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Leigh WELCH was born in Sullivan Township 01 NOV 1882
Son of Ruth Mariah HOLLY and Freeman WELCH
Photo from the McConnell Album
Photographer - McFarlin of Mansfield
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd Name of Child Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occupation/Father Date/Birth Place of Birth
9/7/1898 Crocker, Stanton G. M W Crocker, Ralph S. Crocker, Maud Walnut St. Fireman 8/16/1898 Athens Boro
9/7/1898 Carl. Leslie B. M W Carl, George Carl, Rachel Frederick St. Laborer 6/15/1898 Athens Boro
5/3/1898 Carter, Carl A. M W Carter, Stanly Carter, Mary Silvara Laborer 3/2/1898 Silvara
5/3/1898 Carter, Ella M. F W Carter, J. L. Carter, Vena Silvara Farmer 2/6/1898 Silvara
5/3/1898 Casselbury, Henry M W Casselbury, Henry J. Casselbury, Dorcas Stevensville Laborer 3/15/1898 Stevensville
5/10/1898 Coleman, Walter E. M W Coleman, Elmer L. Coleman, Maggie Pike Farmer 2/3/1898 Pike
5/8/1898 Courtright, Jessie F W Courtright, George Courtright, Christine Holly St. Brakeman 8/3/1898 Sayre
5/7/1898 Coles, Walter H. M W Coles, Branard Mary Sayre Laborer 10/25/1898 Sayre
5/11/1898 Cornell, Marion Eleanor F W Cornell, Wm. Penn Cornell, Carrie Sayre Merchant 4/23/1898 Sayre
5/24/1898 Cole, Paul Catlin M W Cole, Giles C. Cole, Agnes M. Sayre Fireman 4/29/1898 Sayre
3/8/1898 Clinton, Robert L. M W Clinton,D. R. Clinton, Jennie Cedar Ledge Teamster 3/8/1898 Cedar Ledge
7/25/1898 Crawford, Alta F W Crawford, William Crawford, Meda S. Center St. Laborer 5/25/1898 Canton Boro
9/7/1898 Cease, LeRoy M W Cease, C. L. Cease, Gertrude Washington St. Blacksmith 8/13/1898 Washington St.
5/18/1898 Califf, Elery M. M W Califf, J. E. Califf, Carrie Springfield Farmer 12/29/1898 Springfield
9/7/1898 Canfield, Mildred R. F W Canfield, Geo.C. Canfield, Eva R. LeRaysville Farmer 6/3/1898 LeRaysville
9/7/1898 Cole, Inez F W Cole, Eugene L. Cole, Zoa Monroe Boro Laborer 8/8/1898 Monroe Boro
11/22/1898 Cowls, Amy Elizabeth F W Cowls, Arthur Cowls, Elizabeth Windham Farmer 11/3/1898 Windham
11/22/1898 Chubb, Dewey S. M W Chubb, Leonard Chubb, Lency B. Windham Farmer 6/22/1898 Windham
11/23/1898 Cook. Lulu F W Cook, Alfred Cook, Dellie Windham Farmer 6/3/1898 Windham
11/25/1898 Cheney, Arline A. F W Cheney, Frank Cheney, Mable Windham Farmer 8/1/1898 Windham
11/30/1898 Cole, Katie F W Cole, Wilson G. Cole, Charthren Windham Farmer 11/6/1898 Windham
12/10/1898 Colclough, Oswald Simister M W Colclough, William Fredine Colclough, Sara Cooper Monroe Boro Minister 11/19/1898 Monroe Boro
12/15/1898 Cole, Thelma Dorthea F W Cole, Chas. G. Cole, Lena Pearl Sayre Clerk 11/25/1898 Sayre
11/30/1898 Corcran, Francis Elizabeth F W Corcran, Patrick Corcran, Mary S. Waverly Laborer 10/12/1898 S. Waverly
12/2/1898 Carey, Francis Joseph M W Carey, Frank Carey, Minnie S. Waverly Brakeman 9/28/1898 S. Waverly
12/7/1898 Cole, Truman Earl M W Cole, Truman Cole, Annie B. Greens Landing Laborer 10/18/1898 Greens Landing
12/7/1898 Cole, William Henry M W Cole, Truman Cole, Annie B. Greens Landing Laborer 7/6/1897 Greens Landing
12/9/1898 Carmen, Iva F W Carmen, B. P. Carmen, Lottie Athens Laborer 8/11/1898 Athens Twp.
