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Charles Elias Stanton, Jr.
b. April 24, 1900 at the Troy House, Troy, PA
the son of Blanche Victoria Rockwell and C. E. Stanton (Prop. of Troy House)  
During WWI he was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross (DSC) "For
extraordinary heroism in action near Souplet, France on October 15, 1918."
He died August 15, 1970
Photo from Don Stanton
Photographer - Wood of Troy PA
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd Name of Child Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occupation/Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
12/4/1893 Eilenberger, Carl Freeman M W Eilenberger, Frank Eilenberger, Maude 133 William St. Lumberdealer 8/11/1893 Towanda
12/5/1893 Eddy, Earl M W Eddy, Alonzo Eddy, Nellie Monroe Twp Laborer 11/17/1893 Monroe Twp
12/9/1893 Every, Florance May F W Every, Melvin S. Every, Nellie LeRoy Farmer 3/24/1893 LeRoy
12/7/1893 Unnamed Child M W Eaton, Almon Eaton, Mary Springfield Farmer 9/12/1893 Springfield
12/13/1893 Eddleston, Liza F W Eddleston, James Eddleston, Elizabeth Orchard St. Boilermaker 7/14/1893 Sayre
12/6/1893 Eisenzimer, Nellie F W Eisenzimer, Joseph Eisenzimer, Maggie Hospital Place Machinist 7/30/1893 Sayre
12/4/1893 Emery, Mary F W Emery, J. H. Emery, Carrie Keen Summit Farmer 6/24/1893 Keen Summit
12/4/1893 Emery, Maud F W Emery, J. H. Emery, Carrie Keen Summit Farmer 6/24/1893 Keen Summit
12/2/1893 Emory, Jacob George M W Emory, J. R. Emory, Mary Asylum Constable 7/4/1893 Asylum
12/8/1893 Elliott, Tessie F W Elliott, James Elliott, Addie Durell Farmer 10/5/1893 Asylum
12/9/1893 Ellis, Willimot F W Ellis, Jno Ellis, B. Durell Farmer 7/24/1893 Durell
12/4/1893 Elsbree, Thresa Broome F W Elsbree, Fred Page Elsbree, Hattie Ethel Elmira St. 102 Manufacturer 10/19/1893 Elmira St. 102
12/5/1893 English, Almedia F W English, Franklin English, Ella Willow St. Laborer 7/12/1893 Athens Twp
12/6/1893 Everhart, Florence S. F W Everhart, William F. Everhart, Grace Cherry St. Laborer 7/24/1893 Cherry St.
12/6/1893 Everson, Rose Elma F W Everson, Charles Everson, Estella Burlington Twp Farmer 9/27/1893 Burlington Twp
12/28/1893 Not Named F W Eldred, Frank Eldred, Hattie Foot of Plain Laborer 8/7/1893 Foot of Plain
12/14/1896 Eskew, Helen F W Eskew, James Eskew, Lizzie Elmer Ave Laborer 7/26/1893 Towanda
5/9/1894 Eddy,  M W Eddy, Robert Eddy, Alpha Albany Twp Farmer 4/25/1894 Albany Twp
5/9/1894 Estell, Gerald M W Estell, Frank Estell, Winnie Albany Twp Farmer 3/22/1894 Albany Twp
5/7/1894 Estup, Ester F W Estup, Charles Estup, Helen Armenia Farmer 4/18/1894 Armenia Twp
5/12/1894 Ellis, Frances M W Not Given Ellis, Estella Durell Not Known 2/23/1894 Towanda
