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Robert Kenneth CAMPBELL and Ruth Kathleen CAMPBELL
Born 19 SEP 1910 in Ralston, Lycoming, PA
Twins of Nellie Catherine BARNES and John Newton CAMPBELL
Following Nellie's 1912 death, Robert was fostered by Ada COVERT & Seward NASH of Troy and Sullivan Township. He and was known as Bob NASH.
Ruth was adopted by Lillian and Lewis SMITH and lived inCanada.
Bob died 1966 in West Virginia, and Ruth died 1990
Photo submitted by Joan NASH O'Dell
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd Name of Child Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occupation/Father Date/Birth Place of Birth
5/10/1895 Chamberlin, Charlie M W Chamberlin, GeorgeM. Chamberlin, Blanch Myersburgh Farmer 6/10/1895 Myersburgh
5/7/1895 Conrad, Robert A. M W Conrad, Orin  Conrad, Ida B. Wysox 2 Dis. Laborer 1/11/1895 Ulster Twp
12/7/1895 Cornright, Gladys F W Cornright, John Cornright, Cora Armenia Farmer 6/23/1895 Armenia Twp
12/11/1895 Case, Ora Belle F W Case, Anson Case, Donna Armenia Laborer 4/20/1895 Armenia Twp
12/2/1895 Chilson, Beatrice Ruth F W Chilson, Horace W. Chilson, Jessie M. Athens Butcher 11/4/1895 Athens Boro
11/26/1895 Croll, Anna M. F W Croll, Freeman Croll, Stella Pike St. Laborer 3/22/1895 Athens Boro
12/2/1895 Crayton, Ralph W. M W Crayton, George Crayton, Etta Main St. Laborer 9/23/1895 Athens Boro
12/2/1895 Collins, Nellie F W Collins, Jas. D. Collins, Nora Athens Twp Farmer 8/1/1895 Athens Twp
12/2/1895 Coveny, Mary Agnes F W Coveny, Jerry J. Coveny, Ella Athens Twp Farmer 10/15/1895 Athens Twp
12/2/1895 Campbell, Herbert Lewis M W Campbell, Wm. F. Campbell, Ettie K. Athens Twp Farmer 11/6/1895 Athens Twp
12/3/1895 Coveney, Anna F W Coveney, John Coveney, Ellen Athens Twp Farmer 10/19/1895 Athens Twp
10/8/1895 Clarkson, Janett M W Tallada, John Clarkson, David Long Valley Miner 10/8/1895 Long Valley
12/6/1895 Chilson, Maud Ellen F W Chilson, Thomas N. Chilson, Harriett Burlington Twp Laborer 7/13/1895 Burlington Twp
10/2/1895 Crayton, Ralph W. M W Crayton, George Crayton, Ettie S. Center St. Laborer 9/23/1895 Canton Boro
12/5/1895 Crofut, Pearl M W Crofut, Seely Crofut, Bessie Franklin Farmer 6/23/1895 Franklin Twp
11/19/1895 Comstock, Harry M W Comstock, C. G. Comstock, Mary Ballibay Dist. Farmer 10/9/1895 Herrick Twp
11/26/1895 Case, William M W Case, Chas. P. Case, Ettie Litchfield Laborer 7/8/1895 Litchfield
12/9/1895 Cole, Lewis Clie M W Cole, Elmier L. Cole, Mary Litchfield Farmer 11/9/1895 Litchfield
9/17/1895 Cole, Herbert Leo M W Cole, Euene Lyman Cole, Zoa Elizabeth Monroe Boro Laborer 8/25/1895 Monroe Boro
11/10/1895 Cramner, Eleanor F W Cramner, Harley A. Cramner, Clara Monroe Boro Laborer 5/15/1895 Monroe Boro
11/29/1895 Campbell, Hannah Louise F W Campbell, Winton G. Campbell, Carrie Monroe Boro Station Agent 10/23/1895 Monroe Boro
12/2/1895 Camp, Margaret F W Camp, W. R. Camp, Maud Schrader Branch Farmer 7/18/1895 Monroe Twp.
12/3/1895 Cranmer, Orrin D. M W Cranmer, M. A. Cramner, Julia Monroe Twp. Farmer 11/5/1895 Monroe Twp.
12/3/1895 Cranmer, Julius S. M W Cranmer, M. A. Cranmer, Julia Monroe Twp Farmer 11/5/1895 Monroe Twp.
12/6/1895 Chilson, Fred M. M W Chilson, Jefferson Chilson, Mary Monroe Twp Laborer 8/27/1895 Burlington Twp
12/5/1895 Corner, Selma Edith F W Corner, Anson Corner, Sarah Overton Laborer 6/14/1895 Overton
12/3/1895 Carrier, Virginia B. F W Carrier, A. Carrier, Charlotte Stevensville Laborer 9/7/1895 Stevensville
12/12/1895 Canfield, Jessie May F W Canfield,Walter A. Canfield, Bertha Ridgebury Farmer 9/2/1895 Ridgebury
12/3/1895 Cron,Maudie F W Cron, James Cron, Mary L. Rome Twp Laborer 6/25/1895 Rome Twp.
