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Carl Gilbert McCONNELL (1881 - 1950)
and Myrtle Mae McCONNELL (1878 - 1962)
Were both born in Sullivan Township
Children of Elisabeth WEAVER & Joseph B. McCONNELL
Carl was a minister. He is buried at Prospect Cemetery in Mansfield
Myrtle ran a Tourist Home. She is buried at Oakwood Cemetery in Mansfield
Photo from ther McConnell Album
Photographer W. C. Blenis, Mansfield PA
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd Name of Child Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occupation/Father Date/Birth Place of Birth
5/1/1899 Crawford, Myrtle E. F W Crawford, W. W. Crawford, Emma Stevensville Creamery Man. 2/5/1899 Stevensville
5/10/1899 Cary, Edith F W Cary, Martin Cary, Susan Franklin Farmer 9/1/1898 Franklin
5/1/1899 Chubbuck, Mabel O. F W Chubbuck, C. T. Chubbuck, Jessie Rome Boro Laborer 3/17/1899 Rome Boro
  Conklin, Ethel F W Conklin, Benjamin Conklin, Esther Springfield Farmer 12/10/1898 Springfield
  Chilson, Ernest L M W Chilson, C. F. Chilson, Debie Valard Laborer 12/26/1898 Valard
5/23/1899 Coddington, James H. M W Coddington, Joseph Coddington, Frankie N. Burlington  Blacksmith 12/27/1898 Burlington Twp
5/4/1899 Colton, Beatrice Allen F W Colton, S. C. Colton, Dottie Granville Farmer 12/6/1898 Granville
5/16/1899 Conklin, Melanie May F W Conklin, Chas.A. Conklin, Mary C. Orwell Laborer 12/10/1898 Orwell
5/17/1899 Carrier, Charlotte F W Carrier, A. E. Carrier, Charlotte Orwell Laborer 2/27/1899 Orwell
5/17/1899 Conklin F W Caonklin, A. H. Conklin, Eva E. Orwell Laborer 4/19/1899 Orwell
5/19/1899 Cowles, John Clifton M W Cowles, J. M. Cowles, Florena B (?) Orwell Merchant 5/17/1899 Orwell
5/19/1899 Chaffee, Savanna C. F W Chaffee, Manuel B. Chaffee, Priscilla Orwell Farmer 12/12/1898 Orwell
5/23/1899 Cook M W Cook, Cyrus D. Cook, Clara E. Orwell Laborer 3/16/1899 Orwell
5/23/1899 Cook M W Cook, Cyrus D. Cook, Clara E. Orwell Laborer 3/16/1899 Orwell
5/23/1899 Chaffee M W Chaffee, Earl R. Chaffee, Maggie E. Orwell Farmer 3/9/1899 Orwell
5/25/1899 Cass, Zebulon F. M W Cass, Samuel B. Cass, Cynthia L. Orwell Farmer 1/16/1899 Orwell
5/25/1899 Cron, Tressie May F W Cron, Jacob L. Cron, Della Orwell Laborer 12/3/1898 Rome
11/18/1899 Campbell, Lucy Fidelia F W   Campbell, Maggie W. Burlington   8/17/1899 West Burlington
  Cole, Robert S. M W Cole, Fred L. Cole, Allene A. Canton Boro Laborer 5/31/1899 Canton
11/13/1899 Camp, Maud Jeareldine F W Camp, A. W. Camp, Emma Herrickville Farmer 5/2/1899 Herrick Twp.
12/7/1899 Cass, Gertrude F W Cass, Roy Cass,Addie Herrickville Farmer 8/3/1899 Herrick Twp.
11/13/1899 Crimmins, Leo M W Crimmins, Patrick Crimmins, Anna Terrytown Farmer 6/8/1899 Terrytown
11/14/1899 Cole, Frank Jr. M W Cole, Frank Cole, Ollie Terrytown Laborer 9/17/1899 Terrytown
11/17/1899 Covey, William F. M W Covey, Fred Covey, Minnie Terrytown Farmer 3/31/1899 Terrytown
11/18/1899 Carr, Freddie M W Carr, John B. Carr, Alice Terrytown Farmer 3/9/1899 Terrytown
12/12/1899 Cropo, Frank Kelly M W Cropo, Abraham Cropo, Della Wilawanna Laborer 11/30/1899 Wilawanna
5/13/1899 Chandler, Nina Bell F W Chandler, J. E. Chandler, Myrtie Orange Hill Farmer 5/13/1899 Orange Hill
7/13/1899 Chandler, Harley Willard M W Chandler, R. E. Chandler, Ida May Orange Hill Farmer 7/12/1899 Orange Hill
12/4/1899 Connor, Hilbert M W Connor, Joseph Connor, Hattie Sayre Engineer 6/17/1899 Sayre
  Conklin, Pearl M W Conklin, Albert Conklin, Eva E. Orchard St. Brakeman 4/19/1899 Pottsville, PA
  Corguelutti, Ethel F W Corguelutti, Eugene Corguelutti, Josephine Thomas Ave Barber 11/26/1899 Sayre
12/2/1899 Carey, Willie M. M W Carey, Frank Carey, Mary S. Waverly Brakeman 10/21/1899 S. Waverly
12/7/1899 Cuddy, Elizabeth Robb F W Cuddy, Morris Cuddy, Sarah Cor.Grant & 2nd St Clerk 6/6/1899 Towanda
12/7/1899 Carl, Maud F W Carl, Leon Carl, Nettie May Main St. Laborer 7/29/1899 Towanda
11/24/1899 Cashion, Joseph M W Cashion, Daniel Cashion, Mary Towanda Laborer 8/31/1899 Towanda
12/19/1899 Chubbuck, Thomas E. M W Chubbuck, Edford Chubbuck, Margaret Towanda Brakeman 8/25/1899 Towanda
12/15/1899 Compfort, Archa M W Compfort, Robert Compfort, Lizzie N. Towanda Laborer 11/18/1899 Towanda
5/4/1899 Cashdollar, Evin M W Cashdollar, James E. Cashdollar, Charity Anna Tuscarora Twp Farmer 5/10/1898 Tuscarora Twp.