5/7/1894 Essenwine, Paul M W Essenwine, Gustus Essenwine, Lucy Burlington Boro Black Smith 4/17/1894 Burlington Boro
6/1/1894 Evens, Leon M W Evens, Kelton Evens, Ida W. Burlington Farmer 5/13/1894 W. Burlington
5/15/1894 Eiklor, Charlie Howard M W Eiklor, Godfrey Eiklor, Mary Rome Farmer 12/22/1894 Rome
5/9/1894 Enwright, Catherine Desallis F W Enwright, John  Enwright, Elizabeth Sayre Machinist 2/15/1894 Sayre
5/8/1894 Elsbree, Floyd L. M W Elsbree, Perry H. Elsbree, Mary Smithfield Farmer 12/26/1893 Smithfield
5/12/1894 Ennis, Glenn W. M W Ennis, George Ennis, Olive Standing Stone Carpenter 12/30/1893 Standing Stone
5/12/1894 Ennis, Arthur Stevens M W Ennis, Asa S. Ennis, Jelphia (?) Standing Stone Farmer 12/27/1893 Standing Stone
5/12/1894 Eberlon, Ethel F W Eberlon,Ransom Norconk, Trucilla (?) Wilmot Farmer 12/16/1894 Wilmot
12/5/1894 Esseltine, Mable F W Esseltine, Nelson Esseltine, Della HerrickTwp Farmer 6/4/1894 Herrick Twp
12/19/1894 Every,  F W Every, Melvin S. Every, Nellie LeRoy Twp Laborer 11/7/1894 LeRoy Twp
12/18/1894 Ellis M W Ellis, Leilim(?) Ellis, Catherine Litchfield Farmer 11/26/1894 Litchfield
12/6/1894 Edwards, Cesel L. F W Edwards,Carvey Edwards, Hattie Stevensville Farmer 11/4/1894 Stevensville
11/15/1894 Evlin, Lena Adell F W Evlin, John Evlin, Nora Sayre Fireman 10/14/1894 Sayre
12/18/1894 Eiklor, Glen M W Eikler, Fred Eikler, Jessie Sheshequin Farmer 10/2/1894 Sheshequin
5/11/1895 Eddy, (?) M W Eddy, Hiram Eddy, Emma Albany Twp Farmer 2/2/1895 Albany Twp
5/13/1895 Evens, Austin M W Evens, John Maloven,Mary W. Burlington Laborer 2/28/1895 W. Burlington
5/9/1895 English, Willie M W English, J. F. English, Ella Monroe Twp Laborer 5/5/1895 Monroe Twp
5/7/1895 Eddy, Mary F W Eddy, Maurice Eddy, Hannah Powell Laborer 12/16/1895 Monroe Twp
5/6/1895 Eberhart, Wallace M W Eberhart, William Eberhart, Anna Sayre Machinist 5/13/1894 Sayare
5/14/1895 Eddleston, Jas. Jr. M W Eddleston, Jas. Eddleston, Lizzie Orchard St. Boilermaker 2/14/1895 Sayre
5/21/1895 Eddy, Dora F W Eddy, Reuben Eddy, Rosa Terry Twp. Farmer 12/14/1894 Albany Twp
    M W Epworth, George Epworth, Susie Willow St. Laborer 9/18/1895 Athens Boro
11/26/1895 Ennis, Frank W. M W Ennis, Theo. Ennis, Ida May Willow St. Laborer 8/28/1895 East Athens
12/6/1895 Ellis, Reuben M W Ellis, Chas Ellis, Mary Athens Twp. Farmer 8/10/1895 Athens Twp
12/17/1895 Eddy, Bertha Belle F W Eddy, George Eddy, Ettie Granville Laborer July. 9 Granville Center
12/2/1895 Evans, Hilda May F W Evans, Lester A. Evans, May Sayre Conductor 9/10/1895 Sayre
  Estell, Louis Irene F W Estell, F. D. Estell, Mary Smithfield Farmer 8/5/1895 Smithfield
  Ely, Fred M W Ely, H. W. Ely, Mary Springfield Farmer 7/17/1895 Springfield