11/18/1898 Criddle, Robert H. M W Criddle, Wm. H. Criddle, Ellen Athens Boro Laborer 4/5/1898 Athens Boro
12/8/1898 Croll, Sam W. M W Croll, Freman W. Croll, Stella Willow St. Laborer 5/22/1898 Athens Boro
12/9/1898 Case, Minnie Sephe F W Case, A. F. Case, Edith H. Troy Twp Farmer 11/21/1898 Troy Twp
11/17/1898 Coons, Marguarte F W Coons, Robt. Coons, Catherine T"hos. St. Shoemaker 9/2/1898 Towanda
11/18/1898 Conley, Agnes F W Conley, L. T. Conley, Marguaret Main St. Vet'y Surgeon 6/8/1898 Towanda
  Campbell, Julia N. F W Campbell, Alanson Campbell, Sarah Bridge St. Undertaker 9/22/1898 Towanda
  Caroll, Margarett F W Caroll, Michael Carroll,Bridgett Elliott St. Watchman 9/22/1898 Towanda
12/9/1898 Congdon, Grace K. F W Congdon, Walter N. Kilmer, Grace 405 Third Horse Trainer 7/28/1898 Towanda
12/6/1898 Coleman, Cathran Francis F W Coleman, Richard Hawley, Mary F. 16 Mechanic Wood Finister (?) 10/10/1898 Towanda
12/6/1898 Childs, Arthur Eugene M W Childs, Arthur Carrie N. Main Merchant 10/9/1898 Towanda
12/6/1898 Cowen, William D. M W Cowen, H. H. Anna Orchard St. Laborer 5/30/1898 Towanda
11/15/1898 Comford, Magie F W Comfort, Robert Comfort, L. M. Oren Rice Est. Farmer 10/22/1898 Towanda Twp
11/18/1898 Codding, John W. Jr. M W Codding, John W. Codding, Anne Hale Homestead Lawyer 8/7/1898 Towanda Twp
12/2/1898 Coolbaugh, Emily F W Coolbaugh, A.E. Coolbaugh, Myrtle M. A. Bastley Liner 3/5/1898 Towanda Twp
12/3/1898 Chapman, Frances F W Chapman, B. A. Chapman, Martha C. Homestead Miller 6/30/1898 Towanda Twp
12/21/1898 Crammer M W Crammer, O. C. Crammer, Rena E. New Albany Merchant Dealer 12/19/1898 New Albany
11/14/1898 Chapman, Alice F W Chapman, Theodore Chapman, Alice Armenia Farmer 6/23/1898 Armenia
12/14/1898 Cooper, Letha M. F W Cooper, Ira Cooper, Belle Vawter Farmer 10/2/1898 Vawter
12/14/1898 Cooper, Ann E. F W Cooper, W. A. Cooper, Jessie Litchfield Farmer 11/17/1898 Litchfield
4/15/1898 Champion, Ida M W Champion, Elmer Champion, Ida Foot of Plane Laborer 4/16/1898 Foot of Plane
9/14/1898 Champion F W Champion, Joseph Champion, Lena Foot of Plane Laborer 9/14/1898 Foot of Plane
4/22/1898 Chaples, Allen M W Chaples, Learn Chaples, Ida Carbon Laborer 4/22/1898 Carbon
12/22/1898 Coburn, Carolyne F W Coburn, Sidney Coburn, Clara Warren Center Laborer 10/8/1898 Warren Center
12/9/1898 Chaffee -Not Named M W Chaffee, Ellis D. Chaffee,Stella Orwell Farmer 10/18/1898 Orwell
11/15/1898 Crotty, Catherine Francis F W Crotty, Michael Crotty, Mary South Creek Farmer 2/7/1898 Gilletts
12/20/1898 Conant, Anna C. F W Conant, Milton A. Conant, Daisy J. Quicks Bend Farmer 10/4/1898 Quicks Bend
11/16/1898 Chilson, Alice May F W Chilson, Jacob Chilson, Mary Asylum Farmer 7/31/1898 Asylum
11/24/1898 Croak, Wm. M W Croak, J. P. Croak, Rose Asylum Farmer 8/5/1898 Asylum
12/15/1898 Coleman, Elsie May F W Coleman, George N. Coleman, Edeth Herrickville Farmer 1/19/1898 Herrick
  Coe, Dewey Edward M W Coe, Job Coe, Della Rummerfield Laborer 6/24/1898 Rummerfield
  Clark, Floid Elihue M W Clark, Elmore Clark, Jenny Rummerfield Farmer 7/21/1898 Rummerfield
11/30/1898 Crowley, Nora F W Crowley, John C. Crowley, Joeanna Smithfield Farmer 6/22/1898 Smithfield
12/5/1898 Conrad, Miles M W Conrad, O. K. Conrad, Ida Wysox Peddler 8/13/1898 Wysox
12/7/1898 Chamberlin, Mable Harriet F W Chamberlain, S. J. Jr. Chamberlin, Addie Myersburg Farmer 8/20/1898 Myersburg
12/7/1898 Chamberlin, Francis M W Chamberlain, G. M. Chamberlin, Blanch Myersburg Farmer 8/7/1898 Myersburg