5/6/1899 Crawford, Emma Ruth F W Crawford, Benjamine Crawford, Sadie Tuscarora Twp Carpenter 3/16/1898 Tuscarora Twp.
5/6/1899 Culver, Noel Bruce M W Culver, Lafayette J. Culver, Ida E. Tuscarora Twp Laborer 3/31/1898 Tuscarora Twp.
12/21/1899 Cartes, Bertie F W Haines, Burton Cartes, Ella Monroe Twp Laborer 7/16/1898 Monroe Twp.
11/13/1899 Crammer, Mary H. F W Crammer, Albert N. Crammer, Charlotte Monroe Boro Laborer 10/30/1899 Monroe Boro
11/13/1899 Campbell, Anna F W Campbell, Berton L. Campbell, Rose Monroe Boro Miller 7/31/1899 Monroe Boro
12/5/1899 Camp F W Camp, Daniel Camp, Bertha Monroe Boro Farmer 11/13/1899 Monroe Boro
11/29/1899 Coveny, Mary Regina F W Coveny, John Coveny, Anna Rome Boro Farmer 6/29/1899 Rome Twp.
11/29/1899 Coveny, Charles M W Coveny, Daniel Coveny, Coty Rome Boro Farmer 9/20/1899 Rome Twp.
12/1/1899 Carpenter, Mabel F W Carpenter, Frank Carpenter, Mattie Smithfield Farmer 12/17/1899 Smithfield
11/14/1899 Corson, Manley M. M W Corson, M.M. Corson, S. A. New Albany Merchant 4/4/1899 New Albany Boro
11/14/1899 Crammer, Floyd M W Crammer, O. C. Crammer, R. E. New Albany Undertaker 12/15/1898 New Albany Boro
11/23/1899 Compton, Beatnes (?) F W Compton, Jacob Compton, Emma Franklin Farmer 7/4/1899 Franklin
11/24/1899 Crandall, Malcolm M W Crandall, Wm. P. Crandall, Carrie Franklin Farmer 4/26/1899 Franklin
11/22/1899 Cotton, Nora F W Cotton, James Cotton, Mary Litchfield Farmer 5/26/1899 Litchfield
12/4/1899 Cole, Merritt M W Cole, Elmer Cole, Eva Litchfield Farmer 10/27/1899 Litchfield
12/5/1899 Cooper, Theodore M W Cooper, Robt. Cooper,Rosabel Litchfield Farmer 7/14/1899 Litchfield
12/8/1899 Coveny, Paul M W Coveny, Dennis Coveny, Elizabeth Litchfield Farmer 10/18/1899 Litchfield
11/14/1899 Colegrove, Anna M. F W Colegrove, Henry Colegrove, Lucy A. Sheshequin Farmer 8/21/1899 Sheshequin
12/1/1899 Coe, Floyd M W Coe, Joe Coe, Franny Rummerfield Laborer 9/18/1899 Rummerfield
12/1/1899 Casper M W Casper, George Casper, Flora Keens Summit Farmer 10/15/1899 Keens Summit
12/1/1899 Claggett, Thomas Ralph M W Claggett, T. I. (?) Claggett, Jessie Rummerfield Farmer 6/19/1899 Rummerfield
11/27/1899 Cuykendall, Henry M W Cuykendall, Harvey Kendall, Frankbery(?) Windham Farmer 9/8/1899 Windham
12/5/1899 Carter, Elva F W Carter, Bentley Carter, Magie Windham Laborer 10/13/1899 Windham
11/22/1899 Curren, Lavelle A. F W Curren, John Curren, Ida Wells Farmer 11/14/1899 Wells
12/8/1899 Chilson, Melvin M W Chilson, L. W. Chilson, Mrs. L. W. Asylum Laborer 6/3/1899 Asylum
11/15/1899 Canfield, Francis L. M W Canfield, Walter A. Theetge, Bertha Ridgebury Farmer 4/22/1899 Ridgebury
11/20/1899 Colewell, Edna F W Colwell, Daniel Larrison, Emma Ridgebury Farmer 4/26/1899 Ridgebury
11/21/1899 Craig, Gordon M W Craig, H K. Waldron, Grace Bently Creek Clerk 9/3/1899 Bentley Creek
5/4/1899 Cowan, Elezear M W Cowan, James R. Cowan, Mary South Creek Farmer 1/20/1899 Fassetts