12/2/1895 Cortright, Angela F W Cortright,Wm.G. Cortright, Mertie May Sayre Laborer 9/27/1895 Athens
11/13/1895 Coles, Emma H. F W Coles,Brainard Mary E. Sayre Laborer 4/6/1895 Sayre
11/14/1895 Cole, Henry G. M W Cole,James Helen Sayre Brakeman 12/3/1894 S. Waverly
12/6/1895 Curry, John M W Curry, Lawrence Curry, Mary William Street Conductor 11/26/1895 S. Waverly
12/3/1895 Cole, Maude F W Cole, Oliver Cole, Polly Terry Twp. Laborer 6/23/1895 Terry Twp.
12/12/1895 Corey, George M W Corey,Isaac B. Corey, Eliza Terry Twp. Carpenter 11/13/1895 Terry Twp.
12/12/1895 Campbell, Lawrence M W Campbell, Archibald Campbell, Lobelia Terry Twp. Laborer 11/5/1895 Terry Twp.
12/3/1895 Chilson,Florence Orinda F W Chilson, Jas. E. Chilson, Jemima Bridge St. Laborer 7/27/1895 Bridge St.
12/3/1895 Curran,Blanche F W Curran, Thomas A. Curran, Mary 4th St. Barber 7/6/1895 4th St.
12/5/1895 Cowen, Huesta F W Cowen,H.H. Cowen, Phoebe Ann Orchard St. Sexton Oak Hill 10/7/1895 Towanda
12/4/1895 Case,Helen F W Case, Milton Dilts, Emma Troy Twp Dist 1 Carpenter 11/1/1895 Troy Twp
12/3/1895 Clark, Ruth F W Clark, Frank Clark, Rose East Troy Laborer 8/13/1895 Delanson
11/21/1895 Carter, Allie M W Carter, Stanley Carter, Mary Tuscarora Stonecutter 9/1/1895 Silvara
11/21/1895 Carter, Callie F W Carter, Stanley Carter, Mary Tuscarora Stonecutter 9/1/1895 Silvara
12/13/1895 Cogswell, Eunice F W Cogswell, Ward Cogswell,Minnie Tuscarora Grocer 4/12/1895 Tuscarora
11/29/1895 Chaffee, George William M W Chaffee, Geo;.C. Chaffee, Lizzie S. Ulster Farmer 9/28/1894 Horn Brook
12/10/1895 Currier, Viola F W Currier,George E. Currier, Kate Warren Farmer 8/21/1895 Warren
12/2/1895 Carman, Archie Wm. M W Carman, Andrew Carman, Luella Wells Farmer 7/9/1895 Wells
12/9/1895 Cook, Mavia May F W Cook, Alfred Cook, Delphene M. Windham Farmer 9/24/1895 Windham
12/7/1895 Caswell, Robert Huff M W Caswell, I. W. Caswell, Ella Lime Hill Farmer 8/10/1895 Wyalusing Twp
12/5/1895 Conklin, Eva F   Conklin, John W. Conklin, Grace Pond Hill Farmer 9/19/1895 Pond Hill
5/20/1896 Cowl, Ellen F W Cowl, Ernest Cowl, Mary Asylum Farmer 10/19/1895 Asylum
8/31/1896 Croll, Alta Lovina F W Crowl, Wm.E. Croll, Lizzie Athens Clerk 6/21/1896 Athens
5/15/1896 Covell,James H;. M W Covell, Milton W. Covell, Frances E. Athens Boro Minister 3/4/1896 Athens
4/10/1896 Corcorman, Florence R. F W Corcorman, John L. Corcorman, Rose S.Canton St. Laborer 3/28/1896 Canton Boro
8/22/1896 Clark, LeRoy G. M W Clark, H. L. Clark, Kitt W. UnionSt. Coal Dealer 6/21/1896 Canton Boro
5/13/1896 Clark,Earl W. M W Clark, Charles V. Clark, Harriate Canton  Farmer 2/16/1896 Troy
5/30/1896 Crandle, Elizabeth F W Crandle, Lin Crandle, Rose Grover Lumberman 5/31/1896 Grover
5/11/1896 Cokely, Helen F W Cokely, Thomas E. Cokely, Bridget Franklin Farmer 11/3/1895 Franklin 
5/12/1896 Crandall, Liston E. M W Crandall, Allison Crandall,Julia Franklin Farmer 3/6/1896 Franklin 
5/4/1896 Casteline, Howard M W Casteline, Ervin Casteline, Rosalia Granville Summit Laborer Nov. 21 Granville Summit
5/4/1896 Collins,Arthur J. M W Collins, John Collins, Essie Granville Summit Farmer Mar. 1 Granville Summit
5/8/1896 Colton,Nina Cornelia F W Colton, Samuel C. Colton, Dottie Granville Farmer Mar. 24 Granville
5/5/1896 Crawn, Bessie F W Crawn, Nicholson Crawn,Louise Herrick Twpl. Laborer 4/10/1896 Ballibay
