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Richard & Albert Stilwell 1899
Submitted by Clarice STILWELL Evans
Albert born 1895 Jackson Township, Tioga County PA
died 1937, buried Prospect Cemetery in Mansfield
Frank Richard born 1899 Jackson Township
died 1964 Neponset, Illinois
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Transcribed by Bonnie Isaacs
Date of Record Last Name First Name Sex Color Father's Name Mother's Name Residence Father's Occupation Birth Date Birth Place
Page 55                    
12 Jun 1895 DillenNeek Henry M W Eugenn Eliza Terry Twp. farmer 6 Jun 1895 Terry Twp.
13 May 1895 Duggan Catherine F W Gui..ility Mary 624 Main St. laborer 10 Mar 1895 Towanda
11 May 1895 Doane Ethan J. M W Ethan Lissia Windham laborer 6 Feb 1895 Windham
11 May 1895 Drake Allen Edward M W Newton D. Alice Pond Hill farmer 9 Jan 1895 Pond Hill
6 Dec 1895 Dunbar unnamed M W Burt A. Emma Burlington Twp. farmer 30 Oct 1895 Burlington Twp.
13 Nov 1895 Darrow Ruth A. F W James H. Adelia Shaylor W. Burlington farmer 10 Jul 1895 W. Burlington
2 Oct 1895 Davison Catharine E. F W W. F. Juliet Center St. physician 30 Sep 1895 Canton Boro
23 Nov 1895 Decker Ida M. F W Henry Emma E. W. Union St. laborer 10 Oct 1895 Canton Boro
12 Dec 1895 Dunn Fay M W Henry Susan Franklin farmer 18 Jul 1895 Franklin Twp.
2 Dec 1895 Dolan Luke Raymond M W Luke Anna Sear. Dist. farmer 24 Sep 1895 Herrick Twp.
11 Dec 1895 Davids Aprintise Craig M W Iram E. Viola E. Litchfield farmer 2 Aug 1895 Litchfield
3 Dec 1895 Donlan James F. M W James Julia Monroe Twp. laborer  9 Aug 1895 Monroe Twp.
9 Dec 1895 Dunn Howard Raymond M W J. W.  Hattie M. Orwell, Pa.  farmer 22 Aug 1895 Orwell, Pa.
2 Dec 1895 Dibble Howard M W John  Susie Pike farmer 23 May 1895 Pike
6 Dec 1895 Dimon Harry W. M W Leslie C. Alice A. South Main St. farmer 27 Jun 1895 Rome Boro
6 Dec 1895 Doane Claude R. M W Geo. R. Emma E. N. Main St. blacksmith 8 Aug 1895 Rome Boro
9 Dec 1895 Drake Clara Almira F W Julius K. Ella Rome Twp farmer 17 Sep 1895 Rome Twp
4 Dec 1895 Davis Hughie Peter M W John Hannah Sayre fireman 17 Nov 1895 Sayre
9 Dec 1895 Dixon George F. M W Ernest N. Edith D. Sayre foreman 25 Nov 1895 Sayre
10 Dec 1895 Daniels Steven Hilbert M W Fred J. Ella Carrie Sayre engineer 7 Jun 1895 Sayre
15 Nov 1895 Dezutter Joseph M W John Ida Sayre laborer 28 Dec 1894 Sayre
16 Nov 1895 Delaney Arthur B. M W Lewis Nettie Sayre laborer 23 May 1895 Sayre
22 Nov 1895 Dunning Walter Todd M W G. W. Mary B. Sayre brakeman 1 Jan 1895 Sayre
6 Dec 1895 Dugan Margaret F W Hugh B. Margaret Elmer Ave, Sayre machinist 13 Sep 1895 Sayre
6 Dec 1895 Draper Mildred F W Martin Fannie Orchard St. brakeman 20 Oct 1895 Sayre
6 Dec 1895 Dildine Theodore S. M W John Harriet Cayuta St. laborer 3 Aug 1895 Sayre
18 Dec 1895 Dean A. Hartley M W A. Horton Ruth S. Creek farmer 20 Apr 1895 S. Creek Twp.
3 Dec 1895 Danner Howard M W W. N. Anna L. 4th Street candymaker 28 Oct 1895 4th Street
9 Dec 1895 Dedman Laura F W Jas. Minnie Bridge St. harnessmaker 4 Jul 1895 Bridge St.
9 Dec 1895 Darling George Willard M W Frank   Washington D.C. clerk no date Troy
10 Dec 1895 Doane Ruth E. F W Lewis F. Dency E. Windham merchant 14 Aug 1895 Windham
3 Dec 1895 Daugherty Paul  M   John W. Mantie Wysox miller 7 Aug 1895 Wysox
7 Dec 1895 Darling unnamed M W Clair Amy Wysox 2nd Dist laborer 1 Sep 1895 Wysox 2nd Dist.
