Springfield Farmer 9/9/1896 Springfield
12/8/1896 Emery, David H. M W Emery, J. H. Emery, Carrie Standing Stone Farmer 7/2/1896 Standing Stone
5/18/1897 Evans, Mary N. F W Evans, Schuyler Evans, Mary Wilmot Farmer 1/22/1897 Wilmot
  Evans, Howard Clayton M W Evans,Rubin Evans, Isabel Wilmot Farmer 9/3/1896 Wilmot
5/20/1897 Evens, Myrtle R. F W Evens, Daniel Rightmire, Media Ridgeberry Farmer 4/15/1897 Ridgeberry
5/3/1897 Eberhart, Ritha F W Everhart, William F. Annie Sayre Machinist 2/2/1897 Sayre
5/14/1897 Enberg, Henry Winfred M W Enberg, Henry F. Enberg, Fannie J. Sayre Machinist 4/20/1897 Sayre
  Every, Essie D F W Every, Mill S. Every, Nellie J. LeRoy Twp Farmer 2/1/1897 LeRoy Twp
9/1/1897 Edwards, Lena F W Edwards, George Edwards, Callie White Stevensville Laborer 6/20/1897 Stevensville
9/1/1897 Ely, Genevieve F W Ely, E. H. Ely, Lucy New Albany Laborer 4/16/1897 New Albany
6/12/1897 Everts, Walter B. M W Everts, Lawson Everts, Amy Springfield Farmer 3/13/1897 Springfield
12/8/1897 Elford, May Gertrude F W Elford, Edward Elford, Emily Smithfield Laborer 7/24/1897 Smithfield
8/23/1897 Eldridge, Lizzie F W Eldridge, Frank Eldredge, Hattie Foot of Plane Laborer 8/12/1897 Foot of Plane
12/13/1897 Elsbree, Joseph M. M W Elsbree, Fred P. Elsbree, Katherine Athens Twp. Farmer 8/29/1897 Athens
12/11/1897 English, Shirley F W English, Geo English, Ida Albany Twp Farmer 7/22/1897 Albany Twp
12/11/1897 Estell, Tracy M W Estell, Wilber Estell, Fannie Albany Twp Farmer 9/27/1897 Albany Twp
12/4/1897 Ellis, Edna F W Ellis, Edward Ellis, Fidia Asylum Laborer 6/14/1897 Asylum
12/4/1897 Ellis F W Ellis, Wilmot Ellis, Nellie Asylum Laborer 7/2/1897 Asylum
10/5/1897 Everts, Eldred M W Everts, Estle Everts, Estella E. Wells Farmer 2/16/1897 Wells
12/7/1897 Eiklor, Lettie F W Eiklor, Godfrey Eiklor, Mary Sheshequin Farmer 3/30/1897 Sheshequin
5/11/1897 English, Bessie Maud F W English, H. R. English, Bertha Granville Merchant 3/10/1897 Granville Center
5/12/1897 Eddy, Francis M W Eddy, Maurice Eddy, Hannah A Powell Laborer 1/13/1898 Powell
5/23/1897 Every, Raymond Hiram M W Every, James Every, Polly A. LeRoy Twp Laborer 5/26/1898 LeRoy Twp
5/10/1897 Evans, John Henry M W Evans, Reuben Evans, Isabelle Hollenback Farmer 6/27/1898 Hollenback
5/13/1897 Eberlin, Margarett E. F W Eberlin, Barney Eberlin, Ida Norconk Farmer 12/25/1897 Wilmot
5/5/1897 Ellis, Fred S. M W Ellis, Loren Ellis, Ida Litchfield Laborer 12/1/1897 Litchfield
9/7/1897 Edsall, Gertrude Edith F W Edsall, Geo.Means Edsall, Katie Albany Twp Laborer 7/19/1898 Albany Twp
5/23/1897 Ennis, Frederick Samuel M W Ennis, Alexander Ennis, Lizzie Sayre Laborer 1/22/1898 Sayre
9/5/1898 Eaton, Eva F W Eaton, Samuel Robinson, Leona Troy St. Laborer 7/14/1898 Canton Boro
9/5/1898 Eaton, Ethel F W Eaton, Samuel Robinson, Leona Troy St. Laborer 7/14/1898 Canton Boro
12/1/1898 Ecklor, Kityam F W Ecklor, John Ecklor, Ida Wilawana Farmer 7/28/1898 Wilawanna
12/9/1898 Eddy, Lola J. F W Eddy, Hiram Eddy, Emma Albany Twp Farmer 9/1/1898 Albany Twp
12/9/1898 Eastabrooks, Lavere Charles M W Eastabrooks, Charles Bert Estabrooks, Nettie L. Orwell Farmer 5/30/1898 Orwell
  Emery, George Dewey M W Emery, Jacob Emery, Julia Asylum Laborer 8/24/1898 Asylum
12/13/1898 Esseltine, Della F W Esseltine, Nelson Esseltine, Della Herrickville Laborer 9/16/1897 Herrick
12/6/1898 Ennis, Leo C. M W Ennis, Charles Ennis, Mervie Wysox Creameryman 6/1/1898 Wysox
12/6/1898 Ellis, Winifred F W Ellis, Fowler Ellis, Emma Franklin Farmer 10/6/1898 Franklin
12/9/1898 Ellis, Marion A. F W Ellis, Orson Ellis, Mae Grover Laborer 7/8/1898 Grover
Nov. 1898 Eaton, Fannie B. F W Eaton, Almon Eaton, May Springfield Farmer 1/7/1898 Springfield
12/2/1898 Edminston, Marie Hedwig F W Edminston, R. B. Edminston, Harriet Ulster Farmer 6/23/1898 Ulster
5/9/1899 Evens, Mildred F W Evens, Frank Miller, Ina Ridgeberry Farmer 12/30/1898 Ridgeberry