5/19/1896 Carr, William M W Carr, Frank Carr,Martha Herrick Twpl. Farmer 4/10/1896  
  Corbin, Mewsett F W Corbin, W. A. Corbin, Anna LeRaysville Jeweler 10/9/1895 LeRaysville
5/22/1896 Clark, Roy H. M W Clark, Harry Clark,Frances LeRoy Farmer 4/7/1896 LeRoy
7/3/1896 Chandler, Allen Burton M W Chandler, R. C. Chandler,Caroline M. Litchfield Farmer 3/6/1896 Litchfield
7/3/1896 Crum, WilliamEdison M W Crum, G. W. Crum,Hattie Litchfield Farmer 3/26/1896 Litchfield
7/8/1896 Cooper, Elsa F W Cooper, W. A. Cooper, Jessie Litchfield Farmer 12/15/1895 Litchfield
7/10/1896 Catlin, Ernest William M W Catlin, H. J. Catlin, Isabelle M. Litchfield Farmer 6/5/1896 Litchfield
5/5/1896 Cowell, Jessie Forrest F W Cowell, L. K. Cowell, Cora M. South Branch Farmer 2/2/1896 Towanda
5/13/1896 Chaffee, Hazel M. F W Chaffee,Arthur P. Chaffee, Frances A. Orwell Harness maker 12/26/1895 Orwell
5/20/1896 Conklin, Manley M W Conklin, Bert Conklin, Lizzie Orwell Farmer 1/26/1896 Orwell
  Coleman, Howard Judson M W Coleman, E. L. Coleman, Margaret L. Pike Twp. Farmer 2/25/1896 Pike Twp.
6/1/1896 Calkins, Sydney E. M W Calkins, Roy Theetge, Lena Ridgebury Laborer 5/29/1896 Ridgebury
5/5/1896 Congdon, Clara F W Congdon, Michael Congdon, Mary Sayre Blacksmith 9/2/1895 Sayre
5/4/1896 Chambers, George Anna F W Chambers, James Chambers, Nellie RiverSt. Fireman 4/14/1896 Sayre
5/6/1896 Carpenter, Laura F W Carpenter, W. E. Carpenter, Olive Smithfield Farmer 3/28/1896 Smithfield
5/6/1896 Clinton, Henry M W Clinton, Frank Clinton,Margaret Smithfield Laborer 1/17/1896 Smithfield
5/6/1896 Crowley, Ellen F W Crowley, John Crowley, Johanna Smithfield Farmer 3/20/1896 Smithfield
5/6/1896 Campbell, Dora P. F W Campbell, J.W. Campbell, Bell Smithfield Farmer 1/25/1896 Smithfield
5/6/1896 Collins, Ella F W Collins, Michael Collins, Mary Smithfield Farmer 12/12/1895 Smithfield
5/8/1896 Carmody, Bernard M W Carmody, John Carmody, Lizzie S. Waverly Conductor 12/27/1896 S. Waverly
9/2/1896 Cameron, Donald M W Cameron, Alex G. Cameron, Jennie L. Sylvania Minister 4/25/1896 Sylvania
5/11/1896 Covey, Susan Emma F W Covey, C.F. Covey, Minnie Terry Twp. Laborer 12/16/1895 Terry Twp.
5/4/1896 Carl, Clarence M W Carl, W. B. Carl,Caroline Bridge St. Laborer 4/2/1896 Towanda
5/6/1896 Caroll, Hellen F W Caroll, Michael Caroll, Bridget Elliott St. No 10 Watchman 1/20/1896 Towanda
5/7/1896 Corbett, Aloysious M W Corbett, Timothy Corbett, Margaret 3rd St. Cigar Maker 4/10/1896 Towanda
5/9/1896 Chilson, Margaret Ellen F W Chilson, Manning Chilson, Ellen 2nd St. Brakeman 1/12/1896 2nd St.
5/11/1896 Chilson, Golda F W Chilson, Chas Chilson, Sarah River St. Laborer 3/8/1896 1st Ward Towanda
  Clark, George M W Clark,Frank Clark, Ella Packer Ave Laborer 2/17/1896 Towanda
6/9/1896 Carle, Thomas L. M W Carle, Pat Carle, Ella N. Towanda Laborer 4/13/1896 N. Towanda
  Cowl, Ethel F W Cowl, William Lewis, Emma Troy Twp Dist 1 Farmer 2/9/1896 Troy Twp. Dist. No. 1
5/20/1896 Campbell, Matilda Alene M W Campbell, E. J. Campbell, Bertha Troy  Painter 5/7/1896 Troy
5/24/1896 Carter, Sadie F W Carter, Walter Carter, Maggie Tuscarora Laborer 5/2/1896 Tuscarora
5/27/1896 Clapper, Elmer D. M W Clapper, D. L. Clapper, Stella Tuscarora Farmer 1/13/1896 Tuscarora
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