19 May 1896 Dunn Emma F W Reid Nettie Athens, Pa. laborer 28 Nov 1895 Athens, Pa.
13 May 1896 Dixon Geo. F. M W Ernest Edith Athens Boro boss 25 Oct 1895 Sayre, Pa.
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5 May 1896 Davies Louis M W Hugh Emily Barclay miner 5 May 1896 Barclay
11 May 1896 Darrow Cyril M W Lloid Martha Ward West Burlington laborer 12 Jan 1896 West Burlington
30 May 1896 Dwyer Lucy May F W Mike Sarah Grover farmer 16 mar 1896 Grover
6 May 1896 Davis Gertrude F W Samuel Martha Williams LeRaysville farmer 23 Nov 1895 LeRaysville
16 May 1896 Darling Marguerite F W J. W. Newell Mary Orwell, Pa. farmer 25 mar 1896 Orwell
16 May 1896 Daugherty Mary Annettie F W H. H. Cora Orwell, Pa. farmer 13 Jan 1896 Orwell
15 May 1896 Devine Maud F W Joseph Ida Overton laborer 30 Nov 1895 Overton
  Dodge Cecil L. F W F. E. Sophronia Pike Twp merchant 6 Feb 1896 Pike Twp.
5 May 1896 Dodge Ervin M W Geo. F. Maggie Sayre Brakeman 29 Jan 1895 Willawana, Pa.
5 May 1896 Dezuter Harry J. M W John Ida Sayre laborer 10 Dec 1895 Sayre
May 1896 Doulin Pauline F W P. J. Mary Garden St. stone cutter 12 Apr 1896 Sayre, Pa.
30 Aug 1896 Dyer Ethel M. (Rolfe) F W Joseph Bertha First St. laborer 14 Aug 1896 Sayre
30 Aug 1896 DoBell Howard F W Matt Alice First St. miller 9 Jun 1896 Sayre
2 Sep 1896 Dailey unnamed M W Jno W. Rachel Second St. laborer 7 Aug 1896 Sayre
8 May 1896 Dildine Florence Esibell F W Charles Marrie Ella South Waverly laborer 24 Dec 1895 Sayre, Pa.
9 May 1896 Devit William M W James M. Reginia S. Waverly brakeman 7 Feb 1896 S. Waverly
9 May 1896 Duggan John M W Timothy Mary Pratt Ave. laborer 8 Apr 1896 Towanda
9 May 1896 Dunlap John M W Phillip Hannah Welch Troy Twp. trackman 7 Jan 1896 Troy Twp.
9 May 1896 Decker Frank M W Milton Marinda Tuscarora laborer 20 Jan 1896 Tuscarora
24 May 1896 Decker Lettie F W Alonzo Lib Tuscarora laborer 16 Feb 1896 Tuscarora
6 May 1896 Dixon Ralph Hiram M W Clifton Margueret Ulster harnessmaker 25 Dec 1895 Ulster
7 May 1896 Doane Cealia H. F W Robert Jennie Windham farmer 8 Mar 1896 Windham
7 May 1896 Donovan Daniel W. M W Daniel Lida Wyalusing farmer 16 Dec 1895 Wyalusing
13 Dec 1896 Davis unnamed M W Ashley Ada Albany Twp. laborer Nov 2 1896 Albany Twp.
15 Dec 1896 Douglass Viola F W George A. Jennie Armenia Twp. farmer 6 Aug 1896 Armenia Twp.
7 Dec 1896 Darrow Walter M W F. L. Frances Orange Hill laborer 25 Jan 1895 West Burlington
25 Nov 1896 Davies Annie S. f W Richard Mary Barclay laborer 23 Nov 1893 Barclay
7 Dec 1896 Drake Ida Belle F W Purl Eliza Litchfield laborer 1 Aug 1896 Litchfield
3 Dec 1896 Decker Helen F W Floyd L. Emma A. Litchfield farmer 24 Aug 1896 Litchfield
14 Dec 1896 Dolan unnamed F W Luke Annie Orwell, Pa. farmer 10 Nov 1896 Orwell, Pa.
5 Dec 1896 Davies Mary J. F W Daniel Flora Pike farmer 5 nov 1896 Pike
10 Dec 1896 Dickens unnamed M W Stephen G. Emma J. Rome laborer 16 nov 1896 Rome
9 Dec 1896 Dickson Ruby Valzora F W Wm. Ace Jessie A. Sayre fireman 19 Oct 1896 Sayre
  Dunckley Bertha Maranda F W Thomas Nellie Sayre laborer 15 Aug 1896 Sayre
10 Dec 1896 Doty Gordon C. M W Clarence Della Stevenson St. brakeman 16 Aug 1896 Sayre
11 Dec 1896 Davies Ruth E. F W Geo. H. Alice Stevenson St. laborer 13 Aug 1895 Ashley, Pa.
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