5/6/1899 Elliott, Stella F W Elliott, William Elliott, Emma Liberty Corners Farmer 3/14/1899 Liberty Corners
5/13/1899 Edsell, Leon Earl M W Edsell, Vern Edsell, Lucinda Prattville Laborer 2/28/1899 Prattville
  Evans, Morgan M W Evan, J. Ella Warren Farmer 7/27/1898 Warren
7/25/1899 Edwards, Duey Glen (?) M W Edwards,Roswell Edwards, Marreta Athens Twp. Laborer 4/24/1899 Athens
9/4/1899 Etters, Louis B. M W Etters, J. C. Etters, Gertrude A. Canton Miller 6/12/1899 Canton
9/5/1899 Ellsworth, Leona F W Ellsworth, John H. Ellsworth, Lena Wyalusing Carpenter 7/27/1899 Wyalusing
9/6/1899 Estas, Howard M W Estas, Charles Estas, Lizzie Stevensville Laborer 1/1/1899 Stevensville
5/1/1899 Eddy, Frank Bartlett M W Eddy, John B./ Eddy, Lizzie W. Rome Boro Laborer 4/20/1899 Rome Boro
  Elliott, Norma M W Elliott, S. C. Elliott, Delphine Springfield Farmer 10/15/1899 Springfield
9/7/1899 Everts, Mildred F W Everts, Lawson Everts, Amy Springfield Farmer 4/5/1899 Springfield
5/29/1899 Eberlin, Adelie F W Eberlin, Ransom Eberlin, Grasila Norconk Farmer 11/26/1898 Norconk
12/8/1899 Ellsworth, Merial F W Ellsworth, John H. Ellsworth, Lena First St. Carpenter 7/23/1899 Wyalusing
12/5/1899 Eddy, Anna F W Eddy, Maurice Eddy, Hannah Powell Laborer 11/24/1899 Powell
12/4/1899 Edsall, Ruth F W Edsall, Fred Edsall, Manda South Branch Farmer 5/13/1899 South Branch
11/14/1899 Eiklor, Ethel F W Eiklor, Godfrey Eiklor, Mary Sheshequin Farmer 10/18/1899 Sheshequin
12/1/1899 Ennis F W Ennis, Theadon Ennis, Ida West Valley Laborer 7/22/1899 West Valley
11/20/1899 English, Harry D. M W English, Harvy R. English, Bertha Granville Merchant 5/9/1899 Granville 
12/9/1899 Elliott, Ethel F W Elliott, Oliver Elliott, Zelpha Asylum Laborer 7/2/1899 Asylum
5/4/1899 Easton, Leona A. F W Easton, Wm Easton, Maggie South Creek Farmer 4/1/1899 Fassett
5/7/1900 English, Curtis M W English, James English, Jennie South Branch Farmer 12/17/1899 South Branch
5/16/1900 Enburg, Elizabeth F W Enburg, Henry F. Enborg, Fanny J. Sayre Machinist 5/2/1900 Sayre
5/16/1900 Every, George Richard M W Every, Melvin S. Every, Nellie J. LeRoy Twp Farmer 12/10/1899 LeRoy Twp
  Elles, Marian F W Ellis, S.D. Elles, Esther Standing Stone Car?? 12/15/1899 Standing Stone
5/14/1900 Evans, Olive F W Evans, Schuylar Evans, Mary Sugar Run Farmer 1/5/1900 Sugar Run
6/12/1900 Eastman, Wesley Coburn M W Eastman, J. E. Eastman, Carrie Orwell Farmer 5/13/1900 Orwell
5/22/1900 Ellis, Linnie F W Ellis, Horatio Ellis, Media Burlington Twp Farmer 2/15/1900 Burlington Twp
12/10/1900 Ennis, Marcella Francis F W Ennis, Theodore Ennis, Ida East Athens Laborer 10/6/1900 East Athens
12/11/1900 Estabrooks, George Murdock M W Estabrooks, C. B. Estabrooks, Nettie L. Orwell Farmer 8/5/1900 Orwell
12/6/1900 English, Ethel F W English, Adison English, Anna Camptown Farmer 6/27/1900 Camptown
12/18/1900 Evans, Lillian May F W Evans, Rubin Evans, Isabel Sugar Run Farmer 7/28/1900 Sugar Run
12/17/1900 Ellsworth, Robert M W Ellsworth, J. B. Ellsworth, Maggie Marr Wyalusing Laborer 7/23/1900 Wyalusing
12/12/1900 Estep, Wilma F W Estep, Chas. Estep, Helen Scott East Troy Carpenter 7/9/1900 East Troy
12/10/1900 Enevoldson, Jessie Virena F W Enevoldson, Marins Enevoldson, Dortia Marie (?) Athens Twp. Laborer 9/4/1900 Athens
5/16/1901 Emery, Lee Eugene M W Emery, Jacob Emery, Julia Asylum Laborer 6/4/1901 Asylum
5/14/1901 Eddy, Mabel F W Eddy, John N. Eddy, Grace Albany Twp Laborer 1/23/1901 Albany Twp
5/13/1901 Esseltine, Daisy Perl F W Esseltine, Nelson Esseltine, Della Herrickville Laborer 12/30/1900 Herrickville
5/13/1901 English, Francis W. M W English, Harvey English, Bertha Granville Merchant 12/12/1900 Granville
5/15/1901 Estes, Mary F W Estes, Charles Johnson, Charlotte Towanda Twp Laborer 8/7/1900 Towanda
5/10/1901 Every, Dorsey B. M W Every, James Every, Polly  LeRoy  Farmer 9/9/1900 LeRoy 
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