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Ada Ellen COOK was born in Rutland or Jackson in 1900
Daughter of Nellie E. BREWER and Merritt L. COOK
Photo from Gertrude CRUMM Strunk
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd Name of Child Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occupation/Father Date/Birth Place of Birth
  Carl, Pauline F W Carl, Robert Carl, Eva LeRaysville Piano Tuner 6/12/1897 LeRaysville
5/15/1897 Crimins, Alice F W Crimmins, Patrick C. Crimmins, Anna Spring Lake Farmer 10/11/1896 Spring Lake, Terry Twp
5/18/1897 Carrier, Cecil R. M W Carrier, A. E. Carrier, Charlotte Tuscarora Laborer 4/2/1897 Tuscarora
5/26/1897 Carter, Alice M. F W Carter, Ziba Carter, Carrie Tuscarora Farmer 3/1/1897 Tuscarora
6/15/1897 Culver, Emmet F W Culver, Hiram Culver, Lucy Tuscarora Farmer 2/13/1897 Tuscarora
9/1/1897 Cederborg, Eugenia F W Cederborg, George Cederberg, Besse Overton Laborer 1/18/1897 Overton
9/1/1897 Carle, Michael M W Carle, Pat Carle, Mary N. Towanda Laborer 1/13/1896 N. Towanda
5/4/1897 Collins, Nora F W Collins, J.D. Collins, Nova Smithfield Farmer 4/14/1897 Smithfield
5/4/1897 Chamberlin, Guy M W Chamberlain, C. T. Chamberlain, Mary Smithfield Laborer 3/1/1897 Smithfield
5/4/1897 Clinton, Frank M W Clinton, F. C. Clinton, Margaret Smithfield Farmer 3/14/1897 Smithfield
5/4/1897 Campbell, Percy E. M W Campbell,E. O. Campbell, Laura Smithfield Farmer 3/21/1897 Smithfield
5/12/1897 Chamberlain F W Unknown Chamberlain, Maud Smithfield   5/6/1897 Smithfield
  Crowe, Catharine F W Crowe, Thomas Powers, Mary Troy Twp  Trackman on R.R. 4/14/1897 Troy 
5/8/1897 Chesley, Nina Leona F W Chesley,C. L. Chesley, Arilla Canton Farmer 1/27/1897 Canton 
10/22/1897 Colclough, Dorothy Cooper F W Colclough, William Frederic Colclough, Sara Cooper Monroe Boro Minister 10/12/1897 Monroe Boro
12/10/1897 Crane, John A. M W Crane, William Elizabeth Backin Twp (?) Farmer 11/23/1897 Monroe Twp.
  Clark, Goldie F W Clark, Harry A. Clark, Francis  LeRoy Farmer 3/22/1897 LeRoy
12/8/1897 Carpenter, Helen Frances F W Carpenter, F.E. Carpenter, Martha C. Smithfield Farmer 8/21/1897 Smithfield
12/8/1897 Campbell, Ruth Margaret F W Campbell, W. R. Campbell, Cora Smithfield Physician 8/21/1897 Smithfield
12/6/1897 Coburn, Parley B. M W Coburn, Sidney L. Coburn, Clarisa Warren Creamery Operator 6/14/1897 Warren
12/5/1897 Clark, Ethel A. F W Clark, Wm. H. Clark, Mary L. Windham Laborer 5/14/1897 Windham
12/11/1897 Clark, Elenor L. F W Clark,Woodford Clark, Delphene Canton St. Farmer 7/28/1897 Windham
12/11/1897 Case, Annie (?) F W Case, M. P. Case, Emma J. Farmers Valley Laborer 8/21/1897 Windham
9/30/1897 Chuski, Marrie F W Chuski, John Chuski, Victoria S. Waverly Laborer 1/16/1897 S. Waverly
12/10/1897 Crowley, Inez Ruth F W Crowley,Wm. Crowley, Leda Alberta Sayre Conductor 7/9/1897 Sayre
  Clearwater, Bert M W Clearwater, Daniel Clearwater, Harriet Erie St. Laborer 7/26/1897 Sayre
3/27/1897 Cox, Amelia F W Cox,Williard Cox, Mary Lamoka Laborer 3/21/1897 Lamoka
5/21/1897 Cox, Edward M W Cox, Edward Cox, Clara Lamoka Laborer 5/7/1897 Lamoka
7/10/1897 Champion, Ralph M W Champion, Joseph Champion, Lila Foot of Plane Laborer 7/5/1897 Foot of Plane
12/10/1897 Carrington,Ruth F W Carrington, W.A. Carrington, Nellie Wyalusing Mins. 4/6/1897 Wyalusing
12/10/1897 Caselbarre, Mary F W Caselbarre, Chas. Caselbarre, M.C. Browntown Laborer 11/3/1897 Browntown
12/10/1897 Caswell, Baby M W Caswell, I.W. Caswell, Ella J. Lime Hill Farmer 12/3/1897 Lime Hill
12/13/1897 Chaffee, Ralph M W Chaffee, A. S. Chaffee, Minnie L. Camptown Laborer 11/6/1897 Camptown
12/8/1897 Cole, Frank M W Cole, Charles Cole,Ida Athens  Laborer 8/29/1897 Athens Boro
12/8/1897 Campbell, Ethel May F W Campbell,Jas. P. Campbell, Nellie Athens Twp Farmer 5/31/1897 Athens Twp.