12/1/1899 Cory, H. B. M W Cory, H. B. Cory, Maria South Creek Farmer 8/4/1899 Gillett
12/1/1899 Craig, Anna F W Craig, Isac Craig, Hattie South Creek Farmer 7/17/1899 Gillett
11/12/1899 Corbin, John Howard M W Corbin, Henry Corbin, May Warren Center Farmer 5/21/1899 Warren Center
  Case, Alfred H. M W Case, Frank   Canton St. Carpenter 7/11/1899 Troy Twp
  Connor, Nellie F W Connor, William   Spaulding St. Laborer 10/16/1899 Troy Twp
12/5/1899 Campbell, Walter M W Campbell, Jason Campbell,Edith Athens Twp. Farmer 11/22/1899 Athens
11/15/1899 Cornell, William Chester M W Cornell, W. P. Carrie  Sayre Merchant 8/30/1899 Sayre
05/14/1900 Coleman, Olive F W Coleman, Jacob Coleman, Kate Terrytown Laborer 04/29/1900 Terrytown
05/15/1900 Covey, Claude E. M W Covey, Frank Covey, Jennie Terrytown Farmer 04/18/1900 Terrytown
05/02/1900 Chamberlin, Philip Raymond M W Chamberlin, Joseph Chamberlin, Hattie Thos. St. Painter 02/05/1900 Towanda
05/08/1900 Cox, Robert M W Cox, Leonard Cox, Julia Main St. Laborer 04/08/1900 Towanda
05/08/1900 Cook, Pearl Develtha F W Cook, Edgar P. Cook, Carrie Bridge St. Turner 09/12/1900 Wysox Twp.
05/07/1900 Cole, Earl L. M. W. Cole, George W. Cole, Daisy Wysox Laborer 02/09/1900 Masadonia
05/16/1900 Chilson, Mable F W Chilson, Harry Chilson, Jennie Grover Laborer 04/10/1900 Grover
05/12/1900 Cranmer, Guila B. F W Cranmer, W. A. Cranmer, Elisabeth Powell Laborer 12/23/1899 Franklindale
05/10/1900 Campbell, Fred M W Campbell, Archie Campbell, Lella Windham Cheesemaker 04/29/1900 Windham
05/07/1900 Canfield, Albert Loren M W Canfield, Geo.  Canfield, Emma Wells Farmer 03/08/1900 Wells
05/19/1900 Collins, Irena F W Collins, Geo. W. Collins, Sarah Rome  Farmer 04/14/1900 Rome Twp.
05/08/1900 Chaffee, Gerald L. M W Chaffee, Asher Chaffee, Minnie Camptown Miller 04/21/1900 Camptown
05/29/1900 Comfort, Margaret D. F W Comfort, Warren Comfort, Hannah Columbia Laborer 10/06/1900 Columbia
05/22/1900 Cummins, Ethel F W Cummins, Charles Parks, Emma Bently Creek Farmer 12/3/1899 Bentley Creek
05/19/1900 Clancy, Walter Joseph M W Clancy, Thomas Clancy, Margaret Kingsbury Ave Laborer 11/5/1899 Towanda
06/04/1900 Coil, James John M W Coil, John E. Coil, Mary Wyalusing Drover 12/24/1899 Wyalusing
May. 1900 Crowell, Liston M W Crowell, W. E. Crowell, Mary A. J. Rumsey Farmer 5/10/1899 Springfield
05/15/1900 Campbell, William C. M W Campbell, Geo. Jr. Campbell, Jenny Greens Landing Farmer 11/19/1899 Greens Landing
05/08/1900 Carner, Marjorie E. F W Carner, Evans B. Carrier, Nellie Athens Twp. Merchant 01/24/1900 Athens
05/18/1900 Campbell, William C. M W Campbell, William J. Campbell, Lillian Sayre Engineer 11/24/1899 Sayre
05/11/1900 Cox, Ralph M W Cox, John Cox, Grace Sayre Brakeman 03/09/1900 Sayre
05/15/1900 Cowell, Franklin Benjamin M W Cowell, Wilbur H. Cowell, Artie Mamsie(?) Sayre Engineer 04/28/1900 Sayre
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