12/5/1895 Eskew F W Eshew, James Eshew, Lizzie 23 Walnut St. Railroader 12/9/1895 Towanda
  Eastment, Olive Havenwood F W Eastment, Franklin F. Eastment, Olive Troy Clergyman 8/20/1895 Troy
12/9/1895 Evans, Merlin Hugh M W Evans, Merlin P. Evans, Grace Ulster Farmer 10/30/1894 Ulster
11/20/1895 Estabrook, Carrie Janet F W Estabrook, James A. Estabrook, Anna Ulster Farmer 5/27/1895 Ulster
12/2/1895 Ellsworth, Paul M W Ellsworth, John Ellsworth, Lena Main St. Laborer 4/13/1895 Wyalusing
12/3/1895 Ellsworth  M W Ellsworth, J. B. Ellsworth, Margaret John St. Laborer 11/14/1895 Wyalusing
12/7/1895 Ellsworth M W Ellsworth, William Ellsworth, Fannie Wyalusing Farmer 12/2/1895 Wyalusing
5/4/1896 Eddy, Rex M W Eddy, G. S. Eddy, Maud Albany Twp Farmer 1/30/1896 Albany Twp
5/3/1896 Emery, Paul C. M W Emery, Ross Emery, Mary Asylum Black Smith 7/29/1896 Asylum
5/22/1896 Everheart, Zida (?) F W Everheart, Wm. F. Everheard, Grace Cherry St. Laborer 10/31/1895 Athens
2/5/1896 Eldredge, William M W Eldredge, Frank Eldredge, Hattie Foot of Plane Laborer 2/5/1896 Foot of Plane
5/14/1896 Elliott, Frank Robert M W Elliott, Frank G. Elliott, Matilda Dorothy Canton Farmer 4/21/1896 Canton
  Edsell, John W. M W Edsell, Clarence Edsell, Alice Pike Twp Farmer 2/12/1896 Pike Twp
5/5/1896 Ennis, Clarence Walton M W Ennis, Theodore Ennis, Ida L. Sayre Laborer 8/28/1896 Athens
5/6/1896 Elsbree, Mary F W Elsbree, P. H. Elsbree, Mary Smithfield Farmer 2/15/1896 Smithfield
5/9/1896 Erdman, Ellizebeth F W Erdman, John Erdman, Annie S. Waverly Car Inspector 2/22/1896 S. Waverly
  Elliott, Elmer M W Elliott, Wm Elliott, Laura Wm. St. Ins. Agent 1/24/1896 Towanda
5/16/1896 Eply, Ester L. F W Eply, John Aply, Nancy Towanda Twp Farmer 4/30/1896 S. Towanda
5/6/1896 Estabrook, Frances Marguerite F W Estabrook, Arthur Estabrook, Alice Ulster Farmer 4/5/1896 Ulster
5/15/1896 Eberlin, Lida F W Eberlin, Ransom Eberlin, Trusilla Elwell Farmer 12/18/1895 Elwell
12/16/1896 Eddy, Leonard M W Eddy, John Eddy, Grace Albany Twp Farmer 9/25/1896 Albany Twp
11/24/1896 Elliott, Zelphia (?) F W Elliott, James Elliott, Addie Asylum Farmer 7/3/1896 Asylum
12/8/1896 Everson F W Everson, Charles Everson, Esther Burlington Twp Farmer 11/7/1896 Burlington Twp
12/9/1896 Eddy, Maurice F. M W Eddy, Maurice Eddy, Hannah Monroe Twp Farmer 8/5/1896 Monroe Twp
12/9/1896 Eddy, Marcella F W Eddy, Maurice Eddy, Hannah Monroe Twp Farmer 8/5/1896 Monroe Twp
12/5/1896 Edsell, Archie M W Edsell, Wilson Edsell, Ella Pike Twp Farmer 7/6/1896 Pike Twp
12/11/1896 Eddy, Wilma Helen F W Eddy, John B. Eddy, Lizzie W. Rome Laborer 9/23/1896 Rome
  Ennis, Alson Clayton M W Ennis, Theodore H. Ennis, Ida L. Sayre Laborer 10/29/1896 Sayre
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