12/2/1898 Colegrove, Anna F W Colegrove, Charles L. Colegrove, Nancy A. Rome Twp. School Teacher 8/4/1898 Rome Twp
12/5/1898 Carman, Laurence Claude M W Carman, Charles Carman, Ella M. Rome Boro Merchant 9/24/1898 Rome Boro
12/8/1898 Cowles, Leigh D. M W Cowles, A. E. Cowels, Clara Alba  Laborer 10/30/18981Alba  
12/5/1898 Clinck, Florence Almina F W Clinck, Adam Clinck, Eliza Rushville Wheelwright 9/12/1898 Rushville
12/7/1898 Carr, Thurza Arline F W Carr, John B. Carr, Susie Brushville Farmer 9/29/1898 Brushville
12/7/1898 Crandle, Myrtle F W Crandle, J. L. Crandle, Rosa L. Grover Farmer 9/2/1898 Grover
12/22/1898 Collins, Blanch L. F W Collins, Wm. H. Collins, Jeannette Canton Boro Undertaker 9/19/1898 Canton Boro
12/9/1898 Chamberlin, Harrold E. M W Chamberlin, Mark  Grace, Arotine Ridgebury Farmer 9/29/1898 Ridgebury
11/18/1898 Campbell, Elcie Wanetta F W Campbell, Perry R. Campbell, Mary Ulster Butcher 9/11/1898 Ulster
12/22/1898 Carman, Arthur S. M W Carman, John Carman, Diantha Sheshequin Farmer 1/1/1898 Sheshequin
12/10/1898 Cahill, Alonzo M W Cahill, Frank Cahill, Alvira Overton Twp Farmer 7/28/1898 Overton
12/12/1898 Chamberlin, Claude M W Chamberlin, Harry Chamberlin, Abbie Overton Twp Laborer 12/8/1898 Overton
11/28/1898 Campbell, Arthur W. M W Campbell, Albert H. Campbell, Anna M. Burlington Twp Farmer 10/19/1898 Burlington Twp
5/5/1899 Coats, Frank L. M W Coats, G. B. Coats, Minnie Greenwood Laborer 10/18/1898 Greenwood
  Comstock, Mildred F W Comstock, Merritt Comstock, Susan Edinger Hill Laborer 10/15/1898 Edinger Hill
5/9/1899 Cooper, Bert M W Cooper, Charles W. Dunbar, Bertha Ridgebury Farmer 4/8/1899 Ridgebury
5/12/1899 Covell, Archie E. M W Covell, Elmer Mosher, Jessie Bentley Creek Farmer 11/16/1898 Bentley Creek
5/15/1899 Cornish, Mary I. F W Cornish, Fred J. Bentley, Carrie Bentley Creek Farmer 3/7/1899 Bentley Creek
5/4/1899 Cardwill, Harry M W Cardwill, J. F. Cardwill, Anna B. Terrytown Laborer 4/29/1899 Terrytown
5/15/1899 Campbell, Laura F W Campbell,Archabald Campbell, Leobeda (?) Terrytown Laborer 8/4/1898 Terrytown
5/5/1899 Corbin, Infant Son M W Corbin, F. M. Wilcox, Myra Albany Soldier 3/17/1899 South Branch
5/8/1899 Cole, Infant Daughter F W Cole, Fred Cole, Lizzie Monroeton Farmer 5/1/1899 Monroeton
5/15/1899 Curkendall, Murtle I. F W Curkendall, Vincent (?) Curkendall, Victoria Smithfield Farmer 1/17/1899 Smithfield
5/15/1899 Campbell M W Campbell, William Campbell, Cora Smithfield Physician 4/22/1899 Smithfield
5/2/1899 Canfield, Frank M W Canfield, Geo.  Canfield, Emma Wells Farmer 2/10/1899 Wells
5/10/1899 Campbell, Nora Narcisie F W Campbell, J. L. Campbell, Mirtie Troy Twp Farmer 2/21/1899 Troy Twp
5/25/1899 Cowl, Leslie Arthur M W Cowl, Merton H.; Cowl, Ada B. Columbia Farmer 7/14/1898 Columbia
5/10/1899 Collins, Beryl Elisa F W Collins, Harry F. Collins, Mary H. Sayre Superintendent 1/14/1899 Sayre
5/20/1899 Cooper, Dora Ruth F W Cooper, Emmett B. Cooper, Nettie Sayre Laborer 1/10/1899 Sayre
7/25/1899 Curtiss, Howard Crosby M W Curtiss, George S. Curtiss, Nella Athens Editor 6/20/1899 Athens
9/4/1899 Coons, James M. M W Coons, Claud Coons, Francis Canton Boro Laborer 2/9/1899 Canton 
5/20/1899 Camp, Emma F W Camp, Harry Camp, Alice Grover Laborer 3/13/1899 Grover
5/11/1899 Chilson, Miles M W Chilson, Steven Chilson, Hattie Homets Ferry Laborer 2/10/1899 Homets Ferry
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