12/8/1897 Campbell, Lena F W Campbell, Wm. T. Campbell, Ettie Athens Twp Farmer 10/6/1897 Athens Twp.
5/12/1897 Campbell, Hazel I. F W Campbell, Wm. T. Campbell, Candis E. Athens Laborer 1/6/1897 East Athens
12/14/1897 Chapman, Loyd M W Chapman,Theo A. Chapman, Alice Armenia Farmer 7/21/1897 Armenia
12/14/1897 Comfort, Viola F W Comfort, James Comfort, Ida Mary Armenia Laborer 5/9/1897 Armenia
12/14/1897 Cornright, Vera F W Cornright, John Cornright, Cora Armenia Farmer 9/10/1897 Armenia
12/13/1897 Campbell, Homer Grant M W Campbell, Rush Campbell, Floy Albany Twp Farmer 7/26/1897 Albany Twp
10/26/1897 Canedy, John S. M W Canedy, S. M. Canedy, Rose M. Sylvania Butcher 3/15/1897 Sylvania
12/4/1897 Chilson, Nellie F W Chilson, E. Irvine Chilson, Lonie (?) Asylum Laborer 6/13/1897 Asylum
12/4/1897 Chilson, Alen F W Chilson, Burton Chilson, Ada Asylum Laborer 7/21/1897 Asylum
12/8/1897 Crany, Aina F W Crany, W. H. Crany, Libbie Springfield Farmer 6/15/1897 Springfield
10/14/1897 Canfield, Burnier (?) F W Compton, Harry Canfield, Gurtey Wells Farmer 4/1/1897 Wells
12/7/1897 Campbell, Olivia F W Campbell, John Campbell, Mintie Columbia Farmer 8/28/1897 Columbia
12/7/1897 Colgrove, Clinton M. M W Colgrove, Henry Colgrove, Lucy A. Sheshequin Farmer 2/28/1897 Sheshequin
12/7/1897 Chapman, Ruth Aline F W Chapman, Albert Chapman, Mary Sheshequin Farmer 9/3/1897 Sheshequin
12/14/1897 Capwell, Ralph M W Capwell, Russell Capwell, Josephine Overton Laborer 7/14/1897 Overton
12/10/1897 Chaffee, Maude F W Chaffee, Albert D. Chaffee, Lottie A. Orwell Carpenter 10/1/1897 Orwell
12/10/1897 Cooley M W Cooley, B.B. Cooley, Lizzie Jane Orwell Farmer 7/19/1897 Orwell
12/11/1897 Conklin, Hazel F W Conklin, Horace  Conklin, Mary M. Orwell Farmer 8/13/1897 Orwell
10/19/1897 Coleman,Daniel H. M W Coleman, Melvin Coleman, Lorrie ColdCreek Farmer 2/10/1897 Herrick Twp
12/3/1897 Camp, Bertha Eugene F W Camp, Wilbur Camp, Minnie 2nd St. Towanda Architect 7/3/1897 Towanda
12/9/1897 Chamberlin, Eddy M W Chamberlin, Harry Chamberlin, Abby Towanda Twp. Shoemaker 2/18/1897 New Albany
4/4/1898 Campbell, J. Winton M W Campbell, Winton G. Campbell, Carrie B. Monroe Boro Merchant 11/17/1897 Monroe Boro
5/12/1898 Camp,William M W Camp, Daniel Camp, Bertha Monroe Boro Laborer 12/4/1897 Monroe Boro
5/21/1898 Courtright, Louie M W Courtright, John Courtright, Gurtrude Wells Farmer 4/13/1898 Wells
6/7/1898 Congdon, Ella May F W Congdon, Ed Congdon, Ella Wells Farmer 9/27/1897 Wells
6/4/1898 Comfort, Olive F W Comfort, Warren Comfort, Hannah Columbia Laborer 3/29/1898 Columbia
5/16/1898 Case, Allen J. M W Case, A. B. Case, Hattie Alba Farmer 1/1/1898 Alba
5/17/1898 Crandall, Geraldine F W Crandall,George Crandall, Libbie Alba Laborer 3/25/1898 Alba
5/5/1898 Casselbery, Bessie F W Casselbery, W. F. Casselbery, Hattie Camptown Laborer 3/28/1898 Camptown
5/5/1898 Clough,EdmundMills M W Clough, Fredric M. Clough, Bertha Parsonage Minister 3/14/1898 East Canton
5/16/1898 Cole,Frank M. M W Cole, Fred L. Cole, Anna A. Canton Mechanic 12/16/1897 Canton 
5/16/1898 Chapin, LaDorna F W Chapin, Seran (?) Chapin, Mattie Canton Farmer 1/3/1897 Canton 
5/25/1898 Clancy,Robert Andrews M W Clancy, Thyomas Sullivan, Margret 201 Third St. Laborer 12/5/1897 Towanda
5/9/1898 Cass, Mildred A. F W Cass, Lewis C. Cass, Amanda C.] Rome Farmer 4/15/1898 Rome
5/13/1898 Collins, Effie F W Collins, George Collins, Sally Rome Farmer 3/8/1896 Rome
6/1/1898 Chilson, Robert M W Chilson, Austin Chilson, Burtha LeRoy Farmer 5/28/1898 LeRoy
5/10/1898 Coyle, Charles Arthur M W Coyle, James F. Coyle, Hattie Hollenback Farmer 10/24/1897 Hollenback
5/10/1898 Coyle, Frances M W Coyle,John E. Coyle, Mary Hollenback Farmer 3/3/1898 Hollenback
7/30/1898 Cole, Anna F W Cole, Oliver Cole, Polly Terry Twp Laborer 5/23/1898 Terrytown
9/5/1898 Campbell, Laura Belle F W Campbell, Archabald Campbell, Lobelia Terry Twp Laborer 8/4/1898 Terry Twp.
May 1898 Cornaby, Emma Elizabeth F W Cornaby, Herman Cornaby, Florence Smithfield Laborer 6/24/1897 Smithfield
May 1898 Champion, Cornelius Earl M W Champion, J.A. Champion, Lulu Smithfield Farmer 3/25/1898 Smithfield
  Cowan, Judd L. M W Cowan, James Cowan, Mary O. South Creek Farmer 8/4/1896 South Creek
12/1/1897 Craig, Carl M M W Craig, E.M. Craig, Claribel South Creek Merchant 1/30/1897 South Creek
12/2/1897 Craig, Samuel M W Craig, Isaac Craig, Hattie M. South Creek Farmer 2/5/1897 South Creek
5/16/1898 Cowles F W Cowles, J. M. (?) Cowles, Flora B. Orwell Merchant 1/12/1898 Orwell
5/20/1898 Chaffee M W Chaffee, A. P. Chaffee, Frankie Amelia Orwell Cigar Maker 2/13/1898 Orwell
5/12/1898 Coolbaugh, Harlo M W Coolbaugh, Jessie Coolbaugh, Lelia Asylum Farmer 4/24/1898 Asylum
5/18/1898 Chaffee, Sara L. F W Chaffee, Lincoln Chaffee, Sarah Harley (?) Farmer 5/11/1898 Harley
5/10/1898 Czaikowski, Sophia F W Czaikowski, Joseph Czaikowski, Victoria S. Waverly Laborer 3/30/1898 S. Waverly
5/4/1898 Covney, Catharine A. F W Covney, Dennis Jr. Covney, Elizabeth Litchfield Farmer 1/5/1898 Litchfield
5/5/1898 Case, Newton A. M W Case. C. P. Case, Ettie Litchfield Farmer 2/18/1898 Litchfield
5/18/1898 Conrad, Freda I. F W Conrad, E. W. Conrad,Gertrude Litchfield Laborer 3/14/1898 Litchfield
5/18/1898 Catlin, Anna F W Catlin, A. J. Catlin, Isabella M. Litchfield Farmer 12/19/1897 Litchfield
9/7/1898 Cotton, Nettie May F W Cotton, James C. Cotton, Mary Ettie Litchfield Farmer 3/25/1898 Litchfield
9/71898 Claggett, Frederick L. M W Claggett, T. I. Claggett, Jesse Standing Stone Farmer 4/31/1898(?) Standing Stone
5/5/1898 Chapman, Edith F W Chapman, John Chapman,Arvilla Albany Twp. Farmer 1/18/1898 Albany Twp
5/2/1898 Chandler, Baby M W Chandler, Geo Chandler, Estella Athens Farmer 4/20/1898 Athens
9/6/1898 Cangley, Edward M W Cangley, Patrick Cangley, Mary Athens Boro Blacksmith 8/18/1898 Athens Boro
5/26/1898 Carpenter, Wm. Franklin M W Carpenter, Wm. Carpenter, Alice Wheelock Ave Laborer 4/12/1898 Athens Boro
9/7/1898 Crayton, Laura F W Crayton, George Crayton, Etta Main St. Laborer 5/9/1898 Athens